FB4-40 "It's The Bomb"

FB4-40 "It's The Bomb"

A Chapter by dw817

"I want you to covertly follow that boy to school, write down anything and everything that happens. If he sees you, try to blend in like one of the students, possible a transfer from another school."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 38 - "It's The Bomb"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Maples didn't have to wait very long. In less than 10-minutes a whole fleet of police cars and FBI vehicles approached. Everyone stepped out, some looking a little haggard as it was past midnight and despite being day workers they were called in for this special assignment.

Each stepped out of their transport smartly dressed. The FBI were clear to see, maintaining somber expressions, mirrored sunglasses, and a wire up each ear to not only transmit messages but record what was happening around them.

Maples approached one of the FBI agents seemingly the same age as him, though blonde-haired instead of gray.

The detective yawned and spoke at the same time, "This better be important, Maples. I've got to get my kids to school tomorrow."

Maples replied, "Indeed it is, Marbury." He handed him the piece of paper he worked on earlier showing the specs of the futuristic vehicle.

He glanced at them briefly, huffing a bit of amusement at it. Then handed it back, "Don't you have the registration papers for this - ah - vehicle ?"

"They dissolved in the Xerox machine."

That got Marbury's attention. He seemed to be a lot more alert now. He then asked Maples tentatively, "Was it originally - some kind of glass ?"

Maples nodded. Agent Marbury then touched a switch near his ear and spoke louder. "10-67." Then turned around to speak in privacy.

Maples got his high-powered binoculars out to scope the premises. There were still a few vehicles at bay, teenagers, wondering and waiting what would happen next. Then he caught sight of someone using binoculars themselves.

He threw down the viewing specs down in disgust and approached Marbury, "Do you think - " but that was as far as he got.

Marbury reached over to give a friendly pat on Maples' back. "No worries. Seems you have here a genuine UFO. We're going to take action accordingly and block off this whole area."

He lifted up his sunglasses for a bit to look around. "Are there any residents near here ?"

Maples nodded. "Yes, we are very close to the Cryshta's residence."

Marbury asked, "Do they know of this vehicle ?"

Maples pointed in their direction, "I suspect they do. The youngest there, a Tyr Cryshta is apparently the girlfriend of the boy in question." With that he handled Marbury the notes he wrote down while earlier interviewing me.

Now at first it was clear Marbury was very skeptical of this whole thing but having a good look at the Excalibria and reading Maples' notes convinced him this was the genuine article. The very thing they had been looking years and years for.

"Do you have the boy in custody ?" Marbury asked Maples.

Maples then pointed in a different direction to where I lived. "I have a stakeout there at the moment. No worries, the boy is likely asleep by now."

Marbury smiled, "I guess we can let him sleep." He scratched his chin for a bit. "Looks like you've already asked all the important questions. No sense in creating a panic. I'm going to send my best agent, Kyles, to covertly follow him tomorrow. School is tomorrow, right ?"

Maples nodded.

"Good. If we question the boy outright while I really don't think he would lie to us, we may get tainted answers. By following him covertly to school tomorrow. Can write down all the notes of what happens there."

"Kyles !" he called. A young woman approached, clearly she had to be at least 18-years of age to be in the FBI service but looked quite a bit younger.

"Got a High School assignment for you. There's a boy that lives off in that direction, name of Dev Borne. There's a stakeout underway. Get in touch with the officer there. I want you to covertly follow that boy to school, write down anything and everything that happens."

He warned her, "Don't let him see you or if he does, try to blend in like one of the students, possible a transfer from another school. Got it ?"

She nodded and saluted, "Yessir."

"Alright, be safe. Bring your usual gear, and get going."

She saluted one more time and left.

Maples was a bit prejudice of anyone younger than him and scoffed a bit, "Are you sure you can trust such a delicate assignment with someone as young as her ?"

* * *

"Absolutely." Marbury stated.

Maples shrugged his shoulders, "How do you know this ?"

Marbury coughed a bit, "Well she's my daughter for one. She's been studying how to be an FBI agent long before she was old enough to be admitted. She passed through the written exam with flying colors and has been instrumental and successful in helping us in the past for school-related assignments."

