FB4-66 "Tyr's Teasing"

FB4-66 "Tyr's Teasing"

A Chapter by dw817

Suddenly I felt a painful smack on my bare bottom. I whirled to see Tyr there gaping with a big leer. She sang, "Was a boy once from town Wannabee. Thought himself genius in all he could be -"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 66 - "Tyr's Teasing"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The week after ... Since the loss of my cat I don't feel so sad anymore as numb. As if some parts of my brain, the synapses aren't firing and some connections have been severed.

Oh I still continue to dream. Very busy dreams. Like last night I was working for some company and just not understanding when to clock in or out, or even where the place was located.

I talk to my doctor about it and he says if you continue to dream the same thing - it means that you have not resolved the difficulties involved in what is happening.

I still do dream about high school, Middle, and Elementary from time to time - so I guess it means linear though the path I take I am still stuck in the past in many ways. Unable to either accept or move on from it.

I'm - tired. Not just physically but emotionally. The weather has turned just a solid gray each day, even with the sun shining.

Last Saturday there was a massive party in the clubhouse above and to the right of the swimming pool where I'm staying. I put on my mask to investigate my mail where the mailboxes are located just below the clubhouse.

I saw people laughing, yelling, and in some cases screaming with laughter and absolutely none of them were wearing masks.

I took my mail and headed back thinking. All there needs to be is one person with that Covid virus and that's it. You could wipe out just about anybody they came into contact with at that party.

Later as I was working on my writing I heard screaming. At first I thought someone was in trouble. But no it was people from the clubhouse. They each took turns to lean their head out the door and scream - clearly disturbing others, I think that was the goal.

But you do remember what I said earlier which I think at this point is proven. Mankind spends about 50% if not more of his life finding some way to bring attention to himself. So others will notice them - be it for good or bad, or just plain annoying others as in this case.

As long as they get attention they believe somehow in their head they have won, and this inner drive is not affected by age, race, and in many cases intellect.

For instance, Einstein was a great scientist and showed us that E=mc�™. But I'm pretty sure this was something he didn't want to keep just to himself. He wanted to show others this incredible statement. And that's pride. And that's fine. He found a more than positive way of bringing attention to himself, benefiting mankind.

There are so many positive outlets people could do, volunteering to help others in non-profit charities for instance or even just plain doing good. Ah well ...

Tomorrow is my G/F's Birthday. I won't say how old she is but she's at the point now I see differences in her. And her mental makeup has also changed. When we first met she was quite a bit into the S&M and B&D scene, and surprised me with her boldness in this as she was twice my age at the time.

Today, not so, spending most of her time tending to her 8 cats, watching TV, and maintaining a small garden.

Now I'm not going to say this is good but it shows me that anyone - anyone at all can and likely will change once they get past that big year 50 hump. At that point I suspect people start to look inward, to see what they've accomplished with their lives, is it enough, does more need to be done.

And what can be changed that will not only benefit themselves but others. Like that teenage party the other day. Those guests there clearly didn't have any concerns about their fellow man as none wore masks and were quite the nuisance themselves with shouting to each other and yelling and carrying on for about 4+ hours.

You get older. You start to see beyond the mirror. You start to see that we're not alone in this world, that ultimately we are not and do not need to constantly be the center of attention. That what we do does matter and in some cases cannot change. It is irrevocably set in stone. These are the choices we make.

Gentle reader, please as you make your way in this world. Sow seeds of hope, of faith, and of trust. All the early charm and character you may have now just may not be there in the future - and it is then you want to refer to the good seeds in life you have sowed ...

Let's get to a new chapter of Future Barrier ...

B ack inside, Mr. White thumped his staff on the floor.
Clicked his heels together in a bit of a salute and was gone.

As for my Dad he curled up on the couch with the remainder of the cigars as White had offered to him.

My Mom was never content unless she was in the kitchen so she went there to clean-up the bit of the mess that Tyr had made in their earlier.

As for my G/F in crime, she was in cahoots with Janet whispering fiercely to each other but not loud enough for me to make out the words.

Finally Tyr pulled away and spoke to me. "Dev, I'm going to have a bit of a sleepover with Janet upstairs."

