FB1-03 "Duplication"

FB1-03 "Duplication"

A Chapter by dw817

This was too much ! What if I blew up the Earth ? This was unknown technology after all. The force-field I did earlier might be child's play compared to what I was attempting now !



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

The 'Barrier' was what I called the project of working with the plugin.

I hadn't really gone in great detail to Tyr about what it was, but she knew it was important to me, and because we were so close, it was important to her for that reason alone.

She did things I didn't like and I did things she didn't understand, but we went along with each other anyways. I always thought that was the magic to a perfect relationship.

Acceptance of your mate even if you didn't understand them. I knew when I got older, that would be a something important for me to remember.

After class we stayed in the library an extra hour to avoid Scant and his cronies who always seemed to round up one or two stragglers after school whose Mom forgot to pick them up and float them in one of the bathrooms. It was childish really.

We read up, or well I did mostly, on principles of theorized perpetual energy, and what few books were in there regarding turning matter into energy and back again.

It was several hours after school let out when we got home; we never took the bus and we both lived close to the school and besides the walk was good for us.

Tyr parted ways at the division in the street and she went to her home and I went to mine, but I knew I would see her a little later.

My Mom was the first to see me in the door. "Where have you been young man ? You had me worried sick ! Where could you possibly have been all this time ?"

I knew I was in trouble but then replied, "I was studying in the school library with Tyr and well, we lost track of time."

Satisfied with that excuse she added, "Well that's alright then. Go on and hurry, I just finished making dinner. Your Father should be home soon. Wash up."

"Yes 'm." I said. The bathroom was upstairs so I went to wash up, once again staring at my face in the mirror. This face, I told myself, will change the world.

I hurried back down and gobbled my dinner and then there was a knock at the door, it was Tyr.

"Ready for the super duper mystery project ?" she said with enthusiasm and made a pair of glasses over her other ones with her fingers over her nose walking on her knees and beeping like she was tracking something.

"What's this about ?" My Dad asked who was still working around a load of mashed potatoes. Mom always overdid it on the carbs but I never complained.

I brushed off Tyr's weird behavior, "Nothing Dad. Me and Tyr are just working on a science project, we won't be up late."

"Hmm ..." he gave us and then started back into his dinner. With his head buried in the newspaper at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, it was no wonder he was the last to finish at the table.

Climbing the stairs and back inside my room, I closed the door, retrieved the plugin from my secret brick. And put it in the USB slot.

Then I turned on the computer and watched the plugin start to glow blue again. I had always expected it to be warm, buzzing, vibrating, or something for what it did, but it was always cool to the touch.

Actually cooler than when the computer was turned off as if it emitted a reverse kind of energy displacement somehow. Clearly not technology I understand.

"OK Dev, now what's the biggo Mr. .E. project ?" Tyr asked.

I went over to my journal and pulled out a few papers, "First off, in his notes he talked about converting matter to energy. He said he found a program to do it for us, so we can duplicate something."

Then I got serious with Tyr, "I'm not comfortable with letting this plugin leave the house, in case it should get lost or destroyed."

Tyr nodded, "Okee. You probably have the only one on Earth. No ! The holy Universe !" she said bobbing her head up and down with great excitement, her pretty red hair waving all around.

"Likely." I nodded back. "So let's see if we can duplicate it somehow using the included programs."

Tyr jumped up on my bed and sat on her hands bobbing forward and back a bit impatiently, though quiet, as I continued, "Right, now referring to his notes, there are some programs he's written we can bring up in a directory.

I then brought up the directory. For the first time the smaller yellow LED lit up with a deep brightness. The computer beeped, confirming new files found.

Outside some birds were chirping as night set on. An owl hooted and scared them away. A few crickets tentatively started to chirp.

It was always a magical time when I was quiet, deep in thought about the mysteries of the universe, especially with an incredible find as this device was.

"This is it." I said and Tyr got up off the bed to stand closer to look at the screen.

OK: _

I clicked out, "mattrdup" followed by the ENTER key and then sat back to look at the screen. The yellow LED on the 2nd plugin flickered slightly.


I knew I wanted to duplicate the plugin but wasn't sure how to proceed. With no other way to let the system now, I pulled out the plugin in frustration, half-hoping it would register that movement.

Like all technology would behave, nothing happened. Then finally I plugged it back in.

The screen cleared it's text and a new message appeared:


At once a yellow transparent rectangle appeared over the plugin like a hologram. I jerked my hand back in surprise fearing I could lose a finger from the appearance of this sudden apparition.

