FB4-99 "Petty Betty"

FB4-99 "Petty Betty"

A Chapter by dw817

Betty narrowed her eyes, "I warned you, you naughty little boy ! Now you're going to get a spanking !" These dolls were only half the height I was with the exception of Betty. What could they do ?




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2021 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



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This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Slice Of Life (05-25-21)

Good afternoon:

* If I hadn't mentioned it, the software company I'm working for called Sorcery has taken on a new hand. A very competent and impressive programmer.

Unfortunately like many they are just hard to reach sometimes. As I'm really retired here I can dutifully clock in every day of my schedule - and work on the code I'm supposed to.

I hope future bosses of businesses realize that all the skill in the world doesn't amount to anything if that self-same employee cannot show up to work on time or if at all. In fact someone that has half the skills but is never late, tardy, or absent to work is worth quite a bit more than a no show at all.

I'm also still quite interested in Brainfnck or as Katy says I should call my version (and give her credit besides), "Brainfreak." and yes I like that name a lot better.

And yes the ability for it to write code "within" code is going to save me at least 10-11 months of extra work. I'm glad for that and should be able to start coding in it surely before the end of this month.

. . .

On a different note we have certainly had some WET weather here. Raining every day now for a week. I think I'm not alone when I say I feel blue and depressed when it rains. You just want to sleep and not really do anything.

Thank God for coffee ! :)

. . .

Carlos and family treated me out to the new seafood restaurant last Thursday. How was it ? Well I ordered the fried clams and am glad I did. Kathy ordered crab, which is their specialty. Now what I DIDN'T know is it arrives to you in the shell !

I thought surely they would've taken the crab off the shell, but no. And as she offered me some - well you don't know this about me yet. I am kind of particular when it comes to eating meat. I don't like eating meat off the bone nor do I like to pluck meat off a carcass no matter what it is.

I just feel it kind of dehumanizes me in a way by doing this. Sure it's a simple matter for Rose for instance to get me fried chicken and she takes a fort to pull it off the bone as she knows my preferences in this. So too was it the same when Kathy offered me some crab.

And despite my insistent telling her NO I don't eat food like that, I finally did take some crab and dig around in the shell with a fork to get the meat out. And no I didn't feel any better for it. This of course means steak or anything with a bone is just straight not going to be in my menu.

Also anything that is not dead. And by dead I mean no red, no pink, no green, what have you. It's gotta be processed for me to really sink my teeth into it.

Now last Sunday though Chris and me went to West Side Cafe for lunch. Are you not familiar with this ? It is a family-owned and run restaurant with zero chains. And they have simply the best chicken-fried steak you have ever had. And I've had several from many different restaurants and chains.

My Dad and me went there when they first opened and the owner is there, long in the tooth and beard, a bit like me, but still kicking and having a huge number of people show up to this unique and simply delicious restaurant.

. . .

I've been giving some thought to Pico-8 recently. While I do enjoy coding in it there is still the matter of only being able to access 256-bytes of savable memory if I plan to run it on my RG-350. And I tested this many different ways.

1. Standard CSTORE() method. "Command not recognized."

2. Non-standard self-modifying code with INCLUDE. "Include data compiled only once per compilation."

3. Read/write clipboard to data. Method uses INCLUDE, see #2.

4. Extend the 256-set by multiple filenames. "Only one save-256-byte-set file per program permitted."

So, yeah that Taco-8 Pico-8 emulator really did shoot itself in the foot by insisting you can ONLY use the worst method ever to read/write data, the single 256-byte allocation which was available when Pico-8 first came out. Wow.

But that's fine. I'm set with QBasic writing QBasic in my own editor which I just finished this morning. And it's powerful. Here are some functions I wrote in it, finishing my editor:

DECLARE SUB apage (n)
DECLARE FUNCTION bound (a, b, c)
DECLARE SUB codeload (f$)
DECLARE SUB codesave (f$)
DECLARE FUNCTION fileexist (f$)
DECLARE SUB palset256 ()
DECLARE SUB loadquick (f$, p)
DECLARE SUB loadslow (f$, p)
DECLARE SUB loadslow256 (f$)
DECLARE SUB palset (n, t$)
DECLARE SUB savequick (f$, p)
DECLARE SUB saveslow (f$, p)
DECLARE SUB scankey ()
DECLARE SUB showpal16 ()
DECLARE SUB showpal256 ()
DECLARE SUB shutdown ()
DECLARE SUB trx (x, y, t$, i)
DECLARE SUB trxc (x, y, c, i)
DECLARE SUB vpage (n)
DECLARE FUNCTION wrap (a, b, c)
DECLARE SUB xfer (h, v, x, y, p1, h2, v2, p2, t)

It's not really the same though writing this instead of a true programming language.

