FB4-24 "Deserving Of Death"

FB4-24 "Deserving Of Death"

A Chapter by dw817

My forehead was still wet with Angel's pee. This was ridiculous ! A normal person would've ... well, what would they do in such a situation !? "Kill her ?" a voice chided from the darkness.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 24 - "Deserving Of Death"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The elevator that Seisbee and his cohorts were on quickly descended to the bottom level.

Where like Tyr was, confronted by two large metallic and magnetic doors with switches on the sides.

One clearly labeled for men, the other for women. Nothing further remained on this floor. It was these two doors or back to the elevator.

"She'll be in here." Margot said, headstrong, and started to push the button to open the women's quarters, but Seisbee stopped her.

"Now think for a minute." he said. "If we press open the wrong one we may not be able to try the other. That could be part of the security to only allow these doors to open at certain instances. We have to think. Would she be in the women's quarters or the men's ? Wasn't there something she mentioned back at the hospital about Dev ?"

"That might be her boyfriend." Danielle offered. "She could've come here to try and rescue him. So - she would be in the men's quarters."

she started to reach for the button but then retracted her hand. "Or not." she sighed.

To which Seisbee spoke a little louder, "Ideas, people ?"

. . .

Angel did indeed help me limp back to my own room. As for me, I was beyond shock, beyond rage, I - I honestly didn't know what to think. Did this psychotic girl just PEE on me and claim me as her pet !?

But she didn't seem to be concerned in the least. She smiled, "By the way, my real name is Angie. You can call me that when we're together by ourselves."

She touched my forehead, aware it was wet and smiled back at me. "We're going to get along just fine." With that she left, and the door electronically locked behind her.

I sat on the bed and touched my own forehead to confirm. Yep, it was still wet with her pee. This was ridiculous ! A normal person would've ... well, what would they do in such a situation !?

"Kill her ?" a voice chided from the darkness.

There was no way anybody could possibly be reading my mind except for, "Darceon." I said, finally.

He stepped from the shadows still in his sinister costume with needles on his fingers. He saw my apprehension and paused, "Give me just a second." and vanished like he was never there. Less than 3-seconds later he reappeared as a normal person, wearing a fine blue business suit, black gloves, a tie, and a smart shirt.

He tapped the vest and arrangement, "Is that better ?"

I could only guess. "You're not comfortable, surely."

He smiled at me and I noticed his eyes still had the red glow to them. "You noticed ? Ah, that's fine, Dev. Yes it's difficult for me to try and blend in with you - " and he paused on the word, "men."

He sat on the bed for a moment though regarding me. "I know what you're thinking. That how can anyone such as yourself put up with so much abuse that you have gotten throughout the years from everyone that you have ever known without cracking wide open ?"

I nodded. He sure did understand me at that.

He sighed shaking his head. "I gave you a great gift. And what do you do ? You get your girlfriend to convince you of giving her telekinetic ability, she gets herself kidnapped by that company Arkos, and ... do you know where she is - now ?"

I looked around and shrugged, "I don't think she's here."

He shook his head, "That's correct. She's not here, however ..." and his voice trailed off to look at me with those fiery red eyes.

"She's in the other holding area - for boys !"

He nodded now, "Exactly. So what are you doing here besides being a fart cushion, butt kisser, and now a urinal for these girls ?"

I sighed now, "I - don't know. I - it's difficult for me to get angry, you know this, right ?"

He tilted his head to look at me strangely, "I picked you out, Dev, from everyone else, because I know in time you will exact your vengeance as you need to. You want this I know. You WILL get even with everyone who has ever wronged you - and I have given you the power to do just that. Embrace your rage. It will make you stronger. I promise you."

He came close, considerably taller than me. Shook his head in disappointment while pulling a cloth out of his pocket. He wiped my forehead with it, "So unless you're enjoying being everyone's toilet, are you ready to work with me now ?"

Now I sat on the bed. "I don't trust you."

He held up a defensive hand to his chest, "Me ? I'm the one that GAVE you the plugin. You know this ! What is there not to trust ?"

I narrowed my vision, "What's in it for you ?"

* * *

This caught him unaware and his voice scoffed for a minute feigning innocence. It wasn't working so he held out his hands expansively. "It's - complex. I think the easiest way to explain it to a - man - is, think of me as a genie. And with the ability to actually fulfill all your base desires."

I caught him on that word, "You said base, not basic."

He agreed, "That is true. Anything you want, especially if it comes from desire, that goes beyond coherent thought. Your deepest darkest dreams of the unconscious mind. I can fulfill them."

