FB4-62 "Dome Sweet Home"

FB4-62 "Dome Sweet Home"

A Chapter by dw817

Mr. White then walked up to me. "You really are remarkably well informed. Fine. The truth of the matter is this whole area is encompassed by a giant Faraday shield and dome. Electrified too.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 62 - "Dome Sweet Home"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The answer to life, the universe, and everything is NOT 42. Certainly not 6*9. :)

I had a dream a few nights ago. It was mathematical but interesting. In the dream someone was trying to convince me that our entire universe was comprised of only 256-bytes of memory.

I wasn't sure how this could be possible but he explained it to me. That a single byte could have a value from 0 to 255. I nodded, that was correct.

Then he stated two-bytes are a value from 0-65,535. Also correct.

Then he asked me what three-bytes would yield. I knew this. 0 to 16,777,215.

He pointed out that the first byte was hundreds, next, thousands, next millions, and what about 4-bytes ?

I knew this at one point. I had to look it up. 0 to 4,294,967,295.

You see ? Billions.

I began to see what he was getting at now. In fact in my checking I could not find any program Online that would accurately calculate just how many possibilities 256-bytes could yield. In fact many of the online calculators LITERALLY said the word character-per-character, "infinity."

"The number of stars in the sky." he said.

And now I have to agree. Perhaps 256-bytes alone are as many stars as there are in the sky or maybe even a number higher than that.

I asked Chris about it and he said I may be looking at it all wrong, that it's not a value I'm looking for but a distance.

A distance ?

Yes, you see how big the number zero (0) is on your computer screen ?

I nodded, I could see that.

He then said, now at that size draw zeros to cover a full mile of distance, real distance. From your screen and trailing to the right for a full city mile. Then you may be getting close to the value you want.

So - wow. Even a simple 256-bytes of data can contain a whopping amount of information. Now sure we've all coded data and worked it into 1k maybe even 16k, but 256-bytes. The answer to the universe ?

Maybe. :)

We now return back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

As I was no longer wearing goggles to block my vision I took a good look to see where we were.

And I wasn't really sure. I mean I looked in the sky and it appeared to be noon but the sun seemed somehow a bit dimmer. The temperature was cool too for this kind of environment. Surely it must've been hotter.

We approached the beautiful mansion and Mr. White opened the door for us using a magnetic key, which he gave me. He reached in his pocket for another key to hand to Tyr but from a quick look of dismay from me he nodded and didn't hand her one. Fortunately she didn't seem to notice.

I was aware however as the door opened it was rubber-sealed. Like the inside of a refrigerator. I brought this up to Mr. White but he just shrugged and said, "It's to keep out burglars."

I responded, "Would I need to worry about that on an island ?"

He whirled his porcelain mask to face me, threateningly, "And just how would you know that, young man ?"

I swallowed hard. "I mean I saw it an episode of Captain Circumference. He talked to someone over the internet who stated he liked privacy and would meet him at the island he was living on."

White pulled up a bit, perhaps to stare at my eyes for any sign of weakness. Not seeing any he chuckled, "Well aren't you clever. But yes, we are on an island. And as I stated earlier, it's for you and your family's safety."

Safety from what ? I asked myself without speaking. We proceeded to the stairs and went up to the 2nd floor. And right there were my parents ! Dad was sitting in an easy chair and Mom was working in the kitchen on something.

Seeing me they just about GLOMPED me, which I let them. I looked up to them expectantly, hoping they had something to say, but they were strangely quiet.

Tyr's Mom, Annie, was also here and Tyr definitely glomped her. They all started talking at once.

Tyr: "Lookit this cool house, ain't it awesome !"
Annie: "Yes dear, but there's more to it than you think."
Tyr: "Like what huh is what I wanna know !"

And then Annie was quiet.

Mr. White coughed a moment to get our attention. He then gently tapped his metal walking stick on the carpet creating a solid thoom.

