Dream Diary - April 28th 2015

Dream Diary - April 28th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

In Search Of Miss Tea / Buying Oatmeal / Fighting Malware / Alien Visitors / Food For The Future / It Is Ordained / Vanilla Cake / Dad's Firetruck / The Cursed Stapler / Specific Wishes


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  Dream Diary   


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© April 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I was in a hospital. Curiously enough, this wasn't a mental hospital but a regular one. I had some kind of peg puzzle game to play that had rings in it. To the side of me was a portable videogame unit and a slice of pizza.

I remember getting up, leaving my room to enter the waiting room and offering the slice of pizza to someone who was waiting in line there. Then a bunch of nurses poured out of one door and they were apparently searching for a list of some kind.

Then one of them announced that she had found it. The others gathered around including myself. She read the board, "Tei is doing better."

In my dream I knew this person so I said, "I know her."

The nurses then offered that I should visit her. They gave me a room number and I left. As I approached the door, it's handle was shaking and vibrating like something was wrong - then I woke up.


[2] Dreaming I was over at Kay's Mother's house. For some reason there was very little food. There was a bowl of baked beans that we were supposed to eat for breakfast. I declined and Kay's Mother seemed crestfallen.

She said, "Well what would you like instead ?"

"Oatmeal ?" I offered.

She shook her head, "I don't have any oatmeal."

I was disgusted by the whole affair, "Well, I'm going to go buy some then and we'll all have oatmeal for breakfast."

This seemed to be a grand idea and everyone sent me out the door to go and retrieve it.

I had only walked a half block when looking over my shoulder, the very place I left was now having a party. While I couldn't see it, I knew there was cake, candy, and ice cream, but I held my course determined to buy some oatmeal.

Someone drove up next to me stopped at a red light. I tapped on his window and reaching in my wallet pulled a bill out. I spoke, "I'll give you $5 if you can take me to a grocery store where I can buy some oatmeal."

But when the car took off I was somehow flung behind it. It was then I realized I could fly so I held my arms out to my sides and my fingers outward and pushed against the pressure to try and get some height in the air.

Some people came by and pointed at me with scowls on their faces. I had a choice, I could get higher and away from them or come back down and see what the problem was.

I descended. One of them spoke, "That's scary, don't do that."

Then they all moved as one mass and I followed them. We arrived at this restaurant which was upstairs. I was still determined to buy some oatmeal so I asked one of them where I could find it.

He spoke, "Downstairs elevator, can't miss it."

I went to where the elevator was. I looked out an adjacent window and saw a cat get attacked by a squirrel. I looked closer and realized it was Isis, my cat. I saw her fall down and she was bleeding.

Now I was more concerned about taking the elevator down to check on her rather than find the grocery store.

The elevator opened and there was a clerk. Apparently I had to pay $1.20 to use the elevator. I fished in my pocket for more money, but all that was there was Monopoly money, fake. I GLINKED one of the bills. To do this I held something in my hands and blinked my eyes hard to make it appear as something else. I turned it into a $5 and that seemed to satisfy him.

I stepped in the elevator and then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I was working on my computer and fighting some malware on it. I was downloading this rootkit program that said it would remove it.

The program asked for a colored plugin. I had several. I put it in but then realized I had somehow put it in upside-down and unlike a real plugin which won't fit, this one did.

The whole computer shorted out the back and powered down. Then these sharp and pointed wires started flinging out the back. I grabbed the whole computer and ran to the bathroom to try and flush it down the toilet.

As I did so, a window nearby shattered and a howling and eerie wind came whipping through knocking me off my feet and the wires started attacking and constricting me. I woke up in fright.


[4] Dreamed I was outside looking at rainclouds when a UFO descended from the sky. The side opened up and an alien, a fellow with a large purple head stepped out to try and catch me.

I went running off and he went after me. I saw Dad and jumped in his car, Dad was there too and he seemed to know what was happening. He was grinding the gears and tore out of there. I looked behind me and the further we got from the landed UFO the brighter it became until it was like a hot purple sun.

Dad told me that we got away. I looked over my shoulder and the glow from the UFO was gone so I breathed a sigh of relief. We were at a crosswalk and two women in wheelchairs zipped across. They were going so fast I clocked them at 40mph.

