FB4-64 "Food For Thought"

FB4-64 "Food For Thought"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr suddenly spoke, "You got French fries, right ?" The waiter looked a little alarmed, like her bad behavior was somehow going to get him in trouble. Then he leaned forward and talked down to her ..




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 64 - "Food For Thought"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Not too much to chat about today. I am reminded of the importance of me taking my daily anti-psychotic medications though.

I think the Joker in The Dark Knight worded it best when he said, "Madness as you know is like gravity. All it takes is a little push."

And yes, when madness does take you, it doesn't take much to push you right over the edge. Whatever edge it is you have in your life. My edge ? Well sanity really. When I'm "not there" everything is magical, mystical, dangerous, and amazing.

That's probably the best way to describe it. I believe today I am still quite delusional on a great many things. Maybe that has added to the quality of my book chapters, not just Future Barrier but other stories I've written before this.

Back in school years ago I remember asking my reading teacher what it is that helps writers to write as well as they do.

And she told me, "You have to be there. You have to actually live the moment you are writing about. That all your senses are keenly aware of what is happening around you. You need to write at THAT level in order to be effective. In order to grip readers and never let them go."

I hope for all the writing I've done (over 1000 documents combined of everything I've ever written since I first arrived in Writer's Cafe), that you have found pleasure and enjoyment in reading them.

And with that, let's start a new chapter. What happens at the restaurant that Mr. White had picked out for Dev and Tyr's family.

We now return back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

As we stepped outside I could see there were actually a few vehicles available.
Mr. White's limousine of course but in addition to this was a very sleek and cool looking motorcycle, all in black with hot pink trim. Also a type of 3-wheeling vehicle, metallic blue in color.

Kyra mounted up on the motorcycles squeaking leather and against leather in a satisfying creak. She put on her helmet, gunned the cycle, and drove it so it was just behind the limousine.

We all went in the extended limousine of course. And once we were bundled up and seatbelts on, we were off. I took this time to watch carefully for the Faraday shield and sure enough as we came to one intersection of the road I could clearly make it out.

And oh yes it was not small. Not at all. I saw the edge of it reach straight up into the sky clearly for miles. Then we made a few more turns and we had arrived.

The restaurant's name was, "Chez Aliments."

While I knew what it meant, Tyr wrinkled up her nose at it. " 'Cheese Ailments ?' What kinna weird name is that ? Is it moldy cheese huh ?"

Fortunately Mr. White did not take offense and laughed. "Tyr, midear, it means ' In Food ' it is French."

She turned to face him, "So it's all French huh ! Do they server French fries here ?"

He sighed. Her rude simplicity would definitely get to him over time. "Yes."

"Ketchup ?"

"I'm certain they have that too."

She grinned, "Then it can't be all bad." And leaned back in her seat apparently all excited about eating French fries with ketchup.

White put a few fingers on his forehead feeling a headache coming on.

I was closest so I whispered in his porcelain ear, "She does this all the time with me."

He nodded without responding. Then we were parked.

I stepped out and immediately Kyra was there to take my hand, her helmet had been placed at the front of her cycle.

I know it was her job to protect me but as we were still inside the Faraday shield I doubt there would be anyone out to give White difficulties.

Nonetheless I let her as I have always appreciated it when someone held my hand. Especially someone pretty and as it was, Kyra was quite pretty. Maybe even more so in her combination ninja-motorcycle outfit.

Tyr reached out her hand but Kyra seemed affronted. "I'm here to protect, Dev. Not you."

Tyr seemed crestfallen so she added, "But once we're done here, we'll have a nice talk to catch up on everything, okay ?"

Tyr grinned, "Okay !"

Then my parents and Annie stepped out of the limousine. And apparently we were expected.

We climbed the stone steps to the entrance and someone was already there to open the door for us. I would like to say it was a bunny girl but not quite so cute. She was attractive granted but wore a hat that very much matched the ears that Mr. White had in his porcelain over-the-head mask.

Clearly he owned this restaurant.

"Good to see you Mr. White." she said with utter respect. Then nodded as I entered. "Honored sir." She also bowed to the other guests entering.

