Dream Diary - January 10th 2017

Dream Diary - January 10th 2017

A Chapter by dw817

Mismatched Groceries / Micro Laser Gun / Happening Again / Twisted Toys / Of Khan And 'Cade / Destination: The Moon / The Pay Toilet / Mind-Control Bracelets / Exact Change Please / Toys On The Train



  Dream Diary   


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© January 2017 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Busy dreams ! Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre ones I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] This is a familiar dream and one I've had before. I am in the back of a grocery store and there are all kinds of 'free' groceries to be had. I found some large empty plastic bags and started stuffing in everything I could find that was thrown away in the dumpsters.

Now normally in these kinds of dreams, I lose my groceries or they are stolen, but this one took a different turn entirely.

As I am preparing to leave, a security guard appears before me - and by that I mean he's not there one second, then winking in like a special effect.

At some level I knew I was dreaming for him to teleport like that, so I decided to play this one out. He, of course, said I was caught shoplifting. At first I used the tack that they were thrown in the trash, but he quickly countered saying the "trash" bins were temporary storage. This dream was determined to get me in trouble, but I wouldn't let it.

I then got very loud and brazen saying, how dare he arrest me ! All the groceries I had with me were purchased.

Now I am in an office with the store manage, explaining that I had only bought 2 items of groceries earlier.

Then why do I have 4-bags full ? I explained that I was called on the phone talking to one of his employees who said I needed to pick up the groceries my girlfriend, Rose, had bought for me earlier.

Why didn't she take the groceries herself ?

She had to walk home and didn't need the excess baggage weighing her down.

I reached in the bag and pulled out a carton of cigarettes. I explained that I don't even smoke.

I then accused him and the store of doing a botch-job of keeping up with my girlfriend's groceries, this being proven by their flagrant accusations, and that they, not me, had made a terrible mistake.

The whole thing then turned quite ludicrous as the owner called the store to see whom my girlfriend had spoken with, then I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I had made a pocket laser out of a paperclip, bits of plastic and metal from a dental kit I found in the trash, and a loose jewel I found on the floor earlier that must've fallen from someone's earring. It was rather strange and beautiful the way it functioned. You pulled back a piece of the metal on the paperclip and released.

The vibrations would cause the jewel to shimmer in such a way that light was reflected both on and off of the dental mirror, eventually propelling the beam forward of the paperclip. It was genius in design (at least for my dream) and was so powerful it could burn a hole with its powerful arc.

As for me, I was in some type of mental ward combination hospital. When the staff had learned of what I did, they went all out in an effort to confiscate my pocket laser.

I remember running down a hall and looking backwards to twang a piece of metal on it causing a high beam to touch the ceiling making it collapse and prevent my capture.

I turned to run but ran straight into the head doctor who wrestled the micro laser gun from my grip. Then I woke up.


[3] Dreamed I was at an airport waiting for a flight. And it wasn't just me. There had to have been well over 100 other people waiting. Something wasn't right. Perhaps it was a bomb threat ? We didn't know and the staff wouldn't tell us.

All they would say is that our flight was "delayed."

I had my little PSP game system with me, but then I accidentally dropped it while trying to get a drink of water. Inside was a small tape-recorder. I heard it but didn't understand the words - but other people who heard it just went stark raving mad.

They not only tried to kill me but themselves. It was a little like, "The Happening" and had the same type of fear factor.

And the stupid thing wouldn't shut up ! I tried stepping on it, smashing it with something else, it only hissed louder and more and more people waiting for their flight now looked to me with murderous intent.

There was someone behind me. They were hissing in the same weird way my tape player was. Suddenly I woke up in fear.


[4] Just about any time I dream of a hand-held video game device, it is always skewed in some manner.

I was once again in some type of mental ward but this time I had two game machines before me. The first was very strange indeed as it used a spring and many different pictures that appeared on a piece of thin rotating paper to create the images and effects for that particular game.

The other one shone a series of colored lights. The lights were supposed to represent the output, so one orange light and one green light could represent that my player was holding a level 3 sword.

Almost all of them had a weird arrangement of buttons. Kooky stuff. Any time it's a video game, it's always a little off, whether it's purely mechanical with paper strips that flipped over each other, or just a box of colored lights. Keyboards and pianos are often messed up too.

I remember trying to play my original music on a piano for a friend in my dream only to see the piano held no more than 12-keys on it and the rest were "burned out." Stuff like this stuck out for me and reminded me that I was indeed dreaming.


[5] Dreamed I was visiting my Mom for 2-weeks. Dad said he was renovating the house and didn't want me or my sister there. She went to spend time with Mrs. M. Me ? I stayed with Mom.

C. S. was there too, one of her husbands. He had a game room at her house and in it was a large arcade game that took quarters and played some type of 3D fighting game with a decidedly futuristic twist as the players all floated in zero-G.

My Mom looked rather strange. Her chest was ripped and muscular like Khan from the 2nd Star Trek movie. She took me in her arms and pulled me close - which was a little uncomfortable as her chest was so hairy.

She started to sing GLORIA but in a terrible voice. I joined her to try to keep her on pitch and my voice rang out in deep baritone.

But the more we sang, the more she started to become like my real Mom, until she was the beautiful young thing my Dad married that so many years ago. And me ? My age was melting away. I was a young boy again now singing golden soprano.

a young boy full of ideas and innovation.

