FB4-09 "The B&B Wrestling Match"

FB4-09 "The B&B Wrestling Match"

A Chapter by dw817

Angel spoke, "Yeah. That's right. Well this is wrestling, but you can't use any part of your body except your butt and your breasts. That's why they're clothed ..."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 9 - "The B&B Wrestling Match"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Back with my Dad, he was hesitating to do as Kint and Widd wanted.

It was then Umeko showed up.

She saw the scowls on their faces and asked, "What's up ?"

Kint spoke, "We're trying to ice this idiot and he's giving us trouble."

It was then my Dad stood at attention and respectfully bowed his head, "Ma'am. I really don't think I'm supposed to be here. I was checking up on my wife. She's here but she's not supposed to be ?"

"Is that so." she said, her violet eyes flickering intensely. "Let me see ..." she went to the computer and brought up a list of people in the hospital.

"And you are ?" she asked.

Dad stood to attention, "I'm Harold. Harold Borne."

"Hmm ..." She opened up one window, placed it in the top-right-hand corner and then asked an additional question ,"And your wife is ?"

"Susanne. Susanne Borne. Sometimes she goes by the nickname of Suzy. We're both not supposed to be here."

"Oh ? Let me check on that."

She found a match and was up in an instance. "Yep, your wife should be - right over - here !" and she pointed to the long row of caskets along the far wall - where all those "iced" were.

Dad got frantic now, "But she's not supposed to be here !"

"Isn't she ?" Umeyo asked. "How puzzling. It says here that she's right where she needs to be."

Dad shook his head angrily, "Well I'm leaving."

Umeko snapped her fingers, very quietly and delicately, but enough to rouse Mr. Wint to grab on to my Dad's arm.

She then shrugged her shoulders, "I'm terribly sorry Mr. Borne, but if your wife is here, you need to be here too. That's the rules."

Dad struggled in Mr. Widd's grip who tightened his on Dad's arm until he crumbled to the floor in pain.

Umeko approached Dad, "Don't you worry, everything will be okay." She then gave a terse nod to Widd.

Mr. Widd in response grabbed my Dad's head and tilted it to the side. Umeko then casually pulled out a needle and injected Dad straight in the side of his neck.

At once the struggling my Dad was doing ceased. A few more seconds he was sound asleep.

She shook her head, "They always want to do it the hard way. Okay, Mr. Widd, if you please." and then Widd placed my Dad on the new gurney. He attached all the fittings and then placed him right next to my Mom.

Umeko smiled, looking over everything. "Seems to be in order." She turned to look a Mr. Kint. "What did he say his name was ?"

Kint smiled and nodded. "Harold Borne, ma'am." he replied, respectfully.

"Borne." she said, trailing in her thoughts. "That name sounds terribly familiar." With that she left the room in her thoughts.

. . .

Back with me I had slept till morning. I was roused by the delicious smell of bacon and eggs.

Forgetting my promise to stay in the Projection Room I left to see the chair had been removed from my door and saw a large rolling server with room for a dozen trays. The girls saw me and all got quiet and still as I reached in to pull out a tray. All eyes were upon me.

Angel seeing I was a little confused at the attention I was receiving narrowed her eyes and spoke condescendingly to me, "You have your breakfast now, cube boy. Go back to your room before you get hurt."

I nodded and did so. Inside I sat by a pull-out table from the side of the wall. Inside the tray was a perfect arrangement. A small squat cup of coffee, orange juice, milk, a bowl with Fruity-O's cereal, 2 bacon slices, one hard-boiled egg.

To compliment the meal there were little packets of dry creamer, sugar, salt, pepper, red-pepper flakes, dry cheese, and a wrapped packet containing a disposable fork, knife, spoon, and napkin.

* * *

It was just as well the tray was complete as I was certain Angel was going to clobber me if I didn't. I heard a chair being pushed back up against the door blocking my exit again. But that was fine.

As I ate I checked out the cabinet beneath the viewing screen and saw all manner of recorded videos. Unfortunately none of them were Captain Circumference or even any TV shows or movies. Instead they were encoded discs of the testing room. I pulled out one labeled, "PW-483" and, putting it in the player, watched it.

The screen which was earlier just showing the empty testing room suddenly flickered away and I heard the video start up. It showed a similar scene. But Umeko was not testing, someone else, and it wasn't Angel but the girl I saw that had a skunk's tail.

The setting was similar though. The girl had flashing buds on her ears and seemed to be in a trance. But the whole scene was silent. I tried the controls out to find the audio but was not successful.

Suddenly the tester leapt from her seat holding her nose and ran out of the testing room as the group of girls leaning in on the windows laughed derisively in muteness. A few seconds later the air in the testing room tinged with just a hint of brown and I could only suspect that the Skunk Girl had sprayed during testing. How embarrassing was that ?

 I was chuckling a bit myself when suddenly the rotating chair I was sitting in was spun around at a high speed and I was face to face with Angel.

