Dream Diary - February 23rd 2016

Dream Diary - February 23rd 2016

A Chapter by dw817

The Elders / From Fire To Cotton Candy / Ben Stiller Candy Thief / The Source Of Treats / Amazing Game Machine / Split Hearts / Extra Ingredient / Glinking The Weather / You Need A Bath / Cactus Girl



  Dream Diary   


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© February 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that the Internet was invaded by a computer virus, but not one of our designs. Somehow it was put together by the formation of all the programs on the planet that were seeking out intelligent life.

Not only was it found but this 'life' backtracked itself directly into computers to hack the internet, and now no-one could use it except for these unseen alien beings that wanted us to refer to them as 'elders.'

While it was not readily established what it is they wanted in the real world, they keenly took over every single radio and broadcast wave to be replaced by this weird hum which would cause brain damage to anyone who listened to it for too long - turning them into a vegetable.

Later it was established that the 'elders' were interested in children, ages 5-10, boys or girls, that they had some kind of item - a growth in their brain that was of use for their design.

Unfortunately the removal of this growth left the children listless, voiceless, and empty. Many meetings were formed on ways to beat this strange alien presence but as of yet they had not presented themselves.

Only through strange text messages appearing on any server did they manage to establish themselves as an 'identity' and one to be feared as well.

Any single person carrying any electronic could be used against them and deliver a lethal amount of voltage to kill the said person that they deemed unnecessary in their plans for world domination.

As months passed on, the aliens grew passive and developed this thing they called a milkshake. It was really nothing of the sort. No vanilla or sugar, but the contents of which were so 'tasty' to the humans and fired so many pleasure sensors in the brain that people were willing to give up their souls or anything else they had for a mere cup of the product.

Whatever resistance mankind was presenting to the aliens before was absent with the promise of a 'milkshake.'

With zero progress to stop this impeding alien presence, eventually the 'elders' managed to find a voice and would speak to anyone who had any device that bore a speaker. The voice was a digital passive woman's one and was always followed by an audible click.

The 'click' affected all people who heard it in a unique way. It was not to be ignored. No statement spoken by the 'voice' was ever ignored or even quietly accepted.

Anyone who heard this 'click' would verbally respond that they understood what was spoken and would act upon it. It was a type of immediate hypnotic tic, the kind that superceded normal hypnosis, and to not respond would actually cause physical pain to the person hearing it.

A calling of every senior programmer on the planet was put together - as a way of trying to rid the world of the 'elders' and get back our normal Internet and electronics. I remember receiving such a notice by regular mail as the Internet could not be accessed by any person then.

I remember sitting in a room and talking with the others. It was a long debate, one that did not seem to show an end. Many people talked about introducing a virus into the Internet to somehow get at the 'elders' but no-one could crack the encryption that was now placed on it.

It was getting to where I needed to speak as the person at the front of the table wanted to hear my opinion - when right then I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I was at school. There was some kind of upcoming holiday. It was a time between Halloween and Easter, but I didn't know what it was called.

I do know that I was in the back of a vehicle wearing a backpack full of treats and candy and there was this strange boy with me. His face was really more square than anything else and his nose was level with his eyes giving him a strange appearance indeed. His looks frightened me.

"Why do you live alone ?" he asked me.

The woman, clearly the Mother from up front turned her head around to look at me to see how I would respond.

I'm a little fearful what might happen if I say anything except something positive so I speak to the boy, "You are more than welcome to spend a few nights with me if you like."

The woman up front turns back around. Apparently that is what she wanted to hear. In a way I hoped I wouldn't have to live up to that expectation - when we stopped at a gas station.

The driver up front, a man, clearly the Father said, "Need to fill up. Won't be but a second."

But when he lifted the pump it was like he had become 2-dimensional, paper, and the pump was shooting plastic red pellets out of it. They didn't hit me, however, as it appeared as if there was a thin saran-wrap plastic separating me from the pellets. I was no longer in the car but reading a children's book in a library.

The pellets hit the saran-wrap from the page one more time and then I closed the book. But then I felt myself shrinking and wiggling hard, like a worm for some reason. I was wriggling between the pages of the book I closed until I was back in the car.

