FB4-01 "Recap The First Book (74 Chapters)" Complete !

FB4-01 "Recap The First Book (74 Chapters)" Complete !

A Chapter by dw817

All 74 chapter summaries of the first book.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 1 - "Recap: 1st Book"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I admit this is a bit of work, but it's all done now. Please enjoy ! Complete chapter summaries for the first book of 01-74.

. . .

Hello. I'm Dev. The girl to my right is Tyr. We've been together many years now and are quite the pair. The story opens with Tyr and me having received this mysterious plugin device that enables us to do amazing things. The first test is a simple one. I build a small forcefield in my own bedroom that appears to be a small glowing blue cube.

I remembers how Tyr appears when I first met her but then run into Scant, the school bully. I'm thinking to myself though. I'm now wondering if this new device, this plugin, can somehow even the odds in favor of my intellect over Scan't incredible brawn.

Tyr and me spend more time with the plugin. It appears the contents on the device are nothing more than simple DOS files. But then I do an almighty test. Perhaps one of the most dangerous tests ever made ! I use the plugin device to duplicate something in real life - but what on earth do I duplicate !

Tyr manages to get to my house before I'm awake for school. This is a rare opportunity for Tyr to be especially naughty. With me still asleep, she pulls off the bedcovers to see me clutching on to a teddy bear and wearing nothing more than tighty-whitey underwear. A leer of pure wickedness appears on her face as she stealthily climbs up on the bed with me.

It's bad enough what Tyr did to me earlier - and in my own bed ! But apparently the incessant gossip she is, she can't keep it to herself and blabs to her friends in the girl's bathroom before class. My locker is right where their restroom is and moments later the door smacks open. This new girl approaches determined to humiliate me even further.

It is the moment of truth. I'm supposed to have a fight with Scant after school. I'm definitely not looking forward to this. But Tyr is gonna help me. She brought the plugin device and - well, she's gonna make it easier for me to fight him. How so ? That remains to be seen ...

If there's one thing that always made my skin crawl was how far Tyr could get away with her naughtiness before I cracked. And usually it wouldn't take very long as this girl had no shame for anything she ever did, or planned to. This particular day I had a desired dessert she wantd during lunchtime, and I refuse to give it. Tyr decides to use my face as a seat cushion until I do.

And why did this frighten me so much ? Cooties ! With her perched neatly on my face as she was, I wondered if she could release Cooties straight on to me much the way a skunk protected his territory. I'm so scared I'm shaking but she's eating it up, not just my humiliation but the dessert as well !

Almost worse than her despicable teasing was the way she could plant terrible images in my mind with just the simplest of words. She does so here and I vow never to bar the way between my lunchtime dessert and her appetite for sweets.

At school, we had many cliques. That is, groups of students who got together for several interests and reasons. We had Flows, Floaters, Stickers, Druggies, Crosses, Emos, Goths, Preps, Geeks, Dorks, Jocks, Sceners, Brutes, Kinders, Flowers, Barrels, and, of course, the Psychos. But I never fit one of them. Not a one. But someone promises that I can be in a group before the day is done.

Panties ! That was the group he tried to lump me in. And of course there was no such group, he was just trying to make me look like a fool and idiot for believing him ! Tyr, however, is out on the offense and aside from whaling a punch into his fat face - and more - even forcing him to eat the panties - literally !

Back home both Tyr and me discover SIM for the first time. What is SIM ? It is apparently an artificial-intelligence attached directly to the plugin and now we can speak verbal questions and have them answered back as well !

Still working with the device, herein called SIM, I give it a test. To duplicate something. Not itself as I did earlier but something simpler, and a large amount of them. Tyr sees this is possible and now demands FREE MONEY. I tell her it's not that simple and that we had better be careful - or the government might get wind of our mysterious and must-be-magical plugin.

The next day Tyr and me are at a jewelry store. Tyr wants this one-of-a-kind jeweled watch. But what happens next when she duplicates it with the power of SIM and the police are called on charges of theft and shoplifting ?

Through clever speaking of mine and Tyr's easy-to-produce tears, the policeman has determined no crime has been committed. That is except for the jeweler to be called. He is now thinking this is a fine time to arrest him on charges of false arrest. But we do not push it. Satisfied that Tyr has her jeweled watch, we leave.

