FB4-57 "Baby Sitting"

FB4-57 "Baby Sitting"

A Chapter by dw817

Janet turned to give me a stink-eye. Then wheeled the bed to where her chair was. Kicked the chair aside and sat her full weight straight on my lower belly, her legs on either side of the bed.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 57 - "Baby Sitting"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good morning.

If you're wondering when this virus thing is going to be done with and over - you might have a bit of a wait ahead of you. According to what my G/F told me as she is always watching the news on television, she said it won't be till January of next year that we might then be rid of it completely.

So - something will definitely need to be done regarding schools and education, I'm just not sure what. Do we send the kids back to school, do they follow the 6-foot rule ? Or do they continue to receive education in the home via internet connection to scholastic studies ?

Also stores are being hit hard, and by hard I mean closing their doors. With the pandemic we have had:

Pier 1: 450 stores closed
GameStop: 320 stores closed
Signet: 300 stores closed
GNC: 248 stores closed
Gap: 230 stores closed
Walgreens: 200 stores closed
JCPenny: 155 stores closed
Macy's: 125 stores closed
Bose: 119 stores closed
Guess: 100 stores closed
Sears: 51 stores closed
Bath & Body Works: 50 stores closed
KMart: 45 stores closed

Even Walmart has closed 3 of their stores.

I think what's going to happen regarding commerce is more and more people are going to be ordering items including groceries online and either run by to pick them up or have them hand-delivered to their front door.

Which means more front-door robberies so if you haven't invested in security cameras but do plan to have items mailed to your front door, you may want to invest in this.

I guess the good news out of this, at least for me is, more and more people will be home and quite possibly reading the very silly and strange chapters I chalk up to my Future Barrier saga. :)

Anyways, that's fine.

We now return back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

As Chard drove the mini-transport I was starting to put things back together in my head.

Was the punch really spiked ? Well, maybe it was. Maybe there wasn't any poison on the serving gloves earlier and I just couldn't hold my liquor as they say.

I was still pondering this when he drove the transport through one of the doors and Janet was there watching television.

The moment I arrived though Chard helped me down, which I allowed him to, but then Janet quickly got involved as well. At first they had me sit on a bed in there. Chard pulled off my socks and Janet bid me lean my head back against the pillow.

I complied as I was still pretty well out of it what happened.

Then it dawned on me, "Hey wait ! Where are my clothes !?"

But Janet was slick to reply, "You puked on them. Don't you remember ?"

I shook my head. She clucked her tongue against her teeth in retrospect, "Not too surprising how much punch you drank. You passed out too I believe."

I really didn't remember any of this. Chard got back on the vehicle and drove it back out the door. Then Janet walked a few feet back to her chair to watch television. I was quiet for the moment and she seemed quite content to watch her show.

Then I spoke, "Well I feel fine. Ah, thanks for the party. Are my clothes cleaned ? Did you clean them ?"

"I'm sure they are." she spoke absently, not really listening to what I was saying.

I struggled to sit up but that got her attention. She turned to face me and clicked a remote-control switch. Suddenly strong metal clamps from under the bed appeared over my feet, legs, arms, and hands !

There wasn't one for my neck so I craned it up as well as I could, angrily, but I couldn't keep it up for long in this awful position. I set it back and sure enough a clamp went around it as well.

"What is this !?" I shrieked in rage.

Janet shook her head, annoyed, "Oh pipe down, will ya ? You'll be here for a few hours and then we'll go back to your folks. Your clothes should be ready by then."

But I wouldn't. I started to yell, "Help help ! I'm being kidnapped ! Help !"

She turned to give me a stink-eye. Then wheeled the bed to where her chair was. Kicked the chair aside and sat her full weight straight on my lower belly, her legs on either side of the bed. That got me quiet instantly.

But only for a moment. I spoke again using my loud voice. "What are you doing !? Get off of me - right now !"

But all she did was scooch back a bit so she was no longer sitting on my belly but my chest. I could easily see her panties from here and swallowed hard.

She heard me and chuckled, "That's right, you keep quiet or this will get worse, and I think you know what I mean !"