"Whoo !" Tyr remarked and even my own eyes were saucer wide seeing the effect.


I nervously hit "Y."


A holographic brighter yellow beam of a scan bar appeared in the yellow box on all vertices of X Y and Z even while it was plugged into the computer.

A slight hissing sound could be heard as if the air around it were being burned and calculated. Finally the system returned.


This was too much ! What if I blew up the Earth ? This was unknown technology after all. The force-field I did earlier might be child's play compared to what I was attempting now !

And wasn't there something about singular theories involving alternative universes if a 'copy' of something touched itself ? And worse yet, =I= was getting ready to duplicate the duplicator !

I couldn't stand the pressure ! I started shaking uncontrollably and then hit "N."

A new message appeared and clearly in a different color showing the program was prepared to abort the process:


Now one thing I had to remember about Tyr, and clearly I had forgotten this at the moment, and that is she =NEVER= backed out of anything she did or agreed to, especially to my detriment.

She suddenly belted me hard on my shoulder with her knobby little fist causing me to wince a bit, "What are you doing you doo doo brain !?" She was clearly angry at me.

Then facing the screen her own eyeglasses reflected the display eerily easily showing her interest, "This is so cool, don't stop it naaow !"

I trembled, rubbing my bruised shoulder and tried to explain to her. "I'm scared, Tyr. I don't know if we should be messing with technology like this. Its light-years, no, light-CENTURIES ahead of our own science.”

“Should we be doing this ?? Is it gonna blow up the Earth ? I mean, with what I've read about matter and anti-matter we could - "

But Tyr interrupted me in a chastising tone, "You just a biggo baby Dev, you knowed that ? Here, yore Mommy will does it forren ya."

So saying Tyr wet the tip of her pinky finger and then reached around my waist and hit "N" with her index finger to abort the cancellation procedure.

And then as the previous notice appeared I watched in horror, hit "Y" with with her wet pinky, smudging my keyboard.

The screen went black for a second and text appeared in the center of the screen.


There wasn't any way back. I mean, I guess I could turn off the computer but maybe that might mess up the plugin and we could never use it again ? Maybe I was just being a baby right now, but I sure wasn't a doo doo brain - at least I hoped I wasn't.

Tightening my jaw, I tapped my finger next to the mouse not really thinking anything would happen.

The screen went black again for several seconds, then a new message appeared, frightening to behold:


"Whoo it's so smart !" Tyr said breathlessly, unaware of the implications of the intelligence of the technology and then after a moment, suddenly jerked me out of the chair away from the computer.

"Wha ?" I asked, catching my foot on the floor as she literally dragged me along with her.

"Want to be safe doncha ?" Tyr said dragging me behind the bed with her. Then she turned my head around to face where I tapped so we could both see and then playfully grabbed at my butt giggling.

"Hey !" I said uncomfortably.

"You pansy." she accused in a whisper and shifted her hands for a higher grip. Clearly she was frightened herself about what would happen next, but I knew she would never admit it.

We watched intently as an eerie duplicate yellow hologram rectangle appeared where I tapped my finger.

Sounding like a miniature old electric printer, a copy of the energy plugin was "drawn" out of thin air and there was a curious hissing sound like a high-powered butane torch was sketching it's design.

There was a weird violet-blue glow flash in the middle suddenly and then the yellow hologram rectangle outlining it's perimeter vanished. The whole process took less time than a minute. The speaker then beeped plaintively and the screen read:


"What just happened ?" Tyr asked astonished. It was one thing to see the plugin create a force-field like yesterday but for it to duplicate - well, ITSELF !

Even I was at a loss for words. I never thought technology as powerful as it already was could even - begin to duplicate itself !

We stepped out from around the bed and I reached over to the duplicate plugin, touching it gingerly, thinking it might burn my hand. It wasn't even warm. It was cool, just like the original when I plugged it in.

I scratched the temple of my head and laughed slightly. What did I have to worry about. It worked ! Logic was out the window.

This broke all the laws of science that I understood. I guess I would have to get used to this if I continued to experiment with the amazing device.

Finally I smiled and said to Tyr and spoke cheerfully with a note of triumph, "We duplicated it. Now don't lose it. Remember the plan."


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© 2013 dw817

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wow nice one, you do have a very good geeko imagination and lot of knowledge on science or researched whatever....

i am liking it still, that is it :)

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

i am naive to computer programming just the basics :)

7 Years Ago

I will always try to make it so visitors can just easily click on something and add it to their writ.. read more

7 Years Ago

hmm ok :)...

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