I mean I really had my heart set on building and writing my own system from scratch turning variables into something truly unique where you can access them at any level without definition.

And I can still sorta do this in QBasic, it would require me to make some new system libraries. I don't know - I just seem to be slowing down a bit as far as coding goes.

I guess the major advantage of QBasic is I can now read and write multiple files really up to 256000 bytes each, a hundred or more if I so choose and that far exceeds what Pico-8 could do even if it had all its faculties in order on a bright and sunny day.

Further I plan to make a reverse-dictionary which I have never seen in any software to date. I'll explain more about that next week when I actually have it running in the QB engine.

But yes I will make my version of BrainF for the Pico-8, "Brainfreak" using 256-byte storage and my own instruction set, just ... not immediately. Not now when I have so many other tasks and chores to take care of first. But when I do I definitely want process stepping both forwards and backwards.

I have only seen this a few times for very limited systems and certainly not for something as complex as I have in mind.

I did manage to take an unfinished concept in Pico-8 from an adept programmer, stinkerb06, where you could draw colored lines up to 32-colors on the edges of the screen despite the system's limitations at 16-colors).

So I took it a step further and wrote a program in Blitz to take a 64x128 pixel image and convert it by pixel to 32-colors.

I expect to see some 64x128 32-color graphic games in the future for Pico-8 - now that I have paved the way showing how to do it. :)

And November is rapidly coming up ! When it does I will no longer be staying at this residence but working towards getting into that nice retirement village. While I have to admit it has been pretty quiet here of recent I think the main reason is a LOT of tenants nearby me are moving out with the increase of the rent.

It didn't affect me fortunately but everyone else, oh, yeah, we now have 3-big dumpsters out front in the parking lot that are filled with not just people's trash but whole furniture and appliances, people bailing out here as quickly as they can. Every single day I'm seeing this now. Heaven knows what the main office did but people are running away in droves.

And I've only seen a few new people moving in, and fortunately they are quiet. I try to keep it down myself. Play my music here at a quiet level, walk without shoes, keep it really quiet after 10pm and all other hours I still stay in complete consideration of my neighbors and the amount of noise I am making.

I am still babysitting Katy though every Saturday, and it does get a bit noisy here with her. Fortunately no-one seems to have complained. I do get on her sometimes about stomping her feet and anything else that can cause the walls to vibrate or disturb the neighbors.

And when she visits I do try to get some math down her gullet. I can highly recommend you look up Schoolhouse Rock and the Multiplication Table for your own kids.

Really a lot of fun and quite educational besides covering America, Computers, Earth, Grammar, Money, Science, and of course Mathematics - all for kids !

. . .

And with that let's return to Dev and company.

Last we left him he had found this strange log cabin out in the middle of a huge cavern and a woman there named Filato, Italian for yarn, and she had made a bunch of yarn and pillow kids. Is there anything sinister to this ? Let's find out ....

. . .

I guess I didn't sleep very long. I kept hearing sounds. Not really sure what. Finally I got up to pee in the bathroom and saw the door Filato closed earlier was open and a light was shining in there.

There was a gentle crunching sound which reminded me of someone eating granola cereal. I smiled and scoffed to myself for earlier thinking she was some kind of inhuman monster, but here she is just have some breakfast cereal like anyone else.

I entered to get behind and look over her shoulder to see what kind of cereal it was but didn't see a box on her table.

Then I stepped around the bend and what I saw made my blood run cold.

She was eating sawdust. Literally sawdust ! From an ornately decorated bowl.

Seeing me she smiled, "Oh, dearie. I didn't mean to wake you. I'm just having a good healthy helping of this delicious - would you like some yourself ?" And she held out a spoon. There was no doubt in my mind it was just sawdust she was eating. Sawdust !

Then one of the buttons holding the top of her blouse down unbuttoned from being pulled against her outstretched arm. There I could see a tear in her chest with frayed yarn but no blood, no bone, just a fabric opening with ... sawdust ! Was she a doll herself !?

She patted a gloved hand there. "Ah, I really should get that fixed. I suppose I've had enough to eat for now."

She looked to me with eyes and in a sinking feeling I realized it was the same kind of eyes I saw on all the dolls ! She literally was a doll herself !

