FB4-12 "One Ring To Rule Them All"

FB4-12 "One Ring To Rule Them All"

A Chapter by dw817

"Time out !" I said holding my hands up in the familiar T motion. Angel nearly fell over to stop her power dive but managed to only fall on her knees slightly. "Time out !?" she yelled back angrily.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 12 - "One Ring To Rule Them All"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Once the whistle was blown, Angel and Skunk immediately got into position.
It was clear they were good friends and more than capable of handling me let alone Mouse.

But I was confident in the strength of my chest so I immediately took the offensive and went in, smashing my chest hard into Angel, which caused her to bowl over.

Skunk growled at this and used her familiar cartwheel to dodge around me.

Fortunately Mouse was ready too and with her butt she smacked Skunk right to the side.

Then Angel got back up and held her hands out, palms down. For a moment I thought she was going to break her own rules and try to grapple with me, but then I saw a glow appear behind her back and beautiful wings appeared, half there, and half not. Like a ghost.

She levitated several feet above the ring's floor and addressed me with a fiery look in her eye. Then suddenly she dived right at me !

But something wasn't right here. I knew what Skunk's special ability was but isn't Angel using her special ability against the rules ?

"Time out !" I said holding my hands up in the familiar T motion.

Angel nearly fell over to stop her power dive but managed to only fall on her knees slightly.

"Time out !?" she yelled. "What are you doing, you idiot !? We're in the middle of a match."

"May be." I answered her, meeting her own fierce gaze. "I see you are using wings."

"So ?" she asked. "You're allowed to use your special ability while in the ring."

I had her now. "If that's the case, then you SHOULD allow for Mouse's tail. You're using your wings after all and that's not 'clothed' as you say."

Skunk muttered something to herself. Angel looked at me and sighed, "Fine. Mouse can use her tail - as that is her special ability. Can we continue now ? I was just about to cream you into the mat !"

I didn't want this to get missed by her so I spoke, "You hear that, Mouse ? You can use your tail now. Let's finish up this match and both be winners !"

Mouse who was in a corner listening smiled, "Yeah ! Alright, now we have a fighting chance !"

But I didn't want Angel calling foul on me so I added, "And me. My special ability to make cubes, that should also be permitted."

Angel put up a dismissive hand, "Yeah yeah. Whatever, can we get on with it now ?"

I grinned. I had a feeling Angel didn't want Mouse to use her tail earlier because likely she was quite agile with it. I could only hope.

I then looked to Blade. Blade got the signal. "Return to your corners, fighters." We all each took a corner of the square wrestling ring.

Blade added, "We'll continue in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... FIGHT !"

And then I leapt into action. I realized now that everyone could use their special ability, so why not me ? I concentrated for a second and a small cube, smaller than the initial one I made appeared on the ground.

Angel looked at it and laughed, "I wonder if that says something about you ! You and your tiny little pe - " but was cut off as Skunk starting her cartwheel accidentally collided into her.

Angel was quite angry, "Watch where you're twirling your a*s, Fartblossom !"

Skunk retorted, "Yeah well you were in my way Candywings !"

As they were arguing, Mouse got close to me. "I have an idea. Lure out Angel to do her dive bomb on you again. I'll take it from there."

I nodded. The other two girls arguing finally settled up and both came straight at me !

Skunk doing reverse hand-flips and Angel invoking her wing power again to hover several feet above me. Then she dived straight at me like before. I really was going to get smashed into the mat just like she said ! So then I concentrated for a second on the Barrier, hoping it would appear - but it did not !

* * *

I turned fearfully to move out of the way when suddenly Angel was smacked HARD across her wings by Mouse - who could now use her tail in the wrestling match. Angel was gripped around the waist then and flung to the floor with tremendous force. That was it, she was out of the fight.

I met my gaze with mouse with wide open eyes and a big smile. "That was awesome !" I told her. Mouse looked to the floor abashedly, twirling one of her toes.

But Skunk did not like this and her lower lip trembled seeing what happened to her friend. "You're gonna get it now !" she vowed and after twirling around for a bit, came at me - top speed !

Mouse tried to use her tail again to intervene but Skunk was too fast ! Mouse desperately smacked her tail over and over again but only to hit empty air. She tried one more time and then accidentally got it caught in the rope around the ring !

As I was looking at her, suddenly Skunk smacked me hard with her chest to get me into a corner. I was struggling to get up when she suddenly sat right down on my face again !

