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FB4-03 (99 chapter summaries) Complete !

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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 3 - "Recap: 3rd Book"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

We've come quite a-ways, haven't we ? A lot has happened since the first innocent chapter of Tyr and Dev playing around with that plugin and building a small force-field in their room.

So, sit back, relax, this chapter will recap every single moment that happened in the first and most important book to introduce the Future Barrier. Click on the buttons above the description to read that particular chapter of interest.

. . .

Returning to planet Amaranth, a great meeting is taking place. It regards the time-traveler, Cheani, and her progress or lack thereof in arriving to my time. Murphy was against the Gate, the tool used to time travel and blamed it for Cheani being "changed" by the gate. as into what yet, the team did not know.

Lilly consoles me regarding the bullying I've had. And me ? I'm still suspicious of Scant, saying I can hold my Birthday at his house and he'll provide all the treats and refreshments. It just doesn't sit well in my head. Unknown to me also an Arkos truck is parked outside where I live and they are listening in on the conversations in the house ! Then they take off in a hurry.

Having arrived at Scant's, Lilly is there to make sure nothing 'funny' goes down. I'm glad for that. Then Dad calls and turns out this is going to be a sleepover party. Mom is bringing my sleep-stuff over. Then I try out this door and see girl's stuff inside. Scant stops me and says that's his "creepy" little sister - and to leave it alone. What bothered me is the age of people showing to this party. They were fully grown teenagers !

I blow it off and go back to the living room. The music is loud and a girl invites me into the kitchen saying she's studying to be a bartender - and would I try some of the mixed drinks to see if they are any good ? In a very quick time I'm drunk and half-asleep. Then I'm face to face with a toilet bowl, my hands stuck with strong adhesive to the back. Scant did this !

Scant even had the audacity to put a slice of cake floating on a styrofoam plate in the toilet with a candle. I'm angry now though and don't want to play their stupid games ! Then this big guy introduces himself as Buford, Scant's bigger brother. And he tells me this is HIS party, not mine. I grit me teeth though. There is going to be hell to pay !

Turns out this is some stupid thing Buford does every year with a different high-schooler. Called an "All-Nighter Swirlie." He reads out the rules and I am more than disgusted at the whole thing. Then I got presents and - fortunately they were actually something useful, like a nose-plug for swimming, a rubber cap, and other such items.

Well they got me in position and I knew for certain I was definitely NOT going to like this night at all. Not one little bit. After everyone left and Katrina was in charge, I whined and complained and carried on. But she was ready for this. She came up and gave me a very sweet smile. Then demonically submerged my head so my nose touched the bottom !

The first to visit the bathroom was Buford. He muttered to himself, something about seeing how I would do as I had never been engaged in this sick game before. Then he tried to tease Katrina but she got back at him. They were yelling obscenities at each when suddenly they - OMG ! They KISSED ! Right in the heat of their angry passions. Weird, I said ...

The first 'customer' came in and was a girl gone in giggles. She thought where I was put was hilarious. Fortunately Katrina told her to leave. Scant was next. Katrina zapped him with a taser as he was trying to abuse me. Yet now I'm ready to escape. But how ?

Stefani was rounding up her crew. Then I figured it out. I told Katrina I needed to go to the bathroom myself. She called Lemonie in to help. Lemonie, you remember back from the first book, also an evil girl. But she released my bonds and gave me the bathroom to myself. I quickly opened the window and climbed in the bottom cupboard. Lemonie returned and told everyone I had escaped !

With news of my escape, the party was brought to a halt. Buford then told everyone to go outside and look for me. This was going to work better than I thought ! I left the cupboard to the living room to find Katrina there ! She picked me up, threw me on the couch, then sat one me ! Stefani was driving towards me now and a heavy rain began to fall.

Stefani had killed the cable from Buford's house, where the device showed I was staying. Buford called on the phone intercepted by Dempsey in the van. Then they all changed guise to look like cable repairmen. Katrina took me to the "danger" room which could be locked inside, and we both slept - under unusual arrangements.

Just as we were both about asleep, Buford buzzed on her walkie-talkie. He was asking where I was. She said I was with her and to not call again. Then she - well, you'll have to read the chapter to find out. It was kinky maybe but also really WEIRD. Hours later she got up and I escaped, running into the street where the rain was finally letting up.