The restaurant itself seemed empty. White walked right past the front and sat down at the farthest table which had the most seats.

A waiter approached identifying himself as, "Granville." but instead of wearing ears he had a lapel on his shirt that was an exact match of White's mask. And as I stated earlier, it wasn't an entirely friendly looking rabbit.

"Mr. White." he began. "We are blessed to have you this fine day. Would you like to see a menu ?"

He held a gloved hand and shooed him away, "No no. I have already eaten. But my friends here I am certain would like one."

He nodded and handed me one first, then worked his way around counter-clockwise until everyone had one.

Tyr suddenly spoke, "You got French fries, right ?"

The waiter looked a little alarmed, like her bad behavior was somehow going to get him in trouble. Then he leaned forward and spoke down to her level, "Yes, miss, we do. Would you like that ?"

"With ketchup."

He nodded, "Certainly."

"Lotsa ketchup, Granny !"

He didn't even bother to correct her on pronunciation of his name. He merely bowed, "Absolutely."

"And a Burger Thing Kid's meal."

"I beg your pardon ?" Now he was confused.

Tyr raised her voice angrily, "Burger Thing ! Burger Thing ! I wanna Burger Thing Meal with a orangey soda ! And it better have a toy in it !"

He smiled weakly and looked at Mr. White about what to do in this bizarre instance.

"Helicopter it in, Granville." White side. "Quickly. Quickly, let's not have the guests waiting."

"Yessir !" He quickly and fairly ran away to be replaced by a different server, this one was a waitress, "Maise." She spoke, "As we prepare your uhh - special express item. Are the rest of you ready to order items from our kitchen ?"

It was then Mr. White leaned over to speak to me, "Dev, you strike me as someone who enjoys the finer things in life. May I recommend the Beluga Alma's Caviar followed by Rabbit Terrine, wrapped in bacon, cranberries, and pistachios and some House Wine to get all down."

I was actually pretty hungry but my gosh didn't that sound expensive ! Also I was a little concerned, I mean, he looked like a rabbit himself and here he was ordering a rabbit dinner for me ?

But I did know I didn't drink. "I'm sorry, I don't drink liquor." I told him.

"Sensible." he said. Then asked, "How about a Sprite then ?"

I nodded to that. He then raised one finger in the air and Maise immediately went to his side.

"Yessir ?" she asked.

"Our guest of honor here will have the house caviar alongside the Rabbit Terrine, mild sweet, Sprite. Celebration cake, vanilla. I will have a glass of your Champagne. Armand de Brignac Midas, please. Leave the bottle."

"Yessir." she said noting it down. Then looked to my Dad as he seemed ready.

"I'll have your Margo's Malta White Truffle And Gold Pizza with a glass of Vielle Bon Secours ale."

Mom was next, "I will try your FleurBurger, medium rare and to wash it down, a glass of Angostura Legacy Rum."

Kyra spoke matter-of-fact, "Number 43. Extra spicy."

Annie was last but she asked, "What would you recommend, Maise ?"

Maise then gravitated to her, "If this is your first time to eat here may I recommend our House Special of Wagyu Steak with our seasoned medley of vegetables, 23 varieties in all in a very rare sauce. If you want something with alcohol we have our own House Wine or - what I would recommend for this meal - Acqua di Cristallo."

Annie looked completely confused and Maise leaned close and smiling said, "It tastes like weak Sprite, dear."

Annie nodded. Apparently that would be fine.

Maise wrote it all down on her receipt. "Very well. I shall return shortly with your drinks."

Now I had to think for a minute. Just how was White going to have anything to drink with that mask on ?

The first to receive a drink was Mr. White. Now I could see how he would do this.

Reaching into his waist-pocket he pulled out what clearly had to be a solid 24k gold drinking straw. Plated over everything except where it bent in the middle which looked like rubber. Putting the straw in and lifting the glass I saw him insert it directly into a small hole I didn't see earlier right by where his mouth would be.

He took a sip. Grunted in approval. Then waited for everyone else to get their drinks.

Tyr was really looking cross as everyone was served except her.