But I wouldn't be quiet. "You're a very bad person ! I mean I trusted you, and here you are working with these agents and -" my voice trailed off as wordlessly she hopped off and removed her short skirt, then sat back on my chest with only her panties on now.

I was really quiet now staring fearfully at the imposing fabric. They were cute, all white with a flowery-lace design around them hem but I was so certain if anyone could die of cooties it would be me !

I squirmed a bit as this was now more than uncomfortable for me, but every time I did she kept scooting back until her butt was only a foot from my face. I froze up in fear.

* * *

She spoke now sensing I was perfectly still, "That's right. You just keep giving me a hard time and I'll give you a hard time ! Just keep it up little mister and see where your head is gonna wind up before the day is done."

I lay immobile. Satisfied I wasn't going to give her any more trouble, she reached over to the side where she had her drinks and chips and snacked a bit continuing to sit on my chest near my neck and watched her TV show. A good 10-minutes passed with me not moving at all - not wanting her to get any closer than she already was.

And all I could see from where I was sitting was the back of her blouse leading to her white underwear. Occasionally she shifted her butt slightly, stretching the fabric, to reach for her drink or chips but stayed exactly where she was otherwise. I stared at the imposing white globe bidding it to not get any closer than it already was.

And then I felt it, my nose started to itch. Right then. She was facing away from so she couldn't see and I wrinkled up my lips and nose trying to stop the itch, but it only got worse.

Suddenly I sneezed.

She was quick to angrily react, "That's it mister ! If you're going to be a party pooper, well so can I ! You want a babysitter ? You got it ! Now open wide !" and with that she raised up and sat down exactly one foot behind her, right on my face !

. . .

Back with Tyr the team had indeed arrived to my house but just like her door was open earlier, so was mine now !

"No !" Tyr yelled and jumping out of the car ran in.

"Don't do that !" yelled Dr. Bentley, then to the two who accompanied, he spoke to them, "Stop her. She could ruin everything !"

They both bolted out of the car, the smaller one spoke, "Come back little girl, it could be dangerous !"

But Tyr was already inside and tears were streaming down her face for what she saw. And it was awful. My nice home was completely wrecked, just like hers ! It looked like someone had even taken power tools to the stairs to lift each of them up looking for something, and she knew what.

"It's that damned plugin ! That's the source of all of this ! That - damned - plugin."

She was so upset she went into a corner and sucked on 3-fingers this time instead of just one. One security guard was combing the outside whereas the other one seeing Tyr in a corner, smiled to himself and investigated the rest of the house seeing equal destruction everywhere.

Bentley entered shortly after. And he was just as shocked and puzzled as Tyr was. "We didn't do this." he told himself quietly. "But who the hell did ?"

Then he saw something taped to the television set which was turned off. It was a gray envelope with a fancy wax stamp of what looked like a rabbit's head on the front. He took it off, removed the wax seal, and opened to read it. Inside it was written with beautiful penmanship.

"We are the order of the White Rabbit. You have taken something that belongs to us, Dr. Bentley."

Bentley's legs suddenly felt weak as he read. "They were - expecting me ?"

He read on:

"You are accountable so this cannot be changed. Unless you want your wife Misty and your unborn child, Gregory, to also be held accountable you will deliver the device known as the PLUGIN to us by yourself under the 4th Faire Bridge of Wannabee by midnight. Fail to do so and you and your family will ALL perish under our hand."

Now it was Bentley's turn to be upset. He slumped down to his knees and wailed. The security guard from outside stepped in to see what the sound was. He then picked up the dropped letter and read it.

Then he spoke into his wrist-communicator. "Ashton here. We just received a ransom note. Pretty slick, some organization calling themselves "The White Rabbit." They completely destroyed Tyr Cryshta's and Dev Borne's home looking I guess for that damned plugin."

He continued, "They seem to know the doctor's family personally and are threatening both him and them with their lives unless he himself delivers that PLUGIN under the 4th Faire Bridge. Yeah. We're returning now."

With that he folded the letter up in his pocket. While one security guard helped Tyr up the other helped Bentley up as both had difficulty walking.

"My family. How could they know ?" the doctor was muttering.

"Dev !" Tyr was wailing herself.

They finally all got back into the car and drove back to the white domed settlement of scientists and entrepreneurs.


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