Dream Diary - "Glitter Girl"

Dream Diary - "Glitter Girl"

A Chapter by dw817

ZzGirl spoke, "I don't know what Franders has in mind but I could've captured you a long time ago, with just my memory methods. You are WEAK ! I can control you completely through your dreams !"



  Dream Diary   


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© December 2016 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

This particular dream, like some of the special ones was another all-nighter, so I'll write it up in here as a single and longer entry.


This was a long and very involving dream last night. Quite a bit happened in it. So - today, it will be the main Dream Diary entry.


The story takes place in a restaurant. I have just ordered a bowl of chili and noticed with some dismay that there is a big pile of red onions on top. Onions by themselves are not so bad, but RED onions, they burn the mouth like chili peppers.

I take my spoon to try and lift them out onto a napkin when the entrance door is flung open and part of the Underground League of Vicious Acts come crashing through. I know this because they all wore the same type of armband affirming their affiliation.

I looked around to see if anyone else would enter, like maybe one of the many superheroes who protected our city. The least of which was GlitterGirl. But from all the people in the restaurant, I alone knew she would not be appearing. Not yet anyways.

I looked up to see it was 3 of the villains. The first I recognized as CannonFist. The other two women next to him were unknown to me. One was drooped over as if half-asleep, and even wore a black cloak that had moons and stars on it.

The third was in a green cloak but it looked all slimy and nasty like it was never washed and had been sneezed on constantly.

CannonFist pounded his hand into the concrete floor and launched a cannonball straight into it causing the tiles to jump up around him and getting a gasp of fear from the people nearby.

"You know the rules !" he growled with a grin. "Cash, jewelry, cell-phones, put them all in this bag. Anyone who holds back ANYTHING will have to answer to us !"

This could be stopped. I got up to go to the restroom when the green-cloaked girl approached me. She spoke wet as if slobbering all over, "Shhtay in your shheat, boy."

I innocently shrugged my shoulders. "I'm just going to the restroom."

She looked back to see what CannonFist had to say to this.

He shook his head. "You'll keep put or so help me I'll put this cannon straight through your scrawny head, boy !"

I knew what his superpowers were. This nasty girl in the slimy cloak though, I could only guess. My stomach turned queasily.

She reached out with a wet hand to escort me back, but I dodged quickly from her and sat down again in my seat.

No-one protested or attempted to get up after that. The bag of stolen items was approaching me when I pointed to the mounted TV above the entrance to the kitchen and said, "Look, isn't that GlitterGirl ?"

"What !?" the trio of thieves said in fear and wildly looked around in all directions. "Where !?" they finally demanded.

I pointed to the TV, and sure enough, not here, which was Texas, but somewhere in France, a video showed that GlitterGirl was there only an hour ago to round up some superpowered bad guys.

The slimy girl hissed and a spray of green saliva drooled from her mouth, "Shhee shhall shhuccumb to me !" Then she flung her hand and a thick clot of green ooze shot from her grip. It hit the TV with such force that it was knocked off of the metal base, crashed to the floor, and threw forth a shower of sparks ill-equipped to handle such a fall.

CannonFist merely grinned all the more. "Speed it up people, we've got a schedule to keep !"

I was given the bag. I couldn't get rid of my watch - and, I didn't want to explain right here while they were watching me. I carefully undid my watch where they couldn't see it. Then I appeared to unfasten it in the bag. Then I pulled my hand back still covering the watch to place it in my pocket.

I grabbed my wallet but did not bring it out. Instead I pulled out my hand making it look like I had it in there. Then I thrust it into the bag and flicked my finger across a watch already in there, making a satisfying clinking sound.

I was the last one. CannonFist came near, easily towering over me whether I was sitting or standing, this guy had to have been at least 7 feet tall.

He grabbed the bag from me and shook it, hearing everything rattle in it. "Pay dirt ! Yeah !" he yelled and then shot a cannonball straight into the ceiling in the excitement. It went straight through knocking wooden timbers aside.

He stood there a moment looking around, and then the metal ball fell - directly on his head, with a loud klonging sound, and rolled off his massive shoulder. But he seemed unaffected. He sniffed once and walked away with thunderous and lumbering steps.

"Hard headed guy." I mumbled to myself, but was not heard.

"Ladies, gents, enjoy your meal !" and with that they left.

I got up in a hurry. I had to think about what I was doing. I listened carefully. There was no-one in the women's restroom. I quickly dashed inside and ran into one of the stalls. Pulling off my clothes, beneath was the raiment of GlitterGirl !

Fortunately no-one had still arrived. I reached under the women's sink to find a secret hidden slot where I could put my regular clothes. I had such caches all around the city because I never knew when I would need to change. Reached for another slot I pulled out a pretty chestnut colored wig.

