Dream Diary - March 10th 2015

Dream Diary - March 10th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Rape / Forced Fight / Time Traveler Conan / Light On His Feet / Are You There Dad ? / The Space Virus / Orange Diamonds / Private Pool / Alien Gumball Machine / Imposter Father


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  Dream Diary   


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© March 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


I wanted to start out first by apologizing for not posting the last dream I had. While it was definitely detailed and involving, it was also a true nightmare, a real science fiction horror story. I will save it as a new chapter in Campfire Tales, which will be for the month of October.

It will be entitled, "You Run The Planet." I hope to see you there.

 Dreamed  I was watching this movie about this man trying to make some money. Then the story got strange. I was turned into a woman and apparently being raped by 3 men. I heard one singing off key, "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes."

There was a tearing sound. I was wearing some kind of tattered blouse and they were pulling it off of me. I never felt such outrage and misery combined. I was angry - but in the back of my mind I also knew I was powerless.

There was no muscle in my sinew, no strength in my form. I was frail like a delicate flower and these demons were ripping petals from my stem. My skin was as pale as the moon and just as willowy.

Finally I took a good look around. Aside from my transgressors I was not alone. There were 2 other women in similar form, huddled and cowering in the corner, yet without their garments, naked and shivering.

Then my Dad was watching this as if it were a movie. Occasionally he reached through the screen to cover my own eyes and said, "I don't want you to see this."

I turned to look at him and woke suddenly.


Dreamed about creating this electronic gadget. That and for some reason I needed to choose a name for a stray cat that Dad brought in.

I remember walking by the movie theater. There I saw one of my bullies lingering. He smiled and spoke, "Long time no see, Poindexter."

I starte to walk away but he stopped me and said, "No, we have to fight."

"Must we ?" I asked.

"Yes, we must."

And I guess it was right then, at a level I knew I was dreaming. While bullies in the past had very definite plans for me, fighting for no reason at all was never one of them.

I smiled and said, "Okay, we shall then."

I reached down to pick up both his legs in my massive grip and twirling him around my head smashed his skull into the concrete. This was not something unfamiliar to me. It was the way I had fought many bullies in the past in my dreams.

And no, they did not survive. I murdered people in my dreams. I know this, and perhaps at some point I may know the reason. But for now it was going through the familiar actions of doing so - and ridding, at least temporarily.

The scene changed again and I was in a hospital. A doctor there spoke to me, "Is this yours ?" and placed a circuit board in my hand.

I nodded and looked at it. But it was alive ! Like with glowing small snakes. It was a piece of waffle board with live snakes intertwining around it.

I threw it to the ground and ran away. I heard a loud hissing behind me and it was a giant snake flicking out his tongue, knocking down walls and pillars, seeking me !

I woke up in sudden fright.


The year was like 2020, I was with Conan The Barbarian, like from the comic books I used to read working for Star Telegram.

We are in a time machine and we are traveling to the past. I was a friend of Conan's, my mind was full of memories of our friendship.

All of a sudden we were underwater but still breathing. The area around the time machine protected us from anything attempting to impede it's progress.

But then the machine malfunctioned and was trying to stop. The water rushed in all at once and I couldn't breathe !

Then I was separated from the machine and there was only darkness.

A few moments later someone was slapping my face. It was Conan. There was a war raging around us. He told me the year was 1949.

He pulled me up in one easy pull and said we're going to investigate something. Then I abruptly woke up.


I was in church service but I was floating a foot above the ground. I knew this because the acolytes up front were pointing at me. And I wasn't in the pews but by the entrance of the church.

I suspect they believed it was some holy or mystical sign of God. I tried to will myself to float back to the ground but I couldn't.

Finally the procession that was working it's way to the front of the church stopped. The organist stopped playing and everyone just stopped to stare at me. Finally a woman in her 40s left the pew to approach me.

She held out a hand for me to take and asked where everyone could hear, "What are you doing ?"

I faltered, "I - I'm new here ?"

She smiled and took my hand. "That's fine. Surely you aren't a witch or a ghost, are you ?"

I took her hand and slowly my feet found the ground again. Everyone applauded. Apparently they believed she had something to do with me not floating and it comforted them.

Then I replied, "No, I am neither shade nor spirit. I - apologize for the intrusion."

Then it got strange. She pulled my head close to her and stole a kiss. But then we were no longer in the church but in some type of strange forest at night, and her appearance had changed to. She was no longer an old demure lady but a young woman in alluring and provocative clothing, that you might see on a medieval dancing girl.

I heard a wolf call in the distance and woke up suddenly.


