Dream Diary - July 1st 2014

Dream Diary - July 1st 2014

A Chapter by dw817

Glass Bowling Pins / Skit For Tim & Eric / Chaos Of The Flame / Russian Library / Failing Memory / Magic Pogo-Sticks / Plane Crash / Auto Trade-In / Off-Limits Bathroom / Young Passion


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  Dream Diary  


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© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


Dreamed I made this purchase with a bad guy. He later said that I owed him money. I said he was paid in full. He said not according to my record. He said I needed to pay for the interest. Suddenly someone picked him up and rolled him into a ball.

Then threw him in a bowling alley against the pins. He made a strike and glass was broken everywhere. I took a picture. The person who threw him said if you want to continue to help the police, we'll be glad to help you.

I said I'm game, he said here is what we are going to do. Then I woke up.

I went back to sleep and dream continued. The same officer came to see me and gave me $200 reward for that bad guy from earlier. He then said I need to go home but I need to make noise doing it so the police can keep track of my movements. Then I woke up again.


Dreamed of a Tim & Eric episode where military leaders were dancing too close to each other and were whacking each other in the head and sides with their military gear and items. Really stupid dance.


Dreamed of a pet flame my sister had. I counted down from 10 to zero and then something printed on my computer. It was the pet flame somehow. He printed that red is danger. Somehow all the produce of the planet was taken over. Blue is substantial. I started chatting with him through the computer.

He said we should listen to our refrigerators and live in solid-steel houses. Dangerous people were cutting themselves up accidentally by robbing others since the corners of the house were sharp. It was a very strange dream.


Dreamed I was in Russia. I had a very thick Russian accent to my voice. There was a woman in the library that was reading a story to me. Outside the library there were all kinds of insects, like a war was going on, so many of them.

There were also some teachers in there holding classes for students.


Very vivid detailed dream. I was 50-years old. I was in some kind of nursing home. And I was going to get transferred to another one but I didn't want it. The nurse attending me said, no, you're good where you are at.

I was in pajamas trying to find a phone so I could call home to see if a younger me was there, but I couldn't find my phone number anywhere.

There was also a woman there who was going to give me some blankets if I could give her my correct address. I gave her my current one and she said that wasn't right - like she was testing me to see if my mental facilities were failing on me.


There was this wizard that gave out magic pogo-sticks to everyone. And when they took them, wings magically popped out on them allowing them to fly higher and higher into the sky.

Some pogo-sticks folded out arms, but these were cursed and held the person tight to the pogo-stick so they couldn't let go.

So these cursed people went to see a high priest. He said there was a spell to free everyone. The spell spoke in a loud voice =NO != to everyone and the cursed arms fell off and wings replaced them so everyone could go catapulting into the sky again. It was incredible to see.


Dreamed of a private plane crash. The plane was saved on the ground by this large robot that went by the number 5. It caught the plane in mid-flight and with great difficulty tried to land it safely on the ground.

Somehow I caused the accident myself, like it was a videogame. I was punching buttons trying to defuse bombs on the flight too as that was part of the game.


[8] Dreamed Dad traded his car at a Mexican Celebration Party for this truck that could turn into a van. Sort of like Inspector Gadget's. It had all kinds of switches inside it including a calculator, a computer in the back.

There was a girl at the party who said she was having nightmares of an evil version of Shirley Temple which was unusual. I was there at the celebration with Rose.


[9] Dad wouldn't let me go to the bathroom until I did some office paperwork for him. Paperwork for his business. I was really mad and punched him in the chest. Then I ran to the bathroom only to find the toilet had been removed and replaced with empty tiles. I woke up then.


Dreamed I was 12-years old. I was kissing another girl the same age as me, we were both at the beach and it was slightly overcast in the sky, very lovely day. I had just met her there so I had to write down information so I could give her a call later.

She wanted to get together with me later so we could hug and kiss some more, but I had to pick a private place in her home where her folks wouldn't see us.

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