FB4-29 "The Seance"

FB4-29 "The Seance"

A Chapter by dw817

Solitaire tried to speak when a sudden horrid wind whipped up tearing off the table-cloth ! "Do not break the circle !" she clearly yelled now. "We are protected so long as we maintain the circle !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 29 - "The Seance"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Tyr answered the door.
"Yeah, watcha want !?" I heard her in a loud voice.

"It's just me." it was the quiet voice of Solitaire. I stepped in to see her. She looked at me and narrowed her eyes slightly, "Had a good rest ?"

I wasn't going to give her anything else. Heaven knows what she was going to do with all this information she was reading non-verbally from me.

Nonetheless she stepped closer to look me straight in the eye, "No. Not good dreams I see."

She reached in to the side of her dress and pulled out what looked like a common weed wrapped in some grass. She then handed it to me, "Boil and drink that as tea and I promise you won't have any more nightmares."

I took the wrap and smelled it. It smelled strongly of Chamomile and a few other herbal ingredients I couldn't place. I started to say something but she was already continuing.

"We're ready for the seance now. Come."

And with that she started to step away without even looking behind her.

I followed as did Tyr. Ahead we saw a large table had been pulled out of the recreation room and fitted with a large red cloth. As I got closer I saw it was a Christmas table cover that had been inverted to show only the red.

Several girls were already around the table. I saw where Solitaire was going to sit and where she wanted me and Tyr to.

"Is everyone here ?" Solitaire asked the group.

Skunk was there and she spoke, "Angel isn't."

Solitaire scoffed, "Angel doesn't need to be here." She softened her tone, "But everyone else that does need to be here is. Especially Dev and his long-time friend, Tyr."

Solitaire sat at her seat and bid Tyr and me to do the same.

As we did she spoke louder and yet somehow it seemed the same volume level to me, "We're here because there is a disturbance between these two. There is an incompleteness about them which I foresee terrible consequences. We're going to bind them together today. That is what this gathering is for."

Then Solitaire spoke to me and only to me. She didn't turn her head or even change her tone but I knew what she spoke was for my benefit alone.

"There is a 3rd party that is not present. Something that caused this disruption." She then added cryptically, "It is known to one of us and not to anyone else. A pact was made. A pact of blood !"

I stirred uncomfortably in my seat which Solitaire immediately honed in on. "Yes ! A pact of blood between this world and the next. Few supernatural events in our world happen randomly. Most are because of the gears of man, time, and the powers beyond that be - cause these things. Let's begin. Hold hands."

And she held out her hands. The other girls encircled their own hands around. Tyr was grinning from ear to ear. I think she thought this whole event was some terribly amusing game. Nonetheless she held out her hand and I took it. I then gave my other hand to Skunk who took it.

Then the lights were lowered in the room. At first my eyes grew wide with surprise. Was this magic ? But no, surely it was just one of the girls by the switch adding to the ambience.

"We are not alone." Solitaire spoke and her voice strangely echoed. I had to think for a second, was it something she was doing with her throat or ... was there something involved that was not of a natural cause ?

"We are not alone !" she said a little louder. The design I had been studying on the underside of the table mat now seemed to move !

I goggled my eyes and squinted them to refocus. Sure enough there was an inverted reindeer whose legs seemed to move. Santa's beard seemed to billow in the wind. And a Christmas tree seemed to light up with lights, all on the underside of the table !

"We are not ..." but that was as far as Solitaire got when a horrid wind whipped up tearing off the table-cloth !

"Do not break the circle !" Solitaire clearly yelled now. "We are protected so long as we maintain the circle !"

The tablecloth now seemed to catch fire in an eerie green flame. There was no heat to it, in fact it was cold. I could feel the frost against my nose. Indeed the whole room's temperature seemed to be as if we were outside in a blizzard that had suddenly stilled its torrential winds.

"Maintain the circle." Solitaire repeated, quieter, but fighting chattering her teeth from the terrible cold.

We did continue holding hands. Then the tablecloth was pulled off. For a moment I could make out a ghostly silhouette of a hand, an invisible adult's who now carefully took the tablecloth off and folded it up into a kind of circle before putting it neatly on the floor. Everyone's eyes were wide with fright, all except Solitaire.

She was unimpressed and even now spoke in a saucy tone, "We're not amused by your antics, spirit. Show yourself ! Show what it is that keeps these two kindred spirits apart. Show me the contract of blood that was made by the one called DEV !"

Just a half-second later a completely eerie and terrifying voice repeated her last word in a horrid hiss, "Dev !"

At this point, I lost it. I was literally peeing in my pants with fright and tried to pull away, and while I managed to from Skunk, Tyr seemed to be in a trance and would not let go of my hand !

"Get off, Tyr !" I told her. "We're done with this." I looked up, "Solitaire ! Stop this ! Before one of us gets hurt !"

Solitaire nodded and faced me. Her eyes seemed clouded as if she were given some otherworldly contact lenses so she could see what no normal man could see.

* * *
Her gaze tilted left, then right, then finally and slowly honed in on the circle of table-cloth still on the floor. I followed her sight to see it was changing color. Beautiful colors ! Colors more radiant than any I had ever seen before. Some colors seemed to be blue or purple or ... I didn't have words to describe the loveliness.

Thinking perhaps the worst was behind me, I took Skunk's hand again to maintain the circle but all the while my eyes were transfixed to the incredible sight.