Seeing my look of apprehension she spoke quietly, "Now dearie, didn't I tell you that Mr. White made me the woman I am today ?"

Her eyes narrowed as those terrible and scary words sank in me. Filato was a creation of Mr. White !

Turning her head she looked over her shoulder, "I suspect my children must be up by now. Won't you go to greet them ?"

Before I could say anything suddenly I felt strong pillow arms grab my legs and start to drag me back into the room where I was sleeping.

If anything they looked cross but fortunately not malevolent or anything.

One of the dolls spoke, a girl, "Why are you still up, silly boy ? It's time to sleep. You need to SLEEP !"

And I counted 5-dolls now had literally dragged me back to my bed to tuck the covers around me.

I watched carefully to see what they would do. After a moment they released their pillow hands and just let me stay in bed.

Then a new doll arrived. This one stood a full head taller than the others, the leader perhaps, who jumped up on the bed with me. As I looked at her I had a good chance to see them all now. They had the strange same black shiny eyes and were literally like Raggedy Ann and Andy in their appearance, made of yarn and pillows.

The doll standing on my chest was some kind of older woman I think, in her 40s if that were possible. She smiled and spoke, "I'm Betty, the Mother of these children. And you - you are such a cutie, I'm keeping you - forever." Then she fell forward to give me a hug and it was surprisingly strong.

My brain whirled on how this could be possible. I thought to myself, "They weigh very little, how can they have such a strong grip ? Mass. Density. Volume. They were breaking the laws of natural science ! To grip as hard as they were they would have to weigh hundreds of pounds - but they didn't."

I struggled to get up for a minute easily knocking the girl from her embrace where the other 4 grabbed and held me in place again.

Betty, apparently the leader spoke, "Now you stay in that bed little mister and sweet dreams - or else I'm going to have to punish you !"

I laughed. They were dolls. Just dolls ! What could they possibly do to harm me ?

I struggled again and this time won out as because they were so light despite their tight grip I got up from bed, them still clinging to me.

Betty narrowed her eyes angrily, "I warned you, you naughty little boy ! Now you're going to get a spanking !"

I laughed even more. These dolls were only half the height I was with the exception of Betty. What hope could they possibly have to do this ?

I ran out the door to wake the others.

"Wake up !" I told them. Fortunately they were awake in an instant, but then more dolls showed up and they were all listening to Betty.

"Spank them all ! They've all been very naughty !" I heard Betty yell above the din of the girls shrieking in seeing the scary living dolls.

Skunk was the first out of bed and using her superpowers blasted it straight at one of the dolls, where they were unaffected, sniffing the air and smiling !

Skunk spoke frantically, "Dev ! They're not alive ! I don't think they breathe air !"

I was struggling with the new dolls now pinning me down, "Tell me something I don't know !"

The dolls roughly pushed me into the bed where Tyr was and shoved her right out on to the floor. Then the dolls turned me over - and ... were taking off my clothes !

Tyr was giggling despite how scary this situation was.

"Don't let those naughty girls get away !" Betty yelled and new dolls arrived and grabbed and held Tyr, Lilly, and Janet in place - I guess to watch what happens to bad children.

Then I felt cool air as they had removed my pants and underwear !

"Aren't ya chilly, boy ?" Tyr guffawed between giggles.

My face turned red in light of the events, "Tyr ! This is serious ! We may not be able to get away from this pillow army if you keep joking around !"

Tyr struggled for a bit but there were just too many dolls and they were holding everyone including me down very tight.

Betty came close with a fearful wooden paddle that had written in black ink on it, "OBEY." "Now this is going to hurt me a lot more than you." she explained.

I shook my head, "The hell it will !" and I struggled hard to get free but was unable to.

Betty wasting no time brought the hard wooden paddle right up against my naked bottom. The fight was suddenly out of me and I was crying.

Tyr was laughing so hard now it was terrible. Janet spoke though seeing I was in a lot of pain. She yelled, "He's learned his lesson." Then quieter and pleading, "Please. Let him go."

She paused with the paddle for a second and turned her head at an impossible angle for a human to look at her, "Oh no, dear. You're next. You're all next ! You've all been very naughty - for staying up past your bedtime !"

I nodded my head hard, "I will ! I'm - I'm going to bed. Okay. Sweet dreams and all that, okay ?"

* * *

Betty snapped her fingers, impossible I thought as she was just a big pillow, but sure enough those holding me down loosened their grip.

Betty looked to me, "I hope you learned your lesson, child. Now any more fuss out of you and I'll - I'll spank you again !"