I saw her pouting over there. I leaned over to speak, "Now, Tyr. You've ordered something very special and put these people to a lot of work. Your food should arrive soon."

She fixed me with an angry eye, "It better or I'm gonna start shouting !"

I shook my head. Wow I hoped she wouldn't do that.

Fortunately Granville had returned with a long metal tray on wheels which had big bags of what clearly was from Burger Thing. 12 bags in all !

They apparently didn't want her to ask for more as it was such an out-of-the-way trip to get the particular meal she wanted.

"Miss ?" he asked her.

"Yeah whazzup ?" she returned.

"This is the entire - uhh - cuisine - available at the establishment you requested. We will send you home with what you do not eat here. The meal you requested, however, Burger Thing Kid's Meal - is here." And he reached for a bag on the end to hand her alongside her orange drink.

As a side the cook apparently prepared French fries exactly as she requested along with a whole bottle of ketchup from the kitchen.

I had to laugh. I mean it was clear we were in what could well be the most expensive restaurant on the planet with thousand dollar meals and Tyr just plonked her $1.99 dinner straight on the antique and beautiful china plate, silken and monogrammed napkins, and used real sterling silver fork and spoon to access all of her food.

But the first thing she did was reach in the bag and pull out the toy. She looked at it carefully for a second, then squinted her eyes angrily, "I already got this one !"

"We anticipated this." Granville said, smiling. "Perhaps a different one ?" He then reached under the tray near floor level where he had a big bag of what clearly was every Kids Meal toy that restaurant had and raised it to her eye level.

Tyr seeing this got wide eyes and hopped out of her seat, knocking the fine bamboo chair over in her haste to look at the toys. "Gimme !"

She greedily stuffed her head in the bag and after a minute of careful debate, pulled out 3-toys apparently she didn't already have from the set.

* * *

"Yeah, this'll do, Granny, thanks !"

"Ma'am." he said in even tones, clearly dismayed by her obvious lack of social skills or even demeanor.

She went back to her chair and setting aside the food started to tear open the toys she grabbed. Once opened she started playing with them on the table noisily speaking for the toys making up some silly plot.

I sighed. I knew she was 17 but WOW did she hardly ever act her age. "Tyr, you're being obnoxious." I whispered angrily to her.

She retorted, "Yeah, well you're being snooty, picklepie !" and she stuck her index finger under her nose, raising it and spoke in fake English tones, "I say old bean, old sport, old boy, old - old brussel sprout you !"

I twitched uncomfortably. Then Annie who was right next to her spoke to her quietly. If Tyr would listen to anyone it was clearly her Mother. Tyr had wide eyes listening to every word. Finally Annie pulled back and Tyr continued to play with her toys, but at least she was quiet now.

Just then our food arrived with Maise carrying it. Granville moved aside the tray of Burger Thing items and we were all served what we ordered.

As a salad had also arrived with my food, I picked up a fork to start eating when Mr. White coughed to get my attention.

"Dev." he said quietly. "There is a salad fork beside you."

I had heard of these but never actually seen one. I didn't know what to say but searched my silverware for it. Gosh if there weren't a lot of nice utensils but heck if I could find it !

He reached over to his side and pulled up the salad fork so I could see it.

I matched his with my own and started eating.

There was quite a bit of ovation, expression, and appreciation coming from my parents and Annie as they tried their very exquisite meals. I tried a little of my caviar but White once again coughed for my attention.

"Don't chew it." he said. "Swallow it whole. That gets the best flavor. And no more than 2-spoonfuls. It's very fattening."

I nodded. Tried as he said, coughing a little to get it down. I'm certain he was smiling beyond his mask. After 2-spoonfuls though I had enough. What an odd flavor it was and instead started into my rabbit which fortunately tasted just like very lean and flavorful chicken.

After a few minutes of us eating Mr. White picked up a spoon and dinged his glass with it for attention.

"My friends." he began. "First off I want to welcome you to my domain and my own personal restaurant. As you know or should this is all possible because of the man of the century here, Dev."

We stayed quiet while he continued.

