FB4-13 "Settle Down"

FB4-13 "Settle Down"

A Chapter by dw817

I replied almost at once, "My girlfriend." But then tried to bite it back. "Well, sort of. More like I'm her boyfriend and not necessarily that she is my girlfriend. She's kind of cruel to me ..."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 13 - "Settle Down"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

But Tyr was not so easily frightened.
She knew Dempsey had once witnessed her awesome power of Telekinesis earlier. She thought to play the bluff because she was pretty sure she was tapped out at the moment.

So instead of looking afraid, she puffed herself up and using her best brave voice said, "You can't frighten me ! Don't you know what I'm capable of ?" and she held her hands out facing each other, her matched fingertips clearing one inch between each hand, like she was holding on to a bowling ball.

Dempsey paled slightly and stepped back. He then slammed the door closed and spoke to her from outside the door. "You can't hurt me out here, cupcake. Now if you don't tell me what I want to know, your precious Dev will suffer !"

Tyr scoffed, "Hah ! You don't even have him. Why he's out of your reach."

Dempsey chuckled deep in his throat for a moment. "That's what you think." He re-opened the door and looked at Tyr who still had her fingertips at the ready. He then pulled out a type of video-phone and punching a few numbers on it had a direct link to the room I was in and showed Tyr where I was by a remote circuit video-camera.

Tyr was of course upset seeing me in a robe and in an unfamiliar room, "Dev ! What're you doing here ? Looking for me ?"

Dempsey clicked it off, "He can't hear your shortcake, but yes, he's here in the hospital, a prisoner, just like you. Now unless you want me to make his stay a most unpleasant one, I would answer the question !"

Tyr put her hands shakily down, "Umm ... what was the question ?"

Dempsey leaned his face forward to her much smaller one, "The same. What happened to Stefani ? I know you're involved. I saw all three of you down on the lower sewage treatment from the security cameras there. I couldn't really see what happened though. There was a flash of light and the camera burned out."

Tyr looked around. It was pretty clear to her Dempsey wasn't going to hurt her, or even Dev, not consciously, but because of his mad passion and love for the deceased Stefani, he MAY do something rash that he would regret later - nay - SHE would definitely - later, if she lived to regret it that was.

Tyr decided to tell the truth. "That woman tried to push me in one of those vats."

Dempsey nodded as that definitely sounded like her, "Go on."

Tyr held up one hand. "I scanned her mind - which I could do at the time. And saw she had murdered a whole bunch of people there."

Dempsey nodded apparently accepting this without question.

Tyr continued, "So I made her re-appear. And ..." her voice trailed off not sure how to explain what happened.

Dempsey, impatient, spoke, "I don't understand what you're saying."

Tyr tried to explain, "Well, I guess I took her from a previous time period, where she was murdering someone else in the past - and made her re-appear in this current time. Then there were 2 Stefanis face to face. The new Stefani - well - she pushed the original Stefani in the vat. Then it covered over with steam and the original Stefani disappeared."

Tyr didn't want to mention anything about the appearance of the inter-dimensional Chronotron beings. Likely her story was fantastic enough for Dempsey to fathom.

Dempsey looked down at the floor for a minute. He realized that Tyr didn't kill her. No, Stefani killed herself, and she did after all try to murder Tyr, twice now he was understanding. He really didn't have any rage against Tyr. Likely Stefani would've fallen prey to her own traps in time. He wondered about this when he first met her, and now it finally happened.

But now Tyr was curious, "How do you know she died ?"

Dempsey answered, "Easily. I was head of keeping track of the bracelets everyone wore. We had a program running that showed not only the locations of where they were but their heart rate. Stefani's heart ... stopped ... I knew she was gone then. We retrieved her body, or what was left of it from the lowest storage vat. Some type of accident it looked like."

He sniffed, tearful, "She was after all a total and complete b***h. But that's why I loved her. Yet - what a terrible way for her to die ... for anyone to die."

Tyr leaned forward and placed delicate fingers on his massive muscular arm, "I'm sorry ..."

Dempsey sniffed hard, determined not to cry in front of this little girl. "Yeah, well ... anyways ..."

He then nodded to her, "Thank you. I did need to know this. What really happened to her." He straightened up again, the towering giant that he was.

Tyr, eager to be free asked, "Dempsey. I told you what you wanted. Don't you think you can let me go now ?"

