Dream Diary - August 8th 2016

Dream Diary - August 8th 2016

A Chapter by dw817

Comforting Sleep / Little French Girl / The Meaning Of A Corndog / Pogo Possum / The Churlish Squirrels / Broadcast Burglary / Bullying The Bully / Where's Wilma ? / Flying Spiders / I Have Had Enough



  Dream Diary   


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© August 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Surprisingly, this dream did not have any monsters, mayhem, or magic in it. A first in quite a-while.

Instead the family, Rose, and me were visiting Grandma up in the hills. It was wintertime, the snow was thick on the ground, and Christmas was only a few days away.

The ice grew steeper and steadier the more we climbed the driveway in Dad's '66 LeMans. Finally we arrived at Grandma's cottage.

She warmly invited us in and welcomed us to some delicious hot cocoa. Then she got to showing us these beautiful books and antiques. The books were so old with wonderful hand-drawn illustrations in them and the other items were exquisitely rare and lovely.

Dad warned me to be careful with the books as in turning the pages, they may crack.

Then everyone started talking at once. From what I could tell it sounded to me like we were going to visit this ice cave tomorrow and go spelunking through it with flashlights to see if there were any secret rooms with treasure.

Finally we were all going to settle down and sleep. There was a big metal stove in the middle and we all curled up around its warmth with sleeping blankets and pillows.

I remember Rose got very silly and shoved her feet around the back of my head and, laughing, snuggled me closer to her.

The lights went out except for the stove and looking right at its cheery glow, I finally closed my own eyes to sleep. Then I woke up back in bed.


[2] I remember being in history class in this dream. What the teacher was saying did not make a lot of sense. Finally I asked for a hall pass to get a drink of water. The teacher gave me one.

Then I was in the hallway and saw this one beautiful french schoolgirl, dressed in her uniform. She was also walking through the halls, likely having come from the restroom.

Right then and there she suddenly sat down on the floor and I joined her. We got to talking about cultural differences between our two countries - that is until a teacher came by. Looking at me she said, "David, it looks to me like you are having a BAD ROAD day."

"A bad WHAT day ?" I asked her.

"A BAD ROAD day." Then fishing in her purse, she handed me a rubber-banded wad of money. I counted it out as $222.

"You'll need that." the teacher told me cryptically. Then she walked down the rest of the hall to enter a classroom already in progress.

The French girl got up and so did I. "I must go." she said simply, then started running down the opposite end of the hallway.

Then it got bad. The police were suddenly in the hallway looking for something. Finally one of them announced they were on the wrong floor.

Now in all the dreams I've had, to get from one school floor to the next can sometimes be a real challenge. Usually the stairs aren't complete, so I have to be a bit of a monkey and swing from one metal supporting brace to another to work my way around.

This dream was no different. Huffing and puffing with effort I finally lifted myself up to the next floor and looked around.

A short distance from me I saw a bully from my past, and he was wielding a knife !

Police surrounded him from all sides and, disarming him, took him away out a window where a police helicopter awaited.

Suddenly the entire school building started to shake, then I woke up.


[3] Slightly blurry dream. I was told to remember a Mighty Hyros. I was stumbling down a hallway not really sure of where I was.

I knew there was a party I was going to attend. There would be a Birthday cake and everything, but my mind was so fuzzy, I didn't know how to get there very well.

Suddenly someone handed me something strange. It was a corndog stick with most of the corndog eaten off in the middle and only the top remained.

In my dream, it was symbolic of something important, but I can't remember what. Finally I leave the hallway to go down some stairs and I am outside.

I recognize my neighbor. He is wearing a kilt and all the proper Scottish regalia. He started speaking to me at once about how the welts on his back allowed him to get better television reception.

As this made very little sense to me, I suspected I was dreaming - and the moment I did, I woke up.


[4] Dreamed I was Pogo Possum from the older comic strip. While the series is black and white, this dream was in full color.

I know there were some characters, Wally Gator, and his cohorts, all trying to tie me up and rob me in my own home, but ultimately they threw me in the swimming pool I had in the back of my house.

I yelled for help but to no avail.

Then I realized I wasn't alone in the pool. There was this awful monster, a combination of a monster-sized Japanese beetle and a long toothed shark.

With my hands and legs tied it was all I could do just to remain above the water. Finally I grabbed a metal support bar leading out of the pool when the beetle-gator grabbed my left leg and crunched down on it.

I remember seeing black ink spurt out of my leg, then I woke up. I was sleeping on that leg so it went numb.

I suspect I had this dream as I was indeed searching for the Pogo comic strip for my Godfather recently.


[5] Dreamed I was like Richie Rich and had millions of dollars and several robots at my command.

I also know that we had a bunch of pesky squirrels who were chewing up the wood in the ceiling of my mansion, with no regard to me, to get at a store of raw nuts I had earlier put together for a future Christmas party.

I directed one of the robots to go in there and tranquilize the lot of them, then relocate so they couldn't find the mansion again.

The robot complied, used rockets to jettison up to to the roof. Up there were at least 100 squirrels busily gnawing away at the shingles there. The robot sprayed this fine pink mist which caused all of the squirrels to fall asleep. Some fell off the roof but none were hurt.

