FB4-21 "Tyr Handles The Situation"

FB4-21 "Tyr Handles The Situation"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr spoke sweetly, "Well, Gosh. Wizard if that's all you wants then I'll be happy to help you." He smiled looking over his shoulder to the rest of his gang, "You see there ? It does wonders ..."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 21 - "Tyr Handles The Situation"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Seisbee turned to look at Annie tilting his head quizzically.

"You will call the police." he repeated quietly.

She fairly shrieked now, "Yes I will ! Unless you leave right now ! GET OUT !"

At this point the doctor from the hospital approached her looking almost apologetically, "You'll have to forgive my colleague here - " and as he was talking he deftly reached around her handing a prepared hypodermic needle to Seisbee who promptly planted it in her butt and depressed the contents therein.

She squeaked once in pain to whirl around - but that was it. The look of rage on her face washed over like an ocean tide and a silly smile appeared on her face. She stood a moment longer before sleepily collapsing into the doctor's outstretched arms.

"Sodium Thiopental ?" Seisbee asked.

The doctor nodded. "Personal stash."

The two young girl archeologists still outside the door were disgusted with what was happening though. "Hey ! That's not very nice !" Margot said. Danielle nodded in agreement.

At which point Seisbee huffed angrily and turned to address them, "Look, if you girls don't want to find out about this miracle girl after all, I mean =REALLY= find out, then you can wait outside."

The girls grew alarmed. They were all about discovery. They each nodded silently, to which Sesibee added, "Then SHUT YOUR MOUTHS !"

The girls looked at each other. What had happened to Seisbee ? He had always seemed so friendly before when they shared their research with him. It had to have been greed. Greed of finding so great a discovery. And maybe he was thinking of money too. Money does that. It changes a person. And the change at least to their understanding has always been ugly.

Quietly they walked inside and both lifted up Annie to set her carefully down on the couch.

Then Seisbee spoke in a loud voice, "Tyr ? Tyr, are you here ? We're here for you ! Come on out, girl !"

. . .

But Tyr as you remember was ... err ... preoccupied at the moment.

Back in the boys' restroom, she looked like she was going to explode with rage once 'Wizard' had pressed up against her in the offensive way he was. But then her voice came out all sweet and syrupy.

"Well, Gosh Wizard. If that's all you wants then I'll be happy to help you there."

He smiled looking over his shoulder to the rest of his gang, "You see there ? A toilet swirly does wonders to open one's ears and facilitate good communication."

At which point Tyr carefully lowered his underwear to see that he was definitely more than ready for what he hoped would happen.

But it wouldn't.

Tyr gritted her teeth and gripped his shaft with her right hand and pulled down HARD on it causing him to cry out in pain and hit the floor in an instant. And Tyr wouldn't let go ! She clenched her nails hard into the shaft just short of drawing blood.

The others murmured to themselves, not really ready to intervene just in case this young girl might do something shocking - like permanent damage to him !

"You're gonna does what I tell you now, arncha !?" she shrieked to Wizard.

He nodded. Anything, eager to be free of Tyr's painful grip on his member.

She stood up facing the toilet and a smile played on her face.

"Now YOU get your head in that stinking toilet ! All the way ! I want to hear a splash, mister !"

Wizard eager to appease the angry Tyr did just as he was told getting definite voices of concern from the others now - to which point she faced them and yelled, "You all ! Shut up ! Get out of here ! This is just between him and me now !"

At first they didn't move, in fact it looked like somebody might make a grab for her when she clenched tighter causing a low moan of echoing pain from Wizard. "I'm not kidding here ! Get out, now ! Or I'LL BREAK IT ! So help me, I does !"

To which they all did leaving Tyr and Wizard alone in the bathroom stall.

"Now we're gonna plays a game mister Wizard. Understand ?"

He nodded. His nose was already in the water as she demanded so she heard water in the bowl move slightly. She smiled, delighted to have his full attention.

