Dream Diary - December 20th 2016

Dream Diary - December 20th 2016

A Chapter by dw817

Of Bombs & Shoelaces / Snow Queen ... / The Time Capsule / You Are Moving ! / Lesbian Robot / Yet Another ... / The Concrete Kitties / The Magic Mirror / Memories & Renovations / Mom & Dad's Birthday



  Dream Diary   


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© December 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Busy dreams ! Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre ones I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] A strange dream to be sure. There was some type of worldwide war taking place. Shoelaces were of importance I remember. I know I was young. In my memory I was very ecstatic because "teen" was part of my age, so likely I was just now 13-years old.

I was cute too, or at least according to the response I was getting from people. I was trying to find a shower for something. I think I wanted to wash the toys I was carrying in a little backpack. They were cute too, little dolls and figures like you might find from SANRIO, but they were dirty from dust when I had earlier pulled them out of the trash.

Everyone who passed me, smiled, as if I really was a good-looking kid. One woman in her 20s leaned down to talk to me. I couldn't understand what she was saying as the words appeared to be too big for me to understand. Yet all the while she was rubbing my back, which actually felt pretty good.

I smiled back, pulled away from her, and left. I know my shoes did not have shoelaces so it was a little tricky to walk. Shoelaces were in very short supply. Every one I passed did not have any.

Bombs fell and continued to fall but there were no explosions. It was more like harmless fireworks, still very noisy and loud though.

Eventually I found the "shower" I was interested in. I guess it was the future because it shot down as a fine warm mist. It felt so good and there was no-one around so I stripped down to my undies and held the toys in the stream while bathing myself with a discarded bar of soap.

It was so silly, I was talking to the little toys, telling them how dirty they are and how they needed to keep better care of themselves. I turned to confirm I was still alone when I saw that woman earlier, the one who was rubbing my back.

"Need your back scrubbed ?" she offered with a mischievous grin showing me a lufa. When I didn't respond, she reached into the pocket of her skirt and threw something at my feet.

They were a pair of dirty shoelaces. Right then I froze up and felt very afraid because I think I was trading for something I didn't understand. Then I woke.


[2] Dreamed I had unusual super powers. I wasn't super-strong or could fly or anything, no, I could convince a single person to believe something that wasn't true or wasn't there. I was living in a fantasy world, a teenager in a village, which was oppressed by an evil queen.

She had taken all of our vegetables and in their spot replaced them with paper pictures of.

In this dream I had memories that I had been working for months with the populace, trying to convince them to overthrow the queen, by using my special ability of having them believe particular things which would be beneficial in her being overthrown.

Then I remember the attack. She descended on our village in a type of tornado. While our paltry homes were dashed asunder by the torrential winds, she was completely unaffected.

Then she sent 'her men' out. Strange changed people with no eyes and long red waving tendrils for fingernails. They snaked out and it was clear to me they were "tasting" the air much as a cobra does with its tongue.

In abject fear I started to run away, forgetting my original plan for a course of retaliation. For some strange reason the further I ran the colder it became until literally my body froze in extreme sub-zero temperatures.

Then I saw her face and everything went black. Then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I was in the distant future. Despite how WALL-E portrayed people as being large and overweight, that was not the case here. There was a supplement given out by the government every week that was an incredible item to be sure. Consumption of it not only stopped you from aging past 20, but anything that was not "perfect" was reformed.

It was a special genetically made and enhanced drug specifically designed to work on a person's DNA and to balance all chemicals, enzymes, and properties within a person.

But that was not the real attraction in the dream to me. No, it was the transit tubes. Just like they had in Logan's Run, transport tubes ran all over across the planet to move a person from one place to the next.

Yet I really didn't like it. You were supposed to squash yourself up in this hard capsule that for all sake of appearances looked to be a giant pill. And as it was transparent you could see perfectly where you were going, which in me caused great nausea.

I remember going over 100mph straight backwards and my chest lurched in my throat causing me to gag. Then I turned around to see where I was going, when suddenly the top popped off and I was still in the lower half-shell of the pill transit tube.

Very strong wind whipped against me, almost tearing my hair out and my face went flat like stone against the force. Then I dived suddenly and saw a terrible mechanism. Something with sharp blades and gears and as my top was removed - it was going to cut right into me !