Stefani arrived with Dempsey, Pritchart, and Petrov, all to Buford's home. She and her crew were still in the guise of cable repairmen, but she actively looked for me using a homing device. I was nowhere there. Stefani entered the bathroom and saw the toilet with telltale bits of tape right around where I was being held. She spoke, "What happened here ?"

Katrina lied to Stefani but she saw through it. Then Stefani realized something. Katrina liked Dev, and apparently quite a bit. Raw jealousy and anger flowed through her like a crimson cape and she took the frail girl and flushed her head in the toilet over and over again as the others watched in horror ! In minutes, her life was gone ...

Back to the future, the new soldiers to travel through time were being prepared. Much more thoroughly than Cheani, this time with armor and weapons. Their mission ? To find Cheani, and of course return or destroy the PLUGIN device. But then the Gate grew unstable. The counter-rotating dampeners were breaking apart ! It would take out the whole building !

Fortunately all that was destroyed was the Gate and a massive black pit where it burned out. Murphy flipped out stating once again how dangerous the Gates were and this time there was no disagreement. Back to normal time, Stefani had left the house after the murder and sought me. Finding me running down the street. Captured me, and returned.

Stefani took me back underground to the Arkos Institute. In the future, the soldiers had successfully entered the Gate but were set upon by unspeakable horrors. One of which sucked the armor and clothes off of one soldier. Seeing it was nothing serious, the other guys laughed at her predicament. The captain had brought a change of clothes and gave it to her.

With the danger apparently behind them, they lowered their guard slightly, and not a good time to do so ! The creature snapped out it's spindly tentacle and knocked everyone down hard on the ground. The woman was grabbed and began the slow process of devouring her. Fortunately the captain woke up but was then paralyzed by its stinger.

It was bad enough to be eaten by something where you die immediately but this horrid creature WANTED her to stay alive, to feel the awful terror of being toothlessly eaten and sucked into its maw. Then it slowly suffocated her with its own fetid matter direct from its internal lower intestine and colon.

She died shortly after. Captain Corrigan awoke to not see Flair, the soldier that was being devoured. He could only guess she was inside the beast now. Then the creature lay on its side and ejected from its anal-gaping rectum-like mouth a long brown log. The captain kicked at it with his feet and saw Flair's bare feet ! He began to hope for the best.

But his hope was dashed asunder when pulling her free of the sticky brown cocoon to find that she had horrifyingly been 'filled' with what could only be liquid crap. It dribbled out of her mouth and nose. No, she was dead. Very dead. They left the scene, but then one of the remaining soldiers saw a strange beautiful blue light. A woman beyond beautiful met him. She touched his forehead and he started to regress in age in his brain.

Crying out for his Mother, the mark on his forehead spread out now, transforming him into snow. Perfect, white, snow. The angel of a woman then voraciously ATE at the new snow, like it was something to be consumed. She then vanished. The captain, fortunately, was reaching the end of his destination and exited the Gate from a large crack in the air in front of him.

Back underground, Stefani was instructed by Arkos to bring me to him. Soldiers arrived and Stefani checked herself this time and did not fight them. Once I had arrived to him, unconscious on the gurney, he shooed out everyone else. Then started to search my person for the plugin but it was not there. Then SOMETHING started to arrive from the air around him !

Stefani was livid with rage for being denied me. Arkos directed her with the help of Umeko to find the secret of the plugin from Tyr - what happened to it. She used this device called a "Nightmare Machine" and with it, could recreate the worst nightmares ever for someone. Even to the point of killing them ! Tyr started to die and Stefani hissed, "Suffer !"

. . .

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Tyr was dead now. There was no denying this. Stefani gave a lame excuse about it being 'accidental,' but Umeyo knew differently. She knew that Stefani WANTED Tyr dead, and now she had her way. Tyr was gone forever ... Stefani then turned the machine on me, to learn more about the plugin - and of Darceon.

But meanwhile I had awoken. Apparently the tubes of Tangerine intended for me bunched up and I sat up. I touched Tyr's daed hand and in a voice unlike my own, stronger, more mature, I yelled, "LIVE !" She arose and then I ran away to hide under a Kotatsu where a bunch of other teenage and younger girls were sitting around.