Scant never did forgive me for somehow losing the fight we had earlier. He wants a rematch. I'm - concerned. It's lunchtime again and I'm talking with Tyr about some way - some how to get Scant off my back for good. Tyr is more interested in my dessert and is about ready to SMOOSHIE me again if I don't cough it up.

Giving some serious thought to what SIM is possible and capable of doing. I think about the future. A future where it is just her and me and SIM, us living in an incredible house that is protected on all 4-sides by SIM's forcefield. The BARRIER if you will. And would she like to live like that - with me - till the end of time ?

Despite Tyr's age she really did often act like she was only 10-years old. This shown especially when she invites me to her new home, new room, and she trampolines up and down on her bed watching my agitated eyes every time her panties come into view on the way down. However, I am after something else. I want to see if SIM will work on her own computer, but I'll need the password to get in.

While Tyr does indeed make me a nice cold glass of orange juice she just about demolishes the kitchen in the process with powdered orange drink strewn all over the floor in there. After leading me to believe her password is over 100-characters long, I finally manage to get in. She thinks it's a good time for a shower and taunts me slightly by being dressed below the waist in nothing more than a laundry towel.

With Tyr caterwauling in the shower, I have time to ask SIM some very direct questions. Strangely he claims to know Tyr from 20-years ago, which is impossible as she is only 17-years old now. A mystery unfolds, but once Tyr is out of the shower and dried off, I keep this information from her so as not to frighten her.

I'm still thinking of living with Tyr inside a 6-sided forcefield for the future, but then realize there would be no air. I go to SIM with questions, and he answers them by providing both information and application to build a device that would provide oxygen and remove carbon-dioxide, all automatically.

It doesn't take much for Tyr to realize that SIM can be nothing more than a magical genie for her to grant her every desire. She blurts out that she wants a million-dollar diamond, at which point, fortunately, SIM has no idea what she is talking about. Miss Oshmeyer shows up, her babsitter, and apparently a secret pact takes place.

Later when we are working with SIM, Tyr mentions she wants to get the ability to have true telekinetic power. That is the ability to move objects entirely with her mind, and not with her hands. Strangely it seems that SIM can do this very thing, after I word it to the device carefully.

Heaven help me when I can't help myself but laugh at Tyr as she bounces and boggles all around trying to figure out how to enable her newfound powers of telekinesis. She plays her ace-in-the-hole and bares her butt at me ordering me to kiss it. I've always been squeamish of girls in general and this is enough to paralyze me on the spot in fear, confusion, and humiliation.

Fortunately the terrible and arduous moment passes. Tyr has found how to use her telekinetic ability. Strangely it is not like other movies or shows where you must constantly concentrate on having something levitated. That is, she can levitate a pencil and then walk away and apparently it would remain there, exactly as is, motionless, and unaffected by the fact she is no longer there. I warn her to be careful so she does not get caught at this.

. . .

Hey and hello, it's 05-27-19. With Summer now here, you might be interested in doing exercises in the pool. Yep, I even wrote an article to that effect and how to do it - using my original patent pending method of using a SWIM RING. Yessirree. And you can find that HERE:

Otherwise, let's continue with 25 more chapter summaries, shall we ... ?

Tyr has what she believes to be the perfect idea, a perfectly wicked one that is, on where to put Scant - so he'll no longer bother either me or her. And it involves a construction site's porta-potty. What I didn't know is that when she was much younger, she fell into one and later was teased by a bigger bully about how she should stay in there.

Because of the traumatic event that happened to Tyr, after this and years later, she had a terrible nightmare. One that ate at her very being. That she belonged in the bottom of a porta-potty, and this very awful dream reflected this.

With her nightmares pushed back down into the subconscious, she then set about making a 'recipe' in the porta-potty. The perfect massive mud-pie. Using her newfound telekinetic ability, she called forth lots of dirt and lots of water from the filthy gulch there. And ALL of it for Scant, tomorrow ...

