FB4-04 "Angel's Test"

FB4-04 "Angel's Test"

A Chapter by dw817

"Can you hear me, Angel ?" Umeya nodded. "Good. Now, we're going to travel back in time. Back to when you were a young child." She paused for a moment to let that sink in ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 4 - "Angel's Test"

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This chapter is Rated: TEEN

It was only a moment before Angel realized that I had better not be in sight, as she suspected correctly that I was not supposed to be in here. She snapped her fingers and two other girls hurriedly wheeled my wheelchair into one of the rooms while shutting the door.

If I was concerned that I could not see what was happening, it was not a problem. There was a small television here, tuned to channel 2, and apparently that was the testing room just out the door.

While I heard the main door open up and someone entered, all I could see was the empty testing room. After a minute of quiet conversation and heavy high-heeled footsteps, a woman entered the testing room alongside Angel.

I at once recognized her. Umeya ! From Arkos Institute. The one that gave me that strange ... what was it ? Morphine, but not orally but anally. I winced at the strange and delicious feeling it gave me, clutching to the memory. Still bound hand and foot though I could not do much and certainly didn't want to bring attention to myself so I kept quiet in here.

As they entered, a sudden speaker clicked on and I could make out clearly what they were saying. Also pressing against the sides of the glass to get a view was the rest of the girls watching closely.

Umeya spoke while setting down a glass of water. "Alright now, Angel. You've done this before. We just want to see if you've made any progress since last time. Come and sit in this chair, please."

She did so. Then Umeya came up behind her and lifting up Angel's pretty blonde hair attached some flashing light thingies to her ears. At once Angel reeled her head dizzily and apparently fell asleep.

"Can you hear me ?" Umeya asked her, satisfied she was completely under her control.

I saw Angel move, clearly speaking, but no sound came out - at least for me. Was the system damaged in some way ? But no. I noticed where Umeya sat there was a microphone close by, but where Angel was sitting, there was none. Was this common ? To only share the questions to the outside viewers but not the answers ?

Nodding I agreed that was likely the case. I mean, who knows what secrets would be revealed to others while they were under the hypnotic influence of that flashing ear thing. Likely no question was deemed too invasive or personal if you had those ear-buds on.

So I watched and listened carefully, trying to piece some of it together, to know more about Angel, because I had a feeling I'd be spending quite a time with her.

"Good. Now, we're going to travel back in time. Back to when you were a young child." She paused for a moment to let that sink in. "Angel ? Can you still hear me ? Tell me. How old are you now ?"

Angel replied but, once again, I had no idea what she said. So at this point I could only focus on the questions she was asked but none of the answers.

"That's fine. I want you to think back to when you first saw that you had this - this angel ability. Tell me what was going through your mind at the time."

Angel explained - silent to all watching outside the glass room. I could only surmise that she was born with the angel ability. While I never had a chance to see it in real life, I suspected it was because she could fly, or maybe had a halo, or the combination of the two.

I thought about it, no. If she only glowed or something then she would be called Ghost, Firefly, or something - not Angel. I truly believed it had something to do with wings.

"Yes, and you seriously hurt yourself, didn't you."

She must've jumped from somewhere high before she knew how to master the ability of her wings - and perhaps they weren't always visible then ?

"Your parents were pretty sore weren't they."

I smiled. So she had some caring parents after all then, that's good.

"But it didn't stop you."

Angel shook her head. Nope, she definitely tried again later.

"So tell me, when did you first gain these superpowers ? The powers of Angel."

I realized my inability to hear her answers would mean I would have to ask Angel herself personally some of these questions, and she might get really mad at me. Having superpowers I suspect was rather something personal and off-limits to talk about. Some, like that girl I saw with the skunk's tail earlier, might even be really embarrassing to even remotely talk about it.

"It came down to you ?" Umeya wrote this all down in a notepad. She carefully finished it up by writing words in her pad I couldn't see. What came down to her, I asked myself. A UFO or something ?

"Okay Angel, you're back in Elementary School. Tell me about the bad feelings. Tell me about the girls in the bathroom."