Now you may be wondering why a guy in his 20s is dressing like a girl. It was my sister's idea. She had in order to hide my secret identity, I could make it even more difficult for others to figure out if I appeared to be a girl instead of a boy when I was in my superhero outfit.

I nodded in agreement, and she went about building the costume for me. Perhaps today I felt maybe I agreed too readily, but I couldn't worry about that now. A robbery had just taken place and it was up to me to recover the goods !

Being very familiar with changing into my outfit, I looked to see how to cover my entrance. The window was too small to climb out, that's a shame. Owell, I would have to do this the hard way. I kicked out the wall behind me decimating it to rubble and where you could easily walk outside.

Then I ran out of the restroom area to be greeted by thunderous cheers. I nodded, my wig having special connectors so it would not come off. Then I ran out the entrance to catch up with the trio of thieves.

They had not gotten very far. Strangely enough they were at a bus stop.

I approached silently. Suddenly I stood before them and placed my hands at the sides in a truly heroic pose. "Public transportation is too good for you creeps !" I said in my best voice which sounded decidely feminine.

"It's GlitterGirl !" they said and while CannonFist backed up, the slimy and mystery girl approached.

First to reach me was the mystery girl in the shroud of stars and moons. I steeled myself for an attack. My sister taught me that good guys never start a fight or throw the first punch.

She staggered a little closer. Still nothing happened. The slimy girl stayed her distance now, as if afraid of what would take place next. Something was going to happen ! I was certain of it !

The cloak was so far over her head all I could see was a delicate chin and mouth. A long moment passed with no movement. Finally I shrugged in disappointment and walking forward took the hood off her head. I looked down at her face, "Hey, am I keeping you awake ?"

"No." she said in a crackly voice. "And neither am I."

My senses jerked to alertness, but not before she touched me, and when she did, it was like a delicious type of sugar was entering my brain. All I wanted to do was sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

It took me a moment to realize I wasn't thinking this, she was saying it. I collapsed around her feet nearly unconscious now.

"Way to go, Zee !" I heard CannonFist say in appreciation. Then I was surrounded by darkness.

I awoke a short while later in the back of an unpleasantly wet minivan. There were no bonds on me as I could easily break any, but ZzGirl was within an inch's reach and had a silver loop of pretty material from around her wrist to be connected to mine.

"Behave." she said in a hypnotic voice. "Or you may get more than just a pleasant nap."

* * *

I doubted she was bluffing so I stayed where I was. I heard ThunderFist outside talking to someone. I used my super-hearing to listen in.

"Every person breaks." a new unknown voice said. "It doesn't matter that she's immortal, or has ANY degree of superpowers. What DOES matter is - she has friends, like anyone else, and if we lean on them, then she'll do anything we say to keep them out of harm."

"Sounds good to me." Cannonfist rumbled. "So who do I get to lean on ?" and he ground his metal paw against the ground causing the ground to shake slightly.

"Easy, tiger." the new voice said. "We have yet to find that out. We're waiting on one person to show up."

"Out." ZzGirl suddenly said to me. I complied and stepped out the back where everyone was gathered.

Then I saw the speaker of the new voice. It was a really short guy, handsome for someone so small, but clearly the leader of this particular motley pack. We met eyes and he met mine. We stared down each other for several long minutes when new footsteps approached.

The guy I was staring down stepped away and sneered in a smile, "GlitterGirl, I am Franders, the mastermind behind this particular small collection of super villains. may I introduce you to Miss Channel."

I nodded tersely. She only stepped forward and took my free hand, the one that did not have a silver loop over it.

"I see ... deception." she said suddenly. "Great deception. GlitterGirl is not all she appears to be !"

Uh oh ! I told myself. While I didn't want to start a fight or throw the first punch as I promised from my code of ethics, I couldn't let this soothsayer read any more from my mind !

I tried to pull away when suddenly the silver loop from ZzGirl tightened around my wrist. I knew I could easily break it, but suddenly my brain was flooded with images from the very worst nightmared I had long hoped to forget from years past.

"Zz !?" I cried in anguish as she surely was the cause.

She smiled gently. "Nobody wants to have bad dreams, now do they ? Sit still and they will go away."

I realized at some level that ZZGirl was holding back her powers, too. I had no doubt in my mind at all now that she could recall such horrors in my memory as to drive me utterly, literally, and permanently insane.

I shuddered and my teeth chattered in fear.

If anything Miss Channel tightened her grip. Suddenly she turned my palm over and traced lines around the inside.

"Deception !" she said again. Then flung my wrist down.

"I have seen enough. Are you ready for my reading ?" she asked Franders.

"Let's hear it." he said with a toothy smile.

"This is not even a woman, it's a boy dressed as one !" she said with a smirk. "He does have a friend, a dear one. She helped put the costume together, his sister ... " and then she mentioned her full name and where she lived.