And Mom was there for me again. To listen, to comfort, to console.

I suddenly woke up wracked with emotion and tears.


Beautiful and rare dream. Destination: The Moon.

It is not very often I am able to dream about flying in the sky for very long. Either people try to pull me down, there are electric wires in the way preventing me from getting too high by burning my skin, or there just isn't enough uplifting wind to keep me aloft.

This dream was going to be different however. I was outside and the stars were shining with all their might. It was like I could see for galaxies beyond our own solar system. I remembered the book I had read as a child, "Little Bear" - and for the umpteenth time felt jealous because he had actually reached the moon.

But I would try again. So I gave a slight hop and was suddenly airborne. But instead of dragging me a foot off the ground down the street for blocks, colliding into cars, this time I shot straight up in the air, past the electric wires, and past the roofs of houses.

And then I started to accelerate. Just thinking of clouds above me caused my velocity to increase greatly. I was traveling so fast now it was like the wind was cutting into me with tiny knives - but I didn't care. I was finally FINALLY really flying and with no effort on my part !

I looked straight at the full moon and suddenly bolted from the clouds to leave Earth's atmosphere. The stars seemed to move closer and bend making a lovely arc as I was traveling at such a great speed now. And the beautiful jewel of the moon was almost within my grasp.

I stared now only at it and let it fill my vision and my speed increased even higher. I had to be traveling nearly the speed of light now. I laughed in my delight - and suddenly woke up.


[7] Dreamed I was in school, careening down the hallways on a pair of very new and slick roller-skates.

I was trying to find a toilet. I know I had just passed the one closest to my class but it was as if someone had uprooted all the commodes for maintenance - or heaven knows what.

Finally I found another bathroom door and entered. What I saw was strange beyond belief.

There were a series of toilets, but they were stacked on top of each other in such a way that two took the space only a little greater than one.

And there were coin slots beside them. Large metal discs covered the tops which clearly would move out of the way if you gave them the right amount of money.

Someone was there watching too to ensure there were no difficulties. He motioned to the closest one for me to use.

Pardon my language, but I had to pee, bad. I jumped up on one of them and was about 8-feet off the ground, deposited $5, and then for some reason, took off all my clothes.

Suddenly a woman appeared and started to use the one directly in front of me. From where I was sitting, I could see the top of her head and the crest of her bare butt as she sat down.

She looked up to me above her, and fortunately there was some type of plastic disc that protected her from seeing my total nudity. The money registered in the machine and the metal disc pulled back.

But I couldn't pee now ... not with a woman beneath looking up at me with an invasive smile. I needed privacy d****t.

Suddenly I woke up, got up, did my business, washed my hands, and went back to bed.


[8] Dreamed that I was producing a new type of science fiction show. In it, people were being controlled by the government with these wristlets that you wore. They were thick plastic, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but held some dark secrets.

The dream held two levels. One of which where I knew it was just a show, and the other of which in where I felt it was real and that I was a definite part of.

The bracelet was indeed a unique device. Once worn a needle would attach itself inside to the inside of your wrist and a synthesized drug would be generated from air and human sweat that kept people under control.

It was not so much as complete hypnosis or tranquilization as it was a type of suppressant to prevent uprising and to keep those people in government free of any adversity from other factions.

I know I had just reached my 18th birthday. Putting on the wristlet represented "coming of age" but I knew what it was and I knew once I had it on I would never again be entirely as I was now.

I ran away and the police and security were after me to ensure I wore it.

I had just ducked down a dark alleyway when I woke up.


[9] Dreamed a familiar dream. One of which where I needed to have money or an exact amount and everything I had with me may have looked like currency but in fact was not.

This dream was no exception.

I was trying to purchase a bus pass at the terminal and I had already emptied out my wallet. I needed five dollars.

Everything on the table I dumped out appeared to be a five dollar bill, but in fact wasn't.

There were receipts, advertisements, I.O.U's, everything imaginable - except for a true five dollar bill. It was maddening to try and find anything that resembled real currency.

Finally I thought about it. That no-one could have as rotten luck as this. Realized I was dreaming, and GLINKED a new $5 in my pocket. I pulled it out, paid the fare, then woke up.


[10] I was traveling somewhere - somewhere. I was on a train that was going very slow. I was in one of the passenger carts and, because the train was so slow and the windows so low to the ground. I could reach out and pick up what was on the ground.

There were whole shiny quarters and all kinds of other things. Like small pink stuffed animals good for little girls as well as toys for ages of all kind. Plastic balls, yo-yos, dolls, metal soldiers, easy reading book and there were video games too, nestled right in the grass, clicking and playing their games - I guess just waiting for me to pick them up.

I had a great big bag with me I was putting everything in. But after a half hour of intensive grabbing of the grass outside, my bag suddenly became half empty. I brought it closer to me and grabbed more stuff. Despite the amount, now my bag was a quarter empty.

I finally stick it right between my legs where no-one could get to it all. I grab the remainder of stuff I can before we enter a bridge. Suddenly the bag was empty. I woke up.

This is definitely not the first time nor likely last time I have had this kind of dream where I gain stuff for free but it goes away if I try to hold on to it.

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