"Now I don't entirely know how Dev managed to get - the ability - he has. I can tell you that the plugin we received from the agency was fake and has been destroyed. The other from - Tyr's - bedroom seemed to definitely be the real deal. But it apparently does not work."

"It's out of juice !" Tyr said rudely interrupting.

"Tyr !" I hissed.

But White held up a hand. "No no, that's fine. Tyr, would you like to tell us about it ?"

"Sure thing bunnyman !" She began. "Ya see Dev here had a friend named Darvin who got him the doohickey first, Dev puts it in the computer and zowie we make a blue square ! Then we makes bunches of paperclips and a watch for me and the devil girl comes and she's all mwah-mwah over Dev."

"Dev says he was in hell then he's back and BOOM ! He blows up the school gym and Stefani is all mwah-mwah over Dev and everyboogle is after old Dev but that demon guy Dance On - "

I correct her, "Darceon."

"Yeah whatever shaddup I'm talking here huh ? Anyhoo Dance On takes ther pluggy and puts it in Dev."

Now Mr. White interjected, "So he swallowed it ?"

Tyr continues, "Not zackly, more like makes it alla him so it cain't be taken and junk."

He puts his hand up apparently having enough from Tyr.

"That's fine. Dev ? Would you care to explain ?"

Fortunately Tyr doesn't suspect that he really didn't like her explanation and is now asking me for a more coherent one.

I nod, "Tyr is correct. I received the plugin originally from Darvin, a friend of mine from years ago. In the mail. I have not seen or heard from him since though. I put the plugin inside my computer and there was an AI interface. We at first made a force-field cube."

"After that I wanted to duplicate paperclips."

White interrupted, "We have your paperclips. We immediately realized there was something special about them when they all appeared to be constructed exactly the same down to the molecule."

I looked to Tyr, "See ? I told you someone smart would see how important that was."

"Bore-ing !" was all she said and stuck out her tongue.

I ignored this and continued, "Well the AI device in the plugin was called SIM. And - Tyr and me - well we did some pretty fancy things. I got her a jeweled watch."

Tyr thrusts it up in the air to show it all around. I continue.

"Right, and eventually an organization called Arkos is coming after Tyr. Tyr at one point had telekinetic ability."

"Fascinating." White said really listening to what I was saying.

"Yeah, and anyways she gets kidnapped by this awful woman, Stefani. Who later finds out I'm the cause of her telekinetic ability - and tries to adopt me or something weird. She said she was both my Mother and girlfriend combined."

Now my Mom spoke, "That's sick ! I'm glad you got away from her."

"Yes and well a whole bunch of stuff did happen later. Darceon did make the plugin part of me so I can call it anytime I wish."

"Now ?" White asked.

"Umm ... It's not that simple. I mean it does activate but it sorta only does when I get - stressed and stuff."

White nods, "I'm going to work on you perfecting your ability. Is one reason why you're here. While the other idiots on the planet want to just use your abilities for their own ends or military or weapon purposes, I actually want to HELP you with yours."

"So that you are comfortable with and can activate it anytime you wish - with help from me of course."

I like that. I smile. He nods respectfully. I continue, "So there is Darceon - "

White asks, "Who is Darceon ?"

I shrug, "I'm - not really sure. I think he's some type of demon or something. Says he comes from the Spectral universe and I was told there's an Astral universe - the opposite of his. Anyways sometimes he does speak to me when I'm not expecting it."

White tilts his head a bit, "Is this Darceon speaking to you now ?"

I pause to listen, "No."

White presses, "Can you call out to him ?"

I laugh, "Well, yeah, sure. But he doesn't always come."

White shifts in his chair, "Go ahead and call him now. Let's see if he comes. That would be interesting."

I bite my lip, "Okay. I'll try. Uhh - Darceon, are you there ? Hello ?"

There is quiet. All we can hear is the soft sound of dishes being washed in the kitchen and the muzak played as we sit at the table.

"He's not responding." I say.

White raises a hand, "That's fine. We can stop here. I've heard enough. It definitely does seem to me that Dev would benefit from my tutelage in learning to control and activate his special abilities. I would be happy to do this for you."

