FB1-43 "Killer Milkshake"

FB1-43 "Killer Milkshake"

A Chapter by dw817

I felt like I was somehow magically teleported to Waialaia. It was at night and there were old and ancient lamps like from the 18th century lighting the halls with their soft golden glows.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



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This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I heard the mixer motor start up in the kitchen as I went over to the movie player in the living room. There was a little slot just big enough to hold a disc. I held the transparent disc up there for a second and a powerful magnet grabbed the middle metallic ring pulling it in with a little motorized sound. The lights automatically dimmed and the show started.

Captain Circumference's Adventures In Trigonolopolis

The screen showed the shining sparkly logo, and Tyr had the new entertainment display that used holographic technology. The text floated a good 2-feet from the surface of the screen as both spaceship and credit text soared in and out of the virtual field.

I plopped down on the plush couch humming the theme song as both Tyr and Lilly came out. They had my milkshake complete with a little bamboo umbrella, a long metal spoon to scoop it up, and a crazy-straw I bought for Tyr years ago, to drink it from.

What was really strange is they were humming too, not the theme song to my show, but -some- song I didn't recognize.

"Ohwow," I started out. "This is really nice, thank you !" and I reached for the treat Tyr offered me. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe this weekend was going to be great after all. I just had to appeal to the girls' interest in cake, candy, and ice cream.

I looked at Lilly and thought for a second MAYBE she's never seen the show ! Oman, is she in for a treat ! "Oh, hey, Lilly ! This is a really really REALLY great show, you've got Captain Circumference, he's got his sidekick Hypotenuse, the bad guy is Obtuse -"

"I know the show." Lilly interrupted me somewhat cross.

"Oh, okay." I said, a bit deflated, and took a sip of the milkshake, cool, delicious, and 100% chocolatey goodness. The two girls actually seemed interested in the show nonetheless. I explained how he used his slide-rule, calculator, and awesome language skills to solve crimes. The girls watched me very intently with their beautiful eyes taking in everything I was saying.

I interpreted this to mean that had a real interest in the show ! I started talking faster and faster, drinking more and more of the delicious milkshake for energy to talk about the marvelous adventures he had travelling in the Mobiuverse.

The girls smiled watching me. While I thought they were hanging on my every word description of the show, they were actually waiting for -something- else to happen.

And then it seemed my words were blurring a bit. I picked up my hands to demonstrate what I was saying as my mouth didn't seem to be keeping up. Then I looked, a little frightened, to see one of my arms for a second rolling involuntarily in the air like it was caught on an invisible conveyor belt.

Tyr was the first to speak in reply and smoothed back my hair caught around one ear. "Are you feeling okay, sweetiepop ?"

I felt wonderful. "Yeah ! I feel great ! Wow, I'm on top of the world ! Man it's wonderful ! Thank you so much for this great GREAT show. Can I take it home, can I keep it ?"

She nodded politely but then I saw Lilly, and she was watching me with uncomfortable intensity. I was feeling pretty giddy and foolhardy so I pointed to her and laughed. I tried to say something but my mouth didn't make any sense. So I laughed at that too.

Lilly came over and held my hand, rubbing it comfortably, in her smaller, softer one, and laughed quietly too like she understood the joke. I was saying very slurred, "You look so silly, why are you so serleeous sir-lee-us faced fay-ya-ya-said, what did you say, I said, said face."

I continued, "Sir Eous was a great knight and he was, he said, he did, he was so -" I paused for effect. "SERIOUS." and then I laughed so hard I doubled over on the couch. Tyr and Lilly laughed with me like I had told a really great joke, but not once did they blink their eyes or take their gaze from me.

They continued to stare at me with frightening interest. "Seriously !" I said and twirled my arm out, still holding the chocolate milkshake. Then Tyr grabbed it from my hands. "Don't want to spill it, Dev." she said politely, and she set the ice-cream glass on the clear coffee-table ahead of the couch. I had nearly dranken all of it anyways.

"I'm good." I said breathlessly and then started to drool. Tyr was there with a napkin. "Oops." she said quietly and dabbed my face, but all the while never taking her eyes off of mine.

Then I straightened up on the couch for a better view of my show but my balance was backwards somehow for an unknown reason, so I fell with my back and head sliding towards the bottom of the couch and my legs kicking up to lay awkwardly in Tyr's lap.

Without a word, Tyr reached in toward my shoes, removed them, and then pulled off my socks to reveal clean bare feet. I thought I should complain at her forwardness, but I felt too good in my head. "Comfy ?" she asked graciously, rubbing my bare feet pleasantly. I nodded eagerly, trying to finish my thoughts. But, what was I saying ? I was saying something important. I was sure of it.

But I couldn't remember what it was now. It felt like crystals of sand were trickling into my brain. I watched the sparkles of the sand, now having filled my brain, spilled over the edge, into my eyesight, looking like beautiful snowflakes. They reflected the light in prisms and I tried to count the number of colors I was seeing now. 17. 23. 29 ?

My head was laying on the couch now too, facing up at the two smiling girls and then I noticed just how very bright that ceiling light was at this awkward angle. With the reflective crystals in there, it was too bright my for my eyes now.

"Thezzz lighttzz izz brizzt." I slurred uneasily. Lilly got up and turned the dial lowering the light. The two girls' eyes shone like little jewels now in the near darkness. Tyr's beautiful sapphires and Lilly's dazzling emeralds. I couldn't see their faces only their eyes now. And it was so beautiful. I started to cry.

"Dev." Tyr was saying seriously and shaking me at the shoulders. "Dev." Are you okay. "What's so sad, do you feel sick, are you okay, what's wrong ?"

I felt like I was somehow suddenly and magically teleported to Waialaia Middle and bouncing a basketball down the school hallway, though it was at night and somehow there were old and ancient lamps, like from the 18th century lighting the halls with their soft golden glows. I looked to the lockers and they were all open. Not one locker door was closed or locked.

The lockers were filled with sealed and wrapped Polly Rocket toys, still in their manufacturer boxes. I thought to myself to collect some for Tyr, as she really liked the series, but I also felt it important to keep bouncing my basketball. My voice echoed in the still hallway and I looked behind me to see if the girls were there, watching me bouncing it.

"Dev." Tyr said seriously. I stared ahead blankly with an emotionless smile on my face, my breathing slowed to a crawl. Ahead of me, my basketball bounced, and I started counting how many times I could keep it going with just one hand. Every time it hit the floor, it was like sparkles were bouncing off of it, rewarding me for my skill.

"Dev..?" Tyr spoke with a sharp note of fear in her voice.

"Omigod." Lilly said fearfully watching in horror. "Do we need to call 911 ?"


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