That was fine with me. I had counted the rooms and while White had indeed set aside a very nice room for me to sleep in complete with Captain Circumference bedcovers and curtains, there was no place for Tyr.

He spoke with me earlier stating in confided secret that it would be perfectly okay for Tyr to sleep with me in my bed - which I did NOT want. I knew Tyr, she would mess with me in the night leaving me exhausted in the day. It just wasn't worth it to me.

Seeing my discomfort he then said that Tyr could sleep in her Mother's room, Annie. I agreed to that. It would be fine. So, yes, for Tyr to be far far away while I slept so much the better.

It was about 11pm. I yawned, went to the refrigerator and found it well stocked. Took out some 1% milk with a bit of honey, microwaved it for about a minute. Drank it in a nice glass cup and went straight to bed.

No sooner did my head hit the pillow did I hear a little chiming. I looked to see I had somehow slept to 4am. The chime was from a little phone next to the bed.

I picked up the receiver.

"Hello ?"

It was Tyr on the other line. "Hey, picklepie. We're playing a new game now and you're invited to join us !"

I yawned and grumbled, "Tyr, it's four in the morning ! Don't you have anything better to do with your time ?"

"No." she responded innocently enough.

I shook my head, "Tomorrow then. Tomorrow after breakfast - maybe then."

"You're no fun !" and she slammed down the receiver. I was too tired to argue or even acknowledge she was quite cross with me right now - and slept.

And once again I heard a chiming but this time it was from something different. An alarm clock that was placed in here had gone off at 10am.

My Mom knocked gently on the door. "Dev. The day is getting away, you going to sleep all day ?"

"No ma'am." I told her struggling to get up.

"Well come on then sleepyhead. I'm making a nice breakfast and Janet called earlier, something about you three getting together upstairs."

"After breakfast." I reminded her.

She smiled, "Of course, dear. Now come on. Get up."

* * *

I finally was awake but felt a little bleary. I touched my chest and it seemed a bit more plump than usual. "All that good food. That's why I didn't dream." I told myself.

Finally I got up and went to the bathroom to see it like the bedroom was also quite sumptuous. I turned on the hot water in the shower and stood there naked outside the tub working the faucets.

Suddenly I felt a painful smack on my bare bottom. I whirled to see Tyr there gaping with a big leer at my butt.

She sang, "Was a boy once from town Wannabee. Thought himself genius in all he could be. But a bully instead, pantsed him and said, `have you ever seen -"

I interrupted her growling, "Tyr ! I'm trying to get cleaned up here !"

She shrugged, "So get cleaned up already ! Next time lock your door !"

With that she ran out giggling. I went to lock the door then looked at my butt in the mirror. Sure enough I could clearly see her hand-print right across it. I sighed. Went to the shower and got cleaned up properly.

I put on one of those extra-large towels and carefully unlocked the door looking around. Dad was in the living room reading a newspaper that had apparently arrived. Annie was watching TV, and Mom still sounded like she was in the kitchen.

Tyr was nowhere in sight.

Biting my lip I ran quickly to my bedroom and it too had a lock so I locked it, then let the towel fall to the floor.

Then I turned to see Tyr standing there, leering, and staring straight between my legs at my -

I exploded with rage, "Tyr ! Can't I have any goddamm privacy !?"

She knew I was on a short fuse now so wordlessly she quickly jumped around me and unlocked the door to get around me. Outside she spoke, "I'll be in the kitchen if you need me 'sweet meat' !"

I locked the door again and looked around. Everything seemed fine. Clearly she didn't have enough time to break anything. I went to look in the closet and sure enough all my clothes were there from the house.

I still had to puzzle it in my head though. Why did White destroy our homes but save all the clothing and other items in them ?

I was still pondering this as I got dressed myself. For kicks I decided to wear my "Treasure Chess" shirt, the one I wore at the competition.

Tyr was kibitzing to my Mom on how to make this that and the other. But she was polite and merely nodded to what she was saying without actually doing it.

I could smell now the heavenly scent of cinnamon pancake, honey ham, and scrambled eggs with Swiss cheese.

