FB4-02 (Summaries Underway FB2-01-71) COMPLETE !

FB4-02 (Summaries Underway FB2-01-71) COMPLETE !

A Chapter by dw817



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 2 - "Recap: 2nd Book"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

We've come quite a-ways, haven't we ? A lot has happened since the first innocent chapter of Tyr and Dev playing around with that plugin and building a small force-field in their room.

So, sit back, relax, this chapter will recap every single moment that happens in the second book to continues the sage, Future Barrier. Click on the button above the description to read that particular chapter of interest.
This is the full second book complete now, chapters 01-71.

. . .

It all begins with what seems a harmless jaunt and excuse for a picnic. The players to start us out are Sally, Jennie, and Jeffrey. Good friends to be sure. With the picnic underway, both Sally cools off and cleans up in the nearby river. To interrupt the pair kissing, she flings mud their way.

Jennie is furious as it lands on her and ran to the river to teach Sally some manners by getting up behind her and splatting fresh mud on her head. Jennie then gets the great idea to wash Sally's hair in mud. She drags her kicking and fighting to where the river has thinned out the most and the mud is thick and warm from the sun.

Knocking Sally off her feet, Jennie pressed her hard into the mud by pressing her foot on her shoulders. The mud nastily squishes around Sally's bottom and she is stuck tight. Jennie then proceeds, as she promised, to wash Sally's hair in the nasty river mud. In a short amount of time, Sally looks like she's been living in a sewer all her life with mud all over her.

Jeffrey receives an important call from Central on his wrist. We learn for the first time the Plugin that Dev and Tyr had back in the first book actually has a name in the future. It is called "The Achilles 02 Project." Murphy on the other line start to talk about Tyr, but is it the same one from modern times and not this future time ?

Jennie continues to bury Sally in the mud, but now all three are called back to base to manage the situation on the project in question. They take this sleek hovering minibus and as muddy Sally enters, the mud disappears as it is part of reality 01 and the bus itself is part of reality 02. Sally is cleaned, at a molecular level, but still feels like she could use a hot shower after all that mud. They then use the teleporter to go back to Central.

Cheani volunteers to travel back in time and retrieve the plugin device. Murphy states how much he is against using time travel to correct faults in their own timeline. That it is dangerous and could have unforeseen consequences. Central's consensus though believed it to be the best and only course of action to take.

Back in normal time, Stefani had reached the bottom of the elevator only to be confronted by Arkos' finest guards. They told her she was under arrest for not returning me back to the surface, as she was ordered. Instead she prepares to fight them all, with a single sharp blade versus their heavy armor and loaded pistols.

Stefani proves she can hold her own by violently attacking these guards and penetrating their armor with hard thrusts of her razor-sharp knife. Stefani moves so quickly that the guards are unable to get a lock on her and in a short time she has cut all their throats or murdered them in a manner befitting of such a hellcat. Then Arkos, leader of the underground city contacts Stefani and asks what happened to the guards he sent after her.

Stefani explains to Arkos with little regard or concern that she murdered them. Arkos, almost in the same mindset as her says that is unfortunate, but then sends her a sample of what's in store if she gets in his way again. Lighting up the bracelet on her wrist that could never be removed, high-voltage electricity shoots through her entire being. Stefani is more compliant now and agrees to what Arkos demands, to return me to the surface the following day.

Back to the future, Jeffrey has returned to his pad. Holograms and forcefields are abound as everything inside looks like a modern penthouse with a perfect view of the city streets below at night with automobiles zipping in and around each other. Finally he wanted sleep. Back with Sally, she had broken into Jeffrey's pad and had wicked plans in mind for him. Vengeance, sweet and proper.

Jeffrey is in twilight sleep now. Half awake, half asleep. Sally has him tied to his bed and shockingly applied lipgloss to her lower buttocks pucker. She whispers into his ear, how do you show your love to Jennie. I kiss her, he quietly replies. She prepares herself for sweet sweet vengeance. But he wakes up fully before this happens. Sally has already turned off security though so the two can be alone ...

Jeffrey still tied down struggles against his bonds to free himself, but is terrified to see his face start shooting straight towards Sally's wide and ample bottom. She teases him by tickling up front and tortures him for hours this way until she is fully satisfied his mind is broken. She then turns on the sleep crystals to knock him back out and leave, but not before using some hover-cameras to video record and take still photos of his prone body.