I don't know which was worse. The terrible 8-foot diameter mud-pie that Tyr just made or the creepy leering grin she had on her face from making it. In either case, the trap was set. Now it was just a matter of time till after school, Scant wanted to fight me again. But this time - things would be different. And - sure enough using her powerful telekinetic ability, she does manage to stuff him right down the middle.

If I hadn't mentioned earlier that Tyr can sometimes act like she's 10-years old (or even younger), this was one of those times. With Scant wailing in misery down the middle of the "mud-pie" dwelling deep within the bowels of the porta-potty, she proceeded to do a silly dance on the top. Slick with mud though she falls in the trap herself !

Having eaten a helping of the mud herself as she fell (yech), I manage to pull her out before Scant is joined by her. However her clothes are really ruined. Sticky mud clings to her pretty dress and even all the way up in her undies. We dash to her place and start a load of new clothes in the washer as she changes to clean ones. But now Tyr is wanting even more and likely dangerous abilities. "I want more magic stuff." she says simply.

Early the next morning the local news is abuzz with the story of a local boy who apparently 'accidentally' fell into a construction site's porta-potty. Scant is livid on the camera though. "She's a witch, I tell ya !" he shrieked into the microphone. And did I ? Was Tyr a fully qualified witch now with a temper to match ?

Tyr is dangerous now. I wish she was a little less conspicuous with her telekinetic ability ! Back at school she's whammying this that and the other, all for fun. Even taking control of the yardman's lawnmower to run it into the school lake where it smoldered with smoke. SIM worries me though. He says that Tyr has UNLIMITED ability. That is, she could lift a whole city block - just with her thoughts alone !

I knew this would happen. I knew it ! Tyr got careless with her telekinetic ability and now we had these goofy secret agents are after us and heaven knows what they would do with Tyr once they caught her ! But Tyr retaliates by flinging dog poop all over them. The agents were serious though ! They were shooting a special kind of gun at her that had needles and apparently put to sleep anyone hit by them !

Having taken some ID from the incapacitated agents, they are rising back up and threatening me ! But jamming them in the knee with one of the strewn "sleep" needles, they collapsed again. I then proceeded to smash their equipment and cripple their vehicle. Back at Tyr's she was howling in pain for she had gotten a spanking - long overdue I thought to myself. :)

Two scary police officers arrive to get the story on what the heck happened earlier outside. Tyr makes a dive for one of the policeman's gun but he is so muscular and brawny even using both of her hands she can't wrestle it from his grip as he holds it in place in his holster. As they started to ask questions, Tyr kicked off her shoes and started to play serious footsie with me under the table. I was going to explode ! I had to get out of there !

I have SIM make me a new device, a portable internet. What was interesting about this was that it did not actually require a connection to an ISP, it =WAS= the ISP, all bundled up into a little USB plugin. Even if phones and stuff went down, I could always have the internet in my pocket and spend the rest of my life exploring it. Tyr wants the ability to be invisible. Fortunately she doesn't achieve it.

If I had thought Scant was completely out of the picture, I might've been right. He had terrible incontinence now and avoided both Tyr and me when he saw us. The massive mud pie he had to eat to find a pocket of air to breathe definitely changed him. Tyr was nothing short of hateful pointing to the boys' bathroom door as she demanded that he "Go back in there and eat that poo !"

As if Tyr weren't wicked enough. She was keeping a secret from me. It was Friday, we were back at the tree having our lunch and she was being silly as usual. Until she mentioned something special would happen on the weekend. What it was I didn't know. She seemed awfully excited about it though.

We have a visitor. Leroy. It was years ago. A person came to visit Mom and me called Leroy, my uncle. He was a real piece of work. Fat and dumpy, dirty, and an orange-yellow powder streak permanently down the front of his shirt as he was always ready with his favorite snack, "Cheezos." One time they canceled my favorite show and in its place put, "I'd Buy That For A Dollar." My Mom had enough of his nastiness though and threw him out - for a dollar.

If I had thought that Tyr was the only mean-spirited girl out there my age I was sadly mistaken. Visiting us at Tyr's was her best friend, Lilly. While different, wearing a custom-made military flight jacket and a hat with all kinds of army medals, she was just as conniving and just as devious as Tyr was. Together they were a real whirlwind of trouble, but it wouldn't be too bad because Miss Oshmeyer, otherwise known as Maggie would babysit all three of us.

