Dream Diary - August 18th 2015

Dream Diary - August 18th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Programmers' Game / Fighting Back / Alien Invasion / Wrong Answer / College Moon / Money For A Haunted House / Office Store Shenanigans / Dad Marries A Daughter / Out After Hours / Not-So Perfect Son



  Dream Diary   


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© August 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I was in the living room at Dad's house with 2-other people. We were playing some kind of strange board game which required each player to have a PC.

I knew the year was 1980 cause these computers really couldn't do very much. The person who did well in the game was the one who knew how to program and write code the best.

The cards would say something like, "Write a program to count the number of words in a single sentence." and then everyone would sit down and write the code. Whoever wrote the code the fastest which accomplished the result desired won points.

Then one of the computers powered down from the girl sitting to my left. I said, no problem, I'll go check it out. In my dreams all electrical stuff was in the garage. Even though I knew this I didn't feel like I was asleep so I thought it was real.

I saw Dad's '66 LeMans there and a huge power strip with sparks coming off. One of the plugs was loose. I grabbed a red cloth that is used to check the oil in the car and tried to put it back in.

Although I didn't get shocked, it did spray a volley of sparks in all directions. The light in the garage flickered suddenly before everything powering down.

Then I felt very afraid being in pitch dark as it was apparently night outside.

Then I heard a loud hammering noise, metal on metal. Someone was using a ramming rod against the garage door outside to try and get in !

I woke up in fright.


[2] Dreamed I was at Dad's house. There were these bad people who had earlier broken in through the windows, and they were whipping me with these plastic whips, sharp enough to welt the skin.

I finally got angry and yelled, "What are you doing this for !?"

One of them yelled back, "Self defense !"

Then one of them whacked me hard in the face and I'm certain a bloody red line appeared over my eye. My eyes started tearing at once.

Finally I had enough and reach out to yank the whip and rip it from the person who wielded it. Then I grabbed them and the technique I was familiar with in fighting someone, I grabbed them by their feet and smashed their head over and over into the ground until they stopped moving.

I guess this scared one of them enough as he dropped his whip and ran away. The other person dropped a series of colored marbles on the tiled floor, I guess to try and trip me up.

But it didn't work. I just leaned down, picking up the balls and squished them in my fingertips. Somehow these balls were linked to the person who threw them down as they cried out in pain with each one I crushed.

I finally got to the last one, mashing it down and saw them fall over, I guess dead.

I looked at a counter nearby and there were these metal tri-prong blades, like shurikens. I gathered up a few of them and went to run after the other person who tried to escape. I found them in a room.

Angry from the pain he caused me, I hurled all 3 of my projectiles. One stuck in his chest, his head, and his leg. He fell over howling in agony. Then I woke up, breathing hard, hating dreams that involved anyone getting hurt.


[3] In my memory, I knew we were at war. It wasn't all as big as World War 3 or anything, but it was on a smaller scale. The whole city of Fort Worth was at war with these terrorists. Police did what they could to save the city but many were killed.

Then the military, SWAT, and FBI intervened, also getting killed by the high cunning of the assailants - and now we were on our own with no help from law enforcement.

Me and Dad were living in this shopping mall and they had a makeshift type of army. I was enlisted and lived on the lower level of the mall. I wore this black shirt with a single diagonal blue stripe going across it showing that I was part of INTEL, that is, to leave the mall and determine where enemy forces were and where they would strike next.

I wasn't alone but it was still scary work. Dad worried for my life every day.

One day I was caught by the opposing forces. They grabbed and brought me back to their camp and it was then I realized we weren't just fighting a dozen people but hundreds. It was like every country in the world that had a dispute with the U.S. was there and they operated in lethal force.

I was shoved into this metallic room with only a bathroom and a raised window . At once I stood on my toes to look out and see incredible weaponry being built, far ahead of own time. It was then I saw that not all the troops were human.

The one advising about the high technological armory was a 3-legged alien with 3-eyes, about 4-feet in height. He turned his gaze to regard me with a lipless upturned expression.

I heard a loud noise outside the door and thought they were coming in to shoot me ! There was a bathroom adjacent. I checked the window and curiously enough, I could open it. But gauging the size I could see I was a foot too small to crawl out.

I propped it open as hard as I could, then I went down under the sink to see some big bottles there. I crawled and wedged myself in tightly behind them, trying to hide.

Sure enough the entrance to the room burst open and I could hear the heavy footsteps of heavily armed guards. It was clear there wasn't going to be an interrogation and they were going to shoot me on the spot - that is if they could find me !

I had less than an inch of space to peek out and heard them turn over the table in the other room, then they entered the bathroom. They saw the window open and whistled loudly. Then everyone else left and I was alone again.