"There you are !" Stefani shrieked, flinging the table up to find me huddled next to one of the girls there. Stefani then squeezed my neck in a particular way and I saw lightning shoot through my eyes as I fell unconscious, but only for a-while. Handcuffed she lashed out at one of the guards, giving him a full injection of whatever was in the syringe.

Stefani grabbed the rude guard, Daniel, now foaming slightly at the mouth from the poison she gave him and handed me over to another guard - to go see Arkos. Off the elevator she dragged him into the women's restroom and did unspeakable things to him ... ! The poison was causing him to go into convulsions as she stripped off all his clothing.

She then shoved him into one of the waste recepticles used for processing raw sewage. She promised to free him if he could hold his own against the jets of water in there. Secretly though she directed the machine to: 1. Maintain mixing for 3-minutes. 2. Flush contents down to primary septic storage. And 3, Shutdown.

And apparently he trusted her, that is until, laughing, she said he was going to get flushed down to the septic storage tank. He begged her not to do this terrible thing. He said he'd do ANYTHING. Anything at all if she wouldn't. She said to him two terrible words, an epitaph for his grave to be as it were.

Despite his best struggles, he could not escape from the vat. In fact - he just let go. For a prayer perhaps ? It was difficult to say. What was known was that he had multiple chances to escape his fate - and he blew every one of them in his fear and inability to size up the situation around him. Now he was headed for true purgatory.

Daniel ... well ... he was not in a good place right now. Apparently all the crap from everyone up above would appear on his head or in his lap - if he didn't move. And he did, but perhaps not in the best direction. He told himself things have to get worse before they get better, but they didn't. Stefani left the control station satisfied he was a goner.

Returning to the elevators Stefani ran into no-one else but me ! Surprised, she called up Arkos but he wouldn't answer. Deciding I was out of his attention, she was disappointed to see how much trouble and fuss I was giving her so she thought she could drop me off to learn some self defense - Training Room 5.

Here I met two seemingly nice girls about my age. One was oriental and the other especially so. Yin knew English whereas Yang knew very little or at least spoke very little of it. But I wasn't ready for any of this. I told them I'm leaving and Yin pointed the way - or so it seemed. She WANTED me to somehow jump in the toilet and 'leave' the room this way ?

Finally the two girls decided I was too big to be flushed down the toilet (really ?) and then set about teaching me some self-defense ... or so I thought. These evil girls worked in unison to kick and flip me all around telling me that I wasn't paying attention. And I guess it meant I needed to have my head on a swivel so I would stop getting hurt.

Then the girls started to abuse me, which I guess was the best way to put it. But when they finally realized that =I= knew they knew they were here just to kick me around. They went a notch deeper on their throws and attacks. It was all I could do to shield my body, especially my groin. Yin was vicious throwing insult after insult to me.

After Yang had gotten me in this uncomfortable wrestling move, I passed out from lack of air. I woke up later to see Stefani paying the girls for mistreating me as badly as they did. Back at Stefani's pad Tyr was put back into the bathroom and Stefani was strangely giving me a fairly nice massage for my aching muscles and parts.

I was in so much pain and exhaustion I couldn't move. Tyr back in the squallid bathroom she was in actually was big enough to go swimming in the toilet as it had been modified to accept someone. Perhaps where Stefani buried her bodies ? But Stefani returned and seeing Tyr leaning over, pushed her in and then hit the flushing handle !

Tyr was blown right down the hole into the sickly warm water. She knew she had to be careful as she only had so much air. She found another light and swam towards it finding Stefani's personal toilet. She swam back where she came found and found me on the pot ! She touched me from below and SIM announced, "Contact has been established !"

Contact with Tyr woke up the ability for us to do just about anything. Stefani showed up and strangely apologized saying it was time for both of us to be let go. We didn't trust her but we followed her - to the same place she had dropped off Daniel !

Stefani tried to push Tyr in one of the vats but she merely floated above it. But now Tyr was mad and did this time whammy thing that caused Stefani from an earlier time to attack the real Stefani ! She fell down in the vat and vanished in the steam. But this then called forth these creatures called The Chronotron, ready to punish us for interfering with time !

