FB4-54 "Sorry For Party Rocking"

FB4-54 "Sorry For Party Rocking"

A Chapter by dw817

I got seated behind her. It was really warm and the tip of her thin skirt overlapped the hem of my shorts where I could see an inch of white panties with red lace and the very fine curve of her butt.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 54 - "Sorry For Party Rocking"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon.

Are you enjoying these slices of life ? They're not so bad. Here is something else I noticed.

The EYE is on. It is now and it will definitely be on later, tomorrow, and next week.

So what is the EYE ? It is every single video-camera and regular camera found on every person's tablet, notebook, cellphone, laptop, computer, and every single security camera in every single park, recreation center, school, library, government building, grocery store, and even just outside the premises.

They are always ON and always recording. Someone somewhere is recording you and you had best not be doing the bad things like you've been doing in the past, especially if it's hurting someone.

Shoplifters, looters, abusive teachers, adultery, pedophilia, violent police officers, lying statesmen and governors, all of it - all of it is recorded now on the great EYE and you cannot lie yourself out of it. You cannot tell one story and then find you were earlier video-recorded doing something else.

You will be fired, imprisoned and possibly executed if your crime involves murder. So, how does that good Christmas song go ?

"Be good for goodness sakes !"

As someone told me regarding the state of the world, it's not so much that it's gotten worse, it's just that we have better recording equipment to catch people at it now. So their glib lies and speeches of misdirection do not have the same strength they did years ago. Or any strength at all for that matter.

And just as well. Maybe because of this, hopefully in time, we will become a better, stronger, and trustfully more HONEST and CARING society of people. It's all on camera now. With the knowledge - the EYE never sleeps ...

The eye in the sky.

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

And then it happened. Right then and there, I stopped walking.
I sat down on the curb. I started crying, really crying. Very upset at everything that had happened. That WOULD happen. Hell I couldn't even go back to school. I was a freak, a monster ! People were terrified of me now !

I would give anything now, anything at all to be free of this. Just then I heard a soft motor, some kind of electric vehicle. I stayed where I was but buried my head in my hands.

The motor came close. I had hoped they were stopped for a red light or a stop light or something and would pass on so I could cry in peace, but it wouldn't happen.

I heard the vehicle, apparently some type of small motorcycle be discard to the side of a curb and a hand touched me. I looked up angrily that any stranger would dare do this, but no, it was Janet, and she looked really concerned.

"Hey, hun. What's up ?"

I saw her, sweet face, little bit of glitter around her eye-shadow. God she looked just an angel right then. And I committed myself to her. I leaned forward and she caught me easily in her embrace.

She quietly stroked my hair. Rubbed it a little. God that felt so good right then.

Then she took a finger and gently touched my chin bidding me to rise up and look at her.

Her face was so serious right then. "You tell me everything that happened. Right now."

I nodded. And I did. From Darvin, the plugin, the paperclips, the Barrier, the crescent moon watch, the port-a-potty where Tyr threw Scant in, Darceon from the Spectral Universe, Arkos Institute, Stefani Charteiris, my mistress and step-Mother combined and the awful "baby food" she subjected me to.

Even the girl that claimed she was from 1-million years in the future.

A few times she laughed at the crazy story, the other times she looked at me with fierce intensity, really understanding what I was telling her. Other times she looked at me like I really was completely hallucinating a bunch of it.

She then picked up her compact and spoke directly into it. She said two words, "Party rocking." then closed it to look at me.

"Dev." she started quietly. "You are special. You are very special. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You never asked for this 'power' of yours. And I want to help. I really do. Look, I have some friends I'd like you to meet."

I pulled away from her. I didn't want that.

She put her hand back on my hair and rubbed again, "Hey, it's okay. They're good people. They - they handle things like this. They do it all the time. You could say they are professionals."

She looked to the school which was a few blocks behind me. "You may not be able to go back to this school for - what happened ... ?" and she looked to me to see if that was something I believed in too.

I nodded.