I shook my head, "No ma'am. I'm just going to bed. Okay, watch me - going to bed."

Betty nodded and I was let go of completely.

Now I had to think, was there any way out of this ? Any way at all ? We were at least a quarter of a mile underground and I didn't see any sign of an exit back outside the building. Janet likely had a floor plan in her head but she was being held right now.

I sighed, "I'm going to bed. Alright ?"

I pulled my pants back up which was painful to say the least and went back to my bed, then pulled the covers up to my chin.

Betty followed me and jumping back up on the bed hovered over me with the wooden paddle centered it on my skull and spoke dangerously, "Say your prayers !"

"What !?" Was she going to kill me now ?

"Say your prayers !" she yelled now holding the paddle up over her head as if to almighty wallop me !

I bit my lip in thought. Oh, okay. I see now. I put my hands together in prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep, for all the secrets I may keep, and if I die before I wake, that's one less test I'll have to take."

She smiled, apparently satisfied with that and jumped off my chest. "You're such a good boy when you want to be. My little boy growing up so fast." She leaned forward and kissed me with her pillow lips.

"Alright now. You go straight to sleep and I'll have something sweet and delicious for you by morning. You like honey oatmeal, don't you ?"

I nodded. She clicked off one of the electric lights and the room was thrust into darkness.

I sighed. There really was nothing I could do at this point. I moved around uncomfortably in the bed for a second but determined to stay in it lest I get another spanking and heard Betty return to the 3-girls.

"And now it's your turn. You, the big one. Assume the position !"

Janet scoffed, "If you think I'm just going to willingly bare my BUTT for you so you can smack it with that old piece of hickory you've got another think coming." She paused for a second before adding, "B***h."

Betty's eyes grew wide. "You dirty little girl ! Such filthy language ! Let's see how well you do when I wash it out with soap !"

The troupe of dolls let go of Tyr and Lilly and now clustered around Janet holding her tighter and with the direction of Betty pulled her towards the bathroom.

Janet spoke, "Tyr ! Grab my sword !"

Tyr looked around confused, "Where is it ?"

Janet's voice echoed now being in the bathroom, "By the bed, where else !"

Tyr lifted it up, "Now what ?"

Janet sighed and you could hear the sink running water now. "Cut up these judgmental reject demons, jeez !"

Tyr took Janet's sword and with a silly battle cry ran straight into the bathroom.

Betty spoke turning her head eerily around again at a 180 degree angle, "Now now gumdrop, you mustn't run with scissors, you might hurt someone."

And she reached a pillowed hand out to gently take away the sword, but Tyr had enough of this prissy missy, "Yeah, well you take this !"

Betty jerked back with surprising speed but not before lopping off one of the pillow arms from one of the other dolls.

Fortunately the doll didn't scream or anything but acted more like, well, like part of its brain went or something. It stumbled around a bit then fell on the floor, no sparks, no wires, nothing scary, just - like a pillow falling down on the ground.

But Betty's eye sockets grew wide and she spoke in a tearful tone, "Look what you've done, girl ! I know it was an accident, you didn't mean to, but look what you've done ! Now please, hand me that thing before someone else gets hurt !"

"You're next !" Tyr said and swung the sword again. And AGAIN Betty dodged the sword with an almost inhuman speed.

Janet spoke muffled, "Get these dolls offa me !"

So while Betty stayed out of the blade's reach those holding down Janet were easily dealt with and like the others stumbled around for a bit before falling down, motionless.

Betty's pupils had actually taken on a very evil red glow in the black stone eyes.

"Give me the sword." Janet said no longer being sat on and held down. Tyr eagerly did so.

"You're dealing with me, now." Janet said, pointing the blade at Betty.

Betty spoke now in a weird and demonic tone and the red glow behind the pupils grew even wider, "Fine, you want to play child, let's play !"

And what a fight it was ! Janet was a master with the sword but Betty kept dodging and blocking with the paddle. It didn't looks like Janet was ever going to score a hit !

But as they fought Janet finally spoke sarcastically, "What happened to the nice and kind Betty, huh ? Did I use up all your kindness already ? What a pathetic Mother you are losing your cool like this in front of your kids !"

Betty retracted for a moment in thought and spoke in a tearful normal tone, "No, I'm a good Mother to my children."

That was all the time needed for Janet to lop off Betty's head where a bright shower of sparks, circuitry, and wires flayed out ! And she wasn't dead just yet !

The headless doll with wires lashing back and forth reached out its pillowy fingers now to strangle anyone near it !