Jeffrey wakes certain that what happened last night had to have been a nightmare. But then he looks in the mirror and sees Mango lipgloss smeared all over his face and something else ... ! She calls, he's furious, but she video-recorded the whole thing and threatens to show it pubicly - if he doesn't become her girlfriend - as well as 40,000 credits hush money. More madness ensued.

Sally gives Jeffrey the incriminating video along with her money and is scooted out the door. Now he must face the painful fact that he's breaking up with Jennie - and he couldn't explain it to her ! But Jennie was smart, real smart, she knew something was going on and in no way was it Jeffrey's fault. She narrowed her suspicious eyes down on Sally.

Before Jennie could question Sally, the three are called into a meeting to discuss the Gates War. A terrible time when time-travel was used as a frightening and horrifying weapon. In it, timelines were corrupted which forever altered the current present. One such video showed the dangers of the Gate by having Tyr, barely old enough to walk, to meet Tyr from the Gate and sent from the Spectral Universe, perfectly adult and evil in every way.

Little Tyr is murdered by something evil in the Gate and Tyr from the Spectral Universe kills her own Father. The guards that arrive get a summary of what happened. That he was killed by aconite. Murphy in the video, horrified of what happened blamed the entire thing on the Gate and against the guards' wishes shot at it with one of their guns. The Gate destabilizes and all hell breaks loose !

Because of this, Murphy is dismissed from his post. But now we are away from the horrors of time travel and back with Jennie and Jeffrey. As they have coffee, Jeffrey tries to state as lightly as he can how Sally has blackmailed him. But he's too subtle and Jennie misinterprets that Jeffrey must've first initiated the dirty deed himself. Furious, she throws coffee in his face and leaves. Sally is on the rebound to demand he attend a little soiree she is holding later.

Jennie now saw Sally holding Jeffrey's hand and was bitter by the experience. But now it was time for Cheani to enter the Gate and travel to my time period, in hopes of stopping or destroying the mysterious plugin device. Terrible Darceon had appeared from the blue mist of the Gate and demanded to know where his wife, Tyr, was.

Learby the leader of Central was there to oversee the event. He said that he had 'regressed' Tyr and that if he was willing, he could do the same for him, and then they would be together. He assured Darceon it was a painless procedure. But Darceon was suspicious of this, and tried to re-enter the gate, or rather something GRABBED him back in from inside. Cheani recovers herself and continues the mission by entering the gate now.

With Cheani on her way, we focus now back to Sally and her get-together. Clearly it's one where Sally gets a chance to show off to her friends that Jeffrey and her were now going steady. They are beyond jealous. But once the movie starts, he goes to try and find the incriminating computer that holds him in her grip. He does, but then Sally has been following him. She drags him in the restroom where it's perfectly pitch black and nothing can be seen !

Then it's clear that she's going to chain him in place, right over the toilet ! He shrieks for help but the bathroom is soundproof and no-one can hear him. She flushes the nice jeweled necklace he got for her and then used a control-box to issue pain to him. He found the pain was less the closer his head was to the toilet, until she sat backwards on the seat, facing away from him. He yells angrily and she states that I guess we're done, and decides to leave him trapped there.

Jeffrey seeing that his guests using the bathroom would be far worse than what Sally has in mind finally concedes to her wishes. She swirls him, then yells that he had better know his place with her. And worse yet for the horrid things she had him do, she had also video-recorded it - again !

With the shocking neckbrace still on him, Jeffrey realized the relationship he was going to have with this treacherous woman would definitely be one-sided. She would be making all the decisions in it and it would be in his best interest to just try and keep up.

With the party complete, it was time for bed. Sally made certain to keep restraints on both Jeffrey's hands and feet to ensure he didn't leave or go into a room he wasn't permitted. Sleep overcame them both. The next morning she was getting ready for work and Jeffrey tried the same. Or tried to. The device that clothed misinterpreted what he said and put him in a woman's full-length dress ! Sally was elated and took many photos before he could correct the clothing.

Back in real time, suddenly =I= am awake ! Stefani is right there and removes the security bracelet from my wrist. She says we're going on that date she promises and - really against my wishes - helps me dress for the occasion. She says she wants me to look nice as she's going to introduce me to some of her friends once we're ready here.

