Dream Diary - November 24th 2015

Dream Diary - November 24th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

The Real Game / Straight-A Student / Methods Of Escape / The Mustard Flies / When Animals Speak / Peace During War / Alien Presence / Crazy Backwards Driving / The Unruly Boy / The Speed Of Thought



  Dream Diary   


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© November 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I was fighting these people. They each had a small target as an Izod on their shirt in the corner. I was given this special laser gun and I was going around the city shooting people with it.

When the beam hit them, they vanished. I thought it was great fun until someone came to me and said that I was killing their friends.

I asked how ? I'm just playing a game. They shook their head.

No, you're not. You're going around zapping people; they won't be coming back !

Then the police were after me shooting guns with real bullets. The laser gun I had I knew was rechargeable from USB but I didn't have a computer near me so in the crossfire it gave out.

Then a boy pointed out a new gun and where to get it. I followed his directions to get a new and fully charged one. Then the boy held his arms up and said, Shoot me !

So, I did, and he vanished. Then I went after the police. It was a weird feeling being powerful like this, but I woke up finally not liking the fact I was thinning out the population in the city, truly twisting me around inside.


[2] Dreamed that my Dad was actually concerned about the grades I was making in High School unlike in real life. Dottie was there along with a bunch of other people I didn't know and they were all just urging me very hard to do all my homework and stick with it and get straight A's in class.

It was a very boring and tiresome dream.


[3] Dreaming that Wes in prison could knock out his Dad just by thinking about it.

I was with him, we were just walking down the street, then he collapsed. Everyone came over to see what the problem was. Then I saw Wes running down the street.

His Dad got back up and said he's fine. The police left him and went to chase Wes again. Wes pointed his hand back at his Dad and he collapsed again.

The police were torn between chasing after an escaping prisoner or helping the man who collapsed in the street.

Then I woke up.


[4] I'm in church and it's the middle of Summer. The air-conditioner does not seem to want to work in the parish so we have the front door open to let a little cool air blow inside as it was cloudy and overcast outside.

Me and several other people noticed these strange insects that flew in. They shimmered like a million diamonds and rainbows all mixed into one. Everyone was speechless at their beautiful sight.

Finally one descended on my leg. I looked at it and it's very wings were changing colors as it seemed to feel around on my leg with its feather-soft legs. The people sitting next to me were amazed and interested. One surmised the insect was using a technique like the Cuttlefish to change its color and shading.

Then suddenly I was sharply bitten. Instinct took over and despite how pretty these creatures were, I swatted down hard on my leg. What was REALLY weird is after I did so, there was no trace of the insect but a large patch of what appeared to be mustard.

The fellow next to me reached down to touch it but I told him it could be poisonous or acidic.

He asked me if it burned, I said no. Nodding he reached over and fingered a bit off my leg. Now what was strange was the amount of 'mustard' that was on my leg was far bigger than the insect was.

It was almost as if the insect was pressurized inside and had this weird concentrated mustard solution as if left a glob on my leg as big around as an egg.

The fellow next to me sniffed it. "Mustard." He said and then began to lick it, but I knocked it out of his hand.

"Could be poisonous, remember ?!" I told him frantically. He nodded and wiped it down against one wooden beam of the pews.

Then some acolytes got up to close the door but more of these rainbow insects appeared. Frightened at what happened with me everyone got up in a panic and ran towards the opposite exit to get away from these things.

I, too, am running away, and am now in the street. I am walking looking around when a bit of the 'mustard' on my leg falls on the concrete near a small snail.

The snail tastes the 'mustard' and suddenly starts to grow in size until it is a scary monster 3-feet across ! It darts its antennae toward me and I wake up in fright.


[5] Dreamed I was in this fanciful world where animals and creatures could talk to me. Because they could they were very eager to tell me everything about their lives, apparently seeing me as a dominant species on the scale of evolution.

I was a wiseman to them as truly their own words were self-centered and childish.

Then this pair of rabbits got together and asked me a few simple math problems. I told them the answers to them and they seemed to get very excited. Then they chanted in a weird unknown language including the answers I gave and trolls started growing right out of the ground from where they stood !

These trolls began work on this odd building apparently equipped with all the tools they needed to do so. I went to talk to one of them, curious as to their arrival.

One shook his head at me in disgust, "Aye, you make jokes about our height, but who is there ? If it's a child from kindergarten or a nursery it's a different story entirely. You are such a hypocrite !"

Then his tone softened and he held out a massive furry hand in friendship, "We will always be there to help you."

Then the scene changed and I was running away from these bad guys. Me and a boy half my age. I think I was a teenager. The boy was brandishing this wicked looking blade and turning around skewered one of the assailants straight through the chest !

Then the boy said, "I'll put my finger in your hole !"