"That's fine. Look, what you have is something we've been looking for - for a very long time now ! You have the power. You have a greatness about you I really don't think you've given much thought to. And that really does call for a celebration."

"I'm - not feeling much like a party right now." I told her truthfully. I just wanted to go home and cry in my pillow.

She turned from caressing my hair to my cheek, "Oh don't be like that. This will celebrate you. JUST you ! As the wonderful and caring person you are. God with your power you could've gotten greedy, vengeful, anything, and - bad stuff could've happened.

"Bad stuff did happen though." And I told her about Lemonie trying to drown me in the girl's toilet and me literally blowing my top and causing an explosion all the way up in the gym.

But Janet didn't seem to care. "Is that all ? It could've been a lot worse, you could have killed everyone in the school - and you didn't now did you. In fact you haven't hurt a single fly." She looked to the road ahead then back at me. "Come on, I'll give you a ride home. There I'll tell your folks you're going to a party, my treat. That simple."

I nodded. She pulled away from me, raised up the scooter to an upright position, then got on it and patted the area behind her butt. I looked there and bit my lip. Once again the word "cooties" came to mind.

She saw the look on my face and laughed, "Oh come on, Dev. I don't bite. At least I don't bite back THERE." and she giggled at the look of confusion on my face.

Finally she sat sideways, "Come on, sit right here, hun." and patted the area again.

I picked up my backpack, put it back on and got seated behind her. It was really warm and the tip of her thin skirt overlapped the hem of my shorts where I could see an inch of white panties with red lace and the very fine curve of her butt. I felt my heart start beating rapidly.

She looked to see if I was seated properly and also observed that I was breathing a little harder.

She leered realizing what was happening here. "Damn, boy you need to get out more often. You need more FUN !" and with that she roared the engine to life and we were off. I suddenly realized there were no seatbelts and I had nothing to grab on to !

I instinctively reached up and without thinking grabbed both of her breasts which strangely were rock hard at the moment.

Then I felt like I could pass out my heart was beating so fast !

She slowed the engine to look back at me and grinned, "Here, Romeo, try this." and shifted my hands to her waist. "Hold there if you're frightened."

I did so and she roared off again. We finally arrived at my house. She pulled up and said, "Stay here." then knocked on the door.

My Mom answered, I think Dad was still at work. "Yes ?" she said, then saw me on the little motor scooter.

"What's happening ? Is everything okay ?" she asked.

* * *

Janet smiled, "Sure ! We're just going to a party. Might be a few hours. I'll bring him right home again, is that okay ?"

Mom looked at me again. I waved. She finally nodded, "Okay, well that's definitely something he needs." She whispered close into Janet's ear. "He's so serious all the time. So show him a good time."

Janet looked at Mom. I was pretty sure both had an entirely different opinion of what a "good time" was. Janet spoke, "Sure thing ! He's getting the works tonight !"

I swallowed hard. Just what had I gotten myself into ?

With that Mom closed the door and Janet started to walk back. She carefully sat back down in the seat but this time arched her back a bit to squeak the seat and rub her butt right up against me.

I moaned in fear in spite of myself. She clearly heard and without facing me leered. "This is going to be fun !" she told herself and then the scooter roared off again.

We went straight to the blocked off area where the "radiation" was. The guard there saw and came close asking for identification.

She flipped out a pretty card with silver and gold writing on it. "Agent Janet returning with - ah - guest."

The security guard looked at me and smiled. Not in a pretty way I thought.

Janet noticed and spoke to reassure me, "Oh don't worry, he's always a grump. Let's get to base so we can have that party started."

As she drove I watched carefully as we entered this massive cocoon of tent, all white. We drove past my car, the Excalibria, past an area where a bunch of scientists were outside and strangely examining the ground a short distance from it. I shook my head, I had no idea what they were looking for.

Then we arrived, and it was clear I was expected. Hastily written in day-glow letters over a doorway read, "PRIVATE PARTY."

I got off and had to adjust my shorts and underwear myself as I was now poking out a bit from her pert butt vibrating against me from the scooter's motor. That got a real giggle out of Janet. She smiled sweetly but then whispered in my ear, "When this is all done, I'm going to show you a real fine time, you can take that to the bank."