But this time I was alone in it and the doors were all locked. A vicious looking young woman was holding the gas pump but instead of pellets it now bore a steady stream of fire ! She gave me a wicked grin and faced it right at the window I was looking out of. In seconds the window started to crack and melt !

I knew a nightmare when I saw one so I bolted to try to get out of the car, but the doors were all locked. Thinking quickly I went forward to lunge over the driver's side of the car and quickly hit the switch to unlock all doors.

Then I bailed out the back seat from the right. I ran around to hide behind a gas pump to watch and was surprised to see pink cotton candy coming out of the gas pump now and the 'vicious' woman was nothing of the sort. She wore a flattering and sexy short pink frilled skirt and was pressing the lever to give the kids that had collected around her - the cotton candy that came forth.

I shook my head in disbelieve but came forward myself.

Seeing me she smiled, gave me a paper cone, and asked me to hold it up. I did and she hit the switch and sticky sweet cotton candy came and wrapped around the cone.

"Here you are, honey ! A nice treat for someone sweet !" she said in a perfectly innocent voice. I realized that fire can't turn into cotton candy so then I woke up.


[3] This dream borrowed a bit from the previous. I had the backpack full of treats again but when I took it off to look into it, it turned into a type of wide brown suitcase. I opened it to count and see what all was in it.

Aside from boxes of candy there were little wrapped treats and small toys too. A real find for someone who liked candy and cracker jack prizes.

Then of all things Ben Stiller came to talk to me. He looked at my suitcase and said, "My, don't you have a lot. Plan on sharing any ?"

I nodded, "Sure. That would be fine."

Then he introduced me to a woman he was with. She was in her 20s, had bright red and pretty hair. She reached over and closed the suitcase telling me I should keep it under wraps so no-one will take it from me.

I agreed. Then she pointed behind me to ask if a museum was built there recently.

Where ? I asked and looked and there were some strangely shaped buildings behind me. Over there ? Oh, maybe not. Well, we need to go. Good meeting you.

A few minutes after they were gone and I opened up the suitcase to look. Not surprising it was empty. I've had many dreams where I get something great and lose it due to carelessness.

I realized what happened. Good old Ben must've switched my suitcase with another when his 'friend' wanted me to look away to see where a museum could be.

But then I yelled, "Rewind !" And oddly enough, time did flow backwards. I watched carefully and sure enough I saw Ben walking backwards reaching for my suitcase to replace with another. But then I told time to, "Continue !" and it did.

Ben was shocked to see me staring angrily right at him as he was reaching for the case. But his hand was already on it.

"Just - comparing." he said weakly and grinned at me.

"You THIEF !" I yelled. Then added, "I will remember this, Ben Stiller ! In fact, I'm going to make an internet post about it !"

He cringed realizing anything said against him, whether true or not, could be damaging to his character.

He leans in close to tell me something angrily when I wake up.


[4] This dream is apparently supposed to take place before the last two despite having dreamed it later. I guess I just couldn't get enough dreaming of that suitcase of candy. :)

In it, I am at school, it is that strange holiday again. There are autumn leaves blowing in the air and I am working my way towards the teacher's lounge where there are two great snack machines.

I have a five dollar bill and put it in the machine to try and get out some cinnamon candy coated chocolate drops when the machine jams. It won't give me a treat and neither will it return my five dollar bill.

A teacher nearby is watching this and says, "Oh you poor dear. I'm so sorry you're not getting what you want."

She uses a special key to open both of them. "Tell you what, why don't you have what's all in here. I can't have these machines holding anything over the holidays or someone might try to break one of the machines to get the remaining treats."

I nod at this sort of logic. Then she pulls out this wide and fat brown suitcase and loads it up with small toys and treats from both machines effectively emptying them. I tell her thanks, then try to get home with it all by walking the distance when I wake up.


[5] Dreamed I was still dating Wayne. For my Birthday he had given me this amazing electronic game device, very advanced for its time period as the year in this dream was 1986 as I was in my 20s.

The device I remember clearly. 256-pixels across and 64-pixels down with 16-colors possible per pixel. It was backlit, very bright, and programmable.