I watched them approach this oncoming train and suddenly the wheelchairs flew over the train and to the other side.

Then Dad for some reason decided to follow the train. We left the road and our wheels locked on the tracks and with noisy grinding we went after where the train was going. I moment later I heard an explosion behind me and as I looked, I woke up.


[5] Dreamed I was in church. I was wearing a necklace that stated in small print, "You are not going to be a carrier."

Apparently this was a profession so I asked the preacher, "What will I be then ?"

He shook his head like it was something bad and grave and said, "Come to my room when we finish our designations here."

I knew he was telling each and everyone what they would be in this world. And the world we had - was sort of good. It was after World War 3 and we had to ration everything, including human resources.

Well, I didn't like the way he spoke and how bad it sounded for me. So I left the church and entered what was called the Wastelands. I hadn't traveled very far when people were chasing after me, trying to hurt me.

In this dream I knew how to rewind time so I tapped my index finger with my other and backed it up so I was on the verge of entered the Wastelands - and decided not to.

Even being where I was, I was accosted by some other people. They said they want to show me something. I asked what. They said someone's throat will be cut by this new machine that dictates judgement for all men.

I told them, I don't want to see that. They countered that it was a marvelous machine and never makes mistakes. I told them, the person that made it, could have made a mistake when he built it.

They didn't know how to answer that. They started to crowd in on me fearfully. I tapped my pinky finger to make me invisible. The problem with being invisible in my dreams though is I had to be very VERY quiet or they would hear me and they could still touch me.

Masses of angry people started running towards me and I tried to quietly run counter to their movements. Suddenly I was no longer being chased. I looked and I was in the preacher's room, exactly where he wanted me.

He saw through my invisibility and said, I have a gift for you, David.

He handed me a jar of pickled eggs. But when I opened the jar to look there were live disgusting worms in the eggs. But he picked one out and at it. And he told me, this would be the new food for all the people - so I had better get used to it.

When I didn't respond, the worms started crawling out of his mouth so I ran out of his room and woke up in fear.


The next dream I had had an alternate ending to the first and was so immensely long, I slept without waking till morn.

I was 14-years old and somehow ordained a minister of sorts - and it was the future. Women ruled over men - a Patriarchal society. I still had my necklace which read, "You are not going to be a carrier."

All the women wore black and the men wore white, I guess to distinguish them from any age.

I was in a hospital now with a bunch of sick and injured people. A little girl was wheeled on a gurney to me. There was a woman wheeling it and she told me to bless her Mother and make her well from her infirmity.

At first I thought it was odd. The woman was saying the little girl was her Mother, that plus the fact I didn't really believe in faith healing. Nonetheless I placed my hand on her forehead and told her to rise, you are no longer suffering. And the little girl DID rise and thanked me !

Then someone took my hand and dragged me towards this room where a bunch of women were seated. I was told to sit on the floor though with this gray pillow, not in a chair, despite it being nearby. I sat on the pillow as requested.

Then someone announced that this was a class where one could learn important things about being a new minister.

I guess rank had its privileges. One woman there twice my age stood behind me, also dressed in black. She stooped over and placed a hand on my head and said that she would look after my every need. There was a murmur of comments that, this was the way of the order, like The Order was something old, ancient, and beautiful.

Looking up from sitting on the floor, I could only see the inside of her skirt. I rubbed the side of her bare calf as she was quite close to me. She looked down and smiled and said, "That feels nice, David."

It was at that point I realized I was supposed to have sex with her later, something about the ministry and babies and the importance of keeping a pure bloodline, and my age was inconsequential. I myself was of a specific bloodline necessary to keeping purity in the ministry.

I was led to my room and it was absolutely beautiful. There was this arrangement of water flow across the floor that created rippling rainbows on the walls. A type of waterfall in the kitchen to get fresh water, and the bed in the bedroom was actually a massive collection of flower petals strung together with ivy and vines.

In every room there were these beautiful computer consoles as well. But instead of hard plastic they were like made out of precious and semi-precious materials, quartz, jade, marble, and gold.

It was like everyone was extremely wealthy. And we were in our own private society, ruled by women, and our mating was kept to a very specific set of laws and level so women would always remain in power.

