Dream Diary - July 21st 2015

Dream Diary - July 21st 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Blizzard At School / Brainwashed / Clean Bomb / Up Up And Away / The Phone Squid / Slime Zombies / Advanced Education / Eye Of The Needle / The Life Of Batman / Dance With The Devil



  Dream Diary   


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© July 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] I was at school. It was really snowing heavily outside, pretty close to a blizzard. They were sending the students home early because the teachers and staff thought it would be much worse later. I think I was 15-years old in this dream.

I couldn't find my socks or my hat so I was sent to the principal's office to see if the lost and found didn't have them.

Curiously enough, they did. I quickly put them on. I started to leave by the main door when a high wind whipped it open. I was suddenly airborne and slammed straight into a metal locker at the end of the hall.

People were screaming and then I heard the air siren go off. I had never heard it sound for weather alone so it must've been severe and serious indeed.

Billows of snow and wind whipped down the hallway and the cold was so icy it burned right through my gloves.

Then I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I was trying to take a shower. But the place was so big it was actually a heated swimming pool and me and other friends were in it having a good time.

Mr. Simmons was there too from High School. He was berating me for a poem I wrote earlier and said that I didn't work hard enough at it, which told me I was in High School. Yeah, I'll never live that down.

I remember trying to find a bar of soap or shampoo so I could finally wash my hair, pool or not. Finally I found this funny blue disc. When you squeezed it soap suds came out. Or so I thought. I later found out it was a living creature and the suds were actually spit and saliva from the thing.

Without knowing any better I quickly put it to my head to get some suds going when it leaped out of my grip to attach itself to the back of my neck. Suddenly I didn't have control over my own movements and I got out of the pool still in my swim trunks and started to walk away with some new mission in mind.

Then I woke up.


[3] I had an odd job. I was building what was described as 'natural' bombs. They had no timer or detonator. They were designed in such a way as to go off naturally after a fixed amount of time and there wouldn't be any machinery or metal parts exploding to give away where it was made and who made it.

I also dreamed of a different project in a different building. I was leaving my station to go for lunch and there was this team of scientists I passed by on my way to the cafeteria who was working on anti-gravity. It wasn't real anti-gravity but it was pretty close.

It was a type of train, there was a cut cylinder in the bottom of it and a magnetized pipe flowed straight through the center. It was so perfectly designed that the train would float right around it allowing for rapid motion with turns, acceleration, and no friction.

Then I woke up.


[4] Dreamed that I was in a building and that I needed to escape from it. In my memory, there were terrorists who entered and were holding us hostage. I was in the restroom and quickly punched out the glass window leading outside.

I was not alone, there were two other people with me. All three of us were pushing the air under our hands to try to float into the sky, and - we all ran into the same problem I've always had before.

I can never float too high because the sky is covered in electric wires crisscrossing in all directions. Not only do they hurt when you touch them but they stick to you and are hard to pull off. Too much pain in my dreams and I wake up. That's a given.

One suggested that we use these 'wideners.' to stretch the wires to make an opening. It was 4-pieces of wood with a spring on the top and bottom. You placed it into the mesh of wires and pulled down on it to stretch the wires away.

I tried but only wound up getting seriously burned by the electric wires again. Then I woke up.

As I woke I realized something though. If I had some scissors with me, I might be able to cut the wires in a future dream - so I'm going to try and remember that the next time I am trying to get up in the sky again.


[5] Dreamed I was working in this computer store. It reminded me of Compushop when I was 12-years old. I know at the time I knew more about computers than the guys that worked there so they were always happy to see me.

In this dream though, I was going to get a glass of orange juice from the back room. There was a short refrigerator there. I looked at what I knew was my glass. There were other glasses in there for other people.

They were all labeled "A" while mine was labeled "B." And my glass only had a centimeter of orange juice in it.

There was a guy there to explain it to me. He said I was in some type of penalty. For what ? I asked. He said, you should know. But it'll be cleared by tomorrow and I'll have a full glass of orange juice by then.

