Dream Diary - August 25th 2015

Dream Diary - August 25th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

State Home / Cut Too Much / The Deadly Cube / Waiting & Running / The Price Of White Magic / The Storm Making Machine / The Secure School / Scarcity Of Water / Dracula Lives / Clean Out Your Ears, Son



  Dream Diary   


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© August 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that I was asleep earlier and I woke up now. Felt like I was 12-years old.

But everything was different around me. I didn't know where I was. I remember being so scared I cried out loud, "Where am I !?"

Then I looked around and saw I was in a single bed in a room like for a hospital.

Someone walked by my door which was open and replied to my question, "You're in a state home dummy; where you've always been ! Where the hell did you think you were !?"

"I dunno !" I called back.

"Dummy !" the voice repeated and then walked on.

I got out of bed and looked around. I had thought for a state home that I would be in a room with a dozen other beds or so, so why was I getting a room all to myself ?

"Hey." I called to see if the person still in the hallways was there.

"Hey !" I yelled. No reply. I sighed and got up. The floor was stone cold and I realized why. I was in some type of paper gown which - whirling around, fortunately was closed in the back unlike other hospital gowns - and the floor was cold because I didn't have any shoes on.

I looked around 'my' room and it was fairly pleasant. There were 2 teddy bears and a little stand showing small stuffed animals of Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet, much like I had years ago.

I really believed I was awake so I walked out of my room to look around. There were long hallways extending in 4-different directions.

Then I heard a voice from the hallways straight ahead, "Breakfast and showers, let's move it, pups !"

I went down that hall and saw a group of people lined up. I got in line too. The line didn't seem to be moving very quickly. Finally I tapped the shoulder on the fellow ahead of me. He was wearing a T-Shirt and jeans so I at once questioned why I was just wearing a gown.

"Whaddya want ?" he snarled back.

"Is this line for breakfast or showers ? Which one is it ?" I asked him.

"Yes." he replied flatly.

"Yes ?" I queried.

"Yeah, yes, YES ! You DEEF or something !?"

"It's breakfast." the guy ahead of him spoke in a friendlier tone.

"What about a shower ?" I asked the new person.

"You don't need to be in line for that, just go ahead."

I nodded, stepped out of line and started to march forward.

At once a big attendant working there grabbed my arm, "No cutting in line, pup !" he growled at me.

"I just want a shower." I told him.

"You're skipping breakfast then ?" he asked.

"Yes." I told him.

He sighed, "Awright, get on up there. The shower's free right now."

With that he pulled my arm forward until I was ahead of everyone.

The showers were to the left. Then I saw my Dad ! But something was different, he had a beard ! Dad has never had a beard in his life ! He was speaking on a cellphone so I guess even though I was young, the time was now.

"Yes. Yes." he said into the receiver. He paused, then spoke, "Yeah, that new kid. He totally flipped out. Lost his mind, started breaking things. Exactly the response we were looking for."

That piqued my curiosity. I turned to the hallway to the right to talk to him. He wasn't talking about me, right ?

Then a global announcement voice echoed from speakers in the ceiling, "Dr. Harris. You are needed in New Arrivals. Dr. Harris. You are needed in -" the voice clicked off.

Apparently that was my Dad because he snapped closed the phone. Then walked toward me.

"Dad ?" I said.

He just smiled widely and responded, "Is that who I am to to you today ? Interesting. See you later, David." He tousled my hair then walked quickly on leaving me alone in the hallway.

I turned around to go back to the showers but I couldn't find them for some strange reason.

I ran into a woman who looked like she worked there. "Where are you supposed to be, pup !?" she asked me in an angry tone.

I was definitely not like the fact every person employed called us 'pups.'

I was ready to give up on the shower at this point and just wanted to be back in that nice room all to myself.

"My room ?" I asked her.

She looked at a piece of plastic hanging on my gown I didn't see before. Finally she spoke, "David, you are in upper bunk 34A, that's the 2nd floor, 3-down from here."

"What about that room I had to myself ?" I asked her. I thought that was my room.

She scoffed, "Idiot. That's just where they put people after ER - you - really don't have a clue what you did yesterday, do you ?"

I shook my head.

She smiled, not nice. "I guess that's why you're here, pup. Now SCOOT !" and she raised her voice on me.

All I could do was backtrack my steps but now I was =REALLY= lost.

