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Dream Diary - January 12th 2016

Dream Diary - January 12th 2016

A Chapter by dw817

The Black Chest / Motorcycle Birth / The Serpent's Light / The Mansion Of Memories / Powerpuff Girls Church / War Drobe / Bone Bracelets / A Little Too Real / The Policeman's Ball Game / Teddy World



  Dream Diary   


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© January 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

Welcome back to the start of another year
of very trippy dreams from yours truly.

Let's begin shall we ?

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that my Gramma came to visit me. She said she was looking for a black chest.

Now in this dream, Dad had apparently moved into this big house and I already knew there was this large black chest that was in the cellar, already part of the house.

I was too frightened to open it. I told her, it was here but I didn't want to go near it. My Gramma smiled and said, the chest belongs to me, lead me to it.

Well, I did. There were spiders crawling across the lid. I hate spiders and I dream about them often - anyways, I asked her what's inside.

She only said, something good.

"How good ?" I asked.

She said, "You'll get $5,000 reward if what I think is still there."

I nodded, that was a good. Then she opened it up and flatly shrieked, "It's gone !"

"What is ?" I asked her.

She was up in an instant to look at my face, to see if I had betrayed her or was lying in my actions. I wasn't. She sighed. Did I tell anyone else about this black chest ?

Yes, Rose. I was telling her about it earlier.

"Bring her here." Gramma said. I nodded and apparently Jimbo was living next door so I went there. I saw Rose and told her that my Gramma wants to see her. She asked why. I told her it was about the black chest in the bottom of the basement - the house that Dad just bought.

Then Rose laughed and so did Jimbo. What's so funny I asked ?

We already have it ! She told me.

What ?

What your Gramma was looking for. It's an old money order apparently still valid, for $75,000. I told them that Gramma was gonna give me $5,000 of it. Rose said if I keep my mouth shut and go with her instead that her and Jimbo will give me $10,000.

At that point I ran away. I knew a shady deal. I was just getting ready to run back in Dad's house to tell Gramma what happened when a loud sound appeared behind me and a bright flash of light. I looked, Jimbo had shot me in the back straight through my chest. I fell over in a dead clump - then I woke up.


[2] Dreamed Dad, Michelle, and me were all living together, even though I was in my 20s. Dad was not a psychologist but some type of chemist. Rose was dabbling in his laboratory and taking out things she wanted, like ether and formaldehyde.

I told her that would make her sick.

She said shut up and mind your own business.

Then she found these pills in a pink container. There was no label on any of the sides, but she took one anyways.

Then time passed and I know she felt sick. She also got pregnant - apparently from one of those pills.

Now also in this dream my sister rode a motorcycle. Somehow the baby got transferred from inside her to inside the motorcycle, and Dad was there with a bunch of tools like a monkey wrench, screwdriver, and hammer, trying to get the baby out safely.

I couldn't look away, I was so amazed. Then I woke up.


[3] Really bad scary dream about being in a shopping mall and this weird green light 'flowed' out of all the light bulbs. It wasn't so much like a green light like it was aerial serpents, complete with yellow eyes and flickering tongues. They quickly hissed down between the concrete floors, but they had already done their worst.

Any senior woman was suddenly possessed and stared up into the mall's now normal lights and hissed savagely.

Then they threw down whatever they were carrying and started to attack people, trying to rip out their throats. People were screaming and running all over the place.

I went in an elevator, always a bad idea. I tried to close the door as their fingers were pushing through. I got it closed, then the fingers started to appear on the OTHER side of the elevator door. My brain was telling me this was impossible, maybe I was dreaming, but I still fought to close the door there.

Then fingers started to peel back the metal elevator door. At that point I woke up in fright.


[4] I've had this dream before, but not very often. I wake up but instead of being in a 2-level apartment, I'm in this sumptuous mansion, and I am all alone.

Somewhere I can hear soft piano music playing. The dream is the same, I get up and see that anything I have ever lost in life is with me in this mansion. Nothing got lost. I start to check out the rooms and see all kinds of amazing things, not just my old toys and stuff I lost but huge pieces of machinery, all old and rusted from 200-300 years ago.

I enter another room and there are all kinds of old chairs stacked one on top of another making a real clutter in the room. I recognize some of the chairs as the ones from Dad's house, and a high chair that I was put in when I was little.

Typewriters, old computers, large computers that span 4-5 rooms because of their size and age.

I went upstairs and somehow being upstairs was level with normal ground so I had to assume that my mansion was actually underground.

I look out the window and have a memory of annoying neighbors living next door. They have kids and they are playing in my yard without permission. Strangely the parents are there too.

I open the window and one of the youngest kids screams like he's in pain.

"See what you did ?" the Mother says, scolding me.

"What ?"

"Why did you open that window ?"

"To get fresh air, maybe ?"