I am introduced to Umeko Midori, apparently a specialist in "Oriental Cleansing." She is injecting hot soapy water up the bottom of one of her young clients, "Betsy" and calls it "soothing" and "cleansing." I thought it was pretty gross myself. Fortunately we left, our new destination was the main Plaza where we would both have some ice cream.

Now we were at the plaza. Even though we were underground there was a fake black canopy stretching across the top several hundred feet with little holes cut in to resemble a starry pattern. Shops for chomskies, clothing, food, and sugary treats were all to be found here. Stefani got serious though and asked me about Darvin.

Stefani suddenly she seemed to forget something and needed to run off - to the women's restroom. Then I meet Betsy, she says an enema is a form of torture, and was used to extract information. She also said that her name was Cheani and that she was a time traveler. I then go to the women's restroom to see if I can find Stefani.

I am caught and accidentally fall butt first in one of the toilets. Stefani is there, angry, and aware I followed her. She seems to show me a magic trick but turns out shoving my head in the very toilet I fell in and threatens to lock me in there all evening. But this is bad enough, I pass out from the lethal combination of methane and sulphur up my nose.

Stefani fortunately pulls me free. Back at her pad, she insists on bathing me herself, washing my hair very thoroughly. She warns me worse will happen if I try to spy on her again. She says Umeko is going to visit, and then her doorbell is chimed. She's here !

A gift ! Umeko has brought me a gift all wrapped prettily. I quickly dry off, dress, and go to see what it is. It's a special edition of Captain Circumference on video ! Ignoring the two scheming women, I go to watch a bit of it. Once the show is over though they insist I undress and sit face down as well ... Umeko began !

Umeko had her enema equipment ready and without a warning, plunged the tip straight up my butt ! My face washed in red heat in embarrasment and humiliation, but she was kind and gentle about it. Instead of soapy water though she had brought a chemical. Morphine ! And it was going straight up in me ! Then they fiercely interrogated me about the plugin.

Sent back to my parents, it was nighttime and I was having a terrible nightmare. It involved bullies, some really scary stuff, and of course, toilets. Tyr was there and she didn't care ! It was so unfair !

And then I was swirled, but what a swirling. Because of my inadequacy to even defend myself let alone verbally stand up for myself, I was admitted straight through the toilet, where somehow it was big enough to admit me. And then the nightmare was over ! I felt so awful and nasty I ran to the bathroom and started sucking on the soap bar there.

Having bathed thoroughly and at the breakfast table, Dad reminds me that the next day will be my Birthday. Tyr, however, was apparently still at Arkos. I was going to get my revenge on them. All of them ! But suddenly SIM spoke, "Contact has been established !" That only happened if I was with Tyr, and Tyr was nowhere to be found ?

And then DARCEON appeared ! It was my first time to have met him. Strangely he seemed quite pleased that I was feeling so selfish and vengeful right now, almost as if it were part of his own original plans. He had me sign a contract, the strange pen bit me and wrote with my own blood !

Darceon showed me where to sign my name on the alien and unreadable contract, and I did so. He then said that we have a contract, and he will expect full payment for it - in time. Then I was back to my own room. SIM was there though, right up in my ear. The AI device was part of me now. The next day I would be breaking into Arkos to rescue Tyr !

Lilly came with me on my walk to school. She was very upset and apologized that she couldn't do anything, and Tyr was not much help. She got kidnapped all the same. I told her we're going back, to rescue Tyr. And nothing, absolutely nothing was gonna stop me. I remembered the horrid treatment I got at 7-years old. Never again.

I painfully remembered the past. The awful abuse I got from the girls back at that age. But then something different happened. Something stirred within me. Sleeping since I was born, yet now was awake. A girl was holding my hand. Despite the abuse I was getting, it did not matter - so long as my hand was held.

This abuse went on for some time. It was Sharon though who held my hand and really thought it was amusing to see me get swirled as I was. And - because she held my hand, very little else mattered. These memories, these bittersweet recollections were suddenly interrupted though by Scant, back to reality, who demanded my time.

Scant assures me all the bullying he did towards me was to impress Tyr. But now that she was gone, he had no need. He wanted me to have my Birthday party at his place and even promised to help hand out the invitations I had. He said that his Dad was a baker and there would be plenty of treats available. Whatdoisay ? He also said Speed Chess was coming up.

