Dream Diary - May 19th 2015

Dream Diary - May 19th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Running Out Of Time / Cereal Killers / Babysitter Blues / Problems w Anti-Gravity / Beauty & Brains / Missile Launcher / Thinking Of Flowers / Peace Movement / Analyzing The UFO / The Tongue Shocker



  Dream Diary   


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© May 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place. BTW, I have determined that I have on the average 25-dreams in one week's time. Now, on with the dreams !


[1] Strange dream. Kind of a nightmare really.

Me and my friends were playing in the snow and these ghostly images started coming past. Everything was hunting everything. One of which was a woman. She shrieked and passed through me.

I thought I woke up but everything around me started to corrode and change like I was living in a condemned apartment and for every minute that passed to me, a year passed to it. It got even scarier when wood planks appeared boarding up doors.

Notices, re-notices, and more notices were put up. Something about someone missing, have you seen him ? Do you know him ?

I reached out to grab the changing document and it stopped changing. Then I could read it. I found immediately that the person everyone was looking for was ME !

I had somehow slipped out of the normal time stream and was in my own universe where the world was aging rapidly as every minute passed.

Then I saw in normal time the ghostly woman who ran through me, but this time she was being chased - by a ghostly monster. I started running and chasing after the monster and wrestled it to the ground.

Then it just dissolved like sand in the ground.

The woman turned to look at me and I realized it was my Mom. Both me and her were trapped in this sped-up time universe. We were out of time. She held out her hand and I took it. Then we both started running at a very high speed, passing through both wall and mountain - covering many miles across the Earth and still everything was corroding and decaying at a rapid rate.

Then I woke up for real.


[2] Dreamed of a dream, I guess I need to label as, "cereal killer."

There was a lot happening in this dream. It had to do with a new cereal that arrived on the shelf. It had only 2-ingredients in it. Wheat and Sylphia. I tried to look up Sylphia on the Internet but as an ingredient, it didn't exist.

I then asked the people at the grocery store if it was a misspelling or something, but no, it wasn't.

Then I bought some of the cereal and tried it with a little milk. It tasted SO GOOD. I forgot my spoon and picked up the bowl to gobble it down with the milk running down my chin and neck. But that wasn't enough. I then picked up the box to pour it in my hand so I could eat it raw.

And still that was not enough ! I finally decided I was going to buy a few more boxes. I was carrying the box with me so I could munch it on the way and walked out the front door when someone clubbed me in the head taking my cereal box and yelling in this weird pitched voice, "Mine mine MINE !"

And because the cereal tasted so good I was hooked, like there was something very addictive in it. The Sylphia which refused definition.

I got up and wrestled the box from them. Then I looked around. No-one was in their houses. They were all walking to grocery stores.

I asked someone why they didn't just take their car. They said, they can't eat and drive at the same time, but they can eat the cereal while they walk.

Then I finally arrived to the grocery store and it was chaos. There were people bruised and bleeding at the entrance and a trail of the cereal on the ground led to inside the store.

Approaching the display where I got my cereal, all the boxes were gone except one and both a middle-aged woman and little girl were fighting for it, and they were definitely after each other's blood !

"Cereal Killers." I said to myself eating another handful and feeling the endorphins in my brain orgasm. Then I woke up.


[3] Tree branches were rotating around. My sister and me were near an old condemned building. In each window was a ghost. Several tormented spirits of some kind. They all had looks of pain, anguish, and despair on their translucent faces.

The next day we were talking about it and how interesting it was. Then she left to say she was going to visit a friend. I went to see Dad but he said he had to go to work then.

I got upset then and asked Dad, "So you're going to leave me all alone ?"

Dad scoffed as he was grabbing his coat, "What do you want. A babysitter ?"

I nodded. Dad rolled his eyes, "You're 12-years old and you still need a babysitter ?" I nodded.

He sighed, "Awright, let me see what I can do."

Dad picked up the phone to call this one woman he knew. Dad then picked up his jacket to put it on and left. A short time later the babysitter showed up. Apparently she was the friend of my sister was going to go see as my sister returned additionally.

She was about 24-years old wearing ill-fitting clothes really designed for someone more my age, but she was so short and skinny she could get away with it.

She then looked at me and yelled, "I'm not going to be his Mother !"

At that point I woke up.


[4] It had to do with static electricity and magnetism. I was involved in a secret government project to create anti-gravity. And I remember the words, =IF= we were successful, we were to tell NO-ONE, not even our friends or family.

