Dream Diary - "Magical Cleaning"

Dream Diary - "Magical Cleaning"

A Chapter by dw817

He opened his mouth revealing a cavern of cavities and made this weird laughing. "Hell, it'll take MAGIC to frigging clean this place ! I'll pay you a thousand bucks sonny if you can really do it."



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© September 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon and welcome back ! If you missed it, I spent all October learning how to program in this new game writing language I purchased called PICO.

At the end of the month, I had written a complete video game, that can be played on IBM-pc, Macintosh, and Linux. You can find that HERE:


But, enough of that. Let's get back to the dreams is why you are here. :)

This particular dream, like some of the special ones was another all-nighter, so I'll write it up in here and post a set of ten for upcoming next week.


I was at this run down 99 cents store. I remember it clearly because there were patches of water around and I had to be careful to step around them.

On one shelf looked more like real garbage than actual items for sale, except one mud-streaked baggie had a few plastic beads in it.

In my dream, I knew that Rose's Birthday was coming up and I wanted to give her something interesting. The baggie was not even sealed. I looked at the beads. Two seemed plain but the third actually lit up in my hands and gave off this curious tingling sensation.

Sort of like having a jumping bean in your hand and you're not really sure when it's going to jump - but a lot stronger than that.

Nifty, so I brought it to the front.

"Closed." the old woman behind the counter said simply.

"What ?" I asked.

"Closed." she said. "You don't like what you bought ? Too bad ! No refunds. Now git !"

"But - but I want to BUY something ?"

"Buy !" her eyes lit up alarmingly. "That's different. Cash only." and held out her knobbly hand.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out the single dollar bill there.

She took the dollar and smelled it ! That's right, actually put it up to her nose and gave a big sniff.

"Yeah, that's the stuff. Fine." she said. Then in a louder voice, "So now we're closed ! So git !" and she held a bony fist up - I guess she was going to punch me or something.

I hurriedly ran out of the shop. Looking behind me there was indeed a sign that said, "closed." but stranger still, the shop looked like it hadn't been open or visited for years.

I checked out my findings. There were 3 beads. One was blue, the other were just a dark gray.

I fingered the gray ones and realized they were painted to look like wood, but nothing more, and they had no design or interest in them I could tell.

I put those in my right pocket. Now the blue bead was the interesting one. It had a little picture of a broom like you might see for a witch for Halloween.

I held the bead out and it gave off a weird effect, sort of like the feeling you have with a gyroscope once you have it spinning fast enough and try to turn it in your hand - like it was alive !

I ducked down an alley. I could just see someone knocking the bead out of my hand on the street. In the alley, trash bags were strewn here and there. Garbage piled up in the dumpster carelessly, and a horrid stench came from the area.

"Pheeuu !" I said, but now I was alone. I held up the bead which shone brighter in the darkness here.

Remember the picture of a crudely painted broom on the bead I spoke, "Clean !"

And that's just what happened !

Suddenly the bags were all up in the air and being carefully piled up neatly. The garbage was somehow being sucked back inside the dumpster and overall there was this wonderful clean smell like a great swimming pool just had just been chlorinated.

The whole area was affected too by this blue-green mist, tangible enough to wrap around in your fingers.

I pulled out a coil and put it to my nose. At once I felt my eyelids droop and my brain went to back when I was a kid learning to swim, I was in the cold water, and it was great.

I woke up some time later realizing I had passed out by breathing the "cleaning" vapor. But now I had something incredible here. And I could make some money off of it besides.

The first thing I did was go door to door.

"Clean your house for ten bucks !" I said cheerfully at the entryway.

* * *

One woman eyed me suspiciously. "Where's your truck ? Where's your tools ? You're not fooling me !" and slammed the door in my face.

I changed my tactic and tried another house. This time I was ready.

"MAGICALLY clean your house for ten bucks !"

This door was answered by this grizzled and skinny looking fellow who reeked of cigar smoke.

He opened his mouth revealing a cavern of cavities and made this weird sound. It took me a moment to realize he was laughing.

"Hell, it'll take MAGIC to frigging clean this place ! And I'll pay you a thousand bucks sonny if you can really do it."

I stepped in. Pizza boxes were strewn on the floor, some still with half-eaten bits of pizza in them. Roaches were 'running' the kitchen, literally, like a digging crew. Apparently they had found some food and were swarming all around it.

The bathroom was worse. The commode had apparently stopped working years ago but it didn't stop him from using it all the same.

"Gakk !" I said backing away from it all.

"Yeah, there is that !" the guy said and gave me that wheezy laugh again.

"Stand back then !" I told him.

Apparently he really thought something was going to happen so he did.

I leaned up against the entry door, now closed. Held out the magic bead just by the tips of my index finger and thumb and said, "Clean !"

There was a whirlwind of activity now ! The roaches were vanishing like little pink sparkly pearls that popped in the air like soap bubbles. The refrigerator door was flung open and a whole live mongoose was in there busily gnawing on some meat in there.

"Scruffles !" the guy said.

Apparently the "cleaning" spell heard him and 'Scruffles' was sent through this weird pink disc which cleaned the critter off from head to foot. Then was roughly thrust at the guy who nuzzled the mongoose close to him. I smelled the same delicious fresh chlorine smell.

I went upstairs to see what was happening with the toilet. While it was a ghastly sight to begin with, it was pretty stomach turning to see it 'cleaned' now.

The mess all around it somehow got shoved back inside and I heard pipes being banged on and bending, apparently being repaired. There was the awful sound of bad gurgling and flushing.

Cracks in the walls were straightening and fresh layers of paint were applied.

I dashed back down the stairs to see how the progress was going there.

The kitchen was cleaned, literally. Everything shined like new, even the earlier moldy crusted dishes that were piled in the sink - they were now carefully cleaned and scrubbed and put in shining clean cabinets.

But then something strange happened. The bead hissed and the same familiar blue-green mist came out.

"What's that ?" the guy asked fearfully. But fear overrode curiosity and he had to investigate.

"No !" I told him as he dove right into it. His head reeled around for a moment and he flopped on the floor. A moment later his body was lifted up, hoisted right in mid-air and the carpet was being steam cleaned beneath him.

Then the mist came close to me. I clutched the bead close to me now, hoping it would ward it off, and tried to back away, but not in time.

It was like a thick and beautiful haze, like watching sparkly stones from miles away and being able to see the echoes as well as hear them in the cave of miles.

And then I started to droop over. My mind back on the swimming pool when I first learned to swim. I was scared, holding on to the edge and Dad was there.

Dad ... but he died ... didn't he ?

And - perhaps I shouldn't have even suggested that because then the dream got scary. It was like Dad was rising out of a grave. He had the same blue-green mist about him and it was 'cleaning' him up of all the dirt and mud around him, but he was still stone cold dead and was now being transported to me by the 'friendly' spirit of the cleaning bead.

It was then that I suddenly woke up in fright.

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