Dream Diary - March 11th 2014

Dream Diary - March 11th 2014

A Chapter by dw817

The Figurines / Micro Data-Minder / Straight To Hell / Comfort In Your Hand / Bum Classes / Monkey Business / Mad Dog / Visit From Mom / Small Thief / All-You-Can-Eat Ice-Cream


  Dream Diary  


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© February 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


I dreamed I was running away from home. Dad had me make him these tiny beautiful things to remind me of him. To let him know how much I loved him. It's so sad cause in truth we never did anything like this. He had seldom time even for himself in real life let alone to play with his son who was 7-years old at the time.

Oh, we built some things together later in life, but not these little ornaments, they were so pretty. And schoolwork came up and I was failing, it was one reason I was running away from home, I couldn't face the shame. Very sad dream.

The dream changes to where a nun visits me and Dad at home. I ask her name and she says, "Needles." I tell her I'll be 'needling' her for questions then. I asked her about the apocrypha. All the while I was getting ready to run away from home (a 2nd time).

I looked in my pack and saw these incredible books, good reading, which I had long since lost over the years in real life. I had forgotten how many books I lost. Then I wake suddenly.


I dreamed Rose got me this tiny little data-minder device. Sort of like what was popular in the 80's when calculator watches were the rage. It was Barbie and it was neat ! It had good graphics, music, and everything, but it was =SO= tiny it was hard to tell what was going on unless you squinted your eyes at it.

And the key to operate it was QWERTY so you hit the top of the keys and the bottom of the keys as the keyboard was sideways from the screen itself with only 6 going down. Each key was about the size of 3-heads of a pin. OMG it was impossible to type on this thing, I finally tore off the protective plate on the front so I could use it better.

There was even a typing test on it to see how fast you could type. I could barely get one letter out on it during the test for accuracy. I joked with Rose that Barbie was not teaching me to type. Then I woke up.


Had a dream that I was watching one of those weird cartoons, a strange one where they were torturing someone. I guess he was dead. Then they were stuffing him full of food like a roast turkey. They had a weird vocal accent.

The 'stuffed' fellow looked horrible, like a nightmare. Then all of a sudden he looked like a weird angel with a red pinned outfit. He put the outfit on one of the 'cooks' and they went straight to hell.

The other cook started to cry, "look what I caught ! I caught one I caught one !"

The 'angel' said, "you're a baddie," and handed him his jacket and he, too, went straight to hell.

Then it was comical with a whole bunch of guys with little red pitchforks and they were poking each other, and it was all smaller down the line. The biggest guy poking the next in size and so on.

Then text appeared at the top of the screen which read, "Get The Point ?"

Then my alarm went off.


Dreamed I was dating someone from MENSA, not Rose. And we were being active in bed. But it was awkward cause she was really really old. But I knew we were good friends and I appreciated the warmth and comfort she gave me.

She held my hand which meant a lot to me. That means so much to me. Then I woke up with my hand clutching a part of the comforter in place of her hand.


I Dreamed I was taking these 'bum' classes. To show you how to be a proper bum. While it did go a bit into how to 'bum' some money off of someone, the biggest thing in the class was to learn how to be invisible to others, not to be seen, especially at night.

It was a serious course and showed many places we were to 'hide' at night until morning. Not to be seen.


Me and a bunch of other people were working for these monkeys. And it was getting warm. We were building these miniature steam-powered trains. Then little people boarded them.

I commented on ways to improve the production of the trains and to easier facilitate how the people can get on board with the least fuss.

I was offered to demonstrate. So I placed the incomplete train on a ramp. It slid down and the pieces it needed just snapped on to place without needing any helping hands.

The senior monkey nodded his head and came over to write something on my forehead. Then he pricked me with a pin signifying the end of the day.

I asked my co-worked what it meant in the break room and he said, "You could get processed for being too smart. You don't want that."

I heard a high-pitched scream outside the door then I woke up.


Dreamed Mom and Dad moved back into the house that Dottie sold. I'm not sure how. Then Dad needed to sell this car. He talked with the neighbors. The neighbor's dog though was trying to kill me ! I ran away from him. I kept punching him in the nose and he kept coming back snarling and barking angrily.

Finally the neighbor called me over and asked what I was doing. I told them I was trying to get away from your mad dog. They changed their demeanor completely and said, "That's a very negative attitude. I'm not so sure we want to buy your damned car now."

Then the scene changed and I was up in a reading loft reading a book about dinosaurs. It was kind of silly simple. But the pages kept biting my fingers and pulling on them like taffy. And chewing my whole fingers away, and they kept growing back, but it was a painful process.

I woke to have my hand in front of me splayed open, all digits accounted for.


[8] Dreamed of Mom coming to visit me. It was a bad visit and she was being highly manipulative in her speech and actions. She blamed me for losing important heirlooms and items from the past.

I remember talking to her, "Why worry about things you have zero control over ?"

It was an interesting conversation but it really went nowhere - just as it did the last time I saw her so many years ago. No progress. She had these white worms in her hair and her face was really wrinkled. Not the loveliness I remember from when I was in my teens.

Then the scene changed and we were walking by a construction site. They thought she was homeless so they gave her a package with food and goodies in it. Included was a little drinker for the ice tea they made for everyone there.

Very kind of them, nonetheless Mom was shrieking at others and saying she - didn't want any of their damned charity. I woke up shaking my head.


[9] Dreamed I was a thief. I broke into an apartment upstairs. Everyone was asleep. I saw a wallet and stole it and some other stuff. The dream showed that I was small. Less than newborn size, like a midget and I could crawl through the air-ducts and vents silently to take whatever I wanted.

There was a double-sided audio CD called, "The Police" which played soft music and I guess we were supposed to give ourselves up after hearing it, but I wouldn't. I was working my way into another air-duct at the adjacent apartment curious to see what I could steal and find.


I dreamed we were in Ridgmar Mall trying to find an ice-cream parlor. Rose was with me. I thought I found one but someone commented and said, "Oh no, you don't want to go into that one. They are very bad."

So we found a different parlor with no negative complaints. I went and got myself some hot cocoa. I put my ice cream in there and of course it melted immediately. And then I got some more ice cream cause apparently refills in that area was free.

They had rainbow flavors, all kinds of stuff. The prices were reasonable too. All-you-can-eat ice-cream for $2. It was definitely a sweet and flavorful dream.

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Very interesting! I have had some crazy dreams myself

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


9 Years Ago

You should turn your dreams into a story. I haven't been remembering my dreams lately.

9 Years Ago

That sounds like a good idea

9 Years Ago

Thanks! I just happened to remember my most recent dream from earlier. It was like a vampire apocaly.. read more

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