I could totally relate to this. Bullies in the bathroom, headed up by Scant. My bully. It sounded weird to say that but he really was. He followed my shadow and every day tried to make me miserable by washing my face in the school toilet every week. But that was all behind me now.

"I see. You paid them back in kind for their cruel bullying." Umeya wrote in her tablet.

"Yes. Good. Now back to flight. When did you first actually fly in the sky ?" I saw Angel nod her head. She was answering these questions, it was just devilishly quiet. Maybe when they first started this type of "public" interrogation that the answers from the person being interviewed were deemed invasive of their privacy and demanded secrecy.

"Angel. Listen to me now. You are now 6-years old. You are back in your bedroom. The moon is out, bright, full - inviting. Tell me about your first flight."

Angel replied.

Umeya then asked, "But this time you didn't fall ?"

I nodded, listening. So she could fly after all. I wonder what her parents thought about it ?

Angel gave a really long answer. This was one time I couldn't guess what she was saying. Maybe Angel would share some of her personal life with me later. But I would have to earn her trust first.

Umeya put down the clipboard, "Yes, and here you are."

It sounded to me like they were finishing up. Angel's head slumped forward. Apparently the devices on her ears put her in a kind of hypnotic sleep, and maybe it was impossible to answer questions after a-while since the machine would likely knock you out.

Umeya wrote busily in her notes. While Angel was in the conditioned state, she took her temperature and checked her vitals. Satisfied she was in good shape, finally removed the little flashing bulbs from her ears to put them back in her pocket.

Angel jerked slightly in her chair but still seemed asleep, as if she were fighting something. She was crying too. I noticed a curious glow on her back. Were these her angel wings ?

Umeya picked up and held her hand and spoke in a loud and firm voice. "Angel ! Listen to me. Listen only to me. You are fine. You are good. When I count to three and snap my fingers, you won't remember anything except having a nap and good dreams. Very good dreams, indeed. You are happy now, not sad or angry at all. You're good to everyone, do you hear me ?"

Angel nodded as tears splashed from her face to her white dress. Clear blurry but beautiful wings began to form behind her. I scratched my chin and wondered if these wings appeared anytime she was stressed or excited. That was usually what brought out unique abilities in people.

"Good. Listen carefully. Here we go. That's 1. And 2 ... 3 !" and Umeya snapped her fingers soundly.

Suddenly Angel jerked awake and the wings she had vanished like so much white smoke. She at once looked at the wet on her dress and whirled to look at Umeya. Umeya pointed to a glass of water on the table. Angel shrugged then spoke normally, "Did you do it yet ? Is that it for today ?"

Umeya nodded, "That's it. There is one concern I have. But I may check with Solitaire to see if she knows anything about it."

"About what ?" Angel asked.

"We're missing a boy, 18, name of Dev. He's supposed to be next door with the other boys but he's not. We think he may have escaped or got put in some other room. Do you know anything about this ?"

Angel shook her head and lied, "No. It's just us girls in here, you know that. What does he do ?"

Umeya looked up at the ceiling, quick to make up something, "Talk with crickets or something. We still need to find him."

Umeya then looked closely at Angel's eyes and squinted her own slightly in agitation. "Well if you see or hear anything, let me know. We need to run some hypno-tests on him too."

Angel nodded, "Anything else ?"

Umeya now shook her own head. "That's all for now. It's just about time for bed for you girls. You've all been very good today. We'll send down some cookies and milk for everyone. We'll do another test the next day. I'll let you know who it is then."

With that on the screen all I could see was the two exiting the glass testing room. There was a bit of murmured discussion I couldn't make out. Then a heavy door opening and close, clearly Umeya had left.

Then the door to the room I was in open. There was Angel looking me over.

"You lied ?" I asked her in disbelief.

Angel stood her ground and smirked at me, "I think you're a lot more valuable than they're telling us. I think you've got some incredible ability you don't know about or won't tell us. You could very well be the person to help us all escape from here."

More girls entered the room to watch.

Angel continued, "Think you can tell me more about your superpowers now, Dev ... ?"


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