FB1-37 "Greedy Tyr"

FB1-37 "Greedy Tyr"

A Chapter by dw817

Outside the shadows seemed creepier. And although I couldn't see anyone I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. As I opened the door to my own house I heard a branch crunch underfoot.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Dempsey didn't even falter his step as she tried to trip and do anything she could to get that gun now, even latching her legs on the side of the wall and kicking her feet under the holster trying to bounce it out. I see why she put back on her shoes, so she could really kick the stuffing out of that holster, which she was doing now.

Dempsey, like an automaton, walked slowly and carefully down the hallway dragging Tyr with him. I watched closely on the side and that gun of his didn't budge one millimeter from his muscled grip. I was glad for that, and I was pretty sure it wasn't loaded too or it undoubtedly would've gone off by now from Tyr's atrocious behavior.

This time Dempsey walked ahead of Pritchart as Pritchart just stared in dumbfounded awe at what Tyr was attempting. He opened his mouth several times to ask Dempsey a question, but finally decided better against it, and let him handle her rude behavior.

"Aww maaan !" she said and let go rolling in a cartwheel away from Dempsey, huffing from her effort and crossing her arms angrily as they both left through the front door with her prize. While Dempsey showed no sign of emotion it was obvious Pritchart thought Tyr was WELL overdue for a spanking from her outrageous behavior to do ANYTHING to grab Dempsey's pistol earlier.

He looked back at her when he was entering his squad car and shook his head at her disgustedly.

Tyr greeted him with a sweet wave of her hand and blew a kiss saying, "Byeee ! Come bye agained ! and bring your GUN next time mister officey preach-art sir !"

Outside Dempsey waved a signal and all the other officers left the driveway, grinding their tires on the gravel in a slow retreat.

It was several minutes of silence before Annie finally spoke, "Lordee I need a drink after all that !" and went to the refrigerator, I went to follow her and sit back down in the kitchen.

As she did, I quickly turned over the card the policemen left, curiously, and felt a cold shiver run down my spine where I could clearly see watermarked on the back, "ARI." the same as the nametags I ripped out of those secret agents earlier !

I turned the card back over before Tyr's Mom returned with a big glass of apple juice.

"Dju wanna some, hun ?" she asked me.

"No," I said absent-mindedly, still full from the orangeade she made earlier. "Say, can I keep this business card ? I kind of collect them." I fibbed.

"You go right ahead, hun. I have no dealings with me and they have no dealings with the police." she sipped her drink like that was perfectly normal to say.

I shook my head, "You mean, you don't have any dealings with the police and they don't have any dealings with you ?" I asked, confused ?

Tyr, hearing me, yelled in the hallway still angry at not grabbing her parting souvenir, "What you said, picklepie !"

Annie, obviously not used to the little correction I gave Tyr from time to time, quietly said, "What, dear ?" and not getting an answer from me took a deep sip of her juice and leaned back in her chair, putting the glass against her forehead. I imagined she was still dizzy from getting tackled by her rather enthusiastic daughter earlier.

I nodded my head as if I understood what she was going through raising a firecat like Tyr, and put the police card on top of the other two, trying to determine if somehow all 3 were connected. But now I was concerned. If I couldn't go to the police about what was happening here, who could I go to ?

Tyr shook me from my reverie, "Hey, Dev." she said, calling sweetly from her room.

"Coming." I said and went to go check on her. She had her computer on, the plugin connected and SIM was up. I was surprised. I thought all this computer stuff didn't interest her, but then I found the reason why.

"Tell Mr. SIM that it's OKIE I get my invis-agility naaow !" Tyr crowed.

I looked at the screen. It was clearly written:


"Tyr," I began, and put my hand on her back, "Maybe this is for the best. You saw what happened recently. Now we've got a research company looking for you, called Arkos Institute." and I showed her the cards, and even pointed out on the back of the police cards that they were somehow linked as they had the same watermark on the back of them.

Tyr didn't seem terribly interested nor hold the cards up to the light to see the watermark. "If I'm invis-agile" they can't see me or catch me riiight ?" she was determined to get this invisibility and thought a card-stacking technique of persuasion would get me on her thought bandwagon.

I couldn't argue with that logic. "But what if they did catch you, while you were invisible ?" I asked. "I spoke with SIM about you," and motioned to the plugin.

"When ?" she asked and slanted her eyes at me suspiciously.

I continued without answering that question, "I spoke with SIM and he said if you did gain invisibility, then only SIM could turn it on or off, and you'd have to be - " I gulped nervously, "naked."

Tyr got a big evil smile on her face. "Awww, Dev. You'd like that, wouldn't you ?" and reached her arm around me pulling me closer to her.