Lilly who had been cautiously watching from the side was suddenly attacked by this monster !

She struggled to remove the tight fingers from her neck of the headless atrocity. "I - can't - breathe !" She gasped.

Janet threw down the sword and both her and Tyr ran forward to pry the fingers off. Then Janet deftly picked up the sword and in one swift mode cut the headless body's chest in two where it flopped like a fish on the floor for a bit before finally growing still.

A strange glowing blue liquid poured out of the top which like acid ate through the floor hissing and burning it.

"God what was that !?" Skunk asked watching it fearfully.

"That's our exit, that's what !" Janet said.

The girls left the bathroom. Janet karate kicked the front of my bed causing me to fall out, "Get up sleeping beauty ! We're outta here !"

I staggered up and followed the girls to the room where Filato was. Despite me now realizing she was some kind of sawdust doll herself there were real tears of water coming down her eyes, soiling and staining her dusty blouse.

"You ruined everything." she said tearfully. "We could've been such good friends."

Janet stepped forward, sword still in hand and pointed it right at Filato. "Exit. WHERE is the goddamm exit to outside !?"

Filato still looking like she was in shock went to a drawer and pulled out a small remote control.

She looked at Janet and her sword and didn't want to come anywhere near. She put the remote on the floor and kicked it over to Janet. "There. That will show you the way out. Now GO ! Get out of here !" and she started sobbing again.

I felt in many ways this was my fault. I stepped forward to console her when Janet stopped me.

She spoke in a tired whisper, "Dev, that's a puppet that should've died a long time ago. You can't - comfort - that."

I felt tears in my own eyes well up. Filato looked up to see I was crying, and she smiled to that, realizing that I wasn't stone.

She reached out a pillowy gloved hand, but only for me now, "Dev ... You - you can stay if you want. I can - rebuild - my children - we can be a family again. A happy family ... with you. Happy ..."

Janet had now shockingly shoved her hand down the back of my shorts pulling on my underwear to drag me away from Filato, grumbling to herself about my naivety and being too trusting.

"Some other time." I told Filato and nodded respectfully, trying to maintain my balance as Janet continued to yank me out on my underwear.

Filato sadly nodded and waved, and then we were out of the house.

Janet let go of me to look at the remote control which really was quite pretty. Like a shiny black cigarette case made of onyx with a red ruby button in the middle.

She held the remote up in the air and pressed the button. There was a grinding of gears and a whole side of the cave fell forward revealing a staircase going up !

"Our exit I believe." She said and started to climb the stairs.

I looked back longingly, sorely tempted to return. "That poor woman - is all alone now."

Janet embarrassingly shoved her hand down the back of my shorts again this time to push her hand against my bare bottom and force me up the stairs. She spoke, "Believe me, Dev. You wouldn't want to be part of that world. It was just sawdust that held them together. Dust."

She looked back herself in thought, "Ashes to ashes and dust to dust ..."


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I can tolerate it, but I don't really like eating meat off the bone either. That goes double now that I have to hold my baby constantly and rarely have two free hands. I can now hold him in my lap at the dining table. We don't have a high chair; I just have him sit on my leg. It's nice that he can support his head now.

We've moved into our new place, but we're having trouble with the breakers. We can't use our refrigerator, so we're eating next door with my parents for now. We have friends who will help us work it out.

That doll thing is so creepy!

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>> I can tolerate it, but I don't really like eating meat off the bone either.

Owow, .. read more
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Not in an apartment anymore. My parents hired some people to build an ADU (auxiliary dwelling unit) .. read more

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I was talking this over with Carlos as I didn't know what an auxiliary dwelling unit was. He said it.. read more


I can tolerate it, but I don't really like eating meat off the bone either. That goes double now that I have to hold my baby constantly and rarely have two free hands. I can now hold him in my lap at the dining table. We don't have a high chair; I just have him sit on my leg. It's nice that he can support his head now.

We've moved into our new place, but we're having trouble with the breakers. We can't use our refrigerator, so we're eating next door with my parents for now. We have friends who will help us work it out.

That doll thing is so creepy!

Posted 2 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Month Ago

>> I can tolerate it, but I don't really like eating meat off the bone either.

Owow, .. read more
Kari Rakitan

1 Month Ago

Not in an apartment anymore. My parents hired some people to build an ADU (auxiliary dwelling unit) .. read more

1 Month Ago

I was talking this over with Carlos as I didn't know what an auxiliary dwelling unit was. He said it.. read more

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