As I stood next to the woman who was to take care of me, I reached an arm around her pelvis and pulled her close to me. I smelled a fresh scent of lavender. Then I woke up.


[7] Dreamed I was staying over at my Dad's. I was in some kind of special room. I went to turn the lights on as it was dark in here. The lights were blindingly bright. I tried to turn them off but they wouldn't.

Then Dad came in and said, "You have a rat in the trap."

I was confused, "What ?"

He then pulled a dead rat from his pocket to thrust in my face.

I pulled away, "That's rude. Don't do that."

Then the scene changed and we were outside. There was a beautifully decorated box like for a large Birthday cake.

So me and Dad went to it. I pulled off the ribbons and he cut around the paper with some scissors. Opening it though, instead of one full cake it was a massive triangle wedge, like a single slice for a giant.

Dad cut off a section for me to try and he did too. It was absolutely delicious. About that point I woke up smelling vanilla.


[8] Dreamed my Dad went to an auction and bought a used firetruck for $5000.

He put it in the backyard and put floodlights on it so it would be perfectly safe.

A week later a firetruck came by. They pulled in our driveway, then to the grass, then to the backyard where Dad's was. They started doing some work on Dad's engine. I went out there to ask - but they wouldn't tell me what they were doing.

I was really mad cause it was Dad's firetruck, not theirs. The next day there was a loud noise late at night. I looked and there were over 100 firemen surrounding Dad's firetruck and they were having cake and sipping champagne.

I was livid, "What the hell do you think you're doing !? This is my Dad's backyard, it is private property - none of you were invited here, you need to leave NOW !"

They laughed at me. I approached and stepped on to Dad's firetruck. There was a key in the ignition so I turned it. But instead of the engine starting, music started to play, like from a loud calliope.

I covered my ears and grimaced. Then a mass of people showed up, late as night as it was and they told me to move out of the way as they wanted to see this great fire engine they had heard about.

It was all I could do to just run from the noisy affair; my hands clapped over my ears. I woke up out of rage and anger.


[9] Dreamed I was staying after school because of cutting up in class. The teacher had me and a few others working on some papers. I was using this bright red stapler she had. The only problem was, every time I stapled a page down, an errant staple would somehow find itself to my butt and jab in there.

I finally threw down the stapler to pull the staples out of my butt. The teacher came in and asked why I wasn't working. I told her she had a cursed stapler. She laughed, nonsense.

But then to my vision the stapler changed into a book with hieroglyphic runes and lettering on it. One of the kids working there yelled, it's the mark of the evil one ! and ran out.

Another kid pointed at it and said, that's a satanic book. I offered to burn it. At this point my teacher was in complete agreement. She pulled out a storm-proof proof lighter and lit the corner of it.

In seconds the book was on fire but then staples started shooting out of it in all directions ! I was running away and still managed to get several on my face and back. I looked behind to see if the teacher was falling me but I couldn't see her.

I heard a shriek from her and looking over my shoulder I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was an archeologist. I was studying Egyptian gods and rituals. I came across this urn but what was odd is, it was all one piece. I thought it was odd that an urn was cast from a single piece. What on Earth could be in it ?

I finally laughed. I had already found enough artefacts to fill a small museum. Curiosity overcame scholarly concern and I dashed it against the rocks to see if anything valuable would come out.

A blue mist arose from the wreck and a 2000 BC Pharaoh presented himself. He had eyes of fire and skin of leather. He affixed me with his terrible gaze and asked what I wanted.

Before I could answer one of the other diggers stepped in front and said, I want treasure. I want to be with the greatest treasures in the world.

The Pharaoh nodded, apparently understanding him. He then cast a spell on the eager worker and he turned to solid gold. Then he vanished from sight.

I asked where he went. The Pharaoh said that he granted his wish. He turned him to gold and placed him directly in a treasure cove deep underground.

"But he's dead !" I said. "That's not what he asked for !"

The Pharaoh fixed me with his fiery eyes and said, "He should have been more specific."

I was about to say something but my tongue caught in my throat and somehow I was shrinking. My skin turned chitinous and black. In moments I realized I had turned into a scarab beetle and was crawling up his leg to his belly to climb inside where apparently there were many more beetles.

I woke up in fright.

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