She was livid, "These tapes are private ! Not for you. Got it !?"

I nodded but then spoke, "Well there's nothing to do in here !"

She tilted her head playfully, "Well that's going to change today cube boy."

I sighed, "Please. It's Dev. Dev Borne."

She was not impressed. "Dev. Dave. David. Davey Crockett. Whatever it is, until we find out more about you, you're going by a new name. Let me see ..." she said and was deep in thought.

The other girls that accompanied her also turned their heads a bit to think. Suddenly from the back someone yelled, "Loser ! That's a good name for him !"

Someone obviously cuffed her because a moment later I heard an OUCH. Then, "Be serious."

Angel apparently had decided on a name. "Until otherwise mentioned, your name is now CUBE. Got it ? Cube !"

I sighed again, "Fine. Yes ma'am. Cube."

She smiled, glad I was giving her the reign of command. "Good. Now, once you finish your breakfast, I want you to meet us all in the back room, #2. Got it ?"

I nodded.

I think she wanted me to say, "Yes ma'am." again, but that was fine. They left and I finished my breakfast.

There was nowhere I could wash though in the projection room. So I left to enter randomly one of the other girls rooms and showered and shampooed. I used a brush to straighten my hair. Found an unmarked white robe, put it on, and then went into the back room as they said, number two.

Inside it seemed all the girls were in their swimsuits. That was until I looked more closely. No, they were in their panties ! And wore simple cloth bras for their tops.

I started to leave the way I came in when Angel from around the corner grabbed my arm and dragged me in.

"Whatsamatter with you ?" she asked. "Doncha like to see pretty girls or something ?"

I shook my head to say no.

A wicked smile curved across her face, "Oh ? You like boys more ? You like to suck dick then ?"

With that the other girls howled in laughter.

My face turned crimson at the thought. At this point I decided I had better speak.

"No. No ! Not at all. It's just - well - why are you all in your undies anyways ?"

Angel went back to the group of girls and answered my question. "Because we're getting ready to play some B&B. Are you familiar with the rules ?"

I shook my head no.

"It's wrestling, but it's like soccer. You know the rules to soccer, right ?"

I nodded my head and explained, "Yes, you can hit the ball anywhere except your hands. And you can't pick up the ball."

Angel continued, "Yeah. That's right. Well this is wrestling, but you can't use any part of your body except your butt and your breasts. That's why they're clothed. You knock the opponent out of the ring or KNOCK them out proper, but can only hit or smother them with your body part that is covered. Got it ?"

My face paled in fear, "What !?"

Angel smiled and stepped forward trailing a finger down the side of my face, "That's what we do here. One-on-one events and two-on-two. Best way to get someone to show their innate abilities is with a good wrestling match."

I didn't like this at all, "But I don't have any - breasts !" Hoping this would disqualify me from this crazy wrestling event.

Angel trailed her finger unbidden down the side of my face, neck, shoulder, waist, and finally tapped appreciatively on my butt causing my eyes to grow wide with violation. "Not too much down in this department either. That kinna makes you cute." She coughed to focus, "No, just - hit with the front of your chest. If you don't have any breasts, we won't hold it against you."

Then a voice chirped from the group, "But WE'LL hold ours against YOU !" That caused a slight stir of amusement.

At first I didn't understand what she meant. Then I did. My face pinked crimson again, much to the delight of Angel and the group.

She stepped behind, pushing on my back to get me closer to the group. "Seeing as this is your first time to B&B, you can watch the first set and maybe take notes."

I nodded. I really didn't want to be part of this and maybe they would take me out at the last minute. I would much rather watch it than participate in it.

"Good." she said reading my face. "You, Skunk, you, Mouse. Get over here."

But then the girl they called Mouse spoke, "I don't want to fight her !"

Angel sighed, "Fine. Jeez, coward. Anyone else ?"

Another girl stepped forward. I recognized her as the one that was playing the Solitaire game earlier.

Angel spoke, "Solitaire ? That's the spirit !"

The two girls got into the wrestling ring on opposite sides. It was then I noticed there were gray cushions on the corners. They looked as soft as pillows. I wondered how they would feel, and was this something I was to avoid so I wouldn't get smothered into one.

Then Angel spoke angrily seeing my mind was wandering, "Cube ! You watching this ? You better !"

I turned my attention back to the ring. In the brighter light in the ring it was then I noticed that Solitaire's panties and bra had pretty card designs embroidered in them whereas Skunk's was a clear and beautiful black and white striped design.

Angel started, "Alright. Good clean B&B. And by clean of course I mean DIRTY !"

The other girls snickered to this. Hoo boy, I told myself, after hearing these rules I definitely do NOT want to be any part of this !

Angel saw the two girls were as ready as they were going to be. She blew in a whistle sharply she had in her hands and then spoke loudly, "Begin !"


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