"Eat my a*****e !" she said viciously and pushed hard to jam me up in there. Like before it was awful, I mean, well, she was a Skunk after all. I could see Mouse in the corner of my eye struggling to release her tail from the rope.

But it wouldn't happen soon enough. Skunk turned her head to look at me and wink. I knew it was all over then. And yes it was. I felt my nose suddenly get pressed against something hard and rubbery, like a ring, and then she released her special ability. Gas from her bottom !

I gagged for a second as it went right up my mouth and nose making a strange and wet and unpleasant horking sound. My eyes watering red and drool coming out of my mouth as I collapsed right there on the white pillow of the edge of the ring.

Just before I passed out I saw Mouse get her tail free and go straight for Skunk in vengeance.

Minutes later I was on the familiar table where Solitaire was earlier. The girls were slapping me, not very nicely, to get me to wake up.

Mouse was there though holding my hand, "Oh wake up, Cube ! Wake up ! We won ! We won !"

Being more conscious now and seeing that Angel was hovering nearby, I snatched the paper that had written on earlier.

She of course protested, "Hey ! No fair ! You won so you don't have to - " but then I read what it said.

"A TOILET SLAVE !? To YOU, Angel ?"

Angel grinned and bared her teeth at me. "Yeah, I figured that would be the perfect place for you, seeing as how easily you can become a fart cushion for Skunk."

Skunk also nearby chuckled to herself.

I ignored her and yelled, "But I'm not going to do that !" Then I gave a disparaging look to Angel. God just how sick in the head was she ?

She sighed and stepped away, "No, you won. So I guess you don't have to. Still ... I think you would've been perfect for the job, though. It's still not too late to change your mind, okay ?" She turned around to wiggle and pat her bottom invitingly in plain sight of me.

I stared aghast, but only for a second. Then I shook my head in disgust. It was then I remembered I was supposed to win something good by being the victor !

"Hey, wait ! You said if I won that I would get my own room."

Then Angel was angry and twirled to sneer at me, "You really didn't win you know ! Mouse did all the work ! But - rules are rules. You were on her team so - yeah, I guess you won - by default anyways."

With that she handed me a key. On it was the number 17. She explained, "One of our girls was taken away a few months ago. She was a real fighter. Didn't put up with anyone or anything. One night some guys came to take her. Gave her an injection or something to keep her quiet - and we never saw her again. "So - you're getting her room."

I nodded, glad I wouldn't have to be - well - whatever it was Angel wanted me to be. I did have a question though, "Can I ask what her special ability was ?"

Angel told me, "She had esper ability. She could read minds." She turned to face Solitaire. "Solitaire here can sort of do that, but her expertise is in playing cards. She can, as you saw, use them as weapons."

Now I didn't understand something, "I don't get it. If you all have some special superpowers that can overpower the guards here, shouldn't you all just break out and leave ?"

Angel shook her head, "When we were brought here, they said ANY attempts to escape would not only mean we would be punished, EVERYONE here would be punished for the attempt. And not everyone has a fighting special ability or even an ability to defend themselves. Some of the girls as you can see really do just need our help to make it from day to day."

I looked to the mass of girls. One of which had fangs and an extra set of arms. I suspected she didn't need any help. I looked further though and saw that small Fox girl from earlier. She had a tail but strangely I never saw it move. Maybe she couldn't move it ? How terrible to be born with a limb that never moved !

"Hey !" Angel said to get my attention back to her. "Yeah," she continued. "So we all have to work together here and try to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone. I'm hoping you'll do the same."

To interrupt both of our thoughts, a chime sounded. "That would be lunch." she explained to me. "I'll bring you some, but you got to go to your room for now. It's just to the right of this area and in the back.

All the drove of girls left and retrieving my robe, put it back on, left the entrance of the wrestling arena and then went to find Room 17.

. . .

Tyr had awoken to find herself in a padded room. Apparently whoever brought her here believed she was crazy. And, well, Tyr always was a little crazy, but usually she hid it better than this.

She got up in an instant and started to pound on the door, realizing how silly that was as it, too, was padded. Finally she jumped up to knock hard on the glass window there. "Hey ! Is anyone there ! What's going on ?"

She heard heavy footsteps approach. Then the door was opened wide and preventing her from escaping was the big bulk of Dempsey ! Dempsey Billock. He smiled wickedly and stepped forward, closing the door behind him.

He spoke in his deep and burly tones, "Now that we're alone, cupcake, you're going to tell me exactly what happened to my beloved Stefani ..."


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