Dream Diary - "River Folk"

Dream Diary - "River Folk"

A Chapter by dw817

Now that my brain was working better I could sense pain from them and there were burn marks where I was immobilized. Jackson whispered yet I heard, "Sir, I don't think she's going to be a problem."



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© December 2019 Written by David Wicker
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This entry is Rated: TEEN

This particular dream like some of the special ones was quite detailed, so I'll write it out as a multi-chapter story.



First off if you are new to my Dream Diary entries, you may want to click at the top where it says, "Choose A Different Set" to see I've been a very busy boy indeed, at least years ago.

And what does this mean ? Will I be returning to Dream Diary ? Well, yes and no.

Yes if I have any more fantastic and lurid dreams as this, no quite simply because not only am I on balanced anti-psychotic medications now but they are TIME RELEASED. That calculates to a lot less dreams than I used to have and most of them I can't even remember now.

With that out of the way let's focus and close in on RIVER FOLK, once again a very strange dream, and me definitely not being me in this case.

I awaken to find myself, well, not myself. I hear voices though.

"Awake now ?"

I try to speak but cannot.

"Sir ?"

"What is it, Jackson."

"You've put total isolation on."

"Yes, and ?"

He was patient, "Well, you're not going to get much information that way."

"I wanted an uncluttered mind. It's standard procedure for a proper interrogation."

"Yessir, I think you have it. But the settings are too low, Grant, sir."

"I need a drink."

He added, "Can this - have one ?"

"I wouldn't recommend it, sir."

Despite the warning I feel, something liquid against my lips. Burns, like alcohol.

I cough, or rather I THINK I cough, nothing happens.

"Sir, if you'll allow me ?"

Then I start to see light. I can speak finally so I do. And I have many questions as my mind is all aflutter in confusion.

"What - what's going on ?" my voice sounded to my ears like echoing in a deep cave.

Grant answered me in a stern voice. "We'll ask the questions." Then a little more kindly. "You're being interrogated. We found you near the River and with a perfectly working diccoseimer. Did you steal it ?"

"No, I ... who am I ?"

"You don't know ?"

Then Jackson's voice interrupted. "Sir, the settings are still too low. It'll take some time for them to normalize."

Grant sighed and answered. "You appear to be a young girl. Age 12-years or so. In pretty good shape considering you're from the River. Where did you get this diccoseimer ?"

Somehow I knew the answer to this if no other information. "I was born with it." I answered truthfully.

Grant did not like that answer. "You were NOT ! You are lying ! So help me I'll set these settings so low you wish you were dead ! Little girl or not !"

Jackson interrupted again. "Sir ?"

Grant was still agitated, "What is it now !?"

Jackson apologized then continued, "Sir, it's possible - that's what she believes or was taught to believe. You can see from the readings here she is not lying - or at least does not believe she is lying."

Grant sighed. In the back of my head I had to wonder if he was a vindictive person after all. It sure sounded like it. I would rather be interrogated by the kinder Jackson. I felt it important to voice this.

"Jackson ?" I spoke.

He replied, "Yes, miss ?"

* * *

"Thank you." I said simply.

There was a moment of pause. He laughed slightly, "You're welcome. What's your name ?"

I thought for a moment. Even without the stasis field around me I suspected I wouldn't know. "I don't know." I said.

I heard heavy footsteps as apparently Grant walked heavily over to read the instruments that I was not lying about my inability to recall even my own name.

Jackson took it upon himself to act on this. "That's fine. Your name from now on is, Evie. Okay ? Simply Evie."

"Evie." I repeated dumbly.

I heard some keys being pressed on a keyboard and the blurry light turned into focus. I looked around and could see I was being held flat against the ground by some glowing restraining cables. Now that my brain was working better I could sense pain from them and there were burn marks where I was immobilized.

Jackson whispered yet I heard, "Sir, I don't think she's going to be a problem. We can find out about her diccoseimer once she's fully conscious and aware of things around her. You can see from the readings her she truly is showing no signs of resistance to the thought amplifier. Usually there is always some sign of withholding, but not here."

Grant sighed. It was clear he was a person who was not only in power but rather relished it. He certainly didn't like others telling him what to do. but at the moment as I looked around I could see it was only the two. Likely if there were more Grant would've reprimanded Jackson in some way.

Instead he spoke tiredly, "Make it so. Give her an hour or so in the ready room. Then I want to talk to her again."

The restraints were released. The burn marks in my arms and legs strangely disappeared and I was set down.

As I was I noticed that Grant had apparently left and only Jackson remained. He was a man in his 20s or so. The faint start of a mustache but no beard, likely trimmed. He wore an unusual uniform with an izod of two circles, not so much an infinity sign as they interlooped each other at a 45-degree angle. A curious logo to be sure.

"Evie." he directed me. I looked to him. "Evie, I'm going to let you relax for about an hour. I want to tell you after that Grant, my superior, is going to question you about your diccoseimer."

"What is that ?" I asked him even though earlier I stated I was born with it.

He approached and reaching a hand forward I shied away slightly.

He smiled, "I'm not going to hurt you. I promise. Stand still."

I did and then he tapped the front of my neck. It was then I realized it felt like hard plastic. I put a few fingers there to see a pulsating red glow matching the rhythm of my heartbeat.

"THIS - " he explained, "is a diccoseimer. It is exceptionally rare to find one in such good condition. Most are patchwork pieces from the River Folk that are there just to keep the person alive long enough to fulfill duties around them. You - " and he pointed at me.

"You have a new one. Why your head is still on your shoulders is beyond me. Headhunters would pay an easy kleptar quazill for the quality of one such as yours and not hesitate twice to behead you for it."

"Why are they valuable ?" I asked.

"New ones you mean ?"

I nodded.

"Because new ones have the ability of tapping the full brain, the entire brain. You DO know what that means don't you ?"

I shook my head.

He smiled, "Of course not. You're just a little girl after all."

I pouted at that statement. He laughed slightly and continued, "With the full brain available all extra abilities are possible including telekinesis, mindreading, even esper ability - they all come into availability. That and longevity. One that works perfectly could keep you alive over 200-years or so. LIFE you will find in any universe is always desirable to extinction."

I shook my head to show I did not understand.

He continued, "It's - unimportant. What is especially important is that we try to find where it came from. It's indeed a boon for us to find one such as yourself but if we could find WHERE it came from, there might be more than one. That would greatly benefit our research here. Can you help us, Evie ?"

I nodded my head, "I'll do what I can."

He smiled, "Good girl. Let's get you into the ready room. Are you hungry ?"

That I knew, I nodded.

He nodded in return, "You'll find some food supplements in there and few video-discs to catch up on current history if you still feel out of sorts."

With that he took my hand and led me out of the interrogation room and into the ready room.


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