FB4-65 "Of Jewels And Fools"

FB4-65 "Of Jewels And Fools"

A Chapter by dw817

Completely not knowing how to handle this, our waitress faced White and curtseyed politely, then almost shouting, "Sir !" and fairly ran off leaving White to chuckle at the embarrassing event.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2020 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 65 - "Of Jewels And Fools"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I'm still pretty beat up about it. My cat, Calvin, died of total kidney failure. And I checked this is apparently something pretty common with indoor cats. And according to the veterinarian I spoke with, she said this happens pretty often and is a common thing.

All I know is I had this really nice cat given to me as a gift, won't play with laser dots or toys or anything but absolutely loved three things.

1. Being pet.

2. Eating.

3. Sleeping.

A bit like me, really. :)

His name was Calvin, he had to be at least 12-14 years old which works out to about 91-years for humans, and he was given to me by KA 2-years ago who said the previous owner had passed away - and wouldn't I like to have a nice cat ?

Well as this was no kitten he was definitely set in his ways - didn't trust me for many months and hid from me only coming out to eat or drink or use the litterbox.

But after he got used to me being the only person always here day after day, he grew quite fond of me in my quiet demeanor, and absolutely depended upon me for everything.

It was not uncommon to see me by the computer working on my writing and he would curl and wrap himself around my left foot completely like a furry python and go to sleep with my body warmth.

Then whenever I I got up he would dog my heels to wherever I went, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, where ever. That cat was with me every step of the way. I had never known such a loyal cat in my life.

What happened last week - It was not good. I can recall the situation clearly though as I wrote it down.


Calvin was throwing up a bit. Twice. I cleaned it up. Kinna laughed with him that he shouldn't eat any more roaches and stick to the dry cat-food I'm feeding him.


Calvin was sitting up on my bed. Didn't want to get down. Seemed to be in a good mood. Every time I walked by I pet him. He seemed to be really content. Then I was heating lunch, he hadn't come downstairs to see me. I said, okay. What do you want ? Breakfast in bed ?

So, yes, I brought the water and food right up to him and he liked that and ate, but would only eat the treats not real cat-food. He stayed on the bed and I let him. And he purred every-time I pet him. That was Saturday.


He was off the bed and in one of the little hiding spots I made for him. He seemed really thirsty. I brought him a bowl of water, he drank it. Made another, he got halfway through it. Then yawned and went to sleep. CH came by, said your cat is spoiled. That's why he doesn't want regular food anymore once he tasted the treats.

I said well that's fine with me ! So we went out and I bought the most expensive canned catfood I could find. You only live once, right ? I told CH.


He had gotten off the bed and stayed in his hiding spot and apparently threw up again. I gave him some water and the good cat-food. He would only lick the oil off it.

KA showed up, she's with the government and kinna makes sures I'm okay, does laundry, makes meals for me, stuff like that. She said your cat looks sick. You should buy some Pedialite water. That will make his tummy feel better. I agreed and would do so.


Calvin was gone. Really gone. I could not find him anywhere. I looked for about a good hour and finally found his tail poking out from behind boxes I have downstairs. All the way jammed up in a corner where I guess he hoped I wouldn't find him.

I figured he was sleeping so I had some coffee. Came back half hour later said that's enough, I don't like where you are, you worry me. I moved the boxes back.

Seemed like he was sleeping. Picked him up by the scruff of his neck to bring up stairs to sit on my bed. But then he started yowling really loud. It was then I realized he was paralyzed from the neck down. I was very very upset. I called CA who didn't answer, but KT his daughter did and said let's take him to the vet.

We were getting turned around with the very bad directions this one animal clinic we were trying to get to had given us. I mentioned I don't hear Calvin, is he still alive ? She said she'll check. Pulled into a parking lot and went to check on him. He died she said. I started really crying then ...

She said we can take him to her house and bury him in the backyard next to that really pretty tree that has flowers around it. I said, okay, that would be fine. She dropped me off back home and left.

I lay in bed. I felt sick to my stomach, just awful. Then CA called. He said I don't know why KT brought your cat here. I checked on him in the car where she left him and raised his head up and yowled. What do you want to do ?

I said let's go by the animal hospital to put him to sleep. And he agreed, yeah, the rest of your cat is paralyzed for some reason. CA had much better luck finding the place. They said only I could be with the cat.

I was really very upset now, having trouble breathing and my nose was just absolute liquid. I've had these crying spells before, sometimes just out of the blue. That's one reason I'm on anti-psychotics is I go UP and DOWN in my moods and when I go down I hit rock bottom.

Anyways she was ringing up a big price, $300 for putting him to sleep, $150 for cremation, tax, etc. Then asked how I would like to pay for it. I told her I get an allowance. She asked how much ?

I said I get $80 each week and this week I just spent $40 buying a vacuum cleaner as my old one gave out. I also spent $20 of that on groceries.

She looked at me for a second then said she was going to call the doctor. I said okay. Calvin yowled again I reached into pet him. He really likes his ears scratched and purred when I did that.