All the games in it, well over 100, would let you make changes to them by using this primitive programming language that was comprised entirely of arrow keystrokes and the (A) and (B) button.

I was just about to play test one of my creations on it when I woke up.


Dreamed that I worked for this company that cloned humans. They wouldn't work with live subjects but were not above cloning human tissue from 'nameless' corpses that would not be missed or chose 'cremation' as their last will and testament.

I was working late one night, sweeping the floor as I was a janitor there. I saw two empty tubes and wondered how hard it would be for me to clone myself. I went up to the computer and instead of buttons it had like a layer of gelatin over where a keyboard could be.

I put both my hands into the gel when a notice appeared, "Recognize employee ... janitor."

I pulled back up my hands, scratched my chin and said to myself, "Now how do I clone ?"

The notice changed to a single word. "Sample."

I put my hands back in the gel but this time the gelatin heated up and it felt like my hands were going to get burned off. I twitched them a little when a new notice appeared.

"Maintain stability of input to maintain stability of clones."

I nodded to no-one in particular and endured the pain. It was actually over in a short amount of time but felt longer. I looked to the tubes and saw - me ! But I was naked. I had enough of the 'input' device so I watched to see if anything else would change.

Sure enough clothes were woven out of the ether, the same I was wearing, and as they were formed the liquid that was surrounding my two clones drained off. It was a strange liquid too as it left no trace once it was removed. No shininess or residue.

The tubes opened from the front and lo and behold I was presented with myself !

"Don't say it !" said the first one with a wry smile.

"Don't say what ?" asked the second.

"Exactly." I replied for both of them.

The second looked at me and sniffed disdainfully. "I suppose you are the original. That doesn't make you any better than us."

I readily agreed not wanting to start an argument, "Absolutely. We are all equal."

They nodded and smiled to that.

Well, all three of us went home and then it came to pass that we were dating 3-different women. While each girl was exciting and interesting in their own way there literally was not enough of me to 'go around.'

That is until I had my clones come in. But we had to be careful. We couldn't be seen together at all or it could go very bad for us.

I remember being with this beautiful young woman who had tinted her hair blue, had florescent green eyeliner, and lovely decorated fingernails with little drawn galaxies in them.

I was looking closer at her fingers when one of the galaxies started to swirl causing my head to spin - and then I woke up.


[7] I was at a kiosk that claimed to be selling Orange Julius, one of my favorite entertainment beverages.

I had a $20 bill with me. I handed it to the woman working there and she blended neatly orange juice, vanilla ice-cream, and egg - and of all crazy things, a fish !

I gave her a look of disgust. The other 3-ingredients are okay but fish ? She saw my look and said, "It gives it extra protein."

I mumbled uncomfortably, "I thought that was what the egg was for."

As I looked at my drink suddenly it was sucked away. I looked and the fish in my glass was not only unblended but ALIVE and drank down my drink !

Suddenly the container where the woman had the fish started jumping out and had sharp teeth. One launched itself on to her face and she shrieked. I woke up in fear.


[8] Dreamed that I was in this office building. And I hadn't paid rent or something like that. I knew I was supposed to talk to someone about getting an extension until the money arrived.

Where I was it was very cluttered. There was a locked door where I knew 2 important people were talking. I finally picked up some of the paperwork to look and it was something about filing for bankruptcy.

There was a window I could see out. The weather seemed pleasant enough. Now one thing I could do was GLINK, and I could GLINK many different ways to get many different results.

In this case I glinked it so the weather went from calm to raging black clouds and spiraling scary tornadoes in a mere matter of seconds. Suddenly the door flew open and two important business people looked at me and yelled, "They said a tornado touched just near downtown. We'll have to reschedule you for later. Right now we need to get home before we can't !"

And they went running out the door.

I glinked it so the storm passed and clear skies presented themselves again and calmly stepped out of the building. Waiting outside for me was Chris.

"Did you see the weather ?" he asked breathlessly. "Wow, that's the craziest I've ever seen it."

"Only in Texas." I told him with a wink.

He nodded, "Yeah, only in Texas."