This was a very bad day for me. Let me tell you why. Scant and his cronies all met me in the Reading Room. They wanted me to float (swirl) someone and I had to pick. But I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Scant is called by the librarian and suddenly I'm left alone with his cronies. Who mercilessly bully me and try and coerce me into doing ... !

That's what it was. A terrible dare. I wanted to be ANYWHERE except here right now ! But I wasn't, and the awful thing was upon me. My brain just *snapped* right then. Fortunately Scant returned and noticibly reprimanded those responsible. I washed up in the bathroom well as I could, then remembered, Speed Chess was upon me. I needed to get ready.

Dad wanted to test me before the actual competition. Lilly nearby held my hand. And somehow - somehow that was all I needed. It was encouragement enough and I played like a grandmaster, thanks to SIM being part of me of course. Dad was angry with me for losing as quickly as he did but then laughed and told me congratulations.

Things are moving fast now ! I'm dressed for the competition. My parents are seated and I meet my opponent for the first time. A kid really, a snobby girl, dressed like she's a queen or something, even with a tiara. The game begins and seems to be favorable for me when she shockingly accuses me of cheating !

Lilly my "handmaiden" cannot sit next to me now and must join the audience. It was with her I felt SIM flow through me. Now I had to use my own wits. The "Queen" amazingly captures my knight and then gives me a bit of a show as she turns her back to me, raises up her skirt, and wipes the piece all over it. Determined to humiliate me.

Fortunately the tense moment passes and the game continues. And there it is, the winning move ! I shift my piece to get her into an unbreakable checkmate. But unlike a good sport she is furious and throws her pretty tiara to the ground. As I'm examining the pretty jewels that splayed on the concrete - Sharon, from my past, somehow appears before me !

Sharon leads me into the girl's bathroom and this time, I do not resist. Only to find it's a trap ! And a nasty one set by the "Queen" herself. Who turns out to be that lemon-haired brat I knew so well ! She assures me no man can ever beat her in chess and takes a pair of shiny sharp scissors to confirm whether or not I'm a man or woman.

Yes, I thought that was a confusing name for what was happening now, but I didn't want her in ANY WAY to get those scissors next to me. She is punishing me now though, for winning, by swirling me, and threatening me with the scissors if I don't concede to the awful treatment !

It's bad enough she has sort of convinced me that this awful behavior she is doing is actually beneficial for me, but then I think about it - really hard - and realize she's not trying to help me, she just enjoys torturing people ! She curses me and calls me names, but I bide my time as well I can. SIM was going to help me very soon here.

If I had thought Lemonie was going to quit this nasty abuse, I was sadly mistaken. She seemed to think I was a permanent part of this fixture. But now my addled brain was spinning around. No, she wasn't doing this as part of treatment, it was plain and clear abuse - and I wouldn't put up with it !

Something ... happened. The power gave out at the school ? I shined my little flashlight to look around. The toilet was strangely cracked and water was running from the sides of it. Lemonie was still there, but sprawled to the side with her leg at a bad angle. I found Lilly in the hallway, a little light from the top showing emergency reserves were being used.

We all met in the Gym where - well, I guess some people were in shock. They were asleep but it was a strange sleep they wouldn't wake up from. Mr. Gershwyn my science teacher was there getting a sample of this strange green goo coming out of the floorboards there.

Back in the Arkos underground institute, Tyr was rapidly being demoted from woman, to girl, to unpaid janitor as Stefani forced her to clean all the toilets on the floor with a simple rag and broken mop. To top it off she forced Tyr to sleep in her basket of dirty underwear. If Arkos wanted Tyr's little mind broken, Stefani was well on her way to doing so.

No doubt about it. Stefani had designated that tiny and dingy little guest bathroom all for Tyr to live out her days in. With only room for a toilet and not even a sink, it was certainly not a good place to visit let alone LIVE. Fortunately one panel led to Stefani's undergarment hamper which at the moment smelled a lot better than where Tyr was now.

A newcomer to Arkos immediately took an interest in the deplorable conditions of which Tyr was subjected to every day and was preparing to write up a complaint when Stefani 'befriended' her. At the time she was unaware that Stefani often 'did away' with anyone that gave her trouble.

