FB1-25 "Success"

FB1-25 "Success"

A Chapter by dw817

I smiled back, "Well, we COULD plan something interesting for him with this new ability of yours." "Yah ! He's gonna get it GOOD and I don't mean good ! I gotten a idear of whered I wants to put him.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I nodded my head hard up and down, banging it painfully against the back of the wood, but I didn't care !

ANYTHING, just please let me stand up while you go OVER THERE.

Then to my relief she tilted her head knowingly and, standing back up she smoothed down her skirt and walked over to the still unmoving pencil on the bed. From there she went back into her magic gobbledegook to try to get it to react again.

I reached one of my hands over to touch where she rubbed me earlier on my fingers and it felt numb, as if electricity were running through me.

Finally I jerked my legs to stand up clumsily against the wall away from her and looked down at the front of my own shorts. Everything felt sticky and heavy down there, strangely warm as if ready for something.

I shook my head in puzzlement and started thinking of what Captain Circumference would do or say in a situation like this.

And - I just couldn't ! There was NO episode I had seen of my favored show where a bad guy did - did what Tyr just DID to me !

Finally everything started to go normal down there again and the weird feeling of -whatever- in there stopped. I breathed another quieter sigh of relief.

I DID NOT want to play this game of nerves with her. Not EVER ever again !

Tyr apparently ignoring my discomfort now that she was back near the bed took a finger, rotated it against her forehead saying, "Woo woo woo ! Huff puffity, huffity puff, c'mon man I want lifty stuff !" and stared angrily at the pencil.

"Move d****t you !"

I held my tongue. I wanted to crack up laughing at this but I caught myself remembering how uncomfortable I was only minutes ago. I - could never be put in that position again. Ever.

Tyr already had too many secrets on me to fill a book and then some, although in truth I also knew several on her secrets.

The pencil must've really hated her at this point cause it didn't move a bit. In fact, as I watched it, I imagined it moving slightly away from her. Maybe it was laughing at her too ?

Finally she flopped down to sit on the bed. She had to have been tired after all those ridiculous dance moves.

"I'm pooped." she said depressed. "Maan, I give up. Can you think of anything, Dev ?" and then she yawned tiredly. I yawned too because that's what happens whenever you say the word or even think of it.

Suddenly the pencil raised straight up in the air as if an invisible hand picked it up and then dropped it back on the bed, clearly losing it's power of focus.

I watched amazed. "Tyr ! You did it. Yawn again."

"I can't do that, I mean I can sorta yawn, make it water rushy in my ears sounding like."

"Maybe that's enough, Tyr, try it again."

She concentrated for a minute and I could see her ears move slightly. Then the pencil shot straight up into the air remaining perfectly suspended.

It was like someone took a photo from a camera and then with a paint program carefully inserted a 3D image of a pencil into it. It was that incredible and that was the only way my brain could interpret what it was seeing now.

Like an optical illusion !

"Is it hard to keep up there ?" I asked. I was concerned she might be hurting herself or something, I mean, I never saw anything like this before !

"No, knotted at all, in facts I'm not thinkering of it naaow." The pencil still floated effortless and motionless in the air.

"Try something." I said wrinkling my forehead. "Leave the house for a second and come back."

"OK, you be stayed-right here." and pointed a finger at me. I promised I wouldn't move. She then bailed out my bedroom door, and straddling the stair railing between her legs while facing forward, let herself slide down it backwards.

And for a moment I didn't know if I was hearing the wood of the staircase or Tyr herself moaning as it rubbed against her when she she slid down it.

Suddenly I heard my Mom from downstairs call from the kitchen, "Tyr, I've told you not to do that. You're not so little anymore and you're going to break that poor railing, dear."

"Sorreee !!" Tyr yelled back breathlessly and bounding off the railing ran out of the house.

I watched the pencil. It didn't waver, shake or fall. It stayed mysteriously suspended. I flicked it gently with my finger and it rotated perfectly in zero-G gravity finally stopping in place again. I marveled at what was taking place here.

A full minute passed and I heard some thumping on the steps. For a moment I panicked thinking it was my Mom, but no, it was Tyr who returned.

"So did it falled already ?" she asked.