Then the circle of cloth seemed to grow and turn and churn. It was impossible but instead of 4-corners there were 5, now 6, now 7 ! It was as if the cloth were being turned into the most beautiful snowflake of all time. And still it continued to grow. Then it gained body.

Suddenly I realized it was turning into a flower. A great huge and beautiful flower blossom with no stem or leaves.

Solitaire breaking her own rules let go of those around her and approached it with her hands stretched outward.

"You want to show us something." she uttered quietly.

The flower twirled even faster causing the hem of Solitaire's dress to whip around her form. Then suddenly it stopped. The temperature started getting warmer until it felt like it was a comfortable 75 degrees.

The flower opened up, it was dazzling inside with all the radiant colors. Then movement. Then within the center, a human hand reached out. All the girls around me screamed except for Solitaire and Tyr who still seemed to be in a trance.

Solitaire shocked everyone by reaching for the hand to help - someone out from the center of the flower. It was a beautiful young girl with strange green hair and had brambles and flowers for bracelets, neck collar, and leg decorations.

The girl looked around. Even her eyes were green, of a piercing beauty. She looked around the group until she saw me.

"I summoned you." Solitaire added.

The girl was either incapable of speaking or did not seem to care. She stepped out from the flower, a slight golden stickiness to her legs which she shuffled off, and then started to approach me.

I kept holding on to Tyr and Skunk watching her carefully.

She looked at me for a moment, tilting her head a bit, then went to Tyr, and she did something odd. She audibly sniffed her hair, the nodded her head as if this was indeed the person she was looking for.

"Beautiful child." she said in heavenly tones that might indeed not have passed for a perfectly human voice.

Tyr snapped out of her trance and saw the girl. "Wow you're pretty !" she grinned toothily.

The flower-woman nodded, "And you, child, blossom beyond what you see here. Your bloom is here, in the astral universe, and the spectral universe. You must have an important design in creation to be found in all three."

"Huh ?" Tyr asked completely confused.

The flower woman only smiled slightly. "It is unimportant. My name is Radia, child. Come with me."

Tyr was completely caught up in the beauty of this strange woman. "Okay."

But then I tried to stop her, tried is the word. She looked to me and breathed, and when she did it was like the sweetest flowers I had never smelled. Like honeysuckle, roses, and many others of which I did not know nor likely even existed on Earth.

I reeled in immediate sleepiness and suddenly konked my head painfully against the table. Skunk let go of my hand to see if I was alright. A little blood gashed out from the top of my forehead.

Radia was leading Tyr back to the flower !

And Solitaire was definitely no help. She was to the side of the flower and still holding her hands out as if she were somehow controlling what was going on around us. Radia paid her no mind.

She stepped into the center of the velvety flower still holding Tyr's hand. But when Tyr stepped in, her foot vanished from sight !

I jerked out from the table in an instant and ran to confront Radia. "Hey, just what do you think you are doing !?"

Radia turned to regard me. "Dev."

I nodded, yes, that was me. That was my name. But what was she doing ?

"My flower needs food." she said simply. "Your friend here, Tyr, will make a nice meal for it. She will painlessly melt into the flower. The flower will quietly absorb this girl, body and soul. She will become soft and green and beautiful. She will become the flower. Unless ..."

"Unless what ?" I asked, reaching for Tyr but it felt as if there was some type of force-wind preventing me from doing so.

"Unless you decide to take her place."

Solitaire finally seemed to be in control of her senses again, "No, Dev ! This girl is clearly a demon from the underworld. If you go - you'll lose your soul to this - this thing !"

"Her life for your Strokya." Radia stated simply, her eyes sparkling with intense intelligence.

I jerked my head suddenly in memory. Okay, so Solitaire was correct. This was a demon. After all wasn't it that demon I met earlier, that she was also after my Stroyka ? Somehow linked to the power that Darceon gave me ?

"Stroyka." I stated, confirming she had not made a mistake.

She nodded her head, confirming to me this was a demon after all in girl's guise.

Solitaire who seemed to know all the answers suddenly asked, "Dev, what is Stroyka ?"

I waved my hand at her dismissively. It was more important to get Tyr out of there before she became flower food !

"I agree !" I said seeing no other way out of this.

Tyr was in a trance with a silly smile on her pretty face. Suddenly Radia slapped her hard across the cheek.

Tyr's trance was broken. She looked with wide-eyes to Radia,"You're nothing but a meanie !" and stepped off of the flower. There was a golden goo that looked suspiciously like honey clinging to her feet. Tyr reached up one foot tap her hand to the tip of her fingers.

She then gingerly tasted her fingers. "I taste good !" she said in appreciation.

I looked to Radia, "Tyr is alright ? She - didn't - melt ?"

Radia shook her head, "No, that's just Lord's honey clinging to her toes. Nothing more. Now come. My flower and me both hunger for your Stroyka. You will give it willingly ... or else ..."

I shrugged. There really didn't seem to be any way out of this. "Yeah, alright." and I stepped forward.

Solitaire stepped forward to intervene but was blown back by some kind of wind barrier. Radia then took my hand in hers. I noticed it was absolutely lovely. It had a warmth to it that was very soothing to the touch. And what was that ? I smelled ... Sandalwood ! A rush of beautiful memories from forgotten dreams suddenly flooded my senses.

She then faced me with her pretty kaleidoscopic eyes. Then rubbed one hand across my forehead sending a delicious warmth throughout my whole face.

She spoke now and only to me. "Come, Dev. Let us end this charade and false pursuit you call mortality - that you may find the everlasting peace and eternal sleep you so richly deserve."


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