"Right. Now you are all here because of Dev. All the comforts you see are yours to have and enjoy for as long as you live. I'm pretty sure you all have questions. I'll take one from each of you at this time."

He turned first to Annie. She asked, "Was there any danger of radiation as was stated earlier ?"

White shook his head, "No. That was a ploy from the government to examine that unusual vehicle Dev had. We still haven't been able to open it ourselves. Perhaps in time we'll bring Dev by to help us with that. It's not very important at the moment."

He turned to Tyr, "Next question."

Tyr was oblivious to any danger. "You got candy here bunnyman ?"

White laughed, clearly wishing we were all so simple-minded - but we weren't. Just her. Clearly someone he could easily deal with though. "Yes, midear. There's a whole pantry in the kitchen. But - I'd like you to stay her for a second if you would please."

She grumped, "Yeah alright but after you out I'm gone go see for myself !"

"You do that." he said agreeably. "Next question." then pointed his cane at my Dad.

Dad went right to the point, "What do you want with Dev ?"

White pulled back his cane and set it forward leaning on it. "I suppose that is the question of the century isn't it ? We, meaning myself and others believe that Dev was touched by God. That he was imbued with special powers not common to local man. We hope to study these powers and learn what we can. It's a simple matter, really."

He then pulled his cane up to point at my Mom. "You, what is your question."

She spoke, "Why did you destroy our beautiful homes ?"

He answered that with another question, "Aren't you comfortable here ?"

She tentatively nodded. "Good. But to answer that we don't want anyone else trailing or tracking Dev or his friends or family. We, ah, had to get rid of all the evidence. But I think you will see aside from some furniture, all of your precious items have been returned to you. We returned all your personal effects, photos, antiques, and memorabilia. We were quite thorough in this."

He pulled back his cane and then whirled it majestically above his head for a second getting some reaction from Tyr, Annie, my family, and myself. Then quickly pointed it at me.

"What is your question, Dev."

My question ? I had so many ! But I knew I had to be careful not to ask the WRONG question as that would show I was aware of some of the murderous treachery he was involved in. Instead I kept it simple, "Why is it cool outside ? I know the temperature was warmer earlier in the day."

Mr. White set his cane on the ground to think for a minute. I could tell he was going to lie but I would listen anyways.

"You're familiar with the climate of Hawaii ?"

I nodded.

"Well there you have it. There is a different climate here."

"No there isn't." I heard myself saying but couldn't bite it back quickly enough.

Mr. White then walked up to me. "You really are remarkably well informed. That voice in your head perhaps ? Fine. The truth of the matter is this whole area is encompassed by a giant Faraday shield and dome. Electrified and energized from the sun too so I wouldn't get too close to it."

Tyr spoke, "What's a Far-a-day, bunnyman ?"

* * *

He seemed agitated since he had already answered her question but I pressed. "Not everyone knows what Faraday means, Mr. White."

He nodded. "But I'm certain you do."

I nodded in return. He spoke, "Smart lad. That's fine. For you others, a Faraday shield prevents any radio, short-wave, or electromagnetic signals to get in or out. It's a perfect protection for you and your family."

Protection from what I wondered to myself. Protection from being able to inform the authorities where I was ?

He set the cane back on the floor, thumping it slightly. "I think that's enough. For now, enjoy yourselves. I will return in the evening and we will all go out to eat in this very fine restaurant I know. I would like to get to know each of you personally. I think that's important to start a good friendship here."

Tyr blithely asked another question, "Why you wearing that mask, bunnyman, you shy or somethin' ?"

Fortunately he ignored her. "Until then." and he clicked his heels together very professionally while bowing. Then returned to go back down the stairs and exit the premises."

Everyone lay perfectly still and quiet until he was gone.

"Dev - " my Dad began but I put a finger to my lips to still be quiet. I then carefully went down the stairs to listen. I heard Mr. White being driven away in his limousine. I then checked the front door to see if it was locked. I really was expecting it to be so.