Despite the massive meal I had the other night my tummy rumbled, noisily enough Tyr could hear it.

She came to me and opened her mouth in mock-shock. Then spoke, "How can you possibly be hungry after all that food yesterday, belly boy ?"

I shrugged. I wasn't going to fight with her today and sat right down to the table in the dining room, a short distance from both the kitchen and dining room.

Annie and my Dad were already seated.

Dad looked to me and spoke, "About school ..."


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© 2020 dw817

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Hi Kari.

Seems like you're having life adventures of your own.

While I don't think I can recommend it as it definitely requires a prescription, I have found Seroquel takes care of your sugar. Eat too much ? You pass out, literally. One disadvantage of Seroquel though is it makes food taste really good.

I mean when you're eating raw broccoli with no seasoning, cheese, or anything, right out of the fridge waiting for your main lunch to heal, you know meds have to be involved to make things taste so good - even raw uncooked broccoli.

Seroquel has also led to another thing as you've mentioned. Dreams. Years ago I started a Dreamer's Diary. It's - rather full. I attribute that though to the very long years I have in taking this Seroquel. What is it ? Well it keeps the demons at bay but in many ways I think it's much like the SPICE Melange as listed and described in DUNE.

It expands consciousness.


Those folk who aren't wearing mask now have a word coined just for them, they are MASKHOLES. I rather like the term. :)

Hah - that unicorn horn is new stuff. Not sure how the unicorn craze got started. But that's fine. Oh and I am truly amazed at the many things I had seen in my youth. Not just dominatrix Tyr but my good boyfriend Wayne and later girlfriend Rose.

While I certainly wasn't about to light up with drugs and experiment, I'm pretty sure I did do every other "experimental" thing in life before I settled down. You can definitely read this in my stories.

You might also check out Nancy Principle, my 2nd major writing. It deals with my working for the government and while the first part of it is non-fiction it does take a science-fiction turn after this ... into well what could be described as LIMBO. I wasn't too sure where to take it but I knew it had to go somewhere, and it does list a lot of how I dealt with life at an early age ...


So nice to have you on the ride, Kari. Buckle up for safety ... Future Barrier has a long way to go from here. :) If you haven't guessed I usually post a new chapter for it on Tuesday and am working on EVE (The Everything Engine) every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Dreams are indeed and interesting thing. I've had some dreams about having to go back to middle school, high school, or even elementary school to retake a class because they found some sort of discrepancy in my records. However, the thing is I've already graduated from university, and I know that in my dreams as well. So in my dreams, I'm stuck doing piles of extremely boring assignments, and I can't keep up with the work because there is so much of it. School was exhausting, and I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. My mom also still has school dreams from time to time. School is traumatic for many people.

We saw some people without masks in swimming clothes at our apartment a few weeks ago. We don't have a pool, but I'm guessing they were on their way to a pool party. One of them was standing smack in the walkway and didn't bother to move at all when we approached. *shudder* I'm so sick of seeing people exposing their respiratory holes.

My dead boyfriend's wife's former boss is over 50 and he's made a career of making leather restraints, floggers, etc. He also helped me make a unicorn horn with a leather strap because my boyfriend wanted to dress me up as a unicorn but never got the chance. You can be involved in BDSM and still be an amazing, kind person in day-to-day life.

Also, don't get me started on my ex-boyfriend who was three times my age when I met him and hid his meth habit from me for five years. It wasn't until afterwards when I talked to one of his old friends that I realized my ex was probably indulging in the habit every time I went to visit my parents. Some people never change.

Haha, about school . . . https://youtu.be/8xe6nLVXEC0

I have mixed feelings about school. Some of the things I learned are still useful to me today, but much of it isn't. I think we should take a more integrated approach to learning about how things might tie in with our daily lives, like when we get pregnant and develop gestational diabetes. I got mine detected early because my mom had it too. I'm pricking my fingers four times a day now to monitor my blood sugar. The other day, my husband had a huge brain fart about why my blood sugar spiked so much after eating whole wheat crackers. "They're really salty. Maybe the salt broke down into sugar." Facepalm.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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