Finally I came across this elevator. There was a kid inside, "Hey David ! You going back to your room ? This will getcha there !"

I ran inside the elevator. There was this long metal bar stretching across from the left and the right. I instinctively grabbed on to it, and just as well ! The floor suddenly slid out of view and me and 3-other people were hanging on to the metal bar for dear life as the elevator itself started to careen drunkenly left and right.

"I want off !" I yelled.

And apparently the elevator heard me. Just then the mechanism shot straight into the sky, breaking the ceiling above and all of us were airborne. I have terrible vertigo so I passed out.

At that point I woke up for real.


[2] Dreamed I was back in school and taking a test for class. The teacher told us to cut on the dotted line. I didn't see any dotted line, just a single piece of blank paper in front of me.

I watched to see what the other students would do. Sure enough they turned over the paper and there was a dotted line.

I turned my paper over like them and seeing a pair of safety scissors in front of me, cut the line as requested by the teacher.

But then I realized I had cut too far. There were numbers and other important things that were by the dotted line, but not all the way across. I had ruined my test.

A moment passed. I watched the students busily answer the questions that I had cut off. Another minute passed. I raised my hand to see if the teacher could give me a new test.

"We're in the middle of the test, David." she said. "It will have to wait."

Then she said, "TIme ! Put down your pencils."

I interrupted her, "Ma'am, shouldn't we go by school time, it still says we have 3-minutes ?"

She turned her head and looked up at the standard school clock that hung above every blackboard, and it did say 3-minutes to 11.

She turned back around and sighed, "Alright, David. Class, you have 3-more minutes. Work dilligently everyone."

I couldn't believe this. I reached down under my desk to see if anything was there. Curiously enough I found several bits of paper that I used to work on when I was back in school. All kinds of ideas for numbers, math, and ways of making games out of them. Bundles and BUNDLES of papers !

I noisily pushed them aside and found a little roll of Scotch-Tape.

The teacher spoke directly to me, "David ! Just what are you doing !?"

"Trying to finish my test." I said. Turning the page around I grabbed the tape and cut off a piece about the length of where I cut the paper too far. I hurriedly folded the paper back together and taped it together.

Now I could see the questions but there was no time to answer them !

Finally I stood up in frustration to protest.

My teacher had enough of me for one day though, "Mr. Wicker,  you sit down - NOW !"

I sat back down in a hurry, then I woke up.


[3] I had seen a strange ad in my comic book. It said, "Advanced technology can be yours for only $1.25 !"

What was strange was the fact it appeared to have been added to my comic book. The ad itself was twice the thickness of the page as if someone glued it in there once the comic book itself was printed.

But I couldn't pass up such an inviting offer. I sent off for - whatever it was I was going to receive. A package arrived 2-weeks later. It was a small cardboard box. At first I thought I was going to open it with just my hands but it was sealed too tightly.

I took some scissors and brushed off the top edge of the packaging. Inside the box had line straight-lines of foil all around it. "It's protecting something." I told myself.

Then I finally reached it. It was like a gelatinous cube, sticky to my fingers. It felt wet but when I set it down, my fingers were dry. I touched the cube again, it still felt like it had water in it - but no trace appeared on my fingers.

I set the cube on the floor. There were no switches or instructions or anything to state how it worked. I clapped my hands, clicked my fingers, and pointed my fingers at it. Nothing happened.

Finally I stamped my foot near it. The cube reached out with thick wet ropes of glistening slime and grabbed the nearby stuffed Easter bunny I had, which was nearly the size I was.

The whole thing happened in less time than a second and my stuffed rabbit was gone. I hesitantly stamped my foot back by the cube and gooey tendrils reached back into to redeposit my bunny back where it was from.

I checked the stuffed animal, to see if it was wet in any way. No, it wasn't but it WAS cold. As if someone had managed to stuff it in the freezer and leave it there overnight.

I gingerly picked up the cube, being careful not to put my feet anywhere around it. I set it back in the top of the box it arrived in.

I walked outside with the package, not really sure what to do with it.

Suddenly one of the bullies from school accosted me. "Hey, shrimp ! You gotta pay tax to cross this road."

"How much ?" I asked him.

He smiled widely, usually I was never brave enough to speak back, but this time I did. He scratched the back of his head. "Ok, Poindexter. I'll make it cheap this time, five dollars. Pay up !"
And he held his hand out.