* * *

Then her eyes got wide still seeing it aloft, "Whoo ! No it din't ! Wow now that's just amazering !"

"Make it fall, Tyr." I commanded.

"OK." her ears moved again and the pencil fell flat on the bed rolling slightly.

"Application." I said smiling. I reached into a wooden box I kept my toys in and pulled out one of my dumbbells, 20 lbs at least. "Try lifting it, Tyr." I encouraged her.

She smirked, "No ways ! you try to get me to liften that lug earlier some days way-maybe ago and it's too dambled heavy for me, kayo ?"

"Try it with your MIND." I said.

Tyr thought a moment. Nothing happened. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes and grunted.

Her eyes wiggled just slightly and then the dumbbell shot top-speed straight up into the air and crashed into the ceiling with a noisy thud staying connected as if a high-powered magnet had grabbed it.

"What's going on up there ?" Mom called down from below, right on queue.

"Science experiment, Mom !" I called back.

"Don't forget to do your homework after you and Tyr finish playing with each other other." and then I heard the dishwasher from below start up as my Mom must've began a cycle with it.

Tyr opened her mouth in surprise with a big smile, "Your Mom is the holy - " Tyr said.

But I interrupted her before she could finish, "Tyr," I interjected, "This is serious. This isn't like regular telekinesis like we see in movies and stuff. Whatever YOU float STAYS there. Imagine if the government found something you levitated and forgot about."

Tyr shook her head not understanding.

I explained, "The CIA and FBI would shut down a whole city block, maybe the whole city to investigate it ! You need to remember this and NEVER leave anything floating if you do raise it up with your telekinesis."

Tyr looked at me for a bit, frightened, but then narrowed her eyes angrily. "I'll betcha want this powers too, huh is why you saying this !"

She flickered her eyes for the barest moment and the dumbbell came back down, but I caught it before it hit the floor and set it down gently.

I pushed my glasses back up on my nose to look at her, "No, not really. Now listen, Tyr. It's scary, and I HOPE it's not a mistake giving it to you. You can't abuse this power of yours, understand ?"

Tyr scrunched up her face all serious for a second and then gave me a leer, "What about whenned you see Scant tomorrow ? You gonna need my help, righto ?"

I smiled back, "Well, we COULD plan something interesting for him with this new ability of yours."

"Yah ! He's gonna get it GOOD and I don't mean good ! I gotten a ideear of whered I wants to put him !"

I coughed at Tyr's conviction, "Been planning this for a-while were you. Well, what do you have in mind ?"

"Secret !" she said and sitting on my bed she bobbled back and forth bouncing her legs up and down.

"If you weren't so cute I'd smack you." I smiled back.

She stopped rocking to suddenly grab and wiggle her waist suggestively. "Yeah and I knowed where you could start too !" she smiled back.

For a moment I couldn't swallow. I thought of that perfect little button sticking out of the middle of her undies earlier. I came very close to kissing it. Very close ! What was wrong with me !?

And What would Tyr do NEXT had I actually done that ?

I coughed again confused with the twirling and burning emotions in my head and sat back on the bed beside her to clear my thoughts.

I nodded, "OK, that's enough for tonight. Promise me PLEASE you won't use this power except on Scant tomorrow and only after school. After that you'll probably be adept enough to use it safely."

"Sure t'ing. Ok, well, nite !", and she reached over for a nice kiss which I always appreciated but at the last minute she puffed out her cheeks and raspberried loud and wet on my lips.

"Tyr !" I cried out in disgust and stood up to wipe my mouth with a nearby napkin from the computer desk. Usually I had heated pocket sandwiches while I worked on my computer and I kept a little supply of napkins there.

She looked at my discomfort and hummed a bit of that darned Danny Boy song for a moment.

Then before my brain could start up any new nightmares, she laughed and snatching up her jacket, suddenly flung open my bedroom door to hurtle down the stairs.

With her jacket flying up around her arms like black wings it was more than enough to match her demonic demeanor from earlier.

The front door slammed so hard behind her the whole house shook in the effort.

Evening was upon us. After a quiet meal, complete with my Mom needling me about what we REALLY did up there, I crashed early and thought about the fateful meeting with Scant tomorrow.


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