"Umm ..." I began weakly. Tyr didn't wait for any other signal and pounced on me kissing me, probing her tongue around my frightened own, and breathing warm air in me tasting like cherry candy.

A full minute passed of this and my brain started to fight for air. "Tyr - " I said gasping for breath and pushed her off my face.

I looked at her breathing hard. Tyr's kisses could knock you out, LITERALLY. When she kissed you, she blew her sweet cherry breath right up in your mouth and out your nose. And as you fought for your own breath, she locked her lips on you giving you no chance to breathe out your mouth at all. Several minutes of this and your brain started to shut down.

I don't know where she learned this cunning behavior, but it usually ensured she got her way because it left you defenseless and unconscious if she kept at it long enough.

"Whassamatta, Dev ?" she asked innocently licking her lips from the moisture. "You can't breeze or sometin' ?" and smiled deviously at me biting her bottom lip. "Ready for another round ?"

I looked at her sensual red lips as she opened them passionately for me. Her tongue licked them again, slowly, this time for my visual benefit, and a pearl drop of drool fell down on to the bed as she smacked them together seductively for me. I looked at her beautiful violet eyes which sparkled like a million crystals. I COULD go another round, damn, she was so beautiful !

I shook my head to clear my thoughts and finally gave in, "Alright ! Let's get you invisibility, but you only get to use it when we know that agents are after you. NOT just so you can peek in the boys' locker room and watch them undie-dress, ahhm, I mean undress. Understand ?"

Tyr thought for a moment. "S'okay with me." and turned to face the computer, her back to me.

"Good." I said. "Now let's deal with the real problem we have at hand. Apparently the police are involved in this. I'm - " and I pinched my eyes closed holding the bridge of my nose thinking, "I'm seeing in the future where our parents may be used against us. Held for ransom or something until we relented and either you surrendered or I told them where you were hiding."

Tyr for a rare moment looked serious herself. "What are we going to do ?" she asked.

I sat on the bed and rubbed Tyr's back in thought as it was facing me, and I hoped it would take some of the obnoxiousness out of her, "OK, we have the air-maker, what else do we need ? We already have infinite energy. Hmm.."

I snapped my fingers suddenly, "SIM ?"

Yes, Dev.

"We're going to make another plugin, not a copy. It allows you to access the internet infinitely with no need for a server or internet account. It cannot be shutdown or circumvented. Make it about the same size as the standard plugin."


I tapped to the side of the mouse and waited for SIM to build the device from thin air. After the yellow grid vanished showing the new plugin, I took a little indelible marker and wrote "ISP" on the side of it, then stuck it in my pocket.

"What else, Tyr ?" I asked, giving her a chance to build our protected environment.

* * *

Tyr puzzled her top lip up to her nose again and finally smiling said, "Caaandy !"

Inexplicit request.

I could've answered that. "Tyr," I asked gently. "What do you mean by candy ?"

"Munchies !" Tyr explained.

That wasn't flawed thinking, I thought to myself. We did need someway to eat if we were going to. "Probably not a candy-maker, but something similar that makes food, SIM ?"

Inexplicit request.

I had to agree with him there. "OK," I began, "SIM, suppose I found a recipe on the internet, could you make food from it ?"


"So if I brought up a webpage on how to make, say, hamburgers, you could make them ?"


"Where would you get the ingredients ?" I asked, genuinely puzzled.

Internet definitions. Converting and converging horas to raw 3-dimensional data files. Internet contains sufficient definition for ingredients in question for any recipe requested.

"Cool beans." I thought to myself.

"Yayay !" said Tyr happily. "OK Mr. SIM, make me a hamburger !"


Before I could let Tyr balk, I answered back, "Why not, SIM ?"

No further commands are being accepted from Tyr.

I could scarcely contain a smile. Was SIM becoming aware and sentient of Tyr's recent abusive behavior ? I couldn't resist the question. "Why ?"

Advanced programming overriding default configuration. No further information can be given at this time.

"What the b***h !" Tyr yelled angrily, at the new word she learned from Scant. Then she pulled out the plugin and stuck it up against her face saying, "You wanna sweet flushee, Mr. SIM ? I flush you down the nasty old toilet bowled right now you don't do wanna what I sayee ! And it won't taste good neither ways !" she threatened shaking it in her hand.

Obviously SIM was silent since she pulled out the plugin and the computer had no way of returning a reply to this. As she held the plugin I gently guided her hand to plug it back in the computer giving her a gentle smile. Sometimes I really didn't know how old Tyr was, and this was one of the times I remembered that.


I knew this was SIM's way of denying Tyr access to the entire unit, however I thought I could trick Tyr for the moment.