I looked at him straight on to see how he would react next to what I said. I spoke sardonically, "So any of the deadly sins such as pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, or sloth, you're ready to fulfill them, right ?"

He stood suddenly at attention, angry. "You did not make those words ! You are speaking words of other men, foolish men ! DEAD men ! Do you catch my drift, boy ?"

I was silent as he continued his tirade, "If you can't find words of your own to address me with, then we have nothing further to discuss and I'll take away your precious gift and begone. And would you like me to tell you your future ? I can. You will become an eventual toilet slave to that dominant girl, Angie. And that will be it for you !"

I didn't want that ! Now I put my hands up, frightened, "Look, I'm sorry. I - I just don't know what to think of you as. Be honest with me. Are you the - devil ?"

To this he smiled wide and laughed heartily. "Is that what I appear to you as ? The devil. Such an outmoded definition I hadn't heard in years. Oh mankind, you have so much to offer me. Why must I waste time with such a simple ... " but then his voice trailed off looking at me.

He sat on the bed again, "Nevermind. YOU have to decide not just who I am but what I am - to you. My job here is to make sure you get everything you want. All your dirty little secrets and cravings."

He saw me bristle to those two words so he put up some fingers pushing them down against the air, "Well, not exactly like that. It needs to be from YOU, from your heart, not from stupid books written by other foolish men who are now dead. Dead I tell you ! No, I want what YOU want. You, Dev. So what do you want ? What do you need ?"

I touched my cheek where it was still wet. He had only cleaned my forehead. I sniffed my finger disdainfully. If he left and took my gift now then I had better get used to the smell. But no, I angrily wiped my finger on my shirt.

"I need a shower." I said plainly.

He got up. "That's fine, Dev. Get yourself cleaned up. We'll talk again when you're ready. Until then, be thinking BIG ! Anything you want ! Anything in the world, hell, anything outside this world ! So long as it is something you truly desire personally and just for yourself - no-one else."

He got up to salute and suddenly vanished like a brilliantly colored and rainbow soap-bubble.

Then I heard knocking against my door. "Hey, who are you talking to in there ?" It was Skunk ! No telling how much she heard of our conversation !

. . .

Tyr hadn't heard anything outside the door for some time now. She went to the door to try and push it open, but it wouldn't. It wasn't that she wasn't strong enough, they clearly put enough stuff up against the door so it would take several strong men to remove it all.

She sighed and angrily kicked the door where ... it went slightly inward and then back.

Her eyes grew wide in disbelief. "No way. They couldn't have been that stupid. =I= couldn't have been !"

She grabbed the door handle and pulled on it. It opened easily. All this time both them and herself were thinking the door opened outward, but no, it opened inward. She looked and saw a space to crawl between without upsetting the stack blocking the door from opening the opposite direction. In the distance she could still hear them looking for her.

"Got to get out of here unless I wanna private party with Wizard and his meat whistle, and I DON'T !"

She stealthily crept in the shadows and went to the door she first entered. Naturally it was locked. She turned to look when someone suddenly yelled, "There she is ! By the entrance !"

Tyr panicked, her heart racing she pressed and pulled hard on the door to get it to open, and suddenly it did ! It opened up for her. "Grab her before it closes !" someone yelled, but they were too late.

She looked around and saw Dr. Seisbee and the ones that followed him from the hospital.

Margot spoke forcing false concern in her tone. "Oh good, Tyr, you're safe. We were so worried !"

But Tyr was not the brightest bulb in the candelabra so she looked up hopefully, "Really ?"

At which point Seisbee spoke glibly, "Why yes, of course ! Once we heard what was going on in there, we simply had to put a stop to it and get you out. Poor child, what you've been through ! You must've been very strong to come as far as you have."

Tyr twirled a toe on the floor, perfectly flattered, "Oh shucks, I'm fine. Thanks for caring."

The doctor got around her and reached in his pocket for a hypodermic needle to inject her with. Seisbee directed her attention to look at the buttons. "Isn't this a complex arrangement ?" he offered her as the doctor moved closer.

Tyr shrugged, "Not really, that is a - hey !" and her cat-like reflexes sensed the doctor behind her and she leapt out with a hard karate kick, right to the family jewels. He crumpled over at once, groaning in a strangely high pitch, the needle clattering to the side noisily.

Tyr grit her teeth angrily. Seisbee, greed overcoming reason spoke angrily, "Don't let her get away !"

To which Tyr quickly pushed on the door with the girls symbol and entered easily, the door locking quickly behind her.

"Get it open again !" she could barely hear him beyond the massive thickness of the metal. A few quiet voices spoke after, "Try the switch ! It's not working. They're all locked now. They won't open !"


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