She doesn't say anything to that but grabs her kids, tells the husband to get off the recliner by my swimming pool, and they go back to their own yard.

I stay on this level and see what is 'upstairs.'

I pass by windows which show bed sheets, pillows, blankets, comforters, and quilts, all neatly tied up with ribbons.

Quite suddenly and unexpectedly I wake up.


[5] Dreamed that I was exploring this church of an unknown denomination. I know the church members were a very violent people. I was investigating or something like that. I had to find proof that this was a bad religion and needed to be shut down.

I kept climbing down down DOWN down the stairs, for a very long ways. I finally reach the complete bottom and hear what sounds like chanting and stuff going on. But it doesn't sound right.

It's an 'attempt' at human speech, and not entirely successful. I look around and see there are these giant rats walking on legs like man and wearing dark hoods, some type of cult.

They immediately attack me and then the scene changes. I'm now in this crazy pink church that is clearly made out of plastic. Lots of little girls are sitting in the front rows but instead of being attentive they are playing with toys.

What kind of toys ? I got up from my pew to investigate. They were Powerpuff Girl toys.

Then I looked forward and saw a very strange sight indeed. Instead of a cross there was this tiara placed on top of a very childish looking magic wand.

One of the girls spoke to me, "Powerpuff."

"What ?" I asked her.

"Powerpuff Girls. You're in the church of -"

"Of Powerpuff girls ? I asked her."

She nodded.

Hoo boy. That was enough. I thought surely I must be dreaming and ran out deliberately bashing my shoulder into the side wall to feel pain. As soon as I didn't feel anything I knew I was asleep and woke up.


Dreamed my Dad was working on experiments. It was a kind of creepy thing. He said there is great power in that which cannot be seen. I asked him what that meant.

He said, here. And held up a piece of red paper. "Do you see it ?"

I nodded.

Then he crumpled it up and held it in his hands tightly.

"Do you still see it ?"

I nodded.

Dad sighed, then crumpled it even tighter.

"How about now ?"

I shook my head, "No. But I know it's still in your hand."

Dad sighed with relief, glad that I wasn't going to try and mess up whatever theory he was trying to prove.

"Yes, it's in my hand, but suppose it wasn't."

"What do you mean ?" I asked him.

"What if by your not being able to see it, that would give it energy, the energy to travel through time and other dimensions. You see, it's time traveling right now - but only for you. You can't see it. You assume it's in my hand, but it's not. Not really. It's traveling to both the past and the future as we speak.

I gave my Dad a quizzical look. He was either an incredible genius or incredibly stupid I didn't know which. So I just shrugged, "Okay."

He said, the same is true with the upstairs. The wardrobe - he wanted to show me.

"What do you mean ?" I asked him again.

I could tell Dad was not liking me to ask so many questions. He put a finger to his mouth for me to be quiet. Then I followed him upstairs. It was all quiet. The wardrobe was right there.

Dad spoke, "When you are here, everything is shifting in there. It is time traveling, to the past and to the future, constantly. Because we cannot see it."

I wasn't going to argue, "Okay."

"Now, when YOU step into the wardrobe, and I can't see you, what proof do you have that you exist ?"

This was really getting weird. I had an answer though. "I can see myself. I hold my hands out in front and I can see myself."

Dad pointed an accusational finger at me. "That is the only thing holding you to reality in this world."

"Really ?" I asked. Maybe Dad did have something here.

"Step inside." Dad offered, and opened up the wardrobe door for me to enter.

I did, and he followed after me. I was a little uncomfortable now, being cooped up in this tiny space and not just by myself.

"What proof do you have I exist ?" Dad asked, his voice louder in this small area.

"I can see you." I replied back easily enough, and yes, I was facing him.

"And I can see you. Now, try this. Dad turned his back to me. I can now no longer see you. Now, you turn around so you can't see me either - and watch what happens."

Very strange theory Dad was trying to prove here. "Okay." I said though, and then we were back to back.

"How do you know I exist ?" Dad asked.

I was getting pretty good at these questions. "Because I can feel your back against mine."

Dad then stepped forward slightly and it felt like icicles ran up and down my shoulders. That was weird I thought.

"Now wait - " I began to say but Dad spoke, and his voice was weird and had an echo to it, "Silence ! You'll break the spell."

So, I was silent, and as I was I felt movement. It was as if the Wardrobe was always in motion constantly, and only stood still when someone was looking at it, or looking in it to find clothing.

Were all things this way, I wondered ?

Dad then spoke, his voice really weird now, "You must remember your name is - Ink Hot Cheffau. Don't forget it. It will save your life when we arrive ! Ink Hot !"

"What ?"

"Silence ! Don't break the spell." Dad said, his voice a little frightened as if he was uncertain he could control this great power that was presenting itself.