We were only supposed to call this phone number we were given to report our success. And this phone was really about a quarter mile away from the laboratory, which we all (there were 3 of us) thought was odd.

We had three bowls for testing material. One was metal, one was tin, the other was wooden. Inside each bowl were colored marbles made of glass.

We had this type of red-velvet energy field being transmitted directly through the table across from the bowls.

There was a complex formula on the computer. Like a series of switches and locks, but they were 3-dimensional as well. And you couldn't just change one switch, you change one, many more not even near the switch would also change.

I frustrated myself with it for a few hours. Finally I absently clicked the 4-corners and I received all green '1'''s in the center. All the red zero's had vanished !

"That's it !" I yelled to my friends who were poring over computer papers.

"You have it ?" they asked.

"Let's try it."  I offered. Then I sent the modified energy beam to the bowls.

Suddenly all 3-bowls lept up into the air, but even better the marbles in all 3-bowls floated independently of the bowls above them. No marble touched each other and gently swayed around each other in maneuvers proving there were no wires to hold them up.

"Success !" I said with a wide smile.

"Great success !" the others nodded in agreement.

I hit the ESC button to shut down the electricity, but it wouldn't be turned off. It then turned into this type of living electricity. One of my friends went over to manually pull the coupling link out to disable the electricity.

The energy fingers reached out and clawed at her leaving deep red welts, burn marks, and bleeding places. She shrieked in pain once and then it encircled all around her and she was shredded like in a blender with body parts and pieces flying in all directions.

I woke up in a fright.


[5] Kind of a kinky sort of dream. I apparently headed up some type of beauty pageant where all these young teen girls showed up in bathing suits. It would be chosen from 3-judges just who was considered the best of the lot.

As for me, I was accused of being a male chauvinist pig as I kept staring at them. Finally one angry girl approached me and said outright that I was a pervert.

I asked her why she thought this. She said you keep LOOKING at us !

I sighed and told her, I'm really more interested in what's in your head rather than your body. Anyone can be beautiful given a good night's sleep, plenty of exercise, a good diet, and good beauty and bathing habits.

I added, but a beautiful mind, that is something that must be earned, cultivated, and kept throughout the years. That is the shining star of a person; the candle that is never extinguished.

She bit her lip and I could tell she was ashamed from insulting me earlier. Finally she looked like she was going to scratch the back of her head, but didn't. Instead she pulled out her brain from the back and set it wet and pulsing in my hands.

"Here," she said, "I won't need this for this contest - and you seem to be more interested in it."

I woke up in both shock and fright.


Dreamed I was back in the ward. I had this harmless water gun that they wanted to confiscate from me.

I was running down the hallway when a real live missile passed by me, just missing my left ear. I looked ahead and one of the patients was holding a missile launcher and reloading it. I was frightened at this so I took a turn in the hallway to the right and ran right inside the cafeteria.

The lady working there said that I would be safe here - but no sooner did she finish her sentence a missile flew past the open door and exploded into a tureen full of soup, splashing it in all directions.

"Get the door !" she yelled at me.

I nodded and went to it. It was no ordinary door. It was inches thich solid plate steel. I locked it from inside. She said, nobody can get through that.

I wanted to agree with her seeing as how thick the door was but then I heard a strange hissing sound. I looked and saw it appeared someone was using a welder's torch on the other side and trying to burn a hole through the locked door.

I woke up in panic.


[7] Dreamed I was at school. I was at this special class that I did not want to go to.

I had this painful bump on the back of my head. Someone spoke with me, have you seen this person ? And they mentioned a name.

I hadn't heard of it before so I said, no, I haven't.

The scene changed and I was in the car with my sister and Dad. It was the last day of school and we were going to a lake to fish and swim, it was going to be great.

But then something twinged in my mind that I needed to be elsewhere. When Dad stopped at a light, I opened the door to the right and told him, I need to go somewhere else.

He offered, maybe I can take you there ?

I replied, no - I need to go by myself.

Then it got weird and Dad's car spoke to me and said, that wasn't very nice.

I shrugged, I'm trying to be as nice about this as I can.

As if in angry answer, the car tore off once the light changed and I was left alone.

The memory I had at the time was reminding me of some flower shop I needed to go to - to buy this seed for Rose that would create a whole garden of beautiful flowers.

Then I woke up.


[8] Dreamed I was part of some non-violent peace movement. I was addressing this bunch of kids that wanted to go and be in the military, and it was my job to convince them otherwise.

As I was speaking a jeep pulled up with a sub-mounted machine gun and aimed it right at me. The person in the jeep spoke and told me to go back into my house.