The dream changed and I was doing a telemarketer's job. I was selling this house phone called the Squid. The squid could do all kinds of things, transfer calls, remember prior phone numbers, have speed-dial for important calls, and the most powerful feature was the ability to recall and recover up to 1,000 hours of any conversations made in it.

I was asking questions about compatibility with certain types of electric plugs when I woke up.


Dreamed I was in a shopping mall in a gift shop. A warning red light and loud alarm sounded. Everyone stopped shopping to see what was happening.

Then a window broke where I was and we were being attacked by - you guessed it, zombies. (So much for me thinking watching scary movies won't give me bad dreams) :)

But these weren't regular zombies. They glowed green and anyone they touched, didn't even have to bite turned into these slime-type zombies.

I was in the part of the store where paints were. There was one paint that claimed it glowed all the time. I grabbed it, ran to the bathroom and doused myself in it. Then I stepped out and saw everyone in the gift store had turned to zombies.

Because I glowed green like them, they didn't seem to notice me. And they were chanting, "Green-ya. Green-ya. Green-ya."

One guy zombie approached me to see how I would respond. I replied back, "Green-ya." and that seemed to satisfy him.

I stepped outside the gift shop and saw even worse. These large glowing green tentacles crashed in from the ceiling skylight and were grabbing people that weren't green. Touching the tentacles didn't turn the people into zombies and apparently that made the owner of the tentacles angry as they started to dash and smash the people into the floor and the sides of the walls.

Then I woke up.


[7] Dreamed I was in a class at school that was teaching C++, and yes, it was perfectly miserable.

I was called to the front of the classroom, but instead of a blackboard we had this huge touch-screen extra-wide monitor. I touched two pictures of rectangles on there and they zoomed open to show the contents.

I was apparently to demonstrate to others how to read a standard text file in C++ and display the results in the default output.

I thought I was doing well but one icon would not click. I mashed it with my thumb to no avail.

The teacher told me to sit down, she said that was not the proper solution. Then she hit the icon herself and it opened. So - now I was confused. What she said was that I was not doing it correctly, the program overall.

But what she meant was that I didn't hit the icon the right way. I smirked and shook my head.

I opened the book in front of my desk and found that it too was advanced. Instead of pages there was a single touch-screen. The teacher told us to turn to page 147 so I reached down to drag my thumb across the corner page to see the pages visually flipping by until I stopped it on 147.

Someone tapped me from behind. It was Rose. She asked me for her earrings. I asked where they were. She said in my desk. I reached in and found a felt box. I pulled it out and opened it up to see two pretty earrings that looked like miniature roses with a diamond in the center. I closed the box then handed it to her.

She picked them out of the box and held them near her ears. Micro fine robotic clasps reached gently around her ears to hold them in place. I knew at this point high-technology was abound.

I smiled and marveled at everything around me. Then I raised my hand to ask a question that I knew would draw a bunch of laughs, but I wanted to know what year it was. To see if I was indeed in the future.

Before she could call on me though I woke up.


[8] Dreamed me and my sister were having an argument. I had earlier found evidence on the Internet of a bomb being placed at the local library. She said that was impossible and there was no way I could even begin to believe that.

I stood to try and use the phone but saw someone was already on it making a local call to their friend. It was then I realized I was back in the mental ward with the exception that my sister for the first time was there with me and also apparently a patient.

One of the nurses stepped in to check on us and saw that I seemed upset. She asked what the problem was when my sister intervened and said she wanted to show the nurse a magic trick.

The nurse nodded, okay, what do you have ?

Then my sister said that she was only here because she wanted to visit me and that she didn't belong here. The nurse didn't say anything but motioned for her to continue.

My sister added, I am a good listener, that is the only reason I am here. I do not belong in here. If you'll check your patient records you won't have anything on me - proving that I don't belong here.

The nurse sighed, I can certainly check on this. What about your magic trick, hon ?

It's a disappearing act, my sister said. And then she suddenly disappeared. I knew that she had my ring, the one that I carry in my dreams to make me invisible in case things get scary.

I tried to tell the nurse this but my invisible sister pounded me hard on the head causing me to fall and collapse out of my chair.