I set the box down on the floor. "How about a magic trick first ?"

He scoffed, "What, where you disappear and I don't get my money !?"

"No, no, I promise you, I won't run away. But I do want to show you this neat trick I have."

With no word from him, I carefully pulled out the jelly cube and set it down near him.

"What's that ?" he asked with some interest.

"You'll see." I said. Without waiting another moment, I stamped near the box and, just like before, wet ropey arms came out, grabbed the bully into the cube.

I chuckled to myself. I could leave him there if I wanted to. But, perhaps he could die or something ?

I waited a moment more. Then stamped my foot again. Suddenly he came out, frozen to the core but it was worse than that. He came out in a cube shape. His face was mashed up against his chest, his arms were bent over and broken against his back and his legs were crushed up into his pelvis.

If it wasn't for the fact he was frozen solid, he would be bleeding all over the place. I put my hand near his malformed mouth. There was no breath. He was completely dead ...

So what I had was not really useful technology, not really, more of a deadly weapon.

Suddenly I heard a voice behind me, "Hey, just what the hell do you think you're doing !?"

Without thinking, I stamped my foot again and regretted it at once as I was so close to the cube now. This time the dreadful tendrils reached out for me and pushed me into the box. I woke up in fear.


[4] I was outside with a few other people, waiting at a bus stop, and yes, we were trying to catch the bus. For me, I wanted to go home. I had a memory of working at a day labor camp where the work was very hard and draining. I just wanted to sleep now.

Then the scene changed and I was suddenly at Six Flags, the amusement park. I was waiting in line to get to the Log Flume. But the temperature outside was downright chilly. It had to be the middle of winter, so why did I want cold water splashed on me ?

I stepped out of the line trying to get my bearings. Each time a scene changed in my dream I had a whole new consciousness and it usually took me a moment to try and understand it all.

I walked through the park a short ways when I suddenly recognized a gang of bullies from school. And it was clear from the way their heads were jerking around, they were looking specifically for me.

I started to run away when I woke up.


[5] Dreamed Rose and me were at the local library. For some reason I was getting ready to check out a book called, "White Magic."

No sooner when we were outside she took the book from me. "Hey !" I told her, taking the book back. "I checked that out, not you."

She shook her head, "Don't you remember ? You got the book for me cause I don't have a Fort Worth library card and they won't accept mine here."

My brain was still trying to acclimate to where I was in the dream. I could only nod my head dumbly at this point.

Rose took back the book and opened it to a random page. Then she started to speak the words in there. Words I definitely could not speak myself. Her tongue fluttered and hissed over the complex syllables like she was made for them.

"Afrrych tchlyishra pyreshrnief !" she said in perfect speech.

At once the sky opened up into a circle and a beam of light shot down straight in front of her. When the light vanished, you could see it had deposited something. A small glass unicorn, about the size of her hand.

I picked up the ornament to look at. Rose just beamed a wide smile to me. "Watch what else I can do !"

She spoke again. This time it was words that I was certain no human could ever pronounce but she did so, and fluently. The sky opened up like before, but this time the beam of light shot straight down at her !

At once I could see her turn red and it was as if she were transparent. I saw her bones in her arms and skull. She shrieked once then the light vanished, and so had Rose !

The White Magic book fluttered to the ground, still open to the page she was on. In the back of my mind I knew I had to close the book or a terrible storm was going to build and blow away the library.

The sky rumbled angrily and winds whipped up, somehow not touching the book on the ground at all.

I tried to use my foot to kick the cover closed, but then my foot somehow mired in one of the pages and disappeared from view. It was like incredible stickiness and I couldn't pull free.

Blasts of lightning from the storm shot all around me. Then one hit me straight on - and I woke up.


Dreamed I was in my 20s in this dream. Unlike real life, bullies had followed me to college and had taken one of my science experiments and used it as a weapon. It was a terrible device that could create immediate precipitation wherever they wanted, and at any intensity.

It was a storm generating machine. At the science fair, I just showed how it could be used to create small rainclouds with thunder and lightning. I did so by rotating this one little lever, just a bit, to get the effect I wanted.

Bullies showed up at the exhibit and while I was away at lunch, they stole it, and learned quite quickly it could create real and devastating storms anywhere they pointed it.

They are in this wagon and I am chasing after them, trying to get a hold of my machine and break it or do something to incapacitate it.