Maggie showed up but with a secretive wink to Tyr who returned the eye message, she was gone. The two scheming girls suddenly ran towards me, Tyr kneeing me up my legs and staring into my eyes for any sign of discomfort. Now I would be in real trouble. It was clear Maggie wasn't going to be here at all and these two devil-girls would be babysitting me - going so far as to cut off my phone privileges so I couldn't call my Mom to bail me out !

Despite my asking for ice cream, they were determined to have fun with me that weekend whether I wanted it or not. They drugged my ice cream and now - well, I couldn't see straight. I fell back sleepily into Lilly's awaiting arms. Moments later they undressed me except for my underwear. Then they sat and whispered wickedly amongst themselves what deviltry they could do with a nearly naked and unconscious boy.

Now Tyr was bad through and through but Lilly was a little concerned that I was too drugged and should they call 911. Tyr put down that idea and they went to work on me ... and then I started to dream. And oh what dreams I had. I might as well been on LSD to have the brainweaves I was seeing and feeling around me. Totally weird and yet - somehow comfortable too.

While I still had my tripped-out dreams, Lilly and Tyr were getting pretty serious in their exploration of me. Apparently they didn't get enough time to play doctor with each other when they were younger and they were going at it now. After exploring each other they pounced on me and started doing the same. I moaned, unconscious in both confusion and pleasure combined.

Having slept blissfully wrapped in Lilly's arms the night, the next day they were bustling me about even though I was still half-asleep. "Shower, Dev !" Tyr said imperiously, like she was my Nanny or something. Now I had spent most of my life working with math and computers and really didn't think it at all important to explore anything else. As I showered, I noticed my little member was erect ! Outside the shower Lilly addressed it immediately.

With Tyr's and Lilly's careful attention to my member, in a short amount of time I exploded. And although if felt good, better than anything I had ever felt before, I was terrified. Was it the ice-cream ? Did I eat too much yesterday and it was coming out of me now ? My terrible imagination saw a dreadful situation where police and medical crew were involved stating how bad it really was.

Choo-Choo, Lilly's pet squirrel was outside the bathroom door and hearing all kinds of weird noises. Now he understood Lilly's playing with a razor, games of blood. He rubbed his paws eagerly together until they were just a blur. He was quite fond of blood, human or otherwise. It sounded like that boy named Dev was having quite a time, moaning in there. Heaven knows what those two wicked girls were doing to him.

With the weekend past and neither girl telling me REALLY what did happen except that I overdosed on ice cream, I returned back to find my Uncle was still home. Leroy was a changed man though. He seemed polite and sincere - two traits I had never seen in him before. Tyr and me left though to go bicycling when she thought she'd give an eyeful to two vagrant construction workers who kept looking at us for some reason.

As Tyr viciously mooned the workers mere feet from where they stood, my heart sank when one pulled out a walkie-talkie to speak into it, exactly like the ones I saw the other two secret agents using ! "C'mon, Tyr. That's enough !" I told her. Fortunately she had finished her antics and pedaled to catch back up to me. Later that evening we spilled the beans about SIM to Lilly who was determined she needs to get superpowers now. And she did, the ability to talk to Choo-Choo ! Now what would happen ?

As Lilly carried on a conversation with her pet squirrel, Choo Choo, the doorbell rang. At it was a pizzaman with a fresh hot pizza ! But then the front door gets busted in by this HUGE muscular man who I later found out is Agent Dempsey. Sure enough, they're after Tyr ! But all they can find is me. Satisfied I'll be enough for the kidnapping, the team that came with Dempsey shove a breathing mask over me - and I can't get it off !

I was really worried now. It was clear they didn't want me but were going to kidnap me anyways so as to lure out Tyr. A metal canister is turned on and suddenly the mask on me is flooded by the scent of delicious orange candy. But I was okay I just - I just needed to rest for a moment. Only a moment. Then I'd get up and pound these guys ... Zzzz ... later the real police show up and Tyr is all frantic with worry and tears over me.