The nurse ignored me and reached to the wall to pull down an alarm - standard procedure for an escaping patient.

The nurse looked around a moment more and then ran out of the room.

My sister reappeared. She looked at me, that's not really the trick you know.

Oh ? I asked her, what is it then ?

Try this. She said. Lie on your back. I got up on the table and lay down on it. She said raise your shirt. I did. She then took a needle and balanced it on my chest.

I thought that in itself was a pretty good trick. But she went further and held out a thin piece of thread.

The thread suddenly wove itself straight through the needle that was still balanced on my chest.

I nodded in approval. But then my sister took the needle, pulling out the thread and attached it to a hypodermic setting. Before I could say anything she injected me with the needle and I felt the world slipping away.

Then she turned invisible again, apparently to escape the facilities. I woke up in bed a moment later.


[9] Dreamed I was the son of Batman. Bruce had apparently gotten married and had a kid, unlike any stories ever said about him earlier. Robin had apparently gone off on his own and became rogue.

While I was too young, 12-years old, to be of any help to Bruce and his life of fighting crime, he did have high aspirations for me in the future to assist him when I was old and strong enough.

I remember waking up to go downstairs for breakfast when I saw this gift package. It wasn't my Birthday nor Christmas but there it was. I knew it was for me because it had my name on it, David.

I opened it up and inside was a type of rocket launcher. Of course the first thing I did was load it up with a rocket and pressed the trigger to see if I could blow up one of the vases in the living room.

The rocket did indeed fly out with a gold glow at the end, but it slowed as it left the chamber. It turned around the room a few times, then it went straight back into the gun.

Bruce was there and said, "It's on safety. It won't hurt anything the way it is configured now, and just as well. What were you planing ? To blow out a wall ?"

I shrugged uneasily, "I dunno. Just thought it would be fun."

"Then maybe you're not ready for it yet. With this sort of thing comes responsibility. You have to be responsible to handle a weapon like this."

"Aww, man !" I whined. He tousled my hair and I smiled at him.

The scene changed and he made me the new Robin. I was years older, I felt like I was 17. I had gotten over my fear and phobia of heights, spiders, and just about everything else for that matter. I felt good and strong, not like I have been in real life.

One thing that was strange though, people we helped, even to saving their lives, they were very rude to us with no thanks at all. Bruce just shrugged it off but it started to bother me.

I was older now, 24 I think. Bruce and his wife had another child. A little baby girl. I knew she would be bat-girl in time. Aside from the hatred from the citizens we helped and saved, everything else was okay.

There were no super-villains in this dream, just normal criminals who often didn't have a chance at all against Batman. Usually I just sat on the sidelines and watched him, until he called me in, and even then it was more for him to be proud of watching me help him in a small way rather than taking on the crime entirely by myself.

Then I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was living with Dad, I was 11-years old. Dad kept the devil in his closet. I knew that much and - really it was quite good that he did.

Because those bad things that happen to good people ? Suddenly worldwide it never happened. Everyone and everyone's grandma had good luck, there was no such thing as bad luck anymore.

And apparently it was the devil that gave bad luck to mankind, but since he was locked up in Dad's closet, he couldn't work any bad magic on any of us anymore.

But one time I got curious. When Dad left to go to a MENSA meeting, I opened up the closet. No sooner had I opened up the door did I think how stupid that was and the devil could escape.

But no, he didn't. Instead he held up a red hand and created this awesome rainbow. It had more colors in it than anything I had ever seen. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

And - perhaps that was what he wanted. I stepped in the closet and he suddenly gripped me hard with his other red hand. A type of spell took over. We changed places. Suddenly I was in the devil's body or for what appeared to be the body in the closet.

And he now had my young boy's body.

"Pleasure doing business with you." he said in sepulchral tones. Then closed the closet door to surround me by darkness. Then I woke up.

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Pretty interesting.. :)

Loved the glowing zombies... XD

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Thanks. Busy crazy dreams, always and every night. :) You're a dog lover ?

5 Years Ago

Lol nice.. I'm actually not, lol, my picture is just my Chihuahua..

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