The bad person nodded and said, "Yeah, you do that, and come with me." and he kidnapped the boy causing him to drop his foil.

Then I was in a theater and apparently had the best tasting popcorn anyone ever had. The odor and aroma of it were driving people next to me wild. At first they asked for a bit and suddenly everyone was tackling me to get at every golden morsel.

Then I woke up.


Dreamed there was a war going on in the city. I was hiding out in someone's garage. I was with a few other people who had very high technology.

One offered to use a device he had which would permit us to time travel, to return to the past before the war. We all agree upon this, but in order for the time travel to work correctly. Everyone and everything around us must be still for 1-minute. Everything had to be at peace.

You can breathe and stuff, but not move around nor can anything else be moving around you. You have to be perfectly still for a full minute. But it wouldn't happen.

Despite the garage door being closed, some of the soldiers outside were ramming a nearby vehicle into it to try and break in to get to us.

We finally decide to go to to the living room and lock the door where we hope a minute of silence will let the time travel ability occur.

Then the scene changes slightly. I'm a woman and a spirit, trying to get into where 'I' and the others are at so I can join them. But I'm not quite there. You can see through me and my brain is not working very well. It's like I'm living a few seconds in the past and can't remember much of anything that is happening in the present.

I do have the unique ability of altering reality. I conjure forth this large silvery bag from thin air and inside are several new and wrapped granola bars which I share with the survivors and we talk about what we are going to do.

Then I woke up.


[7] Dreamed about a spaceship from a distant planet not landing in a cornfield or at someone's farm. No, this particular spaceship went directly to the United Nations to announce their presence.

There was no longer the gray field in people's heads on whether or not they did or did not believe in aliens from another planet. It had happened, in plain sight, where everyone could see it.

In this dream, I was a soldier, and a very young one at that. Drafted at the age of 17. I was also very scrawny in every possible way. Barely over 100 pounds, I had no muscle mass and was skinny as a twig.

All the other muscular soldiers I was with would like down on me and smile. I wasn't so sure if they liked me or hated me, but I knew it wasn't in-between those.

We then arrived to the United Nations and I was one of the security guards listening to the speech the aliens were giving to the general congress. They were talks of peace, of pooling our resources, but of our races, for the greatest scientific benefit and good.

Then I saw one of the aliens walking down the hall. She looked perfectly normal except her mouth was so wide it touched her ears. She was wearing this beautiful shimmery clearly alien blouse and skirt.

She saw me, smiled, then went over to me. I took off my hat and started talking to her when she raised up one of her hands, very human in appearance and drew a vertical line in mid-air.

Suddenly I felt very dizzy and sleepy and collapsed where I was. I felt movement and realized I was being kidnapped and brought to the alien ship apparently for a thorough physical investigation of my anatomy.

It was then I woke up.


[8] Strange dream. Apparently I am Darren Stevens from Bewitched, but I am with Genie From I Dream Of Genie. I am driving the wrong way down a road where traffic is headed straight towards me.

Apparently I am an adept driver and manage to miss hitting any of the other cars despite going an excess of 50mph.

The dream carries on for a bit like this, and then ended abruptly. I woke up.


[9] Dreamed that Dad lived somewhere else. We were in a bad neighborhood. There was this one pest of a boy that got on my nerves. He did everything he could to hassle and harass me.

He was 10-years old. Finally I told him that I was going to call Child Protective Services if he didn't leave me alone, and he did after that.

Not much more of the dream happened before I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was in a strange sort of train, bright red all over. It had no wheels and glided entirely along by the Earth's magnetic pull. The speed was incredible, in excess of 300mph but with no feelings of it inside the train cars.

I was with Fr. Jon. He was leaning his head out the window as the wind lashed hard against his weathered face, for he was not a young adult as he is now but in my dream he was an old man.

He was also yelling, something about hating the sun, but I couldn't make out the words. Finally he pulled his head back in, dressed for church service which was going to be held 3-cars behind me from where I sat.

I didn't attend his service. Then the door ahead of me opened up and a beautiful young woman appeared. She was clearly very wealthy wearing diamonds not only on her fingers but her wrist, waist, neck, and arms.

Then the train suddenly lurches forward and I am knocked out of my seat. A pleasant voice assures me that everything is alright, we are just going between.

I yell back, what is between ?

The wealthy and beautiful woman picks me up and says, don't you know anything ?

I shake my head. She explains above the roar of the train's engine. She says it is a matter of evolution. Then I see that there are these giant frogs we are going to pass by. I look out the window on the opposite side and see as if we have slowed to a crawl. But I knew that was not the case.

We were actually going so fast we were wrapping around the earth in microseconds. It was a weird feeling being so fast you actually appeared slow to others.

I watch the frogs and they are walking around in this laboratory, apparently doing cloning experiments. Then I wake up.

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