And we stepped in. It was ... kind of good and kind of bad at the same time. It was clear this was originally a research station for this room and they hastily put back all the equipment to present a big wide cake with ice cream and a punch bowl on a long table.

Written in big letters near the ceiling was a sign that said, "DEV. HE'S OUR MAN !"

Apparently they weren't going to have any actual scientists to this party either. They had scraped together the junior staff with a few requirements. Young and female. And I believe that was it.

As I came in this horde of young women all dressed as nurses in short skirts came to me to paw and poke at me very sensually calling me, "Goldenboy." I immediately turned back around because I had to adjust my shorts AGAIN !

Janet then spoke up seeing how uncomfortable I was in this entourage of inquisitive and groping women, "Hey ! Leave him alone ! He's here for the cake." Then to me, "Isn't that right, hun ?"

"Sure." I said and sat down in the guest of honor seat they had for me. There was music playing in the background too. "Sorry For Party Rocking."

Janet sat next to me and put a supportive hand on my back. And, I guess right then I felt happy. I knew I was likely later going to get dissected like a lab-rat but for now I could be happy and content - just to enjoy the moment.

It was all pretty silly. The cake itself was hastily chosen by the lettering. Originally it said, "Happy Birthday" with someone's name that was smeared out. And the word Birthday was replaced with the word Happy again so it simply read, "Happy Happy."

There were a mess of candles on it too, all lit now. They expected me to blow them out - and I did.

Unlike a birthday though everyone got a slice of cake first before me. Then Janet stepped forward putting on some thin gloves to cut me a slice.

"What's with the gloves ?" I asked her.

"I don't want to ruin my nails." she said simply.

I nodded. That's fine. She cut a slice and handed it to me with her gloves. Then she poured me a big glass of punch, a cup of ice-cream in a steel bowl, and my slice of cake.

Then the girls all started singing silly and not really great as a chorus, "For he's a jolly good fellow. For he's a jolly good - " They continued on.

I leaned back in my chair. Took a sip of punch, had some ice cream with a spoon and then greedily took a big bite of cake. And it was perfect, rich, vanilla.

Then everyone was looking at me suddenly with great intent. It was a little scary. I tentatively took another bite of the incredibly delicious cake.

They continued to eye me hungrily. "Did you want a speech or something ?" I finally asked not sure what was going on.

Just then the fork fell out of my hand.

"You feeling okay, hun ?" Janet asked me, standing from her seat to lean down and tilt her head slightly.

"Sure." I said. But it felt like my tongue was numb. My brain was fully charged though. I was thinking. I was drugged surely, but why weren't the other girls affected by the treats ?

Then it came to me. The gloves ! They were likely treated with some type of powdered relaxant or tranquilizer. Strong to affect me just by my cake being touched by it.

I lurched in my chair feeling all my muscles start to give out.

Janet came very close to catch me then in her grip. "I think he's had enough cake."

I saw one of the women there touch a button on the wall making a clear chiming sound.

Then Janet looked straight into my eyes, "Dev. Whatever happens from here, just know it's for the best, and I'm here for you."

With the chime I heard a heavy door THOOM open and 3 obvious scientists arrived with a gurney. I couldn't keep my eyes open now though and entered a very comfortable and dreamless sleep.

As I slept there was talking though I could not hear it.

Janet spoke, "I did my job. I brought him here. Now as you promised you won't hurt him !"

One of the scientists spoke clicking his tongue disconsolately, "Dear, this is like spun gold we've found ! Of COURSE we're not going to hurt him ! Far be it from anyone's thoughts. No we're going to treat him with the utmost delicacy. He is our guest of honor !"

With that they carefully put me on the gurney and rolled it out and the party music started to recede. Then they rolled me into a room with harsh blue and white lights where there was a great number of testing equipment.

A deeper voice spoke, "This is Dev ? Our man of the hour ?"

The scientist spoke, "Yes it is. We can begin the testing now."


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