"See, Tyr ? SIM's saying he doesn't want you to do this, but he also can't grant your requests, and I don't think that's SIM's doing. There's something or someone that programmed SIM to react this way, and that's not SIM's fault, so you shouldn't hold SIM responsible. He's only doing what he was programmed to do."

"You didn't telled SIM to do this, right Dev ?" she eyed me dangerously. Without an immediate reply she said, "There's lotsa room in that toilet bowled for your HEAD !"

Before I could reply she said, "Maybe I maked you kiss it first." and she said smiled evilly at the prospect. Then unseen pressure pushed against my cheeks mashing out my lips in a frightful grimace as Tyr held her fingers out, little tendrils of purple energy trickled over the fingernails as Tyr laughed at my predicament.

"No, Tyr !" I yelled suddenly trying to force the pressure away with my fingers. "You mean the world to me ! I wouldn't deny you that. I DID NOT tell SIM to disregard you !" I was getting a little scared now. I knew Tyr's telekinetic powers were increasing, but I never anticipated her using them on me, even if in jest !

I waited to see what Tyr would do then. The pressure released from my face as she flopped down on the bed exhaustively. "Maaaan. I'm sorry, Dev. I mean, it's so just fuss-tolerating not getting the goodies it'd said I've done to be getting. You know I loved you anned never hurtchu."

At times I wondered. However, that was a better reply than I could've imagined. It was already evening out. I pulled out the plugin and was thinking about clipping it back on to Tyr's necklace but decided against it and put it in my pocket.

The reaction from Tyr was immediate. "Don't I get to keeped it now ?" she said and had real sadness in her voice.

"Tyr," I began, "If those agent people or even police got a hold of it, it could spell real disaster for the world. Imagine the military or government making requests of SIM to help in strategical affairs or worse yet WORLD WAR 3 !" I stared right into her eyes on the last sentence.

She was a kid, sometimes spoiled, and sometimes evil in her thinking, but when I was REALLY serious with her, like I was now, I think she understood me.

"Okaaay," she said. "Do I at least get to kept my telly-keyed-nurse ?" and then looked seriously at me.

"Yes, you get to keep your telekinesis." I didn't elaborate on the fact that SIM said earlier it would damage her DNA to remove that ability so I let her believe I decided it was okay for her to keep it.

"Yaay !" she said triumphantly and as a show to me stuck out her fingers perpendicular to her thumbs, a slight violet glow glowed around the tips of her fingers to encircle her chest, and she floated silently a few inches above the ground. Then she grabbed her knees with her hands and twirled clockwise in midair at an incredible speed.

"Whoo hoo !" she said, her voice sounding like it was being spoken through a box fan. And then it was time for me to be frightened. Tyr had obviously been getting quite good at this telekinesis and it was only a matter of time before she got caught at it again. Some homework papers she had on her desk suddenly fluttered in the air, caught up by her spinning movements.

Then we heard her mother walking down the hall towards her room. "Is everything all right, sweetiepop ?"

"Tyr !" I hissed fearfully.

Suddenly the door popped open and Tyr unable to slow her roll completely slammed into the side of the wall rolling in midair as she did so. With fear in my throat I realized that Annie saw the maneuver and wondered how she did that.

"What the ... !" she started, and her eyes bugging out. I racked my brain trying to think of something plausible to say. Fortunately Tyr beat me to it.

"Muuumy !" she said dizzily, "I was just practice-sin my rolls cause I want to been a cheeredleader. I learnt this roll at school."

"Wow !" her Mom started, "It looks - great ..." and then she couldn't think of anything else to say. She shook her head for a second and finally addressed me. "Dev, are you staying for dinner tonite ?"

I slapped my forehead with my hand, "Ohno ! I forgot to call my folks, I gotta go !" Then I faced Tyr. "We'll talk more about this tomorrow, okay !"

Tyr waved to me, "Luv ya lots !" she said and grabbed me suddenly in a hug. I returned the hug, then reached for my jacket and leapt out her door.

Annie just giggled and said quietly to herself. "My little baby is growing up."

BOY she didn't know the half of it I thought to myself ! Then I raced down the hall and into the night air closing the door behind me.

Outside the shadows seemed somewhat creepier. And although I couldn't see anyone I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. As I opened the door to my own house I heard a branch crunch underfoot from one of the bushes behind me. With that I dashed inside and locked the door.

Mom had dinner ready for me and Dad. I explained the part about staying late to visit Tyr but not much more than that. Finally I went upstairs to crash. There was school tomorrow and I knew Scant would eventually show up again, possibly madder than ever.


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It's really good, looking forward to reading the next chapter. :-D


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7 Years Ago

Thanks, Kaze. It'll be Wednesday. I definitely appreciate your readership !

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Your very welcome. :-D

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