Then the doctor came in and felt Calvin all over. And said, he needs to be put to sleep. I said, yeah, he's not moving. She said he's stiff all over. She suspected it was total kidney failure. I agreed as the last two cats I had, had that. She said there is no cure and there is no fault. This happens a lot in cats.

So then she tool Calvin and there was a door handle to the right of me.

I grabbed that door handle and said God please don't let go. Please don't let go of me. I told Him please hold my hand when I am born, when I am a boy, when I am older, and when I am senile. And hold my hand please long after my muscle and flesh have left the body, in the time of my death.

She came back with the cat wrapped in a towel and said it's done. Your cat has passed away. Would you like some private time ? I said yes.

I had bought some prayer beads about a month back. I was concerned as I have an arrhythmic heart. That means it doesn't beat the way it's supposed to. Anyways, I got down on my knees on the cold stone tiled floor right in front of my cat. And holding the prayer beads up I gave a prayer.

"God, please heed the words of this sinner. Who will likely go on to sin again as none compare with your almighty grace and presence. I ask you please to commiserate and take the spirit of this cat up into heaven. That he may be content and in the Happy Hunting Grounds as all good cats go."

"That I may recognize and appreciate your patience with me. That if the door is open I will enter. If there is music playing I will sing. That If there is someone is speaking I will listen. And if there is love, I will stay."

"I ask these things in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

She then returned back after a few minutes. I asked what would happen then. She got down to my level as I was sitting in a chair. Really nice. Spoke to me, "Honey. You don't have to worry anymore. We're going to take care of it all from here. Would you like me to walk you back to the lobby ?"

I nodded. She did and was quiet all the way. Then when I saw CA I turned to her and said, "I don't have any money now but TH from Guardianship can take care of this I know. I have some emergency money put away."

She shook her head, "No dear. You are fine. We will take care of it all. You will feel better. Thank you for coming."

And then CA brought me back home. I felt - better, relieved that Calvin was no longer in any pain. I still have fits I call them. When I start crying out of nowhere. I will probably be doing this for a-while. Death. Death has always been extremely difficult for me to understand, to appreciate God's Wisdom why we die, and why we are expected to carry on in their absence.

I spoke with my psychologist, MB. He said it's not fair of them to take care of and bury or cremate my cat without payment. So I spoke with TE. She said okay David, I'll call them up, find the amount actually owed and pay for it out of your reserve fund.

Anyways, this is why I didn't want to write anything last week nor really do very much at all. I wanted time to reflect. To reflect on what happened - and what WON'T happen again. I'm not getting another cat. I can't - go through this kind of misery of death again.

I know death is a natural part of life but this would not be the first thing about life that I have grown to simply not accept. However it is done, in this case, not to get another cat just to see them grow old and die again ...

I'm feeling better now. Let's get to a new chapter of Future Barrier ...

I was only half listening earlier when Mr. White had ordered my meal.
He did say we were going to have some vanilla celebration cake ?

I cleaned my platter. Tyr finished up her food too but mostly nibbled on the burgers corners and never actually finished the middle of it.

Nonetheless the table was cleared as White was still working on his computer when the lights went out and the music stopped.

I panicked and grabbed the nearest thing next to me, in this case, Mr. White's sleeve. He looked up and patted my arm. "Don't be concerned. They always do this for a celebration."

I had remembered years ago when I was just a baby. It was my Birthday and Mom, Tyr, Dad, and myself were at this place called "Firehouse Ice Cream Parlor."

I was eating my mashed potatoes when the lights went out and the music stopped. Then a big giant red alert light flashed in to the top along side a loud siren and at once I started screaming with tears.

Quick as a wink the lights were returned and this massive cake was brought to us. But I was so traumatized by the event I didn't want any at all. I was shaking with fear. Tyr who was also just a baby didn't seem the least bit concerned and while neither of us could speak, I'm certain if she could she would've said, "Crybaby."

"Crybaby." I echoed out loud without meaning to.

"I beg your pardon ?" Mr. White said pulling his arm back to look at the long tray that held the dessert.

"It's - from my past. I'm sorry." I told him weakly.

Wearing that mask all the time did make it confusing for me to see anything but I suspected he was smiling. He spoke quietly and only to me, "Saturday we're going to work out some of your fears - bring them into the light. Can't have you burdened with these if you're to become an Avatar for the people."

I thought about that for a moment but my nose won out over my inner thoughts as I could smell quite clearly it was indeed an expensive cake. I picked out the fragrance of Tres De Leche, one of my all-time favorite cakes, make with 3-different kinds of sweet cream !

Tyr who had no manners at all was thumping the table with her fork and knife to the beat of her yelling, "We want cake ! We want cake !"

I sighed. I do remember how her and me got together years ago. Under very uncomfortable circumstances, I remembered that. So why was I with her today ? Surely I was more in tune and a better match for Trudy, the librarian at school ?

Even if she was twice my age, sometimes we would sit and talk about quadratic equations, about theories of the universe and the many splendors in it. Tyr ? I just really didn't think she would be interested in that let alone have an inkling of comprehension for most of my hobbies and studies.

They now set this massive cake in the middle of the table. The first thing I noticed were what appeared to be real jewels adorning the 4-corners of the cake. I looked to Mr. White who apparently reading my mind explained.