Then there was shaking, great shaking. It was if the wardrobe didn't want us inside of it and worse yet, we understood the secret of items that were hidden. It started shaking so hard my feet felt like they were bleeding. The very wood was rising from the ground to cut into me sharply.

Then I woke up.


[7] Rather epic dream. Time was skewed, I was in my 20s, Dottie was still the age she is today, and she had a daughter.

And somehow this daughter was 'tainted' by evil. That is she was friends with and could summon demons to tear apart anyone that stood in her path.

I was chosen to attack and defeat her. To remove these strange 'bone-bracelets.' They were bracelets that when worn would spin and cut and cut and cut past the flesh to the bone, then it would connect metal gears to the very bone of your wrist.

I remember looking at her. Dried blood coated where her wrists were. She wanted power and she didn't care how she got it.

Now I was attacking her, and her bracelets were spinning around. They couldn't harm her anymore but they could hurt me ! I finally gave an almighty punch to her head, and she fell back perfectly unconscious.

"What do you desire ?" a voice spoke.

"Who's there ?" I asked.

"A friend." the voice said soothingly. "We have always been friends to mankind, have we not brethren ?" There was guttural hissing and agreement all around. Apparently I was communicating with the demons that took her over.

"You are the demons ?" I asked the voice.

"Yessss !"

"I desire you to leave this world and never return."

"Foolish human !" the voice hissed right up in my ear. "That is an impossible wish. There will always be a balance. You have sacrificed what could've been a good wish for you, for pride, pride of your species. This will be your eternal downfall !"

And before I could object, the ground suddenly opened up and I was swallowed by it. But not just a few feet, or kilometers, no, miles, and many miles more than that ! I was headed straight towards hell !

I woke up in fright.


[8] Dreamed I was part of some videogame community, people who developed new videogames and I was one of the programmers and testers.

There were two games in front of me. One was a type of slime game where you ate everything in sight. The other was a type of World War II 3-Dimensional Fighter Pilot game.

I was expected to examine both so I did. The slime monster game was strange. The scientist, drawn in silly 8-bit pixels spoke in 4khz very low-pitched and said, "What movie am I from ?"

"The Blob ?" I offered.

Suddenly the 8-bit pixeled scientist faced me and said, "Yes ! That is absolutely correct ! You get the bonus, friend !"

So saying green slime started coming out the sides of the screen, not a picture, but the real thing !

I got up as quickly as I could and ran to the door only looking back once. The green slime had already consumed the computer and was working its way up the walls to the ventilators.

I turned back to open the door when I felt this weird burning cold at my back. I awoke in a fright.


[9] I was running away from the police. Apparently I had stolen some items from a bakery because I was hungry. The police were after me, then someone yelled, "Ball Game !" and they all vanished.

I looked behind me and didn't see anyone, but I wanted to be certain that I could get away, so I kept running and darted down this one alleyway.

The alleyway opened up to a field and playing Baseball were all cops ! Despite using baseball bats and catcher gloves, it really was all the police that were after me earlier.

I started to run back down the alley when one of the police grabbed me and said, "Hey, our lunch is here !"

Then directed me to sit up in the bleachers to watch the game. The big bag of bakery items I had was taken from me, but finally returned with one sealed cup of coffee and a doughnut - which was odd because I didn't grab any coffee.

"Compliments of the chief !" the policeman told me and winked.

And, well, I sat down to watch the Baseball game. And it was bad. Really bad. No-one could hit, catch, pitch, or run. They were so amateur the game was nearly unwatchable.

Ahead of me was a piece of string, like you might have on a kite. I started pulling on it and when I did, players in the Baseball game started to shoot up in the air out of sight.

Apparently that didn't faze them as they just called for pinch hitters and catchers. But I kept pulling on the string till everyone vanished.

With an empty field I started to open the coffee when a centipede came out of the cup, and I awoke in a fright.


[10] Dreamed I was definitely in some type of altered universe or dimension. The entire world consisted of Teddy Bears, but living ones. They wore clothes and absolutely everything was high-technology, well, sort of.

It was like the greatest minds of the 17th and 18th century had unlimited funds and put into production all the crazy inventions they had to further society.

No airplanes, but these strange contraptions that bounced large umbrellas up and down at such a rapid speed as to create a kind of unstable hovercraft.

I was walking outside and then I was visiting my sister, but it was a big sister I never had. She was in the backyard in a large swimming pool and there was a giant pink octopus there and she was telling the octopus all about her 1st day in business school.

The octopus smiled but continued to wrap his tentacles around her, not apparently to kill her, but to 'play' with her in a sexual manner. I yelled out loud in anger and reached over to punch the octopus in the head when one of the tentacles latched on to my leg and pulled me straight under the water.

While I could breathe underwater, I couldn't get free. I kept trying and trying - and finally woke up.

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