I started to crawl out when I felt a weird warmth to my side, like liquid heat. I whirled to look and see one of those strange aliens with the 3-feet. I looked more closely as I was quite curious. It had 2-eyes like us, but with a smaller one on top that didn't blink.

It spoke, or I think it did. The mouth moved, it had no lips, and I didn't hear words or anything, just static, like you might get on a radio. I didn't know how to respond.

Suddenly the two-eyes shone with a bright brilliance of swirling colors. I felt myself fall over in a deep sleep. Then I woke up.


[4] Dreamed I was a volunteer employee at the Children's Museum, what today is called, "The Natural Museum Of Science And History."

I come across my boss who tells me the segway is only to be used for transporting museum goods. I give him a funny look, and ask, how do you do that ?

He gets mad and says, never mind, just get off of that. You need to walk your beat.

So I get off. Then he gets on it and humming contentedly to himself, drives it away. I grumble to myself, yeah, he wanted it for himself after all.

The scene changes and I am a doctor's office. I am being shown flashcards and
I am expected to speak the first thing that comes to my mind.

He shows me a straight black line on the card at a slight angle that could really be anything.

"Walking staff." I tell him.

"Very good." he says, then flashes another card. This one is the classic skull and crossbones.

While I was going to say "Pirate" instead I say "Free Movies."

The doctor throws down all the cards in disgust, gets up from his chair, and whispers to the nurse standing by. They both give me a disagreeable look. Then usher me back to my room - but the nurse stays.

"Did I do anything wrong ?" I ask her.

"Get in bed !" she says angrily. I do so.

"Without covers !" I throw the covers to the floor.

"On your chest !" I turn over.

Without warning she suddenly lowers my hospital shorts and injects me with something in my butt. Then I feel all dreamy and good. She throws the covers back at me and angrily storms out of the room. Then I wake up.


[5] Back in school again. If you hadn't guessed by now, nearly half of the dreams I have are about school. I see a doctor every Wednesday. He is telling me that I dream about school so much because I have "unfinished business" there.

I can't imagine what that would be. I finished college so - why do I keep dreaming of elementary and middle school ? I just don't know.

Anyways, back to the dream, the last class finishes with the bell. I grab my backpack, put it on, and start to exit the school. This time I am in middle school and 12-years old.

I don't get very far out the door when something jabs me in the back. I stop by the entrance to look in my backpack and see that I am carrying some high tech stuff. A satellite with a sharp disc. A rectangular computer with pointed edges, an assortment of kitchen knives, and erasers.

I have no idea why I have the knives. I go to the trashcan near the staircase and dump those out. Then I go back to look at the satellite receiver. I have no idea what it is for. The computer is pretty cool though.

I take 4 erasers and shove them hard on the edges of the computer so they are no longer jabbing me. I put it back in my backpack and start down the stairs leaving the satellite thingie for someone else to find.

Then I guess I am in a race with someone to get down the 4-levels of stairs before they do. At a level I know I cannot be hurt so I jump over the railing and fall straight down 4-flights with no injury.

I am at the bottom floor and start for the exit when a teacher grabs me and pulls me aside.

She says, "David, I need you to help me with my holiday database."

"What ?" I ask.

"Holidays, they are coming up you know, right ?"

In my mind it feels like it's November so I nod.

"Meet you at the library then ?"

"Ridglea ?" I ask her.

She pats me on my back, I guess confirming this is correct.

"How about a ride ?" I query.

"Didn't you come by bicycle ?" she asks.

I shake my head, it doesn't feel like I did.

"Sure, meet me outside. I'll drive up front."

Then I am out the building and sit on the grass near the road waiting for her vehicle to appear.

As I am waiting, a truck with spray-painted words in white pulling a wagon full of teenagers slowly cruises by. I stand up to look holding my backpack under one arm.

It is a bunch of boys from college or high school I think, and they are all mooning and yelling at the kids who are leaving the school, me especially now as I'm only a few feet from the curb and am standing up to watch them.

As I look on, I guess out of morbid curiosity, looking back they see how close I am to the truck and hoot and holler telling me, specifically, to kiss their a*s.

I am reminded that this actually happened back in middle school. I was just getting a ride home from a teacher then, but I can't forget the funny way it made me feel in my head and chest looking at all their naked butts up close like that.

So why would this happen twice ?

With that knowledge I realize I am dreaming and wake up feeling a little sick to my stomach from the visage. I get up, wash my face, and go back to bed.


Dreamed I was back in elementary school, this time there was some type of party taking place in the cafeteria. I think it was the principal's birthday or something. I know there were all kinds of treats laid out for the students.

Chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and a cake that was iced with the big numbers of '75' and a little plastic school bell arrangement that made it look like it was raised up on two wooden poles.

I grabbed a few cookies. There were other things taking place. I went by one table and kids were there making things with yarn and ribbons. One teacher saw me and asked if I could join her in her office.

She knew that I could type pretty good as Dad taught me at a very young age, and she wanted me to help her out. I nodded. Still nibbling on one of the cookies I follow her out the door.

She turns down the hallway, left, left, right, finally we enter and it smells like potpourri in here, and I believe it is near Christmas.

The scene changes and I am outside the school, a few months earlier it seems, and there is a tent that for a $2 admission you can enter and it's sort of like a haunted house.

I remember looking at the neat plastic decorations outside. There was a pumpkin that had a red felt tongue added to it and forked on the end. It glowed in the light of a black light nearby. There were sounds of thunder and wailing, it was all really cool.

I remember reaching in my wallet to get some money when a $20 I have in there falls out and on the ground. Well apparently everyone must've been watching me cause two kids make a dive for the $20.

"That's mine !" I tell them.

"I don't see your name on it !" one of them says.

"It's mine cause it fell outta my wallet you goober !" I tell him.

"You should be more careful !" the other one says who manages to grab it before anyone else.

I confront him, "Give it back ! That's not yours !"

"Or what !?" he asks.

"Or, or, you're gonna get it so help me goddammit !"

Kids could get sent to the principal's office for using that last bit of profanity, and I guess I scared him, he gives it back. "It smells anyways !" he says, and then runs away.

I take it back and check my wallet, but I only have a one-dollar bill along with the $20 I retrieved.

I go to where a student from high school is taking the money for entry to the tent.

"All I have is a $20, can I have change please ?"

He takes the $20. "Sure, I'll give it to you on the way back out. Look for me."

I nod, start to enter, but then realize he might want to con me.

I run back out of the tent and he's not there.

I knock over one of the cardboard decorations in anger and a teacher immediately comes to me to grab my hand and drag me away saying that I'm in trouble for destroying school property. Then I wake up.


[7] Me and Dad are at an office supply store. I am REALLY little here, I guess 7-years old or so. I know that I always had to knock on the front of a counter top when I approached it so the person behind could even know there was someone there.

Dad is buying some office supplies and I find a package of rainbow-paperclips that is open and I start to make a daisy-chain of them. Dad sees me and gets mad but instead of stopping me, picks up one of the high-powered staplers, like you use to put up billboards and shoots sharp staples at me !

One embeds itself in the wall behind me, so I'm terrified and run away crying. I'm now running around the store and 2 clerks are called to stop both of us.

I see one ahead of me with his arms out. I run straight at him and somehow slide on the ground right between his legs and run away.

Dad is not so fortunate and gets caught. Someone is yelling at him, "What do you think this is ? A playground. You're going to buy that stapler now !"

I see a policeman show up and I'm torn between running to Dad because I'm scared or staying hid where I know I'll be safe.

Then I wake up.


[8] Me and Dad are at Scarborough Faire. Back then it wasn't so expensive, like $10 I think. Dad is dressed like he never had been before, like he's a brave knight or something.

Me, I'm 8-years old I think and tagging after him and can't stop talking saying how COOL and NEATO he looks.

Then he is called into this boarded wooded room. Someone comes to me and asks if that's my Dad. I nod my head. He says, "Well, you get front row seat then."

He picks me up, passes by a bunch of people, and sits me down on a bench that's raised way up in the air. He sits down next to me and offers me some roasted peanuts. I take a few.

Then there is a trumpet sound. A call to arms. I see Dad on a black horse and he is going to joust one of the other knights ! Despite my fear of heights, I get out of my seat and lean forward.

The guy with me latches on to the back of my shorts belt buckle loop to make sure I don't fall out. I pull even harder and can really see the spectacle now.

Then they charge at each other. And Dad wins ! I shriek and yell and carry on having a great time.

Then the princess comes out. Dad speaks on the loudspeakers and says, "As victor of the joust, I claim what is mine, the right to marry the princess !"

I look on and can see that Dad is 30-years old or so and she's about my age.

"You're too old, Daddy !" I yell from the top.

Everyone in the audience laughs at that. Then I wake up smiling.


[9] I'm in my teens in this dream. I'm on an electric scooter my sister gave me. I have a backpack full of groceries and am getting ready to head home. For some bizarre reason I have broken my one cardinal rule and am out after dark after 7pm.

In fact, looking at my watch, it's 2am ! A very bad time to be out and about !

And I guess this dream was going to be about that. My scooter doesn't go very fast and I pass by a person on a street corner selling paintings. I look only momentarily then continue on. But not before my scooter flings mud from the gutter up into the painting for sale.

