Dream Diary - July 5th 2016

Dream Diary - July 5th 2016

A Chapter by dw817

Future Technology / Rose The Pusher / The Day Of The Locusts / The Giant Lawn Mower / Good Use Of Resources / Cargo Pants / No Swiping ! / Sage Advice / Time Travel Again / Peeing Records



  Dream Diary   


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© July 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] This dream was about time travel. Apparently I had traveled from the year of now (2016) to 1976, a good 40-years ago - and I had brought with me my cellphone.

Now the real cellphone I use today is government issue and very plain and uninteresting. But the one I had in this dream was top-of-the-line, classy, powerful, and hooked directly to the Internet of the future.

I know I was with Dad at a restaurant and I was 10-years old. I had told him that I had time traveled and, naturally, he didn't believe me.

But when I showed him the cellphone, he got very interested. Turning it over and over he finally asked, where are the buttons ?

I told him it was a touch screen. He pondered over those two words then finally touched the screen with a finger and was delighted to see the phone respond in kind.

Now as we were doing this, some other people from other tables in the restaurant had gathered around. While they just watched in curiosity, someone else grabbed the phone from Dad's grip and started running to the exit.

"We've got to stop them !" I yelled to Dad. "That kind of technology could ruin the future in the wrong hands !"

And the chase was on ! But this was apparently no common person as they were aided by two people in military fatigues with rifles pointed at us.

"We're taking this device - and thank you." and with that he motioned for us to be fired upon. It was a tranquilizer dart. I stumbled into a tree and fell down. Fell asleep. Then woke up back in bed.


[2] Dreamed that Rose was going around dressed in a swimsuit and selling drugs. Very uncharacteristic of her. Her face looked thin and tight, likely from too many drug hits herself.

Her demeanor to me was one of significant indifference and I didn't like it.

I was telling her how bad a person she was for taking this drug selling job when someone came up from behind and clouted me on the head with something heavy. I fell away, the scene slipped, and then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I was in like one of those survival movies. It was me, Dad, my sister, and a bunch of other people, and we were all holed up in a shopping mall.

The week before a strange collection of meteors flew by the Earth. This was not considered sinister until someone did a little math and realized that the direction and speed at which each meteor flew perfectly covered every square inch of the Earth within a 24-hour time window, as if by design.

The next day, someone made a 911 call complaining about numerous insects in her backyard, filling her garden, pool, and attacking her outside dogs. It was not taken seriously until a swarm of locusts, each easily a foot long and numbering in the thousands, swarmed onto a busy interstate traffic jam, biting anything in their way.

This occurred worldwide and in a short time a declaration went out forbidding anyone to go outside except government and military vehicles.

Back to where we were the insects grew more and more aggressive. While originally they ate grass and other small insects, in a short amount of time they mutated and became truly aggressive and carnivorous.

Inside the mall I could hear glass breaking as giant locusts slammed themselves into any opening they could find into the mall.

Suddenly the lights went out, everyone screamed, then I woke up.


[4] Dreamed Richard and me were issued to cut the grass from this one gentleman who was going to pay us each $20 for the task.

We had this weird and giant 2-person lawnmower that cut the grass with a high-powered laser beam and a concentrated chemical acid to retard future growth.

We were doing fine until an old woman, presumably the gentleman's wife, came up to us. She was telling us to kill the engine and she wanted to tell us something.

Richard was running the front of the machine and I was in the back. She reached up to touch my leg. I nodded and tried to shut down the machine so I could listen to what she had to say.

But as I did so, Richard up ahead hit another switch to continue the engine. We kept going back and forth like this for a bit when I finally leaned forward to tap him on his shoulder, to turn the mower off.

"What ?" he asked, and as he did so, he turned the mower to the left, right into the path of the woman !

She was immediately sucked under by the terrible machine and her body sprayed out in red chunks to fertilize the yard with her remains.

I shrieked in terror and doing a backwards somersault out of the mower, started to run away.

Fortunately Richard didn't go chasing after me, but it was still pretty terrifying what I saw.

I rounded about one block of running distance when I suddenly woke up.


[5] Dreamed I had created a good and viable haven for homeless people out of goods received entirely by donation.

Including storage trailers, sheets, blankets, plywood, school desks, doors, abandoned furniture, and pieces of cars like door handles, trunks, and seats.

It was all good and everyone was being very fair about their usage of goods when one person came to me and said they wanted ten blankets.

I asked why, are they creating their own haven ?

They said no, they just want it.

I tried to sit down and explain to them how everyone else has only one blanket per person and how it wouldn't be fair to give more than one per person as we'd quickly run out of them.

As I was explaining this, one person they were with made a mad grab for a stack of blankets and went running away with them.