The Chronotrons had to leave saying they were out of time, but they would get us next time ! Tyr and me left for the elevator only to have a half-dead Arkos, strange looking creature, fall out of the open door ! He died, we then left Arkos to go to Lilly's home - where she was trying to conjure a demon ! And she did, a very voluptious one !

Lorraine, the name of the demon told me I had the mark of Stroyka and was destined for greatness. In my slight agreeing with her, she took me - straight to HELL ! And hell it was, strange, beautiful, and terrifying, all in the same package. She took me to a demon-faced ferris-wheel and we talked as we took a ride in it.

Back with Stefani, she was indeed flushed right down to the exact same place she put Daniel earlier. He was up in some kind of stone control tower and seeing Stefani told her, "You can go to hell !" But her wheedling and pleading got him to lower the metal ladder and they both talked about escape. But it would happen - tomorrow, for it was late now.

Naturally the police were called back at Buford's party, for the murder of Katrina. But no-one was there when the authorities arrived. Scant arrived to pick up something to be questioned by the police. After that they went to Lilly's home to question her and Tyr as they had earlier stated they had been kidnapped. After Lilly they wanted to question Tyr.

Tyr, goofy as she was told nothing but the gospel truth - about how Lilly summoned a demon and it took Dev apparently to hell - and how she also had telekinetic ability. The police were concerned for her sanity but took it all into account. Then they got the testimony of Lilly's Mother. Finally they had written down enough and left.

It was the next day for Daniel and Stefani - and they had in mind to ESCAPE this hell-hole today. If they both worked together, they could. But Stefani was going to double-cross Daniel given the chance. Back with me in hell, Lorraine was explaining how things worked there and what powers the devil had. She wanted me to travel with her.

Back with Lilly and Tyr, Lilly was determined that their neighbor was thumping on the walls constantly - driving her Mother to anti-psychotic meds. Borrowing some 'juice' from Tyr, she walked through the wall, confronted the neighbor and turned his head into a horrific living puzzle cube. Then returned to tell her Mother, "It's over. You're going to be well again."

Daniel was ready for Stefani's treachery though and using the switches he learned, killed her outright. The police meanwhile had battered down Lilly's neighbor's door to find - what was left of the tenant. Quite dead now.

Wow, this is going to take me longer than I thought. Lots of missing paragraph breaks. Yeesh !

Continuing my travels through hell with Lorraine, the closer we got to the strange device called the Perfection Engine, I started to hear this terrible screaming sound. And to describe it, well, it was a perfect cube suspended hundreds of feet in the air and was about 20-30 feet across itself. But then Lilly managed to call me back with her summonings.

Back at school, Scant was furious, certain that I had something to do with Katrina's death. I pointed out to him though that it wasn't me, and do I ever lie to anyone ? He shook his head, satisfied it wasn't my fault and glad that Stefani was gone. And then we continued our classes normally.

You know how some things happen that are weird and you forget about them ? Yeah, well apparently Mr. Gershwyn back from science class had been busily examining the 'goo' that came out from under the auditorium's floor - and somehow linked it to me ! Fortunately I convinced him otherwise, at least for now ...

Taking an evening stroll I heard loud and raucous music nearby ! Turns out it was a bunch of unruly teenagers who took over the local retirement village's swimming pool - and at midnight ! I convinced them to leave if I won in a swimming race. If I lost, they could string me up by my underwear on a hook. Well enough, Melody there would head it up.

Mettle was my opponent and he took off like a flash. Me ? I used the 'barrier' to rooster-tail me through the water, and back again. He was furious that a snip of a boy like me could've possibly won. But the rest agreed, I had. Melody then gave me her phone number to call if I wanted to joing her gang for future competitions. Finally I got back home and slept.

The team from the future had exited the dimensional gate and arrived right at the underground city of Arkos ! As for the city itself, it had clearly been taken over by lawless individuals seating themselves as the new government. Seeking and finding Cheani they got her report and sent her back to the future.

There was a clear exit to the surface via the elevator, but it was being guarded by thugs, asking in secret through a whisper some kind of question, maybe a riddle. One of the future soldiers stepped forward determined he knew the answer. And strangely as difficult and bizarre as the question was, he got it right ! He flagged on through the rest of his team.