Fortunately the scene changed, but now somehow I was in a laboratory. Scientists still all
around me and were abuzz with whispered conversation. As near as I could tell I was a "relic." That is, someone who underwent cryogenic freezing hundreds of years ago and was being revived in the future.

But something went wrong. The top of my machine developed a fault, and a hairline fracture appeared. When it happened, there was some weird chemical which came down from the sky and greatly mutated common bacteria into medium and large monsters.

My hair was being scrubbed by a machine and these weird looking roaches with tendrils were coming out of my hair and being grabbed down a suction hole in the middle of where I was standing. I was so upset I gasped in terror. Then larger creatures were "pulled" out of my ears and they looked even worst then the last. I suddenly woke up in fear !


[4] IOdd dream. I was the age I am now, I was in the home I am now, but people were knocking
on my door telling me that the entire complex has been condemned and that I need to leave

I had spent too long decorating the walls and making things "homey" for me to want to do
this. The knocking was incessant, but apparently they really couldn't knock down the
complex unless I signed something - so I didn't.

I remember taking one wall of my home and somehow with Herculean strength, managed to mash it up against the front door. I could no longer hear the knocking now. I went back to look
out the window.

It was nighttime. Suddenly I saw something strange. The group of people started to recede, as if they were on a moving platform or something. It took me a moment to realize, the people weren't moving, no, it was ME ! Somehow my entire home was being rolled away !

I went to the back door to look and could see a massive truck, the size of a quarter of a city block, busily driving on its way, having lifted up my home, and apparently shifting me to a new location so the destruction could take place.

I rubbed my chin thoughtfully for a second. I guess that's not so bad - when suddenly I heard a screech of tires, at least 40 or so and a sudden crash. At first nothing happened, then a shockwave knocked me straight from the back door to almost outside the kitchen.

I looked around and it was a nightmare. Fire was coming out of the faucets and water was leaking out of my lights, making a sparking sound of electricity. Suddenly I woke up.


[5] Dreamed I was part of a team that was working on intelligent robots. I suspect this has a lot to do with the newly watched revival series, "Westworld."

While I was not an important person in the company, I was with two women and one "woman" who was in fact just a robot on an operating table.

"Suzy." I said. I watched the console. We had learned rather recently that human thought was a bit like the movement of stars in the galaxy. It was not so much that we had found artificial intelligent and applied it to robots, but that we stressed to robots how limited their function was - unless they chose to expand.

A few days later and with 100 unsupervised robots, they had come across the formula of artificial intelligence, but were not intelligent enough to apply it to themselves. After great deliberation on both the dynamics and ethics involved in proceeding with this. We finally did.

I returned my thoughts back to where I was. There was no skin on the robot. She turned her head and a gleam from the overhead blinded me for a moment against her flawless metallic forehead.

"What went wrong ?" I asked her.

"Wrong ?" Even though she was a mass of metal, her facial features still shone with the bit of artificial intelligent we infused in all our robots.

"What caused you to malfunction ? You were supposed to showcase Fenimer." and for a moment I realized that Fenimer was a product our company developed that was a really dangerous drug to help people lose weight.

"Nothing went wrong. A woman approached to see the show. I stepped down from the pedestal and kissed her."

"Why would you do that ?" this was asked by the woman working to the left of me.

"I'm a lesbian." the robot said simply. "And she was a beautiful woman. I could not resist."

I backed away from the table, because now I had to really think. We made these "sexy" robots to sell Fenimer, but now the robot is saying that she exhibits sexual preference ? It was as if a pencil were being broken during a written Turing Test. I could almost hear the snap in my head.

I dropped my pencil which was strangely silent. One of the other co-workers approached me as I was still visibly shocked at what I heard.

"David. This looks like it's going to be complex to solve. Would you like to go on break now ?"

I pinched the bridge of my nose in agitation. "Yeah, that would be fine."

"We'll figure it out and get her back on the floor in no time."

"Okay." I was out the door. Just then it was like a strange haze or mist came down from the ceiling. It was not unpleasant, it even had a type of fruity smell to it. I looked back in the operating room, which was surrounded by 4-large panes of glass so anyone could look in.

The robot was now sitting in a chair. Both co-workers were now somehow naked. One co-worker was massaging the front of her chest while the other kneeled down to the space between her legs. I goggled my eyes in amazement and leaned forward to watch more when the mist grew even thicker. Then I couldn't see anything. Suddenly I woke up.