Then the robot scooped them all up in a little wagon and getting on the main empty sidewalk, accelerated to at least 60mph and brought the squirrels well away from my home to a lovely park where people were.

Later the robot returned and I could see it did precisely what I asked.

"Great job !" I told it. I got up to go to the kitchen for a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich when I woke up.

Dreamed me and Brett were robbing a home ! Very uncharacteristic. I know we were filling up our loot bags. I was interested in the sparkly jewelry while Brett wanted to find all the dollars he could.

We had this amazing device that let us travel between televisions. So once we were full up, we exited through their entertainment center's set arriving back at my home through the TV.

We dropped off what we had, re-entered the TV and reappeared back at the mansion.

Suddenly the whole family of the home appeared and were asking me very direct questions, who am I, and what am I doing in their lovely home ?

I had to make up a story on the spot. I finally told them that I was with Better Homes & Gardens and that we were doing a spread on their mansion. The lady of the house was very suspicious.

She said I could go about my way - until the husband showed up. And if HE didn't know who I was, that is, if he didn't let me in, then SHE would call the police and have me arrested.

I nodded courteously working my way back to the living room where the TV was. When everyone else had their heads turned the other way, I dashed into the wide screen to escape.

Then I woke up.

Oh yes, I remember the names of the two security dogs there. They were Calamine and Fitzgerald.


[7] This took place at school. The air around me felt like it was September or October. One of those months.

In any case, someone was celebrating a Birthday. I got a slice of cake and tried to sit down to a table all by myself, but it wouldn't happen.

A mean bully sat next to me. Took my cake and added it to his, then realized he didn't bring a fork and neither did I have one.

"Stay right there, shrimp." he told me.

I didn't move. Then some entertainers hired for the celebration came to me and asked if anyone was sitting around me ?

I quickly took the plate with the two slices of cake and said no, not at all. Please, help yourself.

So they filed in all around me and even brought extra forks, one for me !

Well naturally the bully returned and tried to get a word in edgewise about how he was sitting there before them and how =I= was now eating his cake !

But they were very protective of me. One entertainer got up and banged the bully on the head with his trombone. Another tripped up his feet with her long flute. He fell flat on his face. A moment later he sat up and leaned against the table crying that it was his cake.

I was smiling all the while when I felt like something electrical was happening around me. The lights flickered and I awoke in a fright.


[8] Dreamed that Rose, Wilma (From Where's Wally) and me were on a bus going to a video store.

Everything was alright, including the cartoonish looking Wanda with her striped cap, shirt, and leggings when she kept changing seats and saying, "Where's Wilma ?"

I told her that it doesn't work if she asks because she's the one that's supposed to be hidden.

She didn't seem to understand and kept changing seats and asking the patrons the same question over and over again.

Finally Rose had enough and took her hat away from her. That quietened her down. Finally we arrived at our stop.

I got off with Rose and looked for Wilma but she was nowhere in sight - and there was no way she could've gotten ahead of us as it was the only exit off the bus.

"Where's - " Rose started to ask but I covered her mouth with my hand.

With that, both of us laughed and I woke up.


Had a MASSIVE dream. Covered the full night. Once again about special abilities, however, this one takes place at a circus. Once I finish writing DOUBLE TROUBLE, I'll start on it.


[9] Another science fiction horror story from a bad nightmare.

A meteorite is hurtling towards the Earth. At first there is an undefined movement taking place on the meteor. It is attributed to the meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

But later it is not. The meteor itself is swarming with spiders ! When it finally hits the surface, spiders are flung off in all directions. All but one die unable to breathe our air. One survives. It mates with a common garden spider and a new horror is born.

They looked like tarantulas but had extra long front arms. That wasn't the worst of it. They also had wings, just like locusts. I t was quickly determined that one bite from the was deadly - and there was no known cure.

Despite the strong call going out for a total genocide of these horrid creatures using flamethrowers and insecticide, one scientist catches a collection of them eating table sugar and sees they excrete valuable diamond dust.

So while normal citizens are fighting the spiders, scientists are trying to save them. A massive battle ensues, not just about survival but over greed as well.

Then I am in the middle of it, running for my life as a swarm of these mutated spiders fly over my head and I am running down the road trying to get away from them.

Then I wake up.


[10] I had finally had it with bullies. While they may have pushed me around in real life when I was a tween and teen. In this dream, no longer.

There was this big guy that was being such an a*s he was blocking anyone from entering the cafeteria during lunchtime unless you paid him a dollar.

For the first time ever in my dreams I whaled into him. Really started punching, hard, harder than I ever had. And while I might've made a difference to the other students, it wasn't long before more bullies showed up - and I believed they wanted to fight me as well.

Finally I punched hard and he dodged and my fist went straight through the wall making a resounding crunching sound. Even I was surprised as it was solid cinder-block beneath and my fist was undamaged.

The leader of the bullies then spoke, "Ah - good job." and wanted to bump knuckles with me - which I allowed.

"Yeah, good job. I think he's had enough. Is everyone ready for lunch ?"

"Yeah !" everyone else yelled.

And - that was it. He stepped out of the way to collapse on the floor, bleeding, from where I punched him in the face, and everyone ignored him and piled into the cafeteria. I too walked in after everyone else had and I waited in line to get to the tray and see what was for lunch today.

Then I woke up.

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