The soldiers kicked in my Dad's door. Darceon showed up and somehow turned my Mom and Dad into this awful burning radioactive zombies ! The mere touch from them turned you in to one of them. Darceon then took me in his arms and injected me with something that put me to sleep. "My boy ..." he rumbled as everything went white.

As if it weren't bad enough where I was, both my parents murdered, in the future some strange 'reckoning' was 'correcting' the past where the soldiers arrived. Dissolving everything in its path in a kind of nullified and implosive destruction. It was clear that if they could bring back the soldiers dead though they were, this could end.

They were successful. The three lost time-travelers appeared on the transportation pad, but they couldn't stay. There wasn't enough DNA information to maintain their image for long. And to replace them also through teleportation was a strange tall man in a Panama hat and jeweled pocket-watch. "Bless me, I'm dry as bone. May I have some lemonade, perhaps ?"

 Hum as he was known to call was an emissary from a highly advanced civilization that was completely against time travel. Hum was sent to either get a contract from the humans to cease - or he would simply destroy them - all humans, and in 3-hours time, according to him. A contract was immediately agreed upon.

I had awoken, as if from a nightmare. But the nightmare followed me ! I was awake and yet I was still seeing horrible things. Mom consoled me as Dad checked noticed my eyes seemed a little dilated. We went to see the doctor and horrors my eyes were now completely dilated, only black could be seen. He sent me to a specialist then.

I guess the solid blackness in my eyes was some kind of medical 'miracle,' at least to the quack that was examining me. He put me on morphine and muttered something about getting a medical award in his name. But then Tyr and Lilly were there ! Lilly could still walk through walls and took me with her back to Mom & Dad. We left to go get some ice-cream.

After ice-cream, Mom gave me some strong cough medicine with codeine in it to help me sleep. And - fortunately, my eyes did return to normal in the morning. Tyr was there to greet me and hug me and Mom and Dad were too. For breakfast we had my favorite, butter and cinnamon pancakes. Everything seemed okay for now. We went to school.

Back at school I could see Scant was no longer in charge, but 'chowderhead' from earlier. He sucker-punched me in the belly saying his name was Ace and don't forget it. Tyr vowed vengeance but Ace surprisingly wanted to be friends, especially for the way she mistreated me in the past. They were all going to drive to get ice-cream and Tyr went along.

Halfway around the world two archeologists, Margot and Danielle had discovered something interesting. Translating the relic it said, "Sky Stone" and "Future Messenger." Back where I was, Tyr was drugged and the gang was getting ready to gang-bang her. I was hiding in their trunk and heard it all. I had enough, I leapt out, "Hold it you creeps !"

But I fell as I jumped off. Ace was unimpressed, "Get that loser." I was tied up and the gang had driven to an abandoned park where they were going to molest Tyr in the concrete public restroom there. In Giza, the two girls were experimenting with the relic when it suddenly went off ! A bright pink laser shot from the top to cut through the sky !

Dempsey, Pritchart, and Petrov had escaped and had arrived at their friend Antony's house. With me, I got free and now had a pistol ! I stormed in the bathroom to rescue Tyr ! Ace quickly shoved a knife to Tyr's neck. "Drop your gun." he demanded. I offered to replace her as hostage, they agreed. But he interpreted that what I agreed was to be the "girl" ??

In Giza, the two girls had arrived to Dr. Seisbee but someone had kidnapped him ! Back in the bathroom I realized how stupid my request was. This wasn't a hostage situation. Ace was going to rape me ! What was I thinking ?? With Dempsey and company, they were invited inside and offered food. In the future, Hum was going to help make a new Gate.

In Giza, the kidnappers were still there ! The two girls ran out with the assailants hot on their heels ! Hum needed certain elements not found on Earth, a ship was sent to an asteroid field. Pritchart had diamonds he wanted Antony to appraise. With me all dolled up now with a wig and everything, we were leaving to go to a true night club - to dance.

In Giza the two girls eluded the kidnappers. In the future a sinister alien ship hovered around Earth and left. Antony assured Petrov the diamonds were real. With me as a passenger in Ace's jeep, we were pulled over by a policeman looking for Demsey and company with photos ! I lied shaking my head that I didn't know them.