Stuffed into a fake ambulance, the mask is removed and I am questioned as to where Tyr is. Dempsey threatens my life but someone, a pretty woman's voice is heard over the speakers. "Leave him alone. I'll take care of this." I later find out the name of this woman is Stefani Charteiris. At first I think she is a sexy flirt, but ony for a moment. Later I found her name that will go down in complete and literal infamy.

Stefani tries to be silly and get me to casually say where Tyr is, but I'm not talking, in fact, I think she's acting ridiculous and I tell her so. She's not happy with this though and setting down the clipboard looks at me and says a word that at the moment may not mean very much but later, much later is the most terrifying word I could ever hear. "Babyfood."

I'm not tied down so I get out of the wheelchair and look around where I'm at. It's certainly secure and there was no way for me to escape. A computer is here but it's geared all towards encouraging the prisoners there (all kids apparently) to behave and do exactly as their agent tells them to. There is an intercom so I try to order a good lunch but am told I am not permitted, and that in fact the only thing I'm getting this night is ... babyfood ?

Stefani visits me in the night, asks if I am hungry and - of course I am. I missed lunch which was that poisoned pizza and dinner, the hamburger I tried to get for myself. Instead I am understanding I am being punished so I must finish 2-jars of Babyfood. And it tastes ? Well ... ? Sort of like mashed up green peas and very neutral in flavor. She spoon fed it to me and ... was I growing fond of her ? She seemed to have such a nice, light, and carefree attitude about her. Maybe she wanted a baby of her own is why she was doing this to me ?

I guess things seemed pretty positive, but my stomach was reacting to the pudding now. And - wow ! I was feeling hot and feverish, sick to my stomach, not at all good. She didn't seem to notice but confided that this batch of babyfood she made especially for me. I suspected she worked in the kitchen to prepare meals from time to time. But no ! She said to make it this smooth and creamy, she takes a supplement of Colace herself. Colace !!??

Oh no no no ! There is no way she ... ! That is, that means that I've been eating ... Oh my god, this woman was psychotic ! I realized rather quickly then I wasn't eating babyfood, not like you might buy at the store. Oh no. This was all-natural and straight from her ... ! I couldn't even finish the thought I was so disgusted and terrified at it ! Whatever comfort and kindness I felt for her earlier was gone now. There was NO WAY I could finish another jar - as she brought two of them !

Angry that my appetite suddenly vanished, she pulls out a strange device and attaches it to my inner thigh. She assures me it won't hurt. Then the device pierces my skin with a tiny needle and ... suddenly it was like icicles all over my leg, my body, my brain ! It cried out with pleasure, whatever was being injected into my leg made me feel SO good ! But it was all for a terrible cause. She wanted me to finish that horrid 2nd jar of her all-natural "babyfood." And in my splintered mind, I said I would ! But then I spill it on her. She is more than angry and shocks me to the point of knocking me out !

The next morning she is gone and I am up and at them ! "Sausage, eggs, bacon, waffles, lotsa maple syrup, ahh, wheat-eeos with sugar, please." Something - ANYTHING to get rid of that beyond awful taste of "babyfood." Fortunately I am permitted a full meal, it arrives, but with it so does Stefani. Yet - now she is friendly. She asks me something, very casual, very nice, but what is my answer to her ?

Stefani assures me that I am no danger nor was I the person they were really looking for. And would I stay with her ? But then she mentions something absolutely AWFUL and terrifying ! She's bonkers after all ! She asks so sweet, so nice, but I have my answer for her. Oh yes I do and I'll cry it from the highest mountains ! And once I did, she was ready for me.

She - injected - something - into me ! Now I can't even think straight. It was like any adult or intellectual thoughts I had caused me a splitting headache. But being complacent and agreeable didn't hurt me at all. What the hell did she inject into me ?? She mentions the ingredients and it's a wonder I'm still alive ! Then I'm drowning in hallucinations and - simple words from Stefani and I'm back in bed deciding that is better than the nice breakfast I was going to have.

As I slept Stefani was on the move. Quickly she changed my regular clothes with that of a girl my age. "This ought to keep thing s interesting." she said sinsterly to herself. She sang the lyrics to "Crazy Little Girl." Letting me sleep a little longer she woke me and said we have a lot to get done.