To defend themselves they are pointing my device at the sky above me and trying to create a deadly storm that will wipe me out. Rain gushes around me and deafening thunder rumbles up in my ears.

Lightning bolts lick left and right singeing my clothes - but it's not stopping me and I'm still chasing after them.

Then the scene changes and I am working for a newspaper company. I am typing out on the typewriter, "The storm making device was recovered and dismantled."

In the back of my memory, I wasn't me. I was an employee of the news company I worked for. And me ? I didn't know where he was.

Then I woke up.


[7] I'm back in school, I'm 14-years old, but it's a little strange. I'm in a school called The Messianic. I remember security was very high. No shooting would occur as anything even remotely showing up as metal appeared in the metal detector that everyone had to pass both entering and leaving the school.

AND for entering or leaving the cafeteria to go to recess as well. It was a pretty fast process. You didn't have to pause or anything. Just walk briskly through. If it sounded, then there was someone immediately by to check your person.

I know in the cafeteria there were several cameras facing all angles to ensure no fights or problems broke out. People ate their lunch and talked to themselves quietly. It really was a little like prison I suppose.

At one point a woman came to the cafeteria and somehow in my mind I knew she was related to security. A younger student there decided he didn't like her being there though and made a confrontation.

The woman wielded this electric type of whip, it had a purple glow to it and apparently disrupted neurons in the brain by temporarily flat-lining them. She pulled it out and lazily slung it across the person who confronted her.

In seconds they fell over snoring in a corner. The woman smiled and pocketed the whip, then went to talk to the lady behind the cafeteria serving table about something.

Then she went through the detector outside. I knew people who worked there could disable the metal detector just for themselves. I think it was something issued in their wrist, directly under the skin so you would have to cut it out in order to take advantage of it.

This was pretty elaborate and as most school shootings were done by agitated kids who weren't thinking clearly, we had no problems to date at the school since it's initial opening, no one could even bring a knife to school, and I guess that was the main selling point to parents.

Absolute and complete safety.

Recess outside was pretty interesting too. Kids played in a bulletproof dome that extended for a quarter of a mile outside from the entrance with a large cut on the top to let air and sunlight in.

You couldn't even toss something from the top out or in as a motion sensor was placed there to detect any disruptions.

I finished my lunch and stepped outside to recess. There were no worries of bullies either as sentries posted every entrance and exit as well as the edges of the dome. These were very muscular men and women who were there to keep order, and they had these special security whips as well.

The whip would also not work in anyone else's hands. The weapon was geared to only operate in the security person's gloves. And the gloves were locked on their wrist, much like a padlock. You had to have a key even to get the glove off.

I went to talk to my friends by the swing-sets when a sudden blast of downward facing air made me look up. There was a loud noise and suddenly a helicopter was trying to land !

The kids ran in all directions frightened at this. Me, I tried to get back inside when suddenly I felt the neuron whip lash around my neck. I looked back and one of the security guards was using it on me. I yelled why but I don't think they could hear me above the roar of the helicopter landing.

Then I fell asleep in the dream as my neurons flat-lined. Then I woke up in real life back in bed.


[8] Dreamed I was a multi-millionaire just holding a big party for the entertainment of it.

I was living in this absolutely beautiful mansion. Me and a hundred other people were partying in the Main Hall I called it. It was a beautiful large room with statues from my favorite cartoon shows, including animated Star Trek.

I was just walking to talk to this pretty girl who was checking out Spock when there was a noise above us.

The ceiling in this room was not glass but heavy crystal. In the daytime It shone a million rainbows in all directions which is what I wanted. At night, the moon would twinkle little rainbow tendrils here and there - but now what could only be described as a full-sized flying saucer was descending.

"Get back !" I told everyone as I knew the heavy crystal could cut and possibly kill any of the guests below.

The warbling sound of the invading craft already put everyone at attention and as requested, they hurriedly backed up against the edges of the room.

Sure enough the alien ship pushed through the crystal, smashing it in all directions and made a landing directly in the middle of the entertainment room.

For some reason in my mind I knew the people on board this alien ship, and I had to get everyone out.

"Party's over !" I yelled and started to urge the guests to leave.

Glass and snacks in hand, the guests did leave. They were really frightened at this sudden intrusion. But then I had to close off a few more doors as new guests were arriving, unaware of what was going on.