"Yes, Dev. Those are real jewels. That one is a ruby, there an emerald, this one is a sapphire, and the last a diamond."

He turned to look at me, "As you are the guest of honor you get to pick out which piece you want first, and the jewel you get to keep as a party favor."

* * *

Tyr interrupted my thoughts by shouting, "I want the ruby !"

So, I guess I had better not pick that one. "The sapphire, please, Mr. White."

"Certainly." He took a knife and cut out a nice small piece for myself and then asked my folks. "Which one do you want ?"

"The diamond !" I heard my Mom speak unnaturally loud. My Dad chuckled under his breath, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." White complied though and cut a rather large piece from there. Then placing the diamond piece on my Mom's plate and a cut from that on Dad's.

Then he cut the emerald piece for Annie and finally a greedy big piece for Tyr that held the ruby, apparently exactly the size of cake she wanted. Then lastly for Janet, a simple side of the cake no jewel I noticed. But she did work for him.

I innocently asked, "Would you like a slice, Mr. White ?" and then couldn't bite it back quick enough realizing he couldn't eat with that mask on. He leaned back and smiled patting his tummy. "Oh no, Dev. I had quite the sweet breakfast this morning with cinnamon pancakes. I probably shouldn't have anymore sugar today."

Everyone's drinks were refilled and then Mr. White stood holding his glass aloft. "A toast, friends, to good company. May this 'plugin' work out to everyone's benefit here at the table."

Everyone leaned their crystal glasses to touch them together, all except Tyr who was a little short of the truth be known and was just getting ready to rudely stand on the table to tip her Styrofoam cup into the collection of other glasses when Annie took her cup from her and bid Tyr to sit down in her seat as she would do the toast for her.

Then a moment later all cups clinked against each other and Annie returned Tyr's orange soda in her Styrofoam cup.

Then White got busy on his computer, and we got to chatting again. That is all except for Tyr was fingering her ruby looking it all over. Then suddenly decided to swallow it. In an instant she was choking !

Quicker than all of us Mr. White was already up and out of his chair and lifted up Tyr's small frame to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, the classic method to get someone to stop choking by forcing their diaphragm in to expel the lodge in the throat.

Fortunately he only had to do a few pumps in her chest when the ruby went sailing out and across the table. There was another party seated there. I watched to see what happened.

Not one patron dared touch the precious ruby. Mr. White then left to retrieve it for her, wiping it on his napkin first. "Midear," he began. "I think I'll just hold on to this until you get home. You shouldn't try to to eat it. It's not food !"

Tyr explained, "I thought it would make my hair glow red, you know, like a laser ! Rubies make lasers ya know !"

He looked at her for a second and I knew he was rolling his eyes in the back of his head. He clearly had no answer to this but shook his head and changed the subject, "How is everyone else doing. Is the cake alright ?"

I spoke now, "Absolutely ! Tres Leche, my favorite."

He then leaned in to whisper in my ear, "Dev. I know a great many things about you. Even prior to you receiving the plugin. For you are the chosen one told of."

"Chosen for what ?" I asked apparently a little too loud for him as he put a finger to his mask and made the SHHH sound.

With that we all finished our sumptuous dessert. Tyr spoke, "Can we take this cake home. I want mores for laters !"

White nodded, that would be fine. One of the cute waitresses came by with the bill. But then apparently she realized her error as White was the owner of the entire establishment and tore it up quickly and threw it on the floor.

And then she realized she made ANOTHER mistake of having littered the perfectly clean carpet with the pieces took one step toward me and turned her back leaning down from her waist in a perfect pendulum to pick up each of the torn pieces.

This gave a bit of an eyeful for Mr. White and myself of her very scanty bunny outfit and her upturned butt a mere foot from where I sat.

White leaned in to whisper again, chuckling slightly. "Beautiful thing isn't she ?"

I didn't know what to say to that but nodded slowly. She then got up and turned to face us. The look on my face told it all. She huffed in a breath and her face changed to red as she realized what White and me were staring at all this time as she had stooped over to pick up the pieces.

Completely not knowing how to handle this impropriety. She faced White and curtseyed politely, then almost shouted, "Sir !" and fairly ran off leaving White to laugh at the embarrassing event.

She was quickly replaced by Granville who helped all the women out of their chairs - all except for Tyr who realizing the tray of toys was still nearby hopped out of her seat to knock it to the ground and then greedily grab the entire bag which must've surely had over 100 of those kid-meal toys in there.

"Take out." she told me simply. I groaned shaking my head.

Wow. To distract myself I reached into my pocket to look at the sapphire I had just received. It was absolutely beautiful ! The size of my thumbnail and flawless in every way. I wondered if I would see something interesting in it with a microscope ? I never had a real jewel before.

We were then escorted back to the stretch limousine where we were offered coffee, mints, and fine smokes for White and my Dad. From there to drive back to the multi-level mansion where we were staying ...


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Aw. My friends' cat died of kidney failure too. So sorry for your loss

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10 Months Ago

Hi Kari.

Yeah ... apparently this is a pretty common thing with cats. The fellow I'm .. read more

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