The two archeologists saw the kidnappers drive away and returned back to Seisbee's residence to look around now. In the future the retrieval ship had run into an asteroid field. At Antony's, he drugged the food and now had time to substitute the real diamonds for fakes. With me, Ace bought me a hot dog but wanted me to eat it in a weird way.

In Giza the two girls also saw their tires were slashed ! They were marooned at Seisbee's unless something else could be figured out. In the future, the retrieval vehicle had returned, but the crew were nowhere in sight ? Antony had exchanged the dimaonds. At the club I went to use the men's restroom where I was politely told I was in the wrong one.

The two girls back at Seisbee's were now looking over his notes and research. In the future the research vehicle had one person hiding in a closet. He described an alien visitor, Darceon. He murdered the crew, turned them to dust. With me, I was on the dance floor with Ace. I accidentally stepped on another girl's toes, and a fight broke out !

Turns out Dr. Seisbee had research notes on the Sky stones, as there was more than one. In the future, Hum conceded to build the Gate minus the materials needed for safe construction. At the club, a terrible fight broke out. I ran outside only to run into a would-be "customer !" Apparently he thought I was a hooker working the strip. Police showed up.

The two girls in Giza had gotten the lights on and looked around. They fell prey to a trap Seisbee had set. Back to the future Hum with the help of Central had indeed made another Gate. With me, the police offered me a ride home. Instead I called my folks. They arrived. Dad couldn't "deal" with me in drag and left for a bar to get a drink. I talked with Mom.

The two archeologists awoke in prison as the police were called. But the police were trying to get them on other trumped up charges. A monster was made out of Flair from the future. Dempsey and company left Antony's to hole up in a barn. Back with me, Mom chastised Dad and an evil girl took advantage of the confusion to get a snapshot under my skirt.

The two girls from Giza managed to escape with Dr. Seisbee with help from the Sky Stone. Inside the Gate the team of soldiers fought the horrible nightmares there. It rained where Dempsey was as they all ran to the barn. Back with me in the club my Mom was so proud that I took Tyr's place. After that, there was talk of me getting my own place.

It was night and I slept. Tyr returned in the morning, it was the weekend, and it was agreed that I would live with her for a week, to see how I 'did on my own.' Tyr took it upon herself to 'pack' for me, diapers ! Then rode the stairwell down, bottom first - to hit me straight in the face ! I was so dazed I just got in the car to lean back to help my headache.

The two girls and Dr. Seisbee managed to get away from the police. A distance away he threw a camoflage net over the top to hide his jeep. At a cave and a spoken word, it opened up revealing Seisbee's laboratory - where he experimented on things. There was a tight magnetic seal on the stones, he suggested they try to open them at zero-G.

In the Barn, Petrov noticed the diamonds he had were now fakes, and they certainly weren't earlier ! They planned retribution. With me, I was still groggy from being whacked earlier. Went to lie down on Tyr's bed. She was there of course to undress me and take an incriminating photo with her digital camera !

Fortunately for me, Annie, Tyr's Mother arrived to stop what would've been a very humiliating photo. She piled into Tyr yelling angrily. I yelled at Tyr to get out of the room as I got dressed again. Tyr was crying now. "You'll never find me." With that she squeezed my hand hard to get some 'juice' out and then promptly teleported to heaven-knows-where !

The rain let up and Dempsey and company took the nearby truck back Antony's. Inside the Gate the soldiers were losing badly. Hum then said he would retrieve the plugin. Seisbee and the girls ordered a plane. Me ? We called 911 for Annie as she was in shock. Lilly demonstrated teleportation by holding my hand - and this time my parents saw it !

Back at Antony's, they had discovered he had indeed substituted fake diamonds (water tank crystals) for the real thing. While they had retrieved the real diamonds, Dempsey was going to leave Antony with a souvenir. Taking out his cigarette cutter, easily snipped off Antony's pinky finger. He howled in pain - and they left. He vowed vengeance on them later.

With the girls and Seisbee, they were airborne and quickly descended to create a zero-G effect. The 3 Sky Stones then could be fused together ! A beam shot out from the center causing a depressurization ! They had to evacuate the plane ! Hum had entered my timezone ! Back in my room, Darceon paid me a visit ! More contract work I suspected.