This newcomer she could not resist when Stefani called on her and said she wanted to 'tell all.' Being a bit of a reporter this junior bush league girl accepted. Only to be threatened with her life by being drowned in a  toilet if so much a word was breathed about the conditions of which Tyr was in.

Back with me, I dreamed of the first time I met Tyr. It was so many years ago. I know I was back in 2nd grade and Tyr was already labeled a wildfire hellcat even at her young age. She tried being overly friendly with me but I pushed her away - at which point she demanded we fight after school. And now it was just for just that !

Having already easily knocked me to the ground. Tyr came to stand over me and screeched, "Say it !" "Say what ?" I asked her. But that only made her angrier. She then straddled my head with her black shoes and shockingly sat on my face, my nose buried right up her panties ! Everyone watching roared with wicked laughter at the sight.

I felt uncomfortable. No, more than that, sick to my stomach ! And I didn't dare move my head or I would then be rubbing my nose up against her ... ! In panic I cried out, "Okay !" I agree, whatever it is, just ... get off ! With that she whirled around and after telling me her name, planted a big wet kiss on me, the kind that sucks the air right out of you !

Fortunately my teacher intervened as I gasped for breath. She then demanded that Tyr go to the principal's office. NOW ! Tyr had a devilish idea. She went to the empty hallway and SMACKED her own face with her hand. Then started howling with tears like the teacher hit her. And it worked, the principal believed Tyr was struck by her !

The dream ended and I got ready walking with Lilly to school. Back underground Stefani smacked Tyr across her face telling her today was the day to meet their host, Arkos, in person. But the director was furious ! You're not bringing that dirty girl here. You clean her up first, proper ! Stefani groaned but did as she was told much to Tyr's delight.

In Arkos' quarters, he let Stefani know point black that he knew about every dirty little thing she did since she first arrived. But then he confided in her, we have all done terrible things to get where we are today. Stefani realized if she could tolerate this vulpine degenerate, she may have control of the company. For now, she went to retrieve Tyr.

Stefani dutifully returned with Tyr from the playroom but Arkos was nowhere to be seen. Then on the 20-foot high screen something terrible and awful appeared. A full episode of Polly Rocket, just for Tyr to watch !

Despite this video cavity, Stefani clearly heard Arkos calling her at one point in the episode's dialogue. She left Tyr to watch the rest of the show as she left the room. Stefani watched the show a moment later and thoroughly regretted it. Clearly this was the most mindless vapid rectally sucking with the strength of a black-hole show there ever was.

Sping-Turr was the bad guy and he sent vibrating torpedoes of doom to all the planets. Stefani who failed to leave the room and unfortunately decided to watch more of this mindlessness looked as if to swallow a whole peeled lemon with fresh wasabi and a terrible grimace appeared on her face. She had to get out of here ! She quickly left the scene to enter the hallway.

So horrible was the visage of the show she started laughing, really laughing. It was like her lower intestines were reaching up to throttle her brain in an effort to stop the stupidity of what she just saw. "It's so piiiink !" she shrieked and then fell over with insane laughter that just would not cease.

Having finally ridded her mind of the awful show, she saw Arkos had set out a costume he wanted her to wear for apparently the next part of the interrogation for Tyr. It was clear he wanted her to look like Polly Rocket and that she would defend Tyr from the bad Arkos.

Stefani reluctantly donned the ridiculous costume. She stood in front of the mirror to admire herself and whipped out the Polly Rocket gun provided by the costume. Depressing the firing trigger released a - well, it wasn't good. A big pink wet n****e popped out from the nozzle. DUMB DUMB DUMB !! Was all Stefani could think of at the moment.

It was the moment of truth, or fantasy, however you wanted to put it. Stefani returned to the room where Tyr was watching her brain-dead show when it clicked off and Arkos whirled towards Tyr threatening to grab her. Stefani intervened in time and fired her silly gun causing Arkos' to spin his wheelchair around around uncontrollably as if hit.

Stefani then in guise of Polly Rocket, drugged Tyr and interrogated her. Tyr believing this to be the real Polly Rocket told her everything. Arkos' came close when Stefani tried to wrestle him from his wheelchair, determined to kill him and take over. But not everything with Arkos is as it seems !


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