[5] Had a repetitive dream, when Dad is there and I don't know if he's real or not. I've gotten in the habit of asking his age so I can pin down the year. I did that and this time he got mad and confused and couldn't answer me.

That told me right there something was wrong. I asked him something else and he started laughing. His gray hair turned black and his face sheet white. I knew then it was turning into a nightmare so I woke up.


I was in Star Trek The Next Generation. I was 2nd in command. I was over at a console trying to fix what I thought was a computer glitch but later realize it is a virus, and one that is affecting all of Starfleet.

I finally enter some code so the virus can make itself manifest and visible so I can work with it easier - and this was a bad idea. Because then this glowing set of tentacles reached out with a flashing orange puffy center and encircled Picard's neck.

It started to squeeze and scorch him as officers reach in to try and remove it, but they are burned like acid from the fiery tentacles.

Picard's skull falls off in a bubbling pool of acid and I wake up suddenly in fright.


I was watching this funny scene on television. It was a musical. There was a girl dancing between 2- tables when they suddenly curl in the middle with her weight and crash into her.

There is a weird popping noise and I realize it's her waist because it's so small. At first I thought it was going to be scary but then someone reaches out their hand to help her up and when she stands, she pops her waist again, all better.

It is then I notice she has beautiful diamond rings on her fingers. They are all citrine or orange in color. I lean my head closer to the TV for a better look when she suddenly thrusts her hand through the screen so I can see them better.

I remove one of them and start to walk away when I hear a weird voice behind me telling me to return it. I start running and hear this clomp-clomp sound followed by static.

I look and see the TV has sprouted these massive alien legs and is tipping from side to side to walk to me. A tether made of static TV pixels reaches out to me when I wake up suddenly.


[8] Dreamed I was told to take a bath and I had this large swimming pool all to myself, but it was hot water instead of cold.

I reach for some shampoo and lather up my hair when I feel the current trying to pull me down. I grab on to the sides splashing trying not to drown.

Then the dream gets weird. All these people show up like from some '60s beach movie and there is the familiar twang of beach music and everyone jumps in the swimming pool with me.

At once they realize I'm naked and start laughing as hard as they can. I see a towel nearby so I grab it and get out as they're still making fun of me.

I see a switch on the side that says DRAIN so I turn it on. Quick as a wink the swimming pool turns into a whirlpool and sucks down all the swimmers to the bottom. All that remains is an empty swimming pool with no water.

I realize I may have murdered all those people so I try to reverse the drain but nothing happens. I run away as someone calls my name, then I wake up.


I was onboard an alien spacecraft and they had this gumball machine. My boss from CI Host was there and she said, no don't it could be something bad.

I scoff and put a quarter in, what could be so bad you would get from a gumball machine ?

I turned the crank and got this little piece of orange chewing game the shape as a ball in a cellophane wrapper.

See ? It's just gum I tell her. She takes it, unwraps it and starts to eat it, but suddenly spits it out followed by a stream of blood.

The gumball is growing and GLOWING and then burns a hole in the floor. The floor itself is made out of some kind of complex hexagram design so even though the hole it made was small, it affects all the other shingles and both her and me fall to another level in the spaceship.

For some reason the gumball machine is still there. I have another quarter so I see what else I can get. Turn the handle and get one in a little plastic bubble.

I don't dare open but I keep it. Then there is a tremendous 'bounce' as the ship roughly lands somewhere.

I see a long door open and a platform appears to lead outside. I do so and it's the dead of winter. There are all kinds of animals around me. They say, toss me what you got !

Another says, no ! toss it to =ME= !

I'm like, what's going on ? Why do you want it ? Then the deer says it's poisonous.

I add, so if it's poisonous, why do you want it ?

It's all we can eat, the deer says and using a cloven hoof knocks it from my grip. Then the animals scramble to collect it.

There is the sound of machinery and the UFO I was in suddenly releases these stuffed animals. I'm not sure why but I pick up one of them and smack the deer in the face with it. He drops the gum machine prize and I reach over to get it.

I open it up but am suddenly cut by something expanding in it. In a hiss like steam, a large metallic multi-spiked ball pops out and is razor sharp.

I try to think about it but then wake up.


 Dreamed I had somehow found Dad on the bus after I went to his funeral. He seemed perfectly okay. I tried to talk to him but he didn't seem to recognize me.

Then suddenly someone gets in a fight with me, but I'm trying to avoid that and stay with Dad.

I am pulled from him as he steps off the bus. I look behind but can't see him. Then I see him on the street corner 3-blocks past where he got off.

He waves to me and also vanishes.

I then realize in the back of my head that there are imposters of my Dad all over the place - and - it was to serve some purpose, I didn't know what.

I woke up trying to think about it.

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