"Alright." Maples was convinced. "Now about - "

But then Marbury interrupted him again. "No worries, we're blocking off this area now as we speak. We're also sending in a V-12 helicopter to lift this - ah - vehicle - out of here."

Maples added, "Be careful. It has security. Try touching it with your pen or something. Make sure it's not pure metal or you might be badly shocked."

Marbury tilted his head for a bit. "Oh ?" He then approached and putting on a rubber glove tapped the side with his all-steel writing pen. A bright flash and spark appeared. He looked to the pen which had an ugly charred black mark on it now.

A minute later the V-12 landed. Marbury instructed them to be safe as their cargo was electrified.

"No problem." one of the burly pilots spoke. "We've dealt with cargo like this before."

He then attached a few cables to protruding parts of the vehicle.

"What if it doesn't work ?" Maples asked.

The pilot chuckled, "Unless this thing is over 200 tons, it'll lift, no problem."

Marbury approached with a slip of paper, "Take it here for examination."

The pilot nodded, then him and his crew all got back in the V-12 to take off.

"Clear !" he yelled out the window, a safety precaution and a good one.

Then the helicopter blades started to spin, faster and faster. Finally it lurched into the air. Then it lifted - no - tried to lift the vehicle, but it wouldn't go !

The tow lines, heavy as they were stretched to where you could hear them pulling but the vehicle didn't move one inch.

"Kick in the afterburners !" Maples could hear one of the helicopter crew yell to the pilot. The pilot nodded and hitting a few buttons the helicopter blades made a really loud roaring sound now blowing heavy wind around in all directions. The blades moved so fast they were an invisible blur.

"Now !" the crewman yelled. The pilot pulled straight back on the stick and the tow lines stretched again. The vehicle moved ! But suddenly the tow lines snapped off in an angry dry explosion !

"Get down !" Maples yelled and smashed a heavy arm against Marbury as the tow line cables whipped off and above them making a scary whistling sound as they went. If they had collided with either of them they would be DEAD !

"Disengage !" Marbury yelled to the pilot.

The pilot nodded and carefully set down the helicopter. But he wasn't upset so much as angry.

"Is that thing tied down or what ?"

He then went to look under the Excalibria to see two metal poles buried in the Earth. Maples also noticed this.

But the pilot was still adamant. "I don't care if those poles are buried a mile long with spiked flanges, there's no way that thing can resist the force of a V-12 !"

Forgetting for a minute that the cables were charged he went to unbuckle one getting a nasty shock.

"Gloves." Marbury offered.

The pilot realized it was his own fault. Marbury earlier told him that the device was electrified.

"Maybe you could dig it out ?" Maples offered.

The pilot approached Maples and shook his head. "I don't think that's going to make much difference. You see the force of a V-12 should be able to lift something like this, I don't care what support or metal beams it has underground to prevent it from being lifted. A V-12 SHOULD be able to lift something as small as this, a regular sports vehicle size, no matter what !"

Marbury walked around the vehicle as the pilot stared angrily and incredulously at the mass.

Finally Marbury made a statement, "Unless it is of a different mass quotient than that of Earth's."

The pilot's eyes lit up. That made sense. "So instead of it being say 3,000 pounds - "

Marbury finished his thoughts, "It could be 300,000 pounds or even 3 million - hard to say, really."

The pilot restrained himself from kicking the cursed thing. "So what now ?"

Marbury looked to the distance. "I wanted this area blocked off not just for Chief Maples orders but because I wanted this particular area investigated even if the target were removed. As it is - the target cannot budge, so we'll continue with our original plans. And build an observation base right here with this - thing - in the center."

He smiled wide now, "We'll use every kind of scanning device known to man looking for anything, biometric, radiation, electromagnetism, signs of energy dispersal on any wavelength, anything. We'll take this cursed thing apart molecule by molecule if we have to - to find out what makes it tick !"

He spoke to Maples, "Get that Cryshta family out of that house. They're going to be in the way. Let's go with the original story, that inside this - thing - is a nuclear bomb and we're going to set up base to 'disarm' it. That should get the family moving."

Then he barked new orders to the other agents who were just standing around talking to themselves. Indeed, they would construct a building around this and as requested, cordon off the entire area, a full square city block ...


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