Dreamed I was back in Middle School. Instead of being in class, in my memory I knew I was trying to find the right class. The hallways were strangely bare and climbing stairs was still a real challenge as they were often half there or littered with sharp objects.

You had to climb to the top step and then jump up in the air to grab the next one. And even then you had to pull your full weight on up. If you fell, you would die as it showed the ground descend to miles below.

In these dreams though I knew falling from any height would not hurt me, yet it was still difficult to pull myself up over the broken set of steps leading to the next floor.

I was trying to get to the 3rd level when suddenly I lost my grip on the slippery step. I fell but managed to stop myself on the first floor.

Frustrated I left the front door to see it was like the backside of Six Flags or something here. Carnival rides ran and I could smell both cotton candy and popcorn in the air.

Leaving the school for the moment, I went to check out the sights. I had entered a gift store and saw something I really wanted. It was a plastic replica gun of the one from Space 1999.

I picked it up and went to the checkout. "Ten dollars please."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out all kinds of paperwork, but like many dreams of this kind, absolutely none of them were money.

They were coupons for rides, receipts from other purchases, some handwritten I.O.U's, everything in the world - except money.

I was really getting frustrated when suddenly I woke up.


[7] Dreamed that I was with this really cute girl and we were at this local carnival. It wasn't really very big, with just a ferris wheel, merry go-round, and a few other rides. But there were plenty of carnival games and prizes to win.

She expressed an interest in wanting to win this one large pink teddy bear. I asked her what she could possibly do with a giant fuzzy bear. She shot me a sly grin and said wouldn't you like to know ?

I nodded, well, yes, I would like to know.

She came very close to me and the warmth of her breathing in my ear in this cold air was exciting to say the least.

"Win it for me and I'll show you, loverboy."

That was all I needed. I went to the game. You were supposed to knock down these concrete kitties with 3-balls.

I know the hawker said they were just stuffed cats with cotton in them, but I knew better. The odds were always against the player.

I took one ball and hurled it. It was thrown with such great speed and force that it actually dented the back of the hawker's metal stand.

"Got a bit of pep in there do you ?" he said wide-eyed and with a bit of fright. "But for all that gusto you missed."

I threw the 2nd ball and it knocked the top concrete cat straight off. It fell with a heavy thud to the ground, depressing halfway through the Earth confirming it really was very heavy and made out of stone or lead.

The hawker bit his lip nervously. "Yeah, now get the remaining 2 fluffy cats with one ball, pal."

I leaned back and prepared to throw but when I did somebody grabbed my arm painfully. Someone else grabbed my girlfriend from around the mouth preventing her from screaming.

The hawker couldn't see as he was down on the ground trying to pick up the concrete cat.

Then somebody injected a needle straight into my neck. Everything swirled dizzily - then I woke up.


[8] Dreamed that I had found this interesting mirror at a shabby dollar store. It was half-price too so I only paid 50 cents for it. It was in a box so I couldn't see it till after I purchased, but the text on the outer box saying, "Magic Mirror" perked my interest.

Out of the store I took it out. It appeared to be a cheaply made mirror, perhaps as a fashion accessory for the costume of a princess. It had pink glitter on the sides of it and a type of cheaply constructed flower arrangement at the top.

I looked in it and couldn't see anything. It was like a black well of infinite depth.

On the handle was a single button. I pushed it and - nothing happened.

I turned it over and read a little tag attached to it. "Runs on one 9-volt battery."

Nearby was Radio Shack. I was on the Battery-A-Month Club so I got one from there. I put the battery in properly, then looked a the mirror and pressed the button.

There was a hiccup of light. A type of small electrical surge went through my hand and for a moment I felt as if something bony or sharp was gripping me. Like a hand with thin metal spikes for palm and fingers.

Then an image appeared. It showed me as a child. I was in a crib and crying. Around me were all kinds of toys. I rolled my eyes a bit and spoke to myself.

"All those great toys and you're still going to wail ?"

The sensation of the razor-sharp fingers was too much. I let go of the button and the screen at once went black.

Quite a find, I thought to myself. I walked home and showed it to Dad. He at first wouldn't even look at it saying it was a trick of the light to cause it to show anything at all.

"For one thing," he said getting into a "serious intelligent man" mode, "it's too small. You couldn't house a video player in that small space."

I thought about the year and 1970 came to me despite somehow being a teenager.