I leaped over my counter to chase them down. I easily caught them but when I looked back, I saw it was just a ruse so the other fellow could run off with my cash box.

I then went running after him and suddenly - woke up.

Definitely out of character, I was in Montgomery Ward's with oversize pants and was stealing everything I could get my hands on that would help me at a camp I was going to later.

The pants were unusual in that they had inner pockets. You could place small or vertical items right inside and you couldn't even see that you had something there.

I did this, going from floor to floor when I finally went through checkout to buy a small package of gum.

Towards the exit I carefully pulled out a piece of the candy, stuck it in my mouth, when suddenly the alarm went off that someone was shoplifting.

Stupidly I looked all around me to see who it could be when I realized it was myself, having just realized that items have a security tag on them.

At that point I sprinted out the exit and darted full speed down the parking lot.

I picked up my knees with my hands and got greater speed by coasting and floating, which I could often do in any dream.

I was trying to make a sharp turn when WHAM ! I ran right into a tree. I tried to get back up but someone was already wrestling me to the ground. Then I woke up.


[7] Rather odd. It was difficult for me to walk, it felt like there was syrup in my shoes, but I could fly quite nicely.

I also remember sending my Mom eggs in the mail. Yep, whole, boiled, and peeled eggs. In the dream I felt she had a fondness for them.

I remember having this neat little plastic box with space for one fresh egg. I put that in there, sealed it up, put Mom's address on the front, then put it in the mailbox.

Then the dream turned cartoony. An animated weasel reached in to take the eggs. I recognized the weasel from Dora The Explorer so I yelled, "Swiper, no swiping ! Swiper, no swiping !"

Well this particular weasel just turned to face me with a bored expression on his face and flipped me his middle finger.

"You ... cheeky !" was all I could say and then I was flying after him, flapping my arms as hard as I could.

After awhile the scene started to swim, like water on a painting. Then I woke up.


[8] Dreamed that Dad has actually married Sammy and Richard had two kids, both little girls. In this dream, I was apparently my Father's Father, that is, I was the Grandfather of the bunch. I myself had one son from a broken marriage.

I know we had packed up everything from Dad's house and we were moving into Sammy's mansion. When we got there, Dad had some strange advice for me.

Pointing up he said, "Ceilings always give out, but the mind doesn't. Make certain you are always thinking beyond the ceiling."

And right then I started to cry because I realized I was dreaming and Dad in truth had died 9-years ago.


[9] Another time travel dream. In this one, it is an accidental travel. I am from now, 2016, but instead of being sent to the future as I hoped, instead I am sent back to 1896, a good 120-years ago from today.

The dream is long and tedious involving me collecting parts from this time period to try and build a reciprocal time machine that would return me back to the present.

During my stay there for several months, I have befriended a woman pioneer. She is very kind and honest with me and while she fully believes that my story of being from the future is a type of mental disorder, nonetheless she does everything she can to help me in the endeavor to return to the present.

I see the look on her face now. She is not believing me at all, thinks I am wasting my life on this fantasy, and is ready to leave me when suddenly part of my creation flares to life and a beautiful blue force field presents itself on the floor spanning 12-feet straight up.

"Lordy !" she says and without waiting for a warning, reaches out to touch it.

"Oh ! it's cold as death !"

I nod. "It's not really a force field or any other agent I've introduced into the atmosphere. I have just managed to slow down the molecules for this particular area, necessary to house a nuclear reaction without it exploding."

She smiles, clearly not understanding a word, but then blurts out, "Oh my gawd ! What you saids was for real, for REAL !" and without waiting reaches over to give me a very solid kiss. This goes on for a-while when she finally pulls back and says, "I wants to go wit ya, hun."

I try to explain to her the complexity involving time travel when suddenly there is a dull hum and the blue force field expands freezing both me and her where we are.

A short time later I feel my heart stop being unable to beat in this subzero cold temperature, then I wake up.


[10] Dreamed I was back in a shopping mall. But instead of elevators or escalators, the floors would actually rise up and sink to take you from one level to the next.

I know I was in a record store, but it was so strange, the records were spinning in their cases and a liquid, either purple, or green, was emitting from the top of the record sleeve.

Someone walked by and said the records were peeing, and for a moment that sounded like a valid assessment.

Then the manager was calling to me, "Grab them if you can !" for now the records were bouncing up in the air, as if on springs, and back down again.

I nodded and reached for one record preparing to leap into the air when I grabbed it.

"Nothing to it !" I told the manager when suddenly the record started spinning in my hand. I had to drop it as it had managed to cut right through my skin to the bone !

I was bleeding quite a bit out from my hands when I fell down. Then I woke up.

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