An observatory miles away saw something strange. It appeared to be a beam of energy from the sun striking a random plane somewhere above Giza. But then it was believed to be the reverse, the energy beam came from the plane ! Tyr was found. Hum had found me ! Him and Darceon argued. Darceon vaporized him and returned to our contract.

At the observatory a solar flare was observed. The biggest seen ever ! It hit the Earth and anything magnetic or electrical just winked out of existence. Darceon concluded his transaction with me. The whole internet was down. Emergency broadcast appeared on old VHS television. And then we decided to buy some supplies. Cash only was being accepted.

When we got there it was a madhouse. People were actually fist-fighting !The manager there was kind though and rang us up personally in his office. We got back home and a thief was stealing groceries form our refrigerator ! I intervened and miraculously did not get cut. Then I thought to Darceon who said it was my, "next stage of evolution."

Back in Giza, the blackout was worldwide. Danielle, Margot, Dr. Seisbee, and the pilot, while their phones were working earlier, now they didn't. They thought about the beam the stones sent. Maybe it was a message for aliens to recognize ? Back in the future, Hum was gone, no life readings, but his voice rang true, "This is a poor funeral."

In Giza, Tyr was conscious. The jeep arrived for them. Seisbee told the driver to take them all back to his home. With me, I heard a pebble pop on my window, looked out to see Melody. She offered $100 if I won this next swimming race. I agreed, a ladder was put to my window and I went down to join her. And then the race was underway again !

I had won, took the winnings, back home, and slept. With Tyr, the weather drastically changed - perhaps because of the solar flare. It was now snowing in the desert ! Seisbee and company raced to get Tyr to a hospital. Inside a fierce blizzard raged outside. With Dempsey and company, they stopped off to get a fast burger.

Next morning we went to visit Annie at the hospital. She wanted to whisper, I leaned over to listen and she rasped, "You're going to pay for taking my daughter away from me, witch !" and BIT my ear, hard ! I was bleeding now and the nurse and doctor were called. But - there was no wound on me ! We left but then the staff were after us for some reason !

Two ambulances flagged us down and at gunpoint put both Mom and me on gurneys. An IV drip put her to sleep, it didn't me, but I faked it so it appeared I did. Back to Giza, Tyr was crying for me at the hospital, half-asleep. The doctor told the nurse to write down anything she said. Anything. He fully believed Tyr was from outer space at this point.

Dempsey and company went to hole up at a hotel - when they ran face to face with Umeyo, from Arkos ! With me in the ambulance, the IV easily slipped out of my wrist as it wasn't connected. In the future, a new method of time travel was reached. Slingshot orbit around the sun. It worked on paper, maybe it would work in real life !

With Umeyo, she offered a job for all three of the hoodlums assuring them their mission to hunt Tyr or me was over. Dempsey and his two cohorts agreed. In Giza, the blizzard had abated, and Tyr was awake ! She asked where she was and informed a hospital in Giza. And they wouldn't let her leave until she truthfully said where she came from.

Harold, my Dad called the hospital as Mom and me were overdue. They lied and said neither his wife nor me (and they called me by name), had appeared there. Suspicious, he called his friend, James, who was a detective. Interested in the case and suspecting foul play, they set out to find Suzy's vehicle. With Tyr, the doctor arrived and questioned her.

As Murphy was going over figures, Hum miraculously returned ! He wanted to ensure these humans did the figures correctly for the slingshot orbit effect so he assisted in the construction of both the rocket and the exact course it would take in its approach and release from the sun. Me ? I was being wheeled to meet my 'guests.'

Dempsey at my wheelchair suddenly pushed me through a large door marked for women ! Tyr was going to escape now. Operating almost automatically she entered an X-Ray room and teleported ! In the future the rocket was prepared for launch. And then it did ! But something was wrong ! There would be an anti-matter explosion ! Galactic Fissure !

It was grim, Galactic Fissure was the explosion released by anti-matter being burned at an uncontrolled rate ! Tyr back home was going to the hospital I was at to get me out of there. With me I was with a bunch of girls my age, some though had real tails like animals ! I was in some type of ward. One girl, clearly the leader stepped forward to question me.

And that completes it ! I'll post a new chapter in the 4th book this Monday. Hope to see you there !


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Future Barrier - The 4th Novel



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