FB1-11 "Fighting In The Hall"

FB1-11 "Fighting In The Hall"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr reached her arms around me and pulled me closer for a sticky more passionate kiss. I closed my eyes enjoying the moment and her lips did taste like honey, and sweet, like some kind of candy.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Tyr gave me a look of disgust and yanked off my 'cool headband' which, sure enough, was the same pair of what I was holding weakly in my hands, now damp with my tears.

I stood up, still holding the pair and finally crumpled my fingers around it in both knuckles holding it up to my face, hoping maybe somehow it's softness would comfort me and make me feel better in my head.

But it didn't, it just made me feel - weird in my head - and disgraced. So I let my arm drop and opened my palm wide to cause them to fall silently on the floor.

And despite the fact Cheldon was already bleeding from his mouth, Tyr was unabated by this handicap and started to literally beat the crap out of him, punching him hard in the chest and clawing at his face with her sharp little nails.

Then she grabbed the pair of undies taken earlier from my head and stuffed them hard into his bleeding mouth while shrieking, "Eat it !"

He gasped, utterly terrified of her ferocity and actually tried to do what she demanded, and for a moment I didn't think he could breathe.

I was also thinking maybe this was enough punishment for him when suddenly a big person moved past me to grab Tyr.

Cheldon's nose was bleeding now and he looked terrible all over, like he fell out of a moving car, really scratched up, and his cheeks were puffed out from the stupid underwear as he unsuccessfully tried to swallow them hoping Tyr would back off.

Tyr shrieked in rage, eager to hurt and humiliate him some more, but then I realized it was Principal Deever who broke up the fight.

Cheldon seeing she couldn't threaten him now, tried to grasp the material out of his mouth but when he pulled, he retched, so he was stuck with them in there for now as he breathed raggedly out his bleeding nose.

And Deever wasn't enough to hold Tyr down as she wildly reached around his grip !

Another tall form arrived, it was the P.E. teacher and he had muscles from years of training students. He suddenly grabbed Tyr away from him and in a professional wrestling move, pinned both her arms painfully behind her in a single hammerlock.

Tyr howled all the louder at this as the students in the hallway watched eagerly at the fiasco.

"What happened here ?" Deever shouted at me over Tyr's wailing. And I was still bawling myself, very upset for what I went through.

Deever looked at Cheldon but seemed frightened of seeing the pink cotton sticking out of his mouth. The P.E. instructor tried to help him but couldn't as that would loosen his grip on Tyr who was still trying to pull free.

Finally Cheldon sagged against one of the lockers and cried silently, apparently safe for the moment, but with the material still sticking out of his mouth.

"Hey, are you alright ?" Principal Deever asked in a concerned tone seeing me standing, apparently apart from what happened.

I pointed to the panties on the floor. He picked them up and turned them over, I guess to look for a packet of drugs or something. Finally he shrugged and stuffed them in his own seersucker pocket.

Seeing I wasn't going to say anything more he finally gruffed out, "Okay, that's fine, son. I don't know what happened here. Do you need to see the nurse ?"

I shook my head.

"You're not hurt ?" he implored deeper.

I shook my head no again, I just couldn't - speak - with everyone laughing at me earlier the way they were.

That hurt - more than - than really anything I had ever gone through before. Even with more than Tyr's teasing. At least when she did it, she was the only one laughing at me. But this ...

"You're Dev." he said, finally recognizing me, trying to get me to say more. I nodded.

He sighed, glad the situation was over, "That's fine. Go to class, Dev, I may need to talk to you later about this." Then he and the physical instructor who still holding on to Tyr, marched down the hall, her feet dragging behind her as she clearly did not want to go.

I wiped the tears from my nose on my sleeve and a moment later, I saw the school nurse clicking her high heeled shoes down the hallway to attend to Cheldon.

* * *

She couldn't help but bite back a smile at how ridiculous he looked. And of course, the first thing she did was help him extricate the material out of his mouth by telling him to take deep breaths in his nose and out his mouth.

He was still crying too, I imagined his throat would be quite sore after he got those out.

I felt it very important to vacate the area right then, as if lingering, Cheldon might somehow feel I was responsible for what happened to him.

And yes, as it turned out, Tyr DID get into SERIOUS trouble for what was finally listed as starting a fight in the hallway.

As for the double pair of panties, the principal never did figure that part out, nor was I called back to explain it, and fortunately the incident was soon forgotten.

But wow ! Tyr was a real hellcat in defending me, and I definitely appreciated that from her, although I think she went a little overboard this time.

So that was my first and last time I ever wanted to be in a club with anyone.

And after classes and we were walking home, Tyr told me that she was proud of herself, a lone wolf and always would be, and then surprisingly, looked up at the dazzling bright sky and howled like the moon was out.

I smiled. She was crazy like that. But that seemed so long ago. For now my thoughts were back at school and I raced to get to the lunch tree before Tyr.

She finally showed up then looked straight at me then my lunch bag, and then back again.