"D****t !" I said unable to do anything.

Franders nodded to ZzGirl and she took the loop off my hand. I was free now. I could burst away straight into the sky at top speed if I wanted to. But would I ? If I did, surely that would spell certain doom for my sister.

I twitched all around, I was so caught up in my thoughts.

Franders came close. He did the unspeakable. He reached down to my crotch to feel. While it was tucked up pretty tight where you couldn't see it, he could definitely feel I was not a woman, but just barely.

"Aren't you cold in those panties, boy ?" Before waiting for an answer he suddenly punched me hard in the stomach. I felt nothing at all but he cradled his wrist as if he might've broke a bone or two.

Despite the apparent pain he must be feeling he chortled in a laugh, "Good. You are as strong as they say."

He reached up and put a hand on my shoulder, urging me to lean down to his level. I did so.

He smiled and looked around with a type of air that showed me he owned the world. Then looked straight into my eyes. "You work for me now, boy."

I nodded.

He let go of me. I stood back up. "Good ! You seem to understand the situation perfectly here, but I'll reiterate just in case you missed it. You do as I say, you, your family, and sister, will be well rewarded, I will see to that."

"Try to stop us - in ANY way at all. And I will KILL one of your family members, starting with your sister, and yes we DO know exactly where she is and how to find her, thanks to Channel."

He held out a hand, "What do you say, boy ?"

I sighed. I really was caught here. I put out my hand. There had to be a way out of this and I would find it.

"Okay." I said and shook his hand in agreement.

"Great. Wonderful ! Now, we're going to break into a bank tonight. While I don't think you want to help us steal the money on your first night, you WILL stay clear of us as we do our job. To ensure this. ZzGirl will be with you at all times."

He continued, "When it seems you can be trusted without her supervision, we'll let you go back home." He turned to point at me, "Oh, and go ahead and keep up the facade of being a girl if you like. That is how the public sees you. It's fine with me if you want to cross-dress in that sissy outfit, boy."

And with that he laughed a weird laugh that reminded me more of a hyena than a real person.

"Zee, take him to back to base Delta and watch him, closely."

The party dispersed and ZzGirl put the silver loop back on my wrist.

"So you give nightmares huh ? That's a pretty cheap superpower." I told her, eager to vent off some of my anger.

She merely smiled, "I can do other things too." She took the loop up in one finger and made a mystical sign with her hand. Then with her index finger drew a tight circle in the air.

Suddenly I was filled, no THRILLED with wonderful and beautiful dreams I had long wished to retain but had forgotten from years ago. It was better than any drug, drink, likely even better than crack cocaine even. I reeled my head, wracked in absolute pleasure and moaned in delight.

ZzGirl spoke, "I don't know what Franders has in mind but I could've captured you a long time ago, with just my memory methods. You are WEAK, GlitterGirl, or should I say GlitterBoy ! I can control you completely through your dreams ! You are mine - and I will have you do a few things for me when we get back to base."

She rubbed the back of her hip suggestively.

The great feeling of wonderful memories passed and I smirked at her "suggestion." But for now, I could only nod, hoping she would excite that part of my brain again. We walked for a short distance. Suddenly she took the loop off my wrist but still commanded me to walk with her.

I was free ! They may know where my sister was but there was no way they could possibly get to her in time. Not with what I knew !

I shot straight up into the sky, as fast as I could without burning up my outfit from air friction.

At once I addressed the watch I wore. My sister's voice answered on it.

"What's up ?" she asked.

"Get out of there !" I told her. "They know where you are. It seems that ULVA has a mind reader in their group, and she got a good look at me. Go to hiding plan B."

"I'm on it !" she said, breathless, as she was shifting things for departure. "What about you ?"

"I'm going to stop someone's clock." I told her. Then I clicked closed the communication.

I was just on the edge of outer space now. The Earth hung below me like a massive blue ball. Then I accelerated away, fast as the speed of LIGHT, no FASTER still !

I had to achieve a speed faster than light to enter this strange dimension I found out about years ago. Finally I was there. Everything was reflected back on itself, like a mirror. And there was the strange sound of many motors running.

Floating amid, amongst, and around me were many black tape cassette players. I knew these represented the lives of every living soul on Earth. I quickly sought out Flanders. The buttons lay before me.

All I had to do was hit STOP, and he would fall down, never to get up again. The others had no way of knowing I did it. But would I ? Would I ... ?

"For the sake of my sister and family." and right then and there I committed MURDER. I stopped his cassette player. All the others around me continued to play.

But then something bad happened. I felt my powers stripped away as if in negative judgment. I could no longer breathe a vacuum which is what was around me with these cassette players. I could no longer fly or float, I was perfectly human, and the void of now being an unwelcome guest in a foreign universe consumed me.

Then I woke up.

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