"Party's closed !" I told them. "We'll reconvene tomorrow. Thank you for understanding !" I would lock one door and people tried to enter another. There were 8-heavy doors in all and I finally got them all locked.

Then curious guests were peering in the windows. At once I went to them and pulled the drapes closed for more windows than I can count.

Exhausted from all this, I returned back to the Main Hall and the UFO sensing everyone was gone now did a single shrill note. I responded by whistling the same tone back.

The UFO then started spinning it's middle diameter at a very high speed. I felt like gravity was being removed. One window flew open and I saw people outside. But something was changing with them. They were getting older by the second.

It was as if the UFO was doing some type of time distortion to age everything outside the house except its contents - and me.

It was only a moment later did they realize they were aging and shrieked in fright looking at each other and their withering hands. At once everyone fled from my mansion in all directions.

Then the ship opened up and a very attractive and nude normal-looking woman stepped out. She held her hand out to mine. I took it and at once a thousand thoughts entered my head. Something to do with Earth's water supply. It was running out, and they were here to fix that problem.

I shuddered from the onslaught of thoughts and pulled back seeing that I now had a ring on the hand I offered her earlier. It was a simple gold ring but you could put your ear next to it and hear an interesting sound, like a woman from a choir.

After a moment of contemplating everything that had happened, I woke up.


[9] Incredible dream where I am found out to be a vampire. I am being hunted and hounded down in my own city for this. People are wielding weapons of all kinds, not just guns and pistols but pitchforks and shovels.

They want to murder me anyway they can ! But then I manage to turn into a bat and fly away. I go back to my home which is this beautiful castle. In it are hundreds of soldiers, empty iron suits that will do my bidding.

The moment I arrive, however, the drawbridge is lowered and my army storms forth to attack the people, which isn't what I want at all !

"No !" I'm yelling, "Stop ! I hadn't told you to leave yet !"

Then my mind changes. It's as if evil overcomes it. I can hear people yelling and screaming outside as these soulless empty armor suits start to cut down everything and everyone in their path.

I FLOW to the castle drawbridge as a dark mist and draw myself up a good 30-feet in height and bellow with fire coming out of my mouth.

"You had your chance ! All you wanted to do was hunt me down and kill me, well now you face the full might of my dark powers. For I am DRACULA !"

Then my view is suddenly swept along at a high clip to see everything horrible leap forth from the Earth. Wherewolves, zombies, dead bodies, ghosts, spirits, wraiths - they all come out to descent upon man a wreak terrible wrath.

Then there are gunshots followed by explosions of torpedoes, grenade launchers, bazookas, everything that fits the bill. The whole of the land before me erupts in terrible white-hot fire. It is so warm that I have to back up a little so as not to get burned.

Then I wake up.


[10] Dreamed I was taking this important test to determine if I could leave High-School to enter college.

And unfortunately, I was failing it miserably. It was a bunch of really complex questions to do not just with math and calculations but time, distance, velocity, and trajectory. All rolled into one very nasty impossible test that there was no way I could solve.

I was so frustrated my pen cut a hole in the paper leaving a black mark where the ink spilled. I tried to erase it but only wound up tearing up the paper worse instead.

Then it was something else against me. I had these weird shakes. I was shaking all over in the dream, from something, I didn't know what. Then I realized I hadn't taken my Seroquel the.night before in my dream.

And it was going to work against me. I suddenly got up in a huff to leave the testing room. The teacher called after me, "David ! There are no breaks in this test !"

I called back, "Yeah, but your test =IS= breaking me !"

Then I was in the hallway. I slumped down against one locker and shuddered some more. Then my Mom was there to console me. She had brought with her some Q-Tips. She started to clean my ears and it was very painful.

I looked to the Q-Tips to see that there was blood and flesh on them.

"When's the last time you cleaned your ears, young man ?" she asked me kindly enough.

But I was howling in pain. It was like alcohol was being put on fresh cuts. My ears had to have been terribly infected from something, but I didn't know what.

Then she said something strange. "You're in a different state of awareness, are you aware of that my son ?"

I didn't answer but tried not to cry out from the pain in my ears.

"The truth hurts, doesn't it ?" she offered, not quite so kindly now.

I started to shake worse and my voice started to stutter really bad. It was like I was having withdrawal symptoms from some addictive drug, but I knew it wasn't that.

Then I woke up.

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