FB4-19 "Big Boys Don't Cry"

FB4-19 "Big Boys Don't Cry"

A Chapter by dw817

She spoke again continuing to rub, but this time her lips were wet with interest, "I know what I did, and I'm not ashamed of it. And I know what you did. And you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself ..."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 19 - "Big Boys Don't Cry"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I watched Angel carefully, for any sign that she knew what she did was wrong.
But nothing was revealed from her actions. She seemed more intent on getting my finger put into a splint.

I started to cry. I couldn't help it. Would I always be like this ? Where others would make fun of me, SERIOUSLY teasing me to the point of criminal intent - and all I could do later is ... apologize for me legitimately losing my temper ?

Angel saw me crying and came to console me again.

"There, there, Dev. It's alright. I know it hurts." Then she looked me straight in the eyes and narrowed hers speaking evenly, "I know ... I know everything."

"What do you know !?" I asked angrily, the tears refusing to stop.

She came close and whispered in my ear. "I know that you're in a lot of pain, for your finger. And I know you're angry with me - for what happened yesterday."

"Then you do admit to it !" I said, determined to drive this point home. And while I wanted to grasp at the little rage that was in my head and shout it out with a deep voice, instead it only came out as a weeping blubber, my own tears streaming down my face now.

"Shh ... shh ... shh ..." Angel said and gave me a big hug. Then she whispered in my ear. "Big boys don't cry. Big boys don't cry."

And - right then, my tears stopped. Yet unfortunately also I was no longer angry at Angel.

She seemed to see this and smiled, biting her bottom lip. She rubbed a hand across her skirt surreptitiously close to her middle.

She spoke again and continued to rub there, but this time her lips were wet with interest, "I know what I did, and I'm not ashamed of it. And I know what you did. And you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself, either. You aren't a child anymore, Dev, whatever you may think."

She rubbed her hand there more meaningfully getting me to swallow hard making a funny high-pitched gulping sound. She smiled at this and stepped closer, and - didn't it seem like she was sweating in her forehead now ?

She stepped forward, her face flushed red, "It's been a long time since any of us here had a boy amongst us. I think - you're going to be rather popular while you stay here. And - " she twirled her back to me, apparently aware she was all hot and bothered now.

She spoke with her back to me, her voice shaking slightly. "I promise you, I can make you very comfortable here."

She turned to look at me again, she was almost drooling now. "Wouldn't you like that. To be - comfortable - with me ... Dev ?"

Without waiting for an answer she went to her bed and sat on it. Then she padded the side, an open invitation for me to sit next to her.

But all the senses in my brain were now screaming an alarm. She had already fixed up my finger, I ran out of her room as fast as I could, but not before hearing her delicate laughter, like she fully believed, in time, I would be totally hers. Body AND soul.

I dashed back into my room and closed the door. I propped a chair up against the handle so it couldn't be opened. And - strangely nothing more happened that morning. I finished my breakfast, dabbled on the internet as I had that back. I found Marty, my best friend, in the usual chat channel and we had a talk.

I told him where I was, being held prisoner underground in a hospital.

Of course he asked couldn't I get free of this prison ?

I replied, I think so, but I have to be careful. Angel had warned me something about consequences that if someone escaped, then others would suffer for it, too.

He told me according to his television that normal cable television had returned and school had re-opened was back in session.

Well that REALLY got me interested ! I had always loved schoolwork and homework was just the icing on the cake. Now it was =MY= turn to be excited ! Math, math teachers ! Oh would that I could marry Ms. Arable for the wonderful way she taught math class. The way her cute eyes crinkled up when discussing trigonometry. Hmm ... but I was getting ahead of myself.

When does school start back ? I asked him.

* * *

Next Monday, he said.

That was 5-days from today.

So are you going to get out by then ?

I wrote back, I will most certainly try. That I dearly miss schoolwork.

He laughed at that. You always were a strange one, Dev.

I laughed a bit myself, yeah, but isn't that what life is all about ? Education ! Delving into the books and records of our ancestors and learning a great GREAT many things. Many things. I was a little tearful now as the only things I had to read in this room were some discarded vanity and make-up books for tween girls.

You'll get out, Marty assured me. And when you do, we'll be together again.

I nodded. Together. That would be the day. I closed the conversation with him here.

Just then I heard someone knocking at my door. It wasn't Angel but Mouse.

"Did you enjoy your breakfast ? Lunch is here !"

Wow, I had been chatting with Marty so long I had lost track of the hours. I pulled the chair away from my door and went out to grab a tray, but not before Angel came by from behind me, brushing up against and deliberately patting me on my bottom as she reached for a tray.

That caused me to bristle and at once I grabbed my meal and retreated back to my room, returning the chair to the door handle. Outside the girls all started whispering like mad, clearly trying to think up some other deviltry for me. But I have had it with them.

While the food was obviously good and I had the internet again, I wanted to get out of here - especially before Angel got any more lewd ideas about me. AND I wanted to get my parents out too as I knew they had to be here.

I finished my lunch and slept. I'm not sure how long I did for there was a knocking at my door again. It was Mouse. I was glad for that because I was certain now I could yell at Angel angrily and yet - what good would that do me now ?

She spoke in her quiet and polite voice, "Dev. Are you awake ? They're giving out a prize for today's match."

At first I dismissed this not bothering to answer back.

Mouse knocked more quietly and in a softer voice, "Dev ? Are you there ?"

There was no reason for me to be rude to Mouse at all so I pulled back the chair and opened the door for her.

She stepped in and spoke, "There's a prize. I think - you may like it."

"What is it ?" I asked her.

"A stuffed animal."

I huffed a little in disappointment. While it might be okay for any of these girls to have a stuffed animal, surely I was too big for this.

Nonetheless I asked, "What kind ?"

"A teddy bear." she said.

Well, that got my interest. It's not that I wanted to play with stuffed animals but I was certain I could put this prize up on my shelf in here somewhere to remind me of winning the contest.

"Yeah, well, alright, let's look at it."

She led me to the welcome hall where everyone was talking about the upcoming contest.

Suddenly my eyes grew wide. This was not just any teddy bear, this was Teepo ! =MY= teddy bear ! How the HELL did he get here !?

. . .

Tyr had ridden the elevator all the way down to the bottom where, like me, she was confronted with two massive metallic and locked doors. One of which showed the classic "bathroom" female sign, and the other the male sign. Certain I must be in the "male" room she hit a large red button to the side for that entrance and the door electrically opened.

With no sound from anywhere else, she stepped inside as the massive electric door closed and locked behind her.

Quicker than a wink, what she thought were dark shadows turned out to be a bunch of boys, all hiding in the darkness.

Seeing her they came up and all seemed to have a very hungry look in their eyes. Clearly as where I was it had been a long time since a boy was in their presence, likely here was the same - it had been a long time since a girl was in THEIR presence.

And unlike the courtesy these girls had shown me, it was clear that Tyr would not be treated by these boys with the same kind of dignity and respect.

. . .

Back with Dr. Seisbee and company, they had exited the plane and quickly hailed down two taxis. They would waste no time in finding Tyr's address and in both taxis drove to that location where they would find her.


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