"Hey !" he yells angrily. "Come here ! You pay for painting !"

I put my scooter into high gear, which is not very fast. He easily catches up with me. He knocks me over and is trying to take my backpack now.

"Leave me alone, awright !?" I screech.

"You pay ! You buy !" he yells back.

Then I am attacked by a bunch of people and they all seem to think whatever in my backpack is worth risking life and limb over. In my memory, I had only bought a small package of dehydrated potatoes, some brick ramens, and a few other items I can't remember.

Finally there are too many people. I grab my backpack which is now on the ground and I go to run after this city bus that passes me. For some reason in my dream I can run faster than the bus so it should be an easy thing to catch up to it.

I run to the bus stop it is approaching and get on board.

"Exact change only, one dollar." he says.

I look in my wallet and see only grocery store receipts. I take one out and GLINK it into a dollar bill. I give that to the driver.

"Step lively then." he offers.

I look behind me and see a mass of people of the night all running after me now.

"Let's go !" I say.

"We're off." he smiles back. And we are ! The front of the bus raises up at a high 45-degree arc and with a screech of massive wheels, the vehicle lurches forward at a high speed and velocity.

I look at the seats and see I'm the only passenger.

"Pretty late for you to be out." the driver says.

"Yeah." I reply.

Then we get to the next stop and suddenly all the people that were chasing me earlier are there.

"No no !" I say, "Don't pick them up ! They're bad people !"

At this point I am struggling in my mind and I wake up.

I go back to sleep and dream I am telling Mr. Gill about the dream I just had. For some reason I am very sleepy in this dream. Then I wake up again.


[10] Dreamed it was the year 6040. I was living with Dad and Mom was there of all things. It was like a perfect perfect world. Everything was nice, I knew the weather changed in such a way that it could always be predicted, and everything was a gift in the powers of 2.

This went on for a few days, perfect bliss, but then I realized Dad wasn't going to work. I asked him about it. He didn't say anything but looked distressed and walked into the kitchen.

I was sitting in the living room. Mom sat next to me and put a hand on my forehead and asked if I was sick or something. I said no.

She said, "Then where do you come up with these things ? Does Dad work ? Honestly, what a question !"

And - I guess I wasn't supposed to ask about that. Another day went by peacefully enough. The refrigerator or cabinets never seemed to run out of food.

Then I asked Dad where he was getting the money from to pay for the groceries. This time my question didn't bother him. He promptly replied, from the glove box of course.

Which glove box, I asked.

Dad was still smiling, from the car, of course. Where else ?

I puzzled my face up. Mom came by to tousle my hair. "The glove box, sweetie, you should know that !"

"All the money ?" I asked.

"All of it. That's where it always comes from." Dad said.

"Isn't that convenient, dear ?" Mom asked me.

"Isn't that a little STRANGE ?" I asked them.

Then they got angry and ganged up on me. Dad spoke first, "I honestly don't know where you are getting these ideas from. Is it that new friend you are seeing ?"

Mom spoke to Dad, "You know, dear, I think it is." Then she looked at me, "Maybe you need to find a new friend if they're going to try and cause trouble in this all the time, don't you think, honey ?"

"Trouble ? What trouble ?" I was getting mad now. "What's going on here anyways !?"

Then it was like my conscience was speaking to me. "Everything was fixed and everything was perfect. Nobody has to work, and nobody has to earn any money. Everybody had a good time - but nobody knew why.

A woman came knocking at the door. I answered it. It was a woman in a very short and breezy skirt with a big brown beard. She stepped in and spoke, "Hold this for a second, will you ?"

She took off her beard and handed it to me.

Then she pulled this rectangular piece of blue lucite out of her pocket. She touched the front of it a few times and it lit up. She looked at what appeared on the front of it. Then pocketed it again.

She spoke and when she did, it was like a very monotone female voice, just as cheerful as the sun was bright.

"Good to see you two again !" She said smiling wide to Mom and Dad.

Then she put a hand on my shoulder, "I guess this new son of yours isn't working out. Would you like to exchange him for a daughter ?"

The expression on my face changed from curiosity to shock. What the hell !?

And Dad spoke and it broke my heart ! "I think so, it's not really what we expected."

Mom added, "Yes, it's a shame too. We've only had it for a week - it's just not functioning correctly. Better send it back for processing."

I reached up to pull the woman's arm off my shoulder but it was solid like steel and wouldn't budge.

Then she leaned down to look at me with a scary smile. In the center of her eyes were flickering bolts of blue and white electricity. She speaks in a beautiful voice, "Don't you worry. I'll take good care of you."

I woke up in fear.

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