Then he drove off, I think we were going to a night club to dance and have drinks. Then I woke up.


[9] Dreamed Dad lived in a mansion instead of a house. He was in one room assessing his valuables but what was odd is he was dressed up as a fisherman and even sat in a rowboat in the middle of the room with an old-style adding machine and paper tickling out the top of it.

I was in the room with him when I finally asked, "What are you calculating ?"

"Liquid assets." he said with no humor to his voice.

I didn't know whether to laugh or be worried this he was completely serious.

There was a small party of people downstairs in what could only be described as the Ball Room.

"I was promised I could take a bath when I got here !" said one irate guest.

Without even thinking I went over to put a supportive hand on the back of his shoulder and said, "And so you shall !" and in my head I led him up the stairs to what I thought was the bathroom.

But opening the door the place was lavish ! Not only was it immensely huge in here but it all looked incredibly expensive. The 'bath' was this gold-lined tub that had a jacuzzi built into it and a waterproof remote control, several boxes of bath salts and relaxing videos played scenes of beaches surrounding the room.

"Yeah, this will do." he sniffed unimpressed at the dazzling array of beauty and comfort.

"Really." I said, amazed at what I saw.

"Alone, get out you git !" he told me, then closed the door behind me.

I was really angry at this so I opened the door back up and apparently I was immensely strong. I picked him up by back of his jacket and went past the wonderful bath area to an area marked "DANGER - septic tank." Before me was a great gaping hole, the shape of a massive commode seat and a terrible stench from inside like a hundred backed up toilets.

"Wait, what are you - !?" he demanded. But then I dropped him right in there. He fell 20-feet right into the horrid brown pudding, shrieked in disgust but then was silent after a moment, I guess glad he didn't pulled under or something.

"Find your way out and maybe then you'll need a bath then." I told him. Then I closed the seat on top which whoofed out even more nasty smell. I washed my hands thoroughly as even the seat felt a little icky to my fingers.

Then went back down to greet the remaining guests. I woke up a short while later.


[10] Dreamed I was part of an excavation team. I can't remember what we were digging for but I had a memory that anything valuable would be accepted, precious jewels of course, but also any ancient statues or relics.

Apparently I was the leader as I was telling my team what to do and where to dig. They worked hard at it too and sweat beaded on the top of their foreheads and worked their way around clenched jawlines.

I knew they weren't angry with me, I wasn't pushing them hard by any means. It was just a miserably hot day to be doing any work in the sun.

The scene changed and I was inside an air-conditioned tent. The air smelled funny too, like being artificial or something. It had a sweet chemical smell. I know I received an invitation earlier.

We were still somehow in the desert but in this beautiful tent. Two women came forth and each presented me with a wine bottle. My memory told me that each crushed the grapes under their feet for each bottle, so ultimately I wasn't choosing wine but which of the feet of the women I thought was the most sensuous.

There were all kinds of broiled meats, fruit, and specially prepared vegetables. I loaded up my plate when a fellow with a beet red face, about a foot shorter than me and twice as plump said, "Better go easy on it. We'll have a busy day on the morrow."

"You're probably right," I told him, and took off the fruit. "I'll go back for that if I'm still hungry afterwards."

"There you go." he said, patted me on my back as well as he could reach and waddled away.

Then we sat down at this large table. I knew it was made of sand but somehow it didn't fall apart. It was me and three other people. Well, sort of. One person was actually a sort of plant hybrid. A type of part woman part cactus. She had spiny bristles down her arms and legs with a spine free and beautiful green face.

I knew she was the smartest of the lot of us and we listened in earnest to her plans of where we should dig and what for. Then I woke up.

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Really nice work here dw817. My two favorite dreams were The Elders and Ben Stiller the Candy Thief. I also like how your "candy" dreams seem to connect with each other. My dreams do the same thing every so often, I thought I was just weird.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Tsubaki Kuro

5 Years Ago

I too have dreams that repeat themselves. When I am done writing my stories, I will too post some of.. read more

5 Years Ago

Looking forward to them ! PM me when you have some.
Tsubaki Kuro

5 Years Ago

Sure thing.

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