But no, it wasn't. It opened easily and once again I felt that strange coolness outside, explained now understanding the mansion was encased in a giant Faraday dome. And I reflected on the words he said. Electrified. Clearly so no-one would try to tamper with it.

I closed the door again to climb back up the stairs deep in thought. Perhaps Darceon could help me with that later.

Then Dad whispered once I was close enough, "I'm sure he's gone, Dev. Now you need to know a few things. He then looked straight at Tyr. "Tyr, I really don't think you want to hear this."

Tyr spoke louder, "That he cuts up people and sells their body parts ?"

Annie fainted at this. Fortunately my Mom was close enough to catch her.

Dad spoke a little louder himself. "So you already know then. Yes. That." Then he addressed me. "This all has to do with that stupid plugin, doesn't it ?"

I nodded. Dad then took both shoulders in my hands. "Then give him the accursed thing. This Mr. White. He seems like a man of principle. I'm certain he'll let us all go if you do that."

"I can't." I told him, glumly.

He seemed cross, "Why, Dev ? Why can't you do this simple thing ?"

"Because it's in me." I explained.

He didn't seem to understand. "What ? You swallowed it ?"

"Not exactly." and then I explained to him how Darceon took the plugin and made it part of my entire body. I told him, "So the plugin is active all the time now because - it is me. And if I die so does the plugin. I'm certain Mr. White already knows there is no device, not now."

"But he has Tyr's plugin." Dad told me. "He said so. Surely he thinks there is a working other ?"

I shook my head, "Tyr's doesn't work anymore. It doesn't have - ah - juice in it. And I'm not sure how to 'juice' it."

Mom had just put Annie on the couch and approached me. "Well you might want to learn how and quickly, honey. He'll return in the evening and if you don't deliver what he wants - that could very well be our last meal !"

I nodded.

Dad then asked, "White mentioned a voice in your head. Are you - hearing things ?"

"I hear Darceon occasionally." I told him. "Sometimes he gives me advice or activates the plugin for me. That's how I found out about his butchering operation. Darceon let me see through the goggles to view the work he was doing."

Mom came to me now and hugged me. I let her. "Honey," she began, "I think it's in our best interests to not keep any secrets from Mr. White at all. Tell him everything you know - and  - ask him, politely, what you need to do to get us all back home."

"There is no home." I reminded her. And yeah I guess we would be homeless if we left Mr. White's influence.

She shook her head, "That's not important. I've got money in the bank. We could easily stay in hotels for years and in any case there's more than enough in there from your Father's work to buy a new house. We could all buy a new one and live together, would you like that ?"

"Yay !" Tyr screeched in excitement. Then remembered White telling her about the candy and on winged feet she took off top speed to the kitchen.

I tried to stop her, "Tyr ! We're eating later !"

She interjected, "Yah ! Well I'm eating now, picklepie !"

I looked to Annie to see if she would discipline her wayward daughter but she was still out cold from the shock of finding Mr. White was a human butcher.

I scooted her a little to the side and sat on the couch myself.

Mom then spoke, "I've had some sweet tea prepared in the refrigerator for some time. Let's - all just calm down - relax - and as Mr. White returns, we'll deal with him the time comes."

There were two couches. Dad sat on the opposite and I joined him. Strangely he took my head in his hand and turned it all around.

"What - what are you looking for, Dad ?" I asked.

He laughed a bit, "A USB plug, I don't know." He laughed again. I didn't know if he was being serious or teasing me. I hoped it was the latter.

Then Mom returned with the tea only to have a screech of anger from the kitchen from Tyr.

"He's LOCKED the candy up !"

I smiled. So at least we wouldn't be dealing with Tyr having an upset tummy later. I took the tea and sipped it. It was wonderful, Mom had put just a hint of cinnamon and honey in it.

Tyr continued to fume in the kitchen and we talked amongst ourselves quietly.


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This is singing to my inner geek. Thanks for writing it

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Sure ! Glad you like it.
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