Finally she started swaying back and forth, swirling her pretty flowered skirt around her fingers and acting all goofy and speaking like a 3-year old she sang sweetly, "Dev, can you share with me your sweet sweet - "

But I didn't let her finish the stupid song. I was so disgusted at her behavior from the earlier day that I dived to the bottom of my bag for her treat and taking careful aim as she dollied back and forth, I pegged her hard in the forehead with the wrapped confection.

I couldn't help but laugh at the expression of surprise and hurt on her face when I did it.

"Ow ... oh, okay ..." she said easily and sat down beside me to unwrap and enjoy it.

I looked at her for a moment and sighed, "Tyr, we need to stay focused. The last thing that needs to happen is you get in trouble for your -ahhm- creative conduct. You wouldn't want to get sent to the principal's office again, would you ?"

"Oh boy, would I !" she said all excited-like.

"Oboy." I said flatly and looked at the grass. It was growing pretty tall and my mind wandered. What if I were the groundskeeper ? Then I wouldn't have to go to school, or to put up with Tyr. Live in the janitor's room. Not a bad trade, really.

But Tyr brought me back by adding, "Yea you be saying OBOY just you wait and see !" she teased, and seeing I was still distracted in my thoughts, with two fingers, she pinched a bite out of my bologna sandwich for herself.

Clearly there was some gene inside Tyr that caused her to be as mean and - I guess the word was - insane - as she was. If she ever donated her body to science they would find that her blood was that of a wolf's as she claimed earlier, and have the brain of a Hyborian huntress. I was certain of it.

I shook my head for a moment, "Can we work on the plugins tomorrow ?" I interjected.

Tyr paused for a second, still working away on my dessert, "Aww c'mon Dev, thassa Saturday. We've been working too brain-weave at this thing ! It's yah great stuff, butcha our needs some time for weselves too ya know."

"We need some time for ourselves." I corrected her.

"Yah what you said, picklepie !" she said tartly looking up at the sky, then returned to glare and squint her eyes angrily at me as if she smelled something unpleasant.

I smiled but didn't add anything further. I was really curious about the plugins and what they were REALLY capable of once we understood them better.

We ate our lunch in silence then finished up the classes for the day. Now sometimes we rode to school on our bicycles, and sometimes not. This was one of those days not, so we just enjoyed a pleasant walk home with no-one to bother us.

Arriving, we both ran upstairs without greeting anyone.

Mom called back poking her head out of the kitchen, "Now what are you two up to ?"

* * *

"Science project, Mom." I called back from the middle of the stairs, the end-all statement I always told her when I didn't want her to know what I was up to.

Inside we closed the door. I walked to the computer and turned it on. While it was powering up I took off my glasses to examine more closely the first plugin. I sat back in my computer chair.

Now that I examined it more closely, it just looked like an ordinary thumb-drive except for some odd grooves on the side and it housed (I looked closer) two kinds of glass or crystal inside them, octagonally shaped, partially transparent.

I was just moving it up to my eye for a closer look, deep in concentration, when I was knocked solidly back by Tyr who held in front of my face an old pair of my Winnie-The-Pooh pajamas I had stopped wearing years ago.

She was beside herself with triumph, "See ? I knowed it ! I knoweding it all along the times ! You're a Pooh-Boy !"

I was at a loss of words to defend myself on this strange accusation when she suddenly turned my rotating chair around to sit in my lap facing me with a mischievous expression on her face while she applied some new kids lipstick on.

I looked briefly and it had a picture of a happy bee on it. The bee had has tongue sticking out the side of his mouth.

Must taste good if the bee likes it, I thought to myself.

But once again, Tyr was - well ! She was being a pest is what it was ! There was no other word for it ! I saw the plugin had only fallen on the floor and rolled under the bed.

"You want some honey, Pooh-Boy ?" she said suddenly in a deeper voice trying to sound all grown up and then planted a big kiss on me. I sighed. If she didn't get this craziness out of her system now it would be worse for me the later, I knew that. So I let her.

Seeing she had the seldom given green light for groping she reached her arms around me and pulled me closer for a sticky more passionate kiss. I closed my eyes enjoying the moment and her lips did taste like honey, and sweet, like some kind of sticky candy.

But if anything I was an atrocious kisser because girls still scared me, and it showed. Despite my naivety in this particular area, Tyr continued to violate my mouth with wild abandon.

Suddenly the door swung open and there was MOM !

"What's going on in here ? What are you two up to !?" she cried.


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© 2013 dw817

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But if anything I was an atrocious kisser because girls still scared me, and it showed. Despite my naivety in this particular area, Tyr continued to violate my mouth with wild abandon.

Suddenly the door swung open and there was MOM !

"What's going on in here ? What are you two up to !?" she cried.

ahaa the science project is on--the biology one ;) :P :).. so now what? embarrassed you n tyr :)

i cant wait to read it.... post it soon...naah right away :)

best wishes

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7 Years Ago

That's fine, please use your own words in future. :) And ultimately I don't post grammar or spelling.. read more

7 Years Ago

you can do this with me too, i am ready to learn always :)

7 Years Ago

OK, I'll mark you down. I have a few people who PM me and give me the green light for future thoroug.. read more

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