Still in my regular clothes I followed after her as it was clear she wanted me for company in her office as she did her work for the day. It was pretty obvious she had the highest rank of all as every respectfully acknowledged her arrival. My stomach rumbled from having no real food now for a full day - which prompted Stefani to lead me out of the office, down that hall with her - but at that point I was terribly homesick. "I just want to go home." I told her.

She said I can go back to my room after lunch, but instead of heading for the cafeteria, she made a sudden turn into the women's restroom ! I pulled away to let her know I wasn't supposed to go in there, but she dragged me anyways. I had enough of this evil woman ! I took a punch at her but she blocked it. Then she squeezed on my head causing the drug she gave me earlier to exhibit excruciating pain. I passed out for a moment and when I came to, she had my head in the toilet bowl !

This was torture ! Plain and simple. She was gripping the back of my hair painfully but eased her grip when I guessed and apparently correctly that she wanted me to drink the water there ! As I took a small sip she relaxed her hold on me and caressed my hair nicely. She then flushed the toilet grinding my face in the bottom. "Feel better ?" she asked. I was beaten, that much was certain. She informed her staff that I was to be taken back to my quarters as I didn't feel well. The understatement of the year !

She stopped for a soda, drugging it as I asked for a drink. And then I felt very amiable and agreeable again. Even when she offered me 2-jars of her horrid babyfood for lunch. I was starving over here so - I did the terrible deed. The drug she gave me also made me tired so I lay down in bed. She kept treating me like a baby but there wasn't much I could do about it.

Tyr had been found ! This was announced to Stefani who let me sleep off the drug back in bed. She rubbed her hands together and thought of the absolute deviltry she could perform for Dev's girlfriend. But that wouldn't be for very long ! She would see to that. But now Tyr remembered the wild chase the police gave the ambulance. I didn't know because I was strapped inside you remember.

Tyr remembered how she was sitting in the back seat of the police vehicle as it made a sharp turn in an alley when there was a deafening BOOM ! And the building that was standing which earlier said Arkos Institute had just been blown up ! Wooden timbers fell in all directions but more importantly - they lost sight of the ambulance ! Tyr not convinced I was blown up with it just yet checked with SIM to find where I really went.

Things were going quickly now. Just as Stefani and her cohorts were getting prepared to leave the underground Arkos institute to pick up Tyr, Lilly and her were right on the surface of the broken timbers looking for the entry elevator ! Stefani couldn't have ben happier in her wicked thoughts. Using a high-tech device as part of the security of the facility, she blinded both girls and arrived on the surface to capture Tyr !

While SIM was instrumental in finding the general location where the Arkos Institute was, it was Choo-Choo's excellent sense of smell and location which actually found where the entrance was. Which was little benefit to Lilly and Tyr as they were still blinded by the Cryzar device. Lilly's sight came back before Tyr's and she directed her to 'blast' them using her telekinetic ability ! Stefani was dumbfounded, she thought the telekinetic ability was a hoax - but not now !

Tyr creates a type of protective cylinder so the agents can't get her or Lilly. The boards are levitated in a cylinder around the girls. Stefani fumes angrily trying to find a way around this defense. Since Lilly has never met Stefani before, Stefani pours on the charm to look like she is the one rescuing them from the other agents, Petrov and Dempsey. A clever ruse and it looks like Tyr is falling for it !

Lilly gets shot with the needled Gun so now Tyr is on her own. Stefani tells Tyr that she'll let Lilly go provided Tyr goes with her right now. And as a bonus, she will have a chance to see Dev - who is in fact after all alive and well. It sounds like a pretty good deal to Tyr.

Stefani is concerned that Tyr will be a problem later, especially with her inherent telekinetic ability, so as Tyr is sniffling in tears, Stefani hands her a kerchief that has the "tangerine" drug on it. Putting her to sleep almost immediately. Stefani lifts Tyr in her arms and sings the Metallica song, "Sanitarium" as if it were a beloved nursery rhyme. Then her, Dempsey, and Petrov, all approach the surface elevator to return back to the underground base of Arkos ...

. . .

Phew ! There ya go. I got an early start on this so I'll start the next chapter for the 4th book. Hope to see you there !


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