I started to run away but then changed my mind and instead circled around the jeep to grab the owner and throw him out of it. Then I floored the accelerator and plowed through the bunch of kids. No-one got hurt but it was a scene to see.

I didn't get very far when a tank crossed my path. Playing Metal Gear Solid I knew the best way to mess up a tank was to shoot out its treads, so I aimed the machine gun for that and let it fire.

The tank tried to turn to follow me but it's left tread was shredded and it just grated in the dust.

The next problem I had to deal with was flying maggots. That has to be the best way to describe them. They were nasty maggot worms but they had wings so they could get right up in your eyes and nose.

I was blowing my nose and waving my arms around trying to keep them from me when I woke up in fright.


[9] I dreamed I was interested in this one school class I was taking. I was back in school. The teacher had brought in a model of a UFO and was explaining how it moved through space and how a breathable atmosphere was maintained throughout.

Unlike other dreams I've had, I actually had a pencil and clean paper to work with so I wrote down all the notes about it that she wrote on the chalkboard.

It was fascinating what she was talking about. She said that while UFOs did in fact spin at a high speed to maintain a strong equilibrium and stability in the air, the inner part of the UFO which we couldn't see turned in the exact opposite direction and matching speed, so the pilot and its passengers was perfectly still and motionless.

Just then the school bell rang and it was time for lunch. I hurried my paper and notes into a folder and tucking it under my arm went to follow the bulk of the class which were headed to the cafeteria.

It was then I realized I hadn't brought a lunch myself, nor did I have any money. I had this little piece of paper in my pocket that was a receipt for something else.

The cafeteria lady was there and asked what I wanted. I picked out some good meat and veggies. Then it came time to pay. I fished in my pocket and GLINKED hard to turn that receipt into a $20 bill.

It worked, she gave me back $6 in change and I sat down to have my lunch. Suddenly a basketball smashed directly in the plate to spray food all over me.

It was one of the bullies from school and he was grinning from ear to ear at me.

I tapped my pinky finger to reverse time a bit and then my middle finger to turn invisible.

The basketball hit the food again but I was nowhere near it. The bully came close to look and the basketball was not there - because I already had it and it too turned invisible when I picked it up.

Then I leaned back to hurl the basketball smack dab at the back of his head. As predicted his head fell and went straight into the splattered food and he was now himself a mess.

"I'll kill you, Poindexter !" he said with fury in his tone. Then he started to reach out to grab me.

I was still invisible but I knew how it worked. I still made noise when I walked and if anyone did touch me, the invisibility was disabled at that point and took minutes to restart.

He was listening carefully, trying to hear me silently walk away. Then he blindly leaned back to punch - but right where I was standing ! I woke up in fright.


[10] Dreamed of Dad having a Christmas party the day before. Dottie had given him a gift but Dad was so excited he already opened it up.

On the box in bright and bold colors and letters it said, "The Original Tongue Shocker 2.0 !"

Dad opened the box and quickly turned it over to look. Then he asked Dottie, "It takes 20 double-A batteries you know."

She nodded and smiled, "They are already in there."

Dad took a screwdriver and attached it to a wall as the instructions requested he do. Then he turned it on. It played a little tinny music and a deep voice spoke and said, "Welcome to your quest ! You must defeat 4-monsters from the crypt before you can continue to level 2."

"Have your tongue ready !" it said with dramatic effect.

Dad licked his lips in excitement. There was a slight pause then the machine said, "Launch your attack NOW !"

Dad stuck his tongue out into the two metal bars that were rolling inward. It grabbed Dad's tongue and bells and other sound effects started up. Sparks shot out the side and the whole machine lit up in a bright green and yellow display.

"Augh !" Dad said after a moment and finally pulled his head to get his tongue back.

As he was coughing, a digital voice from the machine spoke in reverence, "Achievement unlocked, foolhardiness. New high score !"

"Avright !" Dad said talking with his tongue being numb from the electric shock. I looked to him and he gave me a big smile, his tongue was black and burned in the middle.

"Dad ! Your tongue is black from that thing !"

"Doff worree, iff worff it !" Dad said and pushed a button on the machine to continue the shocking tongue "quest."

I smirked, god, how dumb can a game be ?

Other party members started showing up and it was then I realized they were all dressed for the 16th century. In the back of my mind I knew that we were going to play out the original "Christmas Carol" with Scrooge and Bob Cratchit.

I head Dad yell out in pain in the kitchen, where he attached the game. I was just going to check to see if he was alright when I woke up.

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