"I'mma gonna ask you some questions. Each time I thinks you lying or I just donts like the answer, I'se gonna FLUSH YOUR FACE, got it ?"

* * *

He nodded and even spoke, "Yes, just please. Let - me - go."

She smiled then took a high jump to land on his back pushing him even further in the bowl. She turned around so she was facing the flushing handle, still having a tight grip on his member with her other hand.

"First questions. Where is Dev ?" she demanded.

. . .

With me I had followed Angel back to the room where I wrestled earlier. She was definitely ready as each were now no longer just wearing their underwear but swimsuits. I was still in the robe.

"Mouse !" Angel said, raising her voice. Without a word she nodded her head to me.

Mouse immediately came to me. "Come on, Dev. Let's get you dressed for the event."

It would be a lot worse if I stripped down naked in front of everyone, it wasn't so bad to do for Mouse as I was rather fond of her for the main fact she treated me wholly as a decent human being.

This could be worse. A lot worse. "Okay." I said, following her.

We entered one changing room and with her present I stripped down. She bit her lip in interest staring down at my waist but stayed with her duties. "Here, put this on." and she handed me a swimsuit.

It was a two-parter. She handed me a brassiere. I put the first part on but immediately handed the top back to her - at which point she again handed it back to me.

She spoke in her timid voice. "I know Dev, you don't have any - junk there. But wear it anyways. Everyone else is."

I sighed and had her help me put it on. Then she looked to face me. "Dev, why are you so interested in that Teddy Bear ? I mean, I have a few, if you'd like I'll give you one of mine if it'll help. I don't wanna see you get hurt over it."

I smiled. Mouse sure was a sweet girl. I shook my head, "Nono. It's not that. It's just - that's TEEPO, =MY= teddy bear. I definitely recognize him."

Mouse thought this over. "Then the only way that can be your teddy bear is if someone you knew outside of this hospital prison - is also in here." She was getting ready to say more when a loud voice interrupted us.

It was Angel, "Are you two screwing each other in there or what ? Come on out already ! We're ready to begin."

I sighed. Mouse sighed too. She patted me on my back. Then whispered in my ear. "Angel is really hard up for you. I thought you should know."

I nodded, she sure was. I wouldn't mind knocking her down a few notches. Maybe forcefully give her an ice cold shower or something. Get her interest off of me so I could get out of here and find Tyr as she was obviously not in this part of the hospital.

I stepped out. Instead of all the silly catcalls I got last time I think the girls were getting used to me. I looked at what I was wearing too. It was just a flattering blue and white swimsuit clearly made for a girl, but it fit me fine. The top part of the swimsuit though looked a little odd against my perfectly flat chest.

Angel spoke, "Skunk as you know has received an injury. Because of this she will not be participating in this event but will be the referee. In this competition it is upper body strength only. No kicking, no hitting, no grabbing below the waist."

She continued, "Each member gets 5-seconds to bear hug their opponent as tightly as they can. If they are still standing after that time, then it is their turn. This goes back and forth until someone finally falls over, out of breath."

The others murmured and nodded to themselves. They knew the rules.

Angel then looked straight at me while maintaining her loud tone. "Dev, you will go last. Not only will this give you a chance to prepare yourself but in going last you will have the chance to win today's prize over all other competitors. I warn you though, whoever left standing will not be an easy person for you to knock down."

"And that will be you ?" I snidely remarked.

She let that slide and continued, "Since you're a ... " and her voice trailed off. She clearly didn't want to say the next word. "Man." She sighed before continuing, "Right, so you should be strong enough to handle our best contender, whoever that may be."

Two girls stepped up on the stage. Skunk had a medical wrap all around her chest and slowly but painfully walked over to their side, her pretty tail swishing in the air as she did. She held a small pocket-watch in the air, apparently to count 5-seconds.

The two contenders stood a decent 4-5 feet away from each other holding their hands out in front of themselves. Then Skunk spoke, "We're ready to begin here, Angel."


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