He looked up at her for a second, then over his shoulder as if someone might be watching him. "Not yet, Princess. I - thanks for letting me know what happened. I'll bring you a full tray of food here pretty soon. If you touch HERE - " and he stepped past her to press one side of the padded cell that had an especially small pillow sticking out. "There is a bathroom in there."

So saying a "wall" moved over and inside was a beautiful porcelain and stainless steel bathroom complete with a shower stall, toilet, and sink, and spotless from the looks of it.

As Tyr turned to enter and explore, Dempsey quickly stepped past her to to lock and close the door behind him. He spoke to her from the other side, "I'll be back in less time than an hour with your meal. Sit tight."

* * *

Back with me, I was doing fine. I had my own room now and it seemed things would go for the better. There was a little computer in the room too which although it had limited access, it did give me a window to the outside world. According to the news, they were about to "reboot" the internet in the next hour. What the news did not say is how they were going to do it or by whom.

As I was fiddling with the computer, a gentle knocking came at my door. I went to go see who it was and it was Angel. She had changed into something more appropriate instead of just undies. A nice pink and purple skirt and a matching camisole. She really was quite pretty when she wasn't angry.

"Are you busy, Cube ?" she asked, handing me one of the prepared meals promised.

I shook my head, accepting the tray, "Just - getting settled in." I set the tray on the table there.

Then I turned my eyes to regard her darkly, "And my name is Dev, not Cube. Also that wasn't very nice what you had planned for me. Going to make me a toilet slave - whatever the hell that was supposed to mean."

She sighed in exasperation, "God ! Get over it ! I was only teasing you, you know ? I doubt you could ... " and her voice trailed off in thought. She returned a moment later with a different thought, "But it might've been fun to see you try."

"What !?" was all I could say. My face burned red with these words. She giggled slightly. I coughed to assert myself, "Not going to happen. So - well, what do I do now ?"

She spoke, "You need to know this. I know I should've mentioned this earlier, but it's not just us that's imprisoned in this hospital. They also have our folks and siblings. So it's really important you don't try to break out of here just yet - even if you HAVE found a way, it could go very bad for ALL of us."

I was thinking silently as she added quietly, "Wish you could find your strength here."

I shrugged, "I have a special ability that is immensely powerful. Anything can happen with it. But I can't seem to concentrate right now. It could be the shock of being in a place like this. Maybe the worrying over my folks and Tyr - and I'll get better over time."

She immediately latched on to a word, "Who is Tyr ?"

I replied almost at once, "My girlfriend." But then tried to bite it back. "Well, sort of. More like I'm her boyfriend and not necessarily that she is my girlfriend. She's kind of cruel to me at times. I mean, I don't want to see her hurt or anything, but sometimes she does give me grief, in her words and ways and the way she does weird things to me."

Angel was curious stepping closer, hanging on each word now, "What kind of weird things does she do to you, Dev ?"

I thought for a moment about everything she had done, "Well, I know she sits on me sometimes. Treats my face like a seat cushion. Then she's sweet all over and says how much she loves me. Then I'm nothing but a pillow for her butt again !"

I raise my voice in anger, "Back and forth with this kindness and cruelty. Mostly humiliating me when she doesn't get her way on things." I lowered my voice slightly, "So - I've learned to give her just about anything she wants to avoid the horrid treatment she plans for me each day."

Angel crossed her arms defensively and tapped her fingers on her shoulders while greeting me with this evil leer. "Sounds to me like you're a toilet slave after all - at least to her."

I looked to Angel incredulously and my voice strained in frustration, "Geez ! No ! Alright !? Wow ! Can we talk about something else already, please !?"

She sighed and patted me nicely on my arm, "Just kidding ! Wow, grow up, huh ? And - well, that's good to know, about you having advanced superpowers that is, because we're not going to get out of here if all you can do is make silly little glowing cubes on the floor."

She uncrossed her arms to clasp her hands in front of her, hopefully, "In fact, you may very well be the hero to all of this. Maybe you just need some of us to encourage you to exert yourself more - in your superpower ability. So we can all escape together. No-one would be left behind."

With that she stepped back and prepared to leave, but not before adding, "Audentes fortuna iuvat, dear Dev."

I blinked mildly, "What does that mean ?"

She translated, "Fortune favors the bold. Enjoy your meal. You - ah - may be visited by each of the girls here. We've never had a boy down here before and that is going to be something pretty exciting for us to get used to."

I smirked in disgust. She saw my expression and laughed. "No worries. We'll try not to embarrass you - well - too much. Not like your girlfriend, Tyr, anyways." and she giggled at that. "See you soon." And with that she was out the door.


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