"Just try it." I told him.

"Alright, just to satisfy you." He picked up the mirror, turned it over. Then snorted derisively, "Runs on a 9-volt battery ?"

"Just try it." I urged him again.

He picked up the mirror and, like me, was fascinated how black the reflection was, like a crow's wing dipped in pitch at midnight behind a stone door at the bottom of the ocean. It was the blackest darkness both he and me had ever seen.

It was so dark it was if it were a cancer to light. As if light itself wrapped around it, struggling, and then was inexorably drawn into its maw.

Dad bit his lip in fear. "Good paint job." he said with a half-hearted chuckle, and then swallowed uncomfortably making a strange hiccuping sound.

"Press the button." I told him.

He looked to the handle and pressed it. This time I saw what I didn't see before. Skeletal fingers, as thin as spun wire reached down from the handle to clutch Dad's own.

I was going to knock it from his grip when he suddenly whirled around, his back to me.

Then he was yelling, "That's not possible ! It can't be ! How would you know this !?" He was livid with rage and flung the mirror against the ground.

We were no longer in the carpeted living room but the tiled kitchen so the fragile mirror broke, but when it did all these horrible and sinewy ghost like figures streamed out of the pieces.

The electricity in the house suddenly clicked off and it was if outside were plunged into night. Then I woke up.


[9] IDreamed that I had moved out of Dad's house, I was 24-years old I think, and - somehow I was either in the hospital or the mental ward earlier, I'm not sure which. In any case, there was a definite gap in my dream memory for about a year, and I came to see Dad for
the changes that he made.

And he did make them. He had locked my bedroom door and was apparently professionally teaching English as a 2nd language to many foreigners. I remember accidentally walking into his class.

He bid the group wait a moment as he wanted to talk to his son.

But all Dad did was give me a key, a pat on the back, then went back to the classroom, this time closing the door to let me know he didn't want any further disturbances.

I used the key to open my own bedroom door and saw absolutely everything had been shifted around. Inside were these wonderfully beautiful and articulated statues from all the cartoon shows I had ever seen, including Felix The Cat, Bugs Bunny, and Sailor Moon.

They were behind a locked cabinet. I tried the key and miraculously the cabinet opened. I picked up one of the Sailor Moon statues. It was Serena and she was in her classic pose of attack.

Someone moved behind me. I looked it was Dad. He had a hand on my back. "They're all yours." he said simply.

"All of them ?" I asked.

"Yep. I sold all your old toys to get these."

For a moment there was a twinge of anger in me for Dad deciding to sell my stuff without permission, but the full length of beautiful figures behind the cabinets melted any rage I might've had.

"They're wonderful, thank you."

I just stepped out of my bedroom holding the delicate Sailor Moon statue when the scene changed. I was in Dad's bedroom and he was a lot older. I was the same age. Time was not kind to him. He was bedridden and barely able to move. I woke up suddenly in grief.


[10] In this dream it was somehow both Mom and Dad's birthday. My logical mind was not working. Only the emotion in me was at the moment, so I readily accepted it.

I was a child, about 8-years old I think. Emma, my sister, was not here. So it was just us three. And it was a wonderful dream in many ways. I went to the dining room and saw wonderfully decorated presents.

"Open one !" I told Dad excitedly.

"We can't do that." Mom told me.

"Why ?" I asked.

"Because they are ALL FOR YOU !"

I went to look. The presents decorations were incredible, like loops of rainbows constantly intertwining with each other. There were different names on all the presents too, not just David.

There was David, Davey, Andy, Andrew, Honey, Sweetie, Baby, and Tiger. I opened up the "Tiger" present and inside were some pajamas for a 3-year old with a cute tiger's face for the head, a little fuzzy tail, and light-brown paws.

Suddenly I started crying and felt very upset.

"What's the problem ?" my Mom asked and came to comfort me.

All memories came back to me. "I'm not here." I said simply.

Dad approached and took my smaller hand in his larger one. "No, you're not here. Not yet. But you can be. Would you like to stay here with us ?"

At that point emotion rocked me very hard. I woke up suddenly, my pillow wet from tears. I got up, went to the bathroom to quell the sorrow. Drank some water.

Made a few statements out loud to myself. "Dad died 9-years ago. And Mom ... well, no-one can reach her now." Then went back to sleep hoping for less dreams about my emotional past.

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