"Thank you !" I say quite grateful.

He nods, "You are very welcome."

But then Dad speaks, "When can we leave ?"

White looks to him, "Are you done eating ?"

Dad shakes his head, "No I mean LEAVE. Go back home !"

White pushes his chair back a bit and speaks a little louder. "Yes. While Tyr and Dev may well enjoy what I have to offer, you - parents - may not feel the same way. It is only fair for you to know."

"Now if Dev can somehow transfer this 'ability' to me that I may study it, then all of you can go home with a bonus - I'll explain that a little later."

"If this cannot happen but Dev can indeed work with me in controlling his ability and call upon it when needed, then all of you can go home - except him as I would make him my personal protege. This also comes with a bonus."

"If you choose to stay with Dev HERE, within my domain, then that is also fine. That is your 3rd choice."

My Mom speaks angrily, "We have no homes to go to. You made certain of that."

White sighs, "Hear me."

"The bonus I am referring to is 1-million dollars." He reaches in his pocket to pull out a portable computer. "I have your account names and numbers right here."

"For Dev's parents, you will be free to go and I will add 1-million dollars to your checking or credit card account. Your choice. And with that you can definitely buy a nice home or live comfortably in a hotel or apartment the rest of your lives."

"For Annie, she would be granted the same."

Tyr spoke, "How about a million bucks for me ? I'm ther telly-energetic person ya know ! I'm important !"

He looks to her. "Sorry, Tyr. I think you would spend that money a little too quickly. This is just for the parents. And only if one of the first 2-conditions can be met."

My Dad now speaks, "We'll stay here, Mr. White. We do appreciate your hospitality but we will NEVER leave Dev behind. So you can scratch off that 2nd choice, permanently."

White seems to be lost in thought for a minute. "Very well, Harold. I will continue accommodations for everyone."

"Annie ? Having heard that your daughter may no longer be part of the puzzle, would you like to leave and go home with her back to Wannabee ? I will add 1-million to your account if you agree - and we will never see each other again."

Tyr speaks up, "No ! No ! We can't leave Dev here all alone !"

White points with his white glove, "He won't be alone, child. He'll be with his parents - and me - and possibly make new friends. But do YOU want to go home - to be free of this place ?"

Annie speaks carefully, "No. I think we'll stay. If you have done research on our families as I suspect you have, you may see that my daughter is very close to Dev in many ways and that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm not going to separate them on that."

White nods, "Very well. Then I think we have a decision. Once we finish here, we'll all return back to the home I provided for you. Not now but 2-days from now, this Saturday, I will want to start work with Dev. First to see if he can transfer the ability so everyone can go home."

"Failing that, to train him to use his ability - to call it whenever he needs it. Without the requirement of this - spirit from the Spectral universe, Darceon. He sounds rather sinister and I suspect he does not have Dev's best interests at heart."

He sits more comfortably, "Please. Enjoy yourselves and your meals." and with that he quietly sips on his drink through his golden straw and even Tyr pushes away her toys momentarily to tear into her $1.99 burger and fries.

After a good half hour of pleasant conversation of which White does not partake as he seems busy typing figures out on his personal computer, we all finish our meals.


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Oh my! That sounds delicious. I was considering some pistachios last time I was out grocery shopping, but they were too expensive, so I didn't grab them. . . . and stop talking about wine! I can't have any right now. I'm feeding a fetus.

Does Tyr have some sort of mental disability that prevents her from learning manners?

Posted 11 Months Ago

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11 Months Ago

Congrats on your upcoming young 'un, Kari. That menu was just to show that Mr. White was a bit of a .. read more


Oh my! That sounds delicious. I was considering some pistachios last time I was out grocery shopping, but they were too expensive, so I didn't grab them. . . . and stop talking about wine! I can't have any right now. I'm feeding a fetus.

Does Tyr have some sort of mental disability that prevents her from learning manners?

Posted 11 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


11 Months Ago

Congrats on your upcoming young